XF FieldHEart for a sick baby

Little over a week ago I saw ParadoxialNL (ENL) pop up on comm in Rotterdam. I've known this player for years, back when I still lived with my parents in Brabant. And I know he hasn't played in almost a year. So I messaged him: Hey, good to see you back! Its been a while.
He replied that he was happy to be playing again, but the reason why was less fun. His baby daughter was brought to the Sophia Hospital in Rotterdam for reasons I won't go into detail about. She was being examined and had to take surgery later on in the week, so he had to stay in close to the hospital the entire week (turns out even longer) and that's why he started playing near the hospital.
As a good team-player I went by the hospital a few times to upgrade the portals around there and had a few talks with him. Supporting him and just general chitchat.
Later on in the week he announced that he did a faction change to Resistance. I respect his choice and continued as usual.
A few hours later Tijgah (RES) messaged me: "Coalila (RES) is gonna make a fieldart in the shape of a heart over the hospital for ParadoxialNL his daughter" (This idea came from TheGrimSqueaker (RES)). So I messaged Coalila asking if instead he would like to make a XF fieldart the next day together with me, because making a blue heart over a player who did a faction change just hours ago would bring across the wrong message. Coalila agreed to it and later on two players who work at the hospital, wegrennerd (ENL) and poshjosje (RES), decided to join us.
Together with this fieldart, Tijgah requested a commbomb for ParadoxialNL and kapelaandebok (his wife). Resulting in tons of messages from players all across the globe.

Once again: Stay strong ParadoxialNL and kapelaandebok, hope your daughter will get well soon!
P.S.: Good luck on the other side ParadoxialNL ;)

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