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Pascal “Le Bakala” Gienger
أهلا وسهلا Welcome Bienvenue
أهلا وسهلا Welcome Bienvenue

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"When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression".

Then we in the media go out and we start to fact-check this story. [...]
But here is the problem. When we then report this to the public, we are acting against people's feelings of entitlement and superiority. We are basically telling people that they are not that special. [...] And this is why we lose.

The populists win because we let them define the narrative. Interesting insight stated in this article.

/via +Michael Gebetsroither

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Google will reach 100% renewable energy for all global operations (including data centers and offices) in 2017:

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I can confirm only 4 of them, but anyway, made me smile :)

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Touché, Tagesanzeiger! I have the same feeling as well. People in Switzerland are staring at me, and it is much worse when I walk with my African friend through Switzerland - as if he would impose a threat.
The author gives a possible explanation: the fear of danger for the bastion country from the inside.
The most sad part is: As soon as the person which is stared at begins to speak perfect Swiss German the staring stops. It is just annoying and it feels very rude as it means "Aaah you are one of us, all is ok!".

When you are in the US or the UK, people guard a certain distance. Staring at people is seen as rude. Which is a very comfortable situation.

If I moved to Australia instead of Switzerland, I would be citizen in 18 months from now. Without staring. And without discrimination based on dialect spoken. Just for the record. In the UK the same, after all.

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Right wing Hofer against liberal Van der Bellen in Austria (presidential elections): If you look at the election map, you see much blue (Hofer), but the cities won over the rural areas.

Vienna, Graz, Salzburg. Innsbruck and others - unbeatable Van Der Bellen-Terrain.
Due to the one man one vote system in Austria the absolute number of votes is the important one, not an electoral college. So rural regions do not have more impact per vote than city voters.

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6,283 kilometers in approx. 4 months - since August 3rd (when I bought that bike) .
First time on two wheels in my life: June 2nd.

When arriving at the parking lot (outdoor) after work, the seat and the instruments were covered by a layer of ice! I had to remove ice from the mirrors. I arrived safely at home, sure, but tomorrow the train will happily accommodate an additional rider ;-)

Cleaning the chain and the whole motorbike will be done that week also.

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"Direct democracy" again in action - with - again - only a destructive result:

Italy remains ungovernable, and the populist right has - again like in so many cases - renamed/retargeted that referendum into one "against the European Union, against the elites" and that added those destructive-anti-EU-crowd-voters to those who opposed the new constitution because of its content.

"Direct Democracy" will always opt for the proposed "simple solution" because that goes in sync with the emotions of the people. But it does not work any more in our complex economy and world unless we want to get back into strong nationalism and every nation only for itself in a pure autochtone homogeneous ethnic population.

I do not want to live in a world like this (nor I want to live in a place where everyone around me is German or everyone is Swiss or everyone is from ${the same nationality}).
To live in a place where everyone is rooted in a similar setup, has the same ideas grosso modo, has similar ancestors, and with immigrants trying to assimilate completely to become exactly like them - this is a nightmare for me - a nightmare of boredom and an intellectual prison - you do not even have to question your own values and style of living every day when everyone thinks and looks roughly the same.
It is appalling that more and more people prefer those societies from mixed ones and are ready to break the EU to achieve it.

But I have to admit: I never understood the concept of ethnic similarity or preferring your neighborhood. I never had a preference to people very similar to me, it has been always the opposite. So I can't understand the concept of a nation "which needs to be kept together at all costs" at all.

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No "Trump effect" in Austria. In the 2nd election for the State president in Austria the "against the establishment" right populist candidate seems not to have won the majority.
In the first round Van der Bellen, the former Green party politician won very tightly over Hofer - the candidate with anti-EU rhethorics. The vote had to be redone due to formal errors. 
After Trump's victory in the US analysts forecasted a shift of votes to Hofer which did not take place. Van der Bellen seems to have increased his margin over Hofer.

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Pfungen (bei Winterthur, ZH, Schweiz). Panorama.
-2 Grad. Absolute Stille (da mein Motor nicht lief, klar).

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Flyover/drive-thru regions, Swiss version. Very silent Sunday.
-2°C, 28°F. 
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