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Pat Allen
Curious, enthusiastic and realistic about financial services' adoption of digital + social
Curious, enthusiastic and realistic about financial services' adoption of digital + social

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Also for the community or for the SEO 101 hosts:

What would be your remediation plan for a website with erroneous meta keywords, meta descriptions and sub-optimal page titles?

The keyword issue was discovered via Search Console—search queries were leading to web pages not because of the on-page content but because of meta keywords that no longer applied to the business. Searches based on those queries should not have been leading to those pages so this has to be addressed. The question is: Should the keywords simply be deleted or should they be replaced with new keywords?

Is the effort worth it (in terms of search rankings gain) to rewrite the page titles and meta descriptions?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Hi, how is it possible to edit a link previously posted to a Google+ Company page? I switched from one version of the SquareSpace blogging platform to another (Version 5 to Version 7) and now the images accompanying all my Version 5 links are broken gifs. 

Love to know why and if there's a bulk way to fix this. But failing that, I can't seem to even edit the link. Thanks.

It's happening at

The June 4 post was from the new blogging platform.

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At the end of every year, I take a final spin through my tweets, bookmarks, presentations to compile the list of my favorite content of the year. Here's the 2014 blog post that resulted.

Happy Holidays, #finserv !

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The kerfuffle is putting Marketing, or whatever group is in charge of advancing the social strategy, in the middle.
Mutual fund, ETF employees are not keen on firms’ archiving their LinkedIn communications--in this post, the leading archivers comment on the black-and-white and gray areas                                        #finserv

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Well played.
Hmm… who could it be?

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Will this raise advisors' expectations when they log in to other firms' sites?

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Mutual fund and ETF firms are hopping on the #icebucket  challenge bandwagon. I think it's a good thing. #finserv

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Steph, thanks for letting me be part of what I know will be a media giant someday.
I've got a new podcast - the Wired Advisor Podcast - Financial services industry insights and interviews for today's digital financial professional. 

If you're a financial advisor, industry professional, or executive, my goal is to help you stay informed and ahead of the curve with this podcast...while you're on the go!

Check out the latest episodes: The Morningstar Sessions - Interviews with forward-thinking financial professionals: +Pat Allen +Michael Kitces +Rick Ferri +Cathy Curtis +Roger Wohlner 

Go check it out!

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Catching up on social brands, modern sales and marketing practices, how to optimize the digital experience, KPMG's perspective on the asset management industry in 2030 and LinkedIn's latest. 

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Yep, love! #finserv 
Since +Pat Allen loves auto awesome with Google pictures - here's the +Morningstar, media lounge selfie at #micus

With +John Refford +Cathy Curtis +Leslie Marshall +Stephanie Sammons +Roger Wohlner +Pat Allen and yours truly
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