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tl;dr: Want to join a new Quintus steering committee? Fill the form below. All level of experiences welcome.

Over the past year the Quintus community has grown significantly while my spare time to work on the engine and my games has gone down substantially, to the point where I feel like a bottleneck to engine and the community. 

I love Quintus and want to make sure it has a bright future and can keep growing into a full-featured engine with support for exciting stuff like WebGL rendering, a native-friendly-toolchain and Multiplayer via WebRTC.

To that end, I'd like to put together an informal "Quintus Steering Committee" to get more folks involved. The goal is to find 5-6 people interested in helping grow the engine and the community, put together a plan for releases and new features, and help keep the engine up-to-date and bug-free. This shouldn't be a huge base time commitment and how much time you spend will be up to you.

I'm looking for a wide variety of folks interested in getting involved in a growing open-source project - Quintus obviously needs help with new features and bug fixes, but also documentation and community support.

All members will receive commit access to the repos, and we'll try to meet once a month via Google Hangouts to chat about Quintus related issues. We can do a couple deep dives into the codebase and I'll send over a copy of my book (where the initial Quintus version was built)

Fill out the form if you are interested - Thanks!


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Version 0.2.0 just kicked out the door - the big (and breaking) changes are in the way .tmx files are handled. (See changelog )

Special thanks to +Bart K  for the multi-layer TMX support and sloped tile support.

There is now a separate separate quintus_tmx.js file & Quintus.TMX module. Add its simplest you can do:

// stage the TMX on the stage,
// loading repeaters, objects, and tile layers
Q.scene("level1",function(stage) {

// load the level1.tmx file and any assets mentioned in the tmx file
// (just call Q.load("level1.tmx") if you don't want to load linked assets)
Q.loadTMX("level1.tmx", function() {

New Quintus guide on integrating with Tiled coming soon - in the meantime take a look the TMX example:

There's also a new work-in-progress more full featured platformer example showing off theTMX support, sloped tiles, animation and how to do stuff like change tiles, use tile sensors and create ladders:

Finally there's a new simple asteroids-like example showing how to build a game with vector sprites:

Finally there are some API docs now up at: for the Core, Sprites and Input. 

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Just saw this video popup on Google from a few months back - nice video presentation on building a platformer.

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Hey, if anyone here has read my book (the one in which Quintus was originally built) - I'd appreciate a review on Amazon. Right now there's only one review and it's a little sad. 

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Hi Everyone,

I'm putting together a series of tutorials on building a variety of games in Quintus - right now there's just the first one (a simple Pac Man clone) but more tutorials should be arriving over the coming weeks.

You can check it out here: (link to the tutorial is at the bottom) - suggestions and typo fixes are welcome.

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Hi Everyone,

The friendly folks at have added a few of the Quintus examples into their system to make it dead-simple to play around with the code for each example (as well as modify the examples and save the modifications)

I'll be adding links from the Website, but you can play around with them here as well:

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Where design goes to die.

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