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Beyond rotating snakes...

The exciting thing is that we pretty much know how this effect comes about. Briefly, motion is a reconstructed quality, inferred from the timing of incoming light signals. Neural response latency is a function of contrast, so one can create apparent (illusory) motion by engaging the same motion perception mechanisms via suitably chosen contrast gradients.

Eye movements refresh the cascade.

Click here for the full screen version (worth it):
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Don't trick me with your devil magic! Just kidding BTW.
Tried it with my friend's HTPC, but the 84" projected image isn't high quality enough for it to work very well. I'll wait until he gets his new 1080p projector and set it when he's at work. :D
I'm curious now, what do patients with Akinetopsia see when looking at a picture like that?
Do you happen to know of any papers describing this illusion? Love talking about the neuroscience behind illusions for teaching.
+Corina Iane Well, no one has tried this with them, as they are exceedingly rare. Motion perception is so fundamental that specific lesions are hard to come by. Also, it would depend what is damaged, e.g. lesions in V1/MT. My prediction would be that they can in fact not see the motion induced by this, if their akinetopsia is profound.
I always see at least one really cool thing on Google + each day. And this is it. Thanks
Works better if you see full size. Also, the movement illusion is strongest when you let your eyes wander over the piece. As noted above, if you fixate on one point, it weakens the illusion.
+Zen Faulkes Good question. But even so, the contrast gradients should still work. In other words, this even works in a monochrome version, although in a somewhat diminished way.
They stop moving when you look at them. Only those at the periphery of vision seem to move.
+Peter DO Smith Slightly? Wow. We definitely should talk once I get to SA later in the year. Perhaps more. Amazing. How would you describe the nature of the motion? I assume you have no known/uncorrected vision deficits?
+Peter DO Smith At this point, this is more intriguing than worrisome. All kinds of factors can influence this, including viewing conditions. Can you ask someone around you to look at it under the same conditions that you see it and report what they see?
+Peter DO Smith Hm. Well - this is intriguing. The best course of action would be to establish the boundary conditions of this, e.g. is it universal? Do you see other, similar apparent motion phenomena?
+Peter DO Smith I think more thorough motion psychophysics is in order. In the meantime, don't worry. This is likely some fundamental thing involving the processing of spatial and temporal frequencies.
+Peter DO Smith Bees? What happened? I'm not sure if/how that would affect motion perception, but please elaborate.
This is amazing! It seems you are rather dedicated to uncovering more of this illusory effect. Have you ever been able to uncover a way to get points of light to move or'flicker' against a background???? (e.g. Stars against a black background)
cool.but in south africa we preparing for a very long weekend but not for retail.Holiday = beer weekend.Please show this to a drunk you get what im trying to express.
This picture is perfect. its see error
Looks like moving. Is very strange.
this is Amazing - but Even more so When you squink how the Moving Effect Stops.
I could feel my eyes sort of darting about in unusual ways when I looked at it. Rather perturbing!
Moves when my eyes move like while reading the description, when I stare at it it does not move.
It is very amazing illusion, the image looks like an intestine collapsing, or the image is like a worm curling each other.
What is the cause of illusion I cannot understand. Is the picture is actually moving or only it seems moving. If it seems moving then what is the reason which cause it seems moving. Can anyone give me the reason.
It make the bad hallucinations for me. I seem to move but I assume that is just the hallucinations.
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