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Here's a look at all the different voice commands that can be executed when utilizing Kinect for Xbox 360. 
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I cant ever get it to work. Is there a button you have to hold?
Some just seem to get picked up better than others. Like saying "No Huddle" after a play ends is real consistent for me. Calling out "Audible" on either side or "Run" or "Pass" on defense rarely works for me.
Guess, I gotta re-tweak it. Hey +Pastapadre did you ever get my DM on twitter? That guy who posed as me on your site, was not me because I still can play as the Raiders.
Thanks pasta. Looking foward to the season!
Pasta and slots open? EA Prodigy 88
It's going to be a pain when someone in the room starts yelling TIMEOUT or SPIKE. 
+Mike Biocchi Ha, yeah, might just have to turn off the Kinect in the settings if that's a risk being taken!
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