The initial reaction to EA Sports making this year's UEFA EURO 2012 downloadable content for FIFA 12 rather than its own standalone title was strongly positive.

70% of poll respondents indicated they were more likely to buy UEFA as the $20 DLC than as a full $60 retail release. Only 11% were less likely to buy it because of the switch.

So consumers were intrigued by the product seemingly because of the price but they may not have really thought ahead and realized that the lower price meant a lower quality offering.

The typical gameplay improvements and rich feature sets that would come with the off-year soccer releases from EA (UEFA and World Cup) would be absent. The feature set would also be lesser than that of a complete title.

Reviews have started to come in and they are trending somewhat negative. The expansion pack is getting criticized for not having qualifying and only the tournament round, not having gameplay improvements or much new in the way of presentation, 24 of the 53 teams are fake (unlicensed), and delivering a tedious and poorly designed single player "Expedition" mode.

I had a feeling this would ultimately be the case. The first response was made due to the cheaper price but without full consideration to what that really indicated value wise and without readjusting expectations. Now I anticipate many will state their disappointment with the product and desire for EA to have released a full fledged title as they have in the past rather than scaled back DLC.
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