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Really nice (and very exhausting) day behind... Early take off with brother-in-law's kids towards Helsinki and Korkeasaari (Finland's maybe most famous zoo). After lots of singing and guessing games in car I drove past the ramp that would have taken us to the zoo...;)

15 minutes later we got car parked and went for shopping those entrance tickets. As I was standing in line for tickets, some complete strangers (they were zoo employees) gave my wife two free tickets! Yay! So it didn't cost anything to get in there.

Just over four hours of walking we managed to see nearly all animals and to have some really expensive ice cream there. Too bad that one of my favorites weren't there anymore, seals had vanished somewhere from the zoo...:(

Over all nice day, lots to see and weather was fine. Now just some winding down at home and then sleep.
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Nice! Glad ya'll had a great time!
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