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Pasi Ääpälä
All-around geek, tech enthusiast and beer aficionado.
All-around geek, tech enthusiast and beer aficionado.

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Demolition of wind turbine

In Hamina (next to Google's facilities) one wind turbine caught a fire and was taken offline as it was deemed too damaged to be repaired. Today they finally took it down with some explosives.

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Ice hockey

I'm watching my first league game in actual arena... So far this has been pretty good game even while we're two goals behind.

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Possible Firefly sequel?

This could be pretty good! If only all of those people could get their schedules together...

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17% of people have that as password... And roughly 50% of people have really insecure password. Please do favor to yourself and change your password to some more secure one. And suggest your colleagues do the same thing!

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Classic G+ will be gone on 24th of January

I'm really worried what will happen after that. Last time I tried new layout, I couldn't see posts from people who I interact most. There were posts from people who I hadn't circled or followed and that weren't even near my interests.

Hiding comments on posts? It's nice that somebody else thinks this for me what should be shown and what should be hidden.

Less white space and picture zoom? Last time there were enormous white space and all photographers were gone...

Bring already back the flowing stream from G+ early days and let me decide whose posts/comments I see.

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Ronja, the Robber's daughter

While I don't have Amazon Prime, this is pretty great! I didn't even know that Ronja has been made by Ghibli! Gotta find it somewhere...

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Got some books

Latest acquisitions onto my bookshelf. Some practical hints into cybersecurity with penetration testing and incident response. Rtfm is pretty good command cheat sheet. Worth checking out if you're into cybersecurity.

Do you have any recommendations for other noteworthy books in the field?

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Declassified Intelligence Cartography

As a map enthusiast I approve this.

Via +Jürgen Hubert 

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I traded this beauty away on Monday. Really reliable Valjoux 7750 movement and sturdy build on this chronograph made this limited edition watch pretty great. Limited to 50 units, this might be pretty hard to find.

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Marble rafting

Probably most relaxing thing today you can do is watch this with audio on... Strangely fascinating!
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