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Travel, simplicity and independence in work and life.
Travel, simplicity and independence in work and life.

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Still thinking about this place 18 months later!
Romance means different things to different people, but can't imagine anyone not liking our picks.
It's the mark of an exceptional stay when you're thinking about an experience up to three years afterward. Check out our picks!

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Luxurious 3 bedroom pool villa in Krabi, Thailand
Just one of our top 5 romantic getaways worldwide
We were pampered in every way here with a private chef, driver, theater kitchen, poolside dining, and twilight swims. See our other picks at the link.
#travelbuzz #poolvillas #romanticgetaways

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A strange and sinister refuge
Salvador Dalí created a sensory allegory of their psyches and relationship: in the medieval castle and garden of Gala Dalí.

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Costa Brava sets a high bar in any category.
We had to walk off all that delicious food!
. . .and failed. 
But it was all gorgeous!
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A Devour Spain food tour lit the fuse on an obsession with La Bomba
A cheeky bit of food humor that made the Spanish Civil War years more bearable in Barcelona
+Lauren Aloise  #catalunyaexperience   #Barcelona   #tapas  

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Magical meals of traditional Costa Brava cuisine in Catalunya
If a society's overall well-being is reflected in its everyday food, Catalunya may just be the finest place on the planet.
Read more:
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Where are you headed next?
Our list might change, but for now we've got these destinations on our radar.
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Johor Bahru - I'd never even heard of it
This city is right across the bridge from Singapore, and it'll cost you half as much.
See more at:
#malaysia   #visitmalaysia   #singapore  

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Check it out! We're featured by Roaming Renegades: Inspiring Interviews... Passing Thru! : via @Travel_Explore1

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We're featured! The Secrets to a Successful Blog Post: 7 Bloggers Share Their Unique Insight -

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So pleased to be featured in +Charles McCool's series!
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