With EA Sports laying out upcoming feature reveals and improvements for Madden NFL 13 the mysterious "monumental change to gameplay" looms large. Many are speculating this could be Kinect related particularly given that no mention of Kinect is made elsewhere. I have trouble accepting that theory however.

If it would turn out to be Kinect that would be a humongous error on EA's part - I can't believe that they would make such a mistake. The company can't tout a "monumental change" when it would only affect a small percentage of their consumers.

Hyping it up in such a manner would do so at a cost of alienating their PS3 consumer base as well as the vast majority on the 360 who don't have Kinect. It doesn't make sense to promote it that way. Note how Kinect was marketed for Tiger Woods. It was done so not in a manner to minimize the experience of those who don't have that hardware available to them but somewhat as a "bonus" for those who do.

It's also worth analyzing the actual statement. Kinect would not necessarily be a "change to gameplay" but instead a different way to play the game. The "blurring the line between virtual and reality" is probably what leads some to believe Kinect. General hyperbole though is not something that would be new from EA.

I doubt the speculation over Kinect being what's referenced there will subside but it is much more likely that the functionality will be featured on its own at some point and in a fashion that is much more appropriate.

Of course casual gamers are going to be targeted with the E3 press conference in some manner but it's hard to believe they'd create such hype (in advance) only to make the end result news that only affects a small percentage of their consumer base.
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