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We are glad to inform you that all our programs have been updated.
This update includes the following:

For MS Office

- Added password cracking feature for MS Excel 2013, Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 documents.
- Added VBA password recovery for MS Office 2013 files.
- Added password recovery for PST files and email accounts created in MS Outlook 2013.

For Windows

- Improved the bootdisk creation on the USB stick.
- Updated Linux kernel and the device drivers.

We have also fixed several minor bugs in this update.

You can download the updated programs from our download page:
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Windows Password Recovery Lastic - Remove Windows password or recover password hashes literally in a minute.

A lost key to your room means you can’t get access to everything inside it. A lost password to your Windows account means the same – all documents, contacts and urgent needs suddenly become inaccessible for you. The situation actually is even worse, because those documents and contacts usually mean money, reputation or your obligations to other people.

Windows Password Recovery Lastic, a tool from the password recovery software line, helps to beat this problem within several minutes at most. The product has all it needs and nothing more – a truly minimalistic interface with few buttons. Right after the start the program asks you whether you want to create a bootable CD/DVD or a USB flash stick and records a special tiny version of a Linux-type OS and all required program files onto it. On the second stage, you should boot your computer from that device, and the program detects all Windows accounts protected with a password then. Select those you wish to clear password of – and you’re done!

Removing a Windows password is a good job already, especially if you urgently need to access your account. Yet sometimes you need to learn the exact password. In this case you might find other function of Windows Password Recovery Lastic useful. It can save password hashes to an external file, so you can attempt to crack those passwords later with special hacker tools. The process is slow however, so the preferable way to restore access to Windows account is to remove the password completely.

Conveniently, the program saves removed passwords, so whenever you need to put them back, it will not take too much time. Additionally, you can protect the program itself with a password to limit access to it in public places.

Windows Password Recovery Lastic supports Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7 and both IDE and SCSI drives with FAT or NTFS file systems. The unregistered version allows viewing or saving Windows password hashes, while the full version also permits removing password.
Windows Password Recovery Lastic creates bootable USB or CD/DVD drives and instantly removes Windows user account passwords. An ability to restore a previously removed password and to save password ha...
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Hi Paul! We apologize for any inconvenience. Now your order has been successfully processed! I sent you the registration information via email.
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Office Password Recovery Lastic - Microsoft Office one-click password cracking tool.

Password protected documents usually keep the most valuable information we have. The more unpleasant is to lose a password locking those documents. Aiming for additional security we tend to assign long and barely memorable passwords, sometimes even auto-generated by various services. So whenever you forget such password, you lose control over your crucial info too. So what we should do then? Neglect privacy and don’t use passwords ever? Absolutely not.

Office Password Recovery Lastic is an alternative; it provides easy and fast recovery of lost or forgotten password to all kinds of Microsoft Office documents. The support of all MS Office titles including Word, Excel, Oultook, PowerPoint and Access allows this little helper to recover or reset password to all major document types in mere seconds. Office Password Recovery Lastic supports multiple types of document passwords assignable to MS Office files: a password to open, a password to modify, a document protection password, a VBA Project password, an Excel workbook and worksheet passwords and Access database and workgroup passwords.

Cracking Office passwords one by one definitely lies beyond our burning wishes. That’s why Office Password Recovery Lastic includes convenient batch processing of documents, which means all types of passwords can be reset or recovered with virtually a single click of the mouse. Literally three steps are required: specify a document type or types you want, choose a folder to scan for docs, and run the process! The program detects all password-protected documents of the chosen type in those folders and lists them on the screen. While the search is going in the background, you can crack passwords of document already found – small yet time-saving feature.

Another interesting option Office Password Recovery Lastic has is the Password Server. This feature allows almost instant cracking of MS Word and MS Excel passwords to open a document. Conveniently, it doesn't require you to send the whole document to the server limiting itself to password-related data only.

Intuitive interface organizes all functions of the program in an easily accessible way. Plus you can assign a supervisor password to prevent anyone except you from cracking Microsoft Office passwords.
Office Password Recovery Lastic offers an easy way to recover or remove passwords to any MS Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, VBA). It searches for protected documents on a di...
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Habe im Rahmen meiner Arbeit PasswordLastic eingesetzt  um ca. 300 Dateien zu entschlüsseln.

Die Entschlüsselung geht wirklich fast sekundenschnell und ist korrekt. Das allgemein gute Bild wird leider dadurch erheblich beeinträchtigt, dass zwischen den Informationen, welche bei der Bestellung dargelegt werden und dem Produkt selber, erhebliche Differenzen bestehen.

Einerseits ist die Lizenz auf 100 Dateien beschränkt, ohne dass das vorher angekündigt worden wäre. Und adererseits wird das Passwort eben NICHT im Klartext dargestellt, wie ebenfalls auf der Homepage gezeigt wird, sondern es werden lediglich genau 100 Dateien korrekt entschlüsselt.

Leider ist der Support alles andere als kundenfreundlich. Auf meine mehrfachen und von unterschiedlichen Konten verschickten Anfragen an den support, wie es sich im obrigen Fall verhält, bekam ich bis heute nur eine :CC Mittteilung. Diese erfolgte von der Inkassostelle an den Betreiber der Webseite, er möge sich meines Problems bitte annnehmen. Bisher ist aber dennoch nichts geschehen.
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