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Mushrooms filled with garlic cheese and wrapped in bacon...
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Not a big fan of garlic, but bacon and mushroom seems like a great combination
do you have some form of a recipe for doing these?   My mouth is watering just looking at them....
genius, I need to make some! Can you show what they look like when they're finished? Seems like the mushrooms would shrink a lot before the bacon would be done.
+Dustin Donohue Haha, didn't took any pictures when they were ready...:D Actually that bacon "shrinks" too around the mushroom, so it's quite compact package all the way.
Ha! That's exactly what I'm making now :-)
Omg that looks great!And you cook them on a grill or....?
Don't like the garlic, but bacon and mushrooms is a drool :)
Smoked reindeer cheese will work very well too.
Nice, this post was re-shared few times and people are actually making these around the world! Bacon for the win!
Mmm wow Pasi! These look fantastic :)
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