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 +Passcovery is praised: “Easily, easily the best #passwordcracker I used. I only had one file that needed to be cracked. Thanks!”

Get free demo at here: 
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QUESTION: How do I activate a +Passcovery's program offline on a computer with no Internet access?

ANSWER: You will need a computer with Internet access anyway – and it can be another system, not the one you will be activating the program for.

Get instructions at here: 
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For PDF files compatible with Acrobat 6 format, +Passcovery Suite recovers Document open passwords even faster using any of the latest GPUs from AMD or NVIDIA -
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Q: I need to send an important #Excel document. Is the built-in password protection sufficient, or is it better to provide some kind of additional protection for it? 

A: If the document is Excel 2007-2013 (xlsx-file) and it doesn't contain data relating to national security :), then there is no need for additional protection beyond a complex password to open it.

The speed of a password search for #xlsx files is relatively slow on even top-of-the-line GPUs. 

A complex password is a synthetic #password that is made up of a random collection of at least eight different symbols (upper/lower case, digital, special symbols). That's it! If you lose one of these passwords, you aren't likely to recover it yourself! :)  

But if you set up a password something like "WorldCupBrazil2014", then it doesn't matter how strong a container you use, Excel, #WinRar or #TrueCrypt . A password like that can be broken at will in a few minutes.

IMPORTANT! Never use simple words as passwords if they are supposed to protect important information! Use password managers (#Keepass for example) to generate and store complex passwords. 

However, if the document is Excel 97-2003, then things get much worse (or better? :)). These documents can be decrypted in a few minutes. There are special on-line services for that -, and it doesn't matter at all them how complex the password is.

So, #xls files must be archived prior to sending. 

WinRar/7Zip/#WinZip (provided AES encryption is included) provide reliable protection. And if you use a complex password, it goes without saying.

That's it in a nutshell.
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Get a stellar #discount on all licenses through the end of April!

The first human space flight took place on April 12, 53 years ago. In honor of that legendary achievement, we are offering all of our solutions at 53% off in the month of April.

Just use the coupon code below on the software registration page to get lightning-fast #passwordrecovery  from +Passcovery at over half off!

Coupon code: GAGARIN53

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+Passcovery update: Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 9.2.

We've added support for the latest #NVIDIA video cards. 

Now our high-speed, GPU-accelerated Microsoft #Office / #OpenOffice   #passwordrecovery solution supports NVIDIA Maxwell video cards, too.

We've tested a #GeForce GTX 750Ti video card, and it demonstrated a very high speed of password search and awesome energy efficiency.

With the latest update, our product supports all modern #AMD  /NVIDIA video cards. 
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Watch our video to see how Passcovery's tools mutates a password like “baseball” into “B@seb@!!99” and recovers access to a password protected files.

Smart dictionary attacks are available with all Passcovery products for:
 - Microsoft Office/OpenOffice / RAR/WinRar / Zip/WinZip / TrueCrypt / Apple iOS / BB OS / WPA/WPA2 with Passcovery Suite
 - Microsoft Office/OpenOffice with Accent OFFICE Password Recovery
 - Adobe PDF with Accent PDF Password Recovery
 - RAR/WinRar with Accent RAR Password Recovery
 - Zip/WinZip with Accent ZIP Password Recovery
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+Passcovery update: Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 9.21. Small changes have been made to the NVIDIA Maxwell video card support module. 

The speed of #passwordrecovery for Microsoft Office 95-2013 and #OpenOffice is as high as it used to be. A free demo version is available on the website: 
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Passcovery Suite 3.0 now supports Adobe PDF, runs on AMD R7/R9 and NVIDIA Maxwell - 
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We (+Passcovery) have released a new version of our application for quick Adobe PDF password search: Accent PDF #PasswordRecovery  1.1.

The changes, which are mostly about optimizing the internal algorithms for #PDF file handling, are invisible to the user.

For the user, everything works just like before:
 - amazing password-search speed
 - full support for the PDF format ( #AdobePDF 1.1–1.7)
 - lots of easy settings for #password search and password attack

The demo version is available for everybody on our website. 
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We have released Accent ZIP Password Recovery 4.7.

Now the application supports the latest NVIDIA video cards based on the #Maxwell architecture.

As a result, you have a great solution for high-speed #Zip archive password search. Both Zip and #WinZip AES encryption schemes are supported. The new #NVIDIA architecture is very powerful and highly energy efficient, and the new, optimized Accent ZIP #PasswordRecovery  can use its capabilities to the maximum. 
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Professional password recovery for Office/Zip/Rar files
We supplies high-speed, professional software solutions for recovering lost passwords. The first versions of these solutions were released in 1999. Today, our software is successfully used by law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and private individuals around the world.
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