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Net neutrality is practically dead

Is this why we can't have any nice things? Equality bows down before money to grant "special priority treatment" for companies that want their data delivered with top priority.

Only those who got the money can grab most of the bandwidth, leaving smaller (poorer) companies to fight what's left. Frak!

NY Times version of the news:
The Federal Communication Commission's proposal for new net neutrality rules will allow internet service providers to charge companies for preferential treatment, effectively undermining the...
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+Jarkko S. Hakala nothing?  
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Pasi Ääpälä

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Just finished From up on poppy hill.

Story about boy and girl who are trying to save their school's club house and find out something that ties them together.

Good story and great script. Movie was so good that time was flying while we watched this. No dull moments, but some additional twist moments towards the end. Really recommendable for all drama/animation fans.
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I really liked this one as well.  Just saw it earlier this year.
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Pasi Ääpälä

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Just finished 28 days later.

Virus escapes from laboratory and soon people turn into raving maniacs killing everything around them. One survivor wakes up in hospital and starts his journey to survive. Soon he finds more people, but there comes more problem with them...

Good story, decent acting and lots on nice suspense moments. Surprisingly low amount of gore and violence (but still some). One of my favorite "apocalypse" movies. Very recommended for horror fans.
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Pulled pork

OMFG! This was so insanely good that I want to make this again...instantly! Just few basic ingredients and result is utterly delicious.

I chopped one medium-sized onion and handful of garlic on oven pan, splashed one spoonful mild chili-garlic sauce on those and dropped some smoke aroma on top of that all. Then I placed one kilo of kassler (pork neck) in the pan and covered it with tin foil. Just under five hours in 100C oven and meat temperature was targeted 93C. Shredded the meat while rösti potatoes were in the oven and poured some of that onion-grease mix over the meat. So good!
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Pasi Ääpälä

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Watched The Expendables last night...

Bunch of mercenaries are hired to take out evil general from one island. While they do some reconnaissance things start to get nasty. Their contact won't leave the island and soon they return to rescue her...

Pretty average action move with simple straight-forward plot and bunch of famous actors. Lots of gore effects and explosions and practically nothing more. Watch once and discard. I got this from bargain basket for 1€, at that price this was decent find. ;)
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+Sean Epperson And fourth is in the plans too...
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Pasi Ääpälä

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True facts of life

Some of these are incredibly accurate...:D
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#34 Imgur still has problems on mobile
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Pasi Ääpälä

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Micro-robots performing small construction tasks

Cool little robots building stuff! Fast and accurate devices that work very well in unison. Check them out!
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Pasi Ääpälä

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Just finished 28 weeks later.

After rage virus wiped out most of UK's population and infected were no more, people start to return to rebuild society... While everything looks good and life starts to win, sudden setback takes everyone by surprise.

Good plot, story flows nicely and acting is decent. Quite lot of gore (including one of my all.time favorites, beheading the infected with helicopter) and violence. Works without 28 days later too... Recommended for horror fans.
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Pasi Ääpälä

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Just watched Whisper of the heart.

Story about girl who finds out that one certain boy has borrowed lot of same books from library as she has. Soon afterwards she bumps into very annoying boy and starts to suspect that her "bookpal" is he. Lots of young love problems and dreams...

Very good movie! Plot, while quite shallow and straight-forward, is decent and very enjoyable. Script works very well and dialogue is good. Story flows nicely and scenes keep watcher interested. Recommended!
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I liked it pretty well myself.
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Pasi Ääpälä

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Some historical films for free...

This might take some of my precious time. There seems to be quite lot of really interesting films.

Via +Zaine Ridling 
Oh. If you are a history buff...
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Hmm.. this comes dangerously close to my rule of uncircling people on the first sight of "share this" posts. But on the other hand, there are some interesting videos in there.
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