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Incidence of a particular kind of brain tumor (meningiomas) associated with frequency of dental X-rays.
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Immediately emailed to my folks - who have perfect teeth. Because of too-regular visits to their dentist.
It's probably the materials used for fillings and the radiation is a red herring.
Dental x-rays? That should keep my risk levels low.
The study covered a group of people who had x-rays done in the 1960's. Greatest risk was for those having multiple bite wings and panorexes. The trend has been away from film x-rays, towards digital radiography, and to fewer, more pinpoint bite wings. The majority of dental patients today don't get anything like the radiation exposure profiled in the study.
There are many reasons to avoid radiation to the head ( - and remember that a brain CT gives at least 40 times the radiation of a Panorex.
You see this hysterical housewife is the result of these incontinent attempts by people to sensationalise. America here we come.
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