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Pascal “Le Bakala” Gienger
أهلا وسهلا Welcome Bienvenue
أهلا وسهلا Welcome Bienvenue

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What a picture - taken in Kiev, Ukraine.
The friendship-between-peoples monument which has been edified for the Russian-Ukrainian friendship is being turned into a monument to "Celebrate Diversity" - in the context of the Eurovisioin Song contest.

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Eastern Germany 2017[1]
A student from Egypt was run down by a car, and yelled at by the driver and other persons which were in the car with racist, xenophobic and anti-immigrant hate, and ridiculized[2].
After that she died and the car just continued its road.

Police calls for more witnesses.

A more detailed article can be found here:;art1049,5957419

[1] The part of Germany where the right wing white-Germany anti-immigration party AfD gets > 20% in elections.
[2] A witness said that she heard "Just return to your home country then you will not be ran over by cars - dirty asylum seekers!". And "I know in your country there are no streets but here in Germany you need to watch out for cars ".

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Finally a house renting company does the right thing in Zürich (Switzerland) and offers a non smoking apartment building. Smoking absolutely forbidden, part of the rental contract. Result: much higher demand than supply.
Other results? Yes people complaining about segregation and that non smokers should be tolerant to smokers or that the tenants of this house will never have visitors (you see: non smokers need always to be tolerant to smokers here, but the way round is nearly never needed. It always works like this here. Smokers will not come for a visit because a smoker can't live an hour without a cigarette? - just ridiculous.

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"replacing whatever remains of the permanent, salaried, benefit-enjoying workforce with an army of desperate freelancers who will never go to bed feeling secure in their financial future for their entire lives. "

The sad part about it is that this is actually a typical symptom in developing countries, I saw that in every country on the African continent I visited so far. They want to get rid of this unsecure future, and the West wants to bring it back to its societies.

There are things you cannot pay with Mastercard.


Got a very long mail from 7 people happy to get me from the airport to have a blast if it works well with the visa. They did funny pictures like meme just to tell me they are happy to see me again and doing all sort of grimaces and fun dances.

Another booster to tell me my decision is the right one.

I am returning home. Where my heart feels at home.

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Spring on April 26th, 2017 in Zürich, Switzerland!

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Yes. Let's stop the virus.

#FN #Lapine #Presidentielle2017
"Let us stop the virus." Nice propaganda poster. If only we had some mirror into anther dimension where the electorate voted for a firebrand populist hoping he would look after their interests. Must be great voting for a candidate then shitting your pants when you have to rely on his opposition to keep him from taking away your healthcare, or bombing other countries , or enacting TTIP , the opposite of what he said he would do :)

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Snow is back :-/

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With all the Russian support for the Eastern Ukraineseparatist-terrorists and the annexion of Crimea, people tend to forget Transnistria, another separatist "state" fueled by Russia to keep the conflict with Moldavia alive and to prevent Moldavia to join the EU. That "country" is not recognized internationally and survives only due to the oil and gas deliveries by Russia and the 2,500 Russian soldiers there. I bet they are also "on holiday".

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