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First Panda Recovery (based on Traffic Data): DaniWeb.

Interview inside, things she changed:
- Fix URL Structure
- Remove Tag Clouds
- Enforce Social Prominence (Buttons/Traffic)
- Block internal Search Results by robots.txt
- noindex all Threads with 0 replies
- increase PageSpeed

Missing Something? Still sounds confusing, waiting for more recovery reports..
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I suppose you should not remove tag clouds because people really need them on some pages. Instead you can add nofollow to all links in the tag cloud, put the tag-indexpages on robots.txt. use noindex-meta, ... I don't think one should delete stuff that really helps people.
Sorry but I can't quite agree:
1. Tag clouds are used for visualization - not for navigation (according to +Jens Fauldrath in one of the recent SEO House Podcastst) so basically users just don't click on them
2. nofollow on internal links makes no sense, since PageRank Sculpting by nofollow stopped working in 2009
3. the problem that arose from using the tag cloud were a "feeling of keyword stuffing", since every thread got like a hundret extra keywords caused by the tag cloud. (my bad, should made that clearer). The "solution" DaniWeb used is a JavaScript based Tag cloud that is not seen by the Googlebot (again, should have mentioned that ;)
I was not really thinking about using Tag clouds on every page (see no sense in doing that anyway) but more about the Tagging system itself.

You're absolutely right with nr. 2 (tags are of course internal links, didn't think about that ^^ *doh*).

Thanks about the clarification in nr. 3 - I did not read the whole DaniWeb-Google-link since it's huge (over 10 pages ^^).
Yeah.. I stopped after watching the video ;)
Something that DaniWeb changed (yes I am reading the looooong forum post): They changed their RSS feed to only allow abstracts of articles so that scrapers can't copy the whole editorial articles (duplicate content).

Just wanted to mention this even if it should be common sense imho. I also highly recommend checking a website regularly if other people copied texts ( helps a lot with this).
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