Hangouts are hardware hogs, is this going to be a feature that drives another hardware change over explosion for tech? Finally a compelling reason for people to upgrade. For years we have chased the Holy Grail of faster bigger stronger on our desktop only to see Word open a few seconds faster.

Here is the list from Google regarding minimum configuration and bandwidth requirements:

System requirements for Hangouts
The following are the system requirements for Hangouts:

Supported Browsers:

Google Chrome 10+ Download
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8+ Download
Mozilla Firefox 3+ Download
Safari 4+ Download
Supported Operating systems:

Mac OS X 10.5+
Windows 7
Windows Vista with SP1 or later
Windows XP
Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux distributions
Processor Minimum Requirements:

Any 2 Ghz dual core processor or greater.

For 1:1 connections we suggest a 900kbps (up/down)
For group video connectivity we suggest 900kbps/1800kbps (up/down)
More details about bandwidth
The bandwidth used by Hangouts and Hangouts with Extras is adaptive and will vary to provide the best experience for the given conditions of the participants’ network. Here is a guide for the minimum and maximum bandwidth requirements and expectations:

Minimum bandwidth required:

Outbound from the participant: 230kbps
Inbound to the participant: 380-500kbps
Ideal bandwidth for the best experience:

Outbound from the participant: 900kbps
Inbound to the participant: 1.2mbps
With group hangouts of more than 2 people you can expect bandwidth usage in ideal situations to be:

Outbound from the participant in all situations: 900kbps
Inbound to the participant with 5 participants: 2mbps
Inbound to the participant with 10 participants: 3mbps

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