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We had a wonderful time last night as the official hat sponsor of the Texas State Society Black Tie & Boots 2017 Presidential Inaugural Ball.
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Each time you use the same Swisscom SIM (same IMSI) with a new device (IMEI) you get this SMS spam, where your phone cannot be found as it includes only devices sold by Swisscom (some even with branding).

Do other providers do this as well? Sending you SMS because you put your SIM card in another device?
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Not to me
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Nationality matters - again...

One of the biggest nightmares for someone who grew up with the European Union, with the simple ability to go everywhere inside the EU for work, living and other reasons. Just go there, get an apartment, and live.
The Bilateral treaties with Switzerland extended this.

And suddenly, you see yourself speechless confronted with a movement which gets steadily stronger and which opposes to everything you believed in. The passport, the nationality, it was just a pure label for me. Since my childhood. I never cared about this. My links to Germany have become so tiny that I do not even think I would still be compatible with their thinking and how they live.

EU citizens in the UK are the first to realize that this dream gets broken slowly. Switzerland's anti-EU movements and their practice to send "home" people who were born in Switzerland and never seen their citizenship country in their whole life, France opting more and more for Front National, Austria wanting to protect its labor market for Austrians primarily.

It is just terrible. It is a feeling as if in the US some states would try to get out of the USA, and demand work permits and immigration quotas for people from other US states. You are not used to it because you grew up with that unity. Imagine someone would say "Hey you are from Texas, why are you not going back there, invest your money there and work for your state? Isn't that your responsability as being Texas citizen?".

That is exactly what you can hear more often in Europe now.

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+Matt Proud​ I lived and worked in seven states. Though it was difficult to find work in some places, and difficult to move into jobs that paid well in some places, it seemed more a function of the mix of industries in each area than being exclusionary. Of course I encountered some people with strong biases, and some workplaces that didn't realize their own exclusionary attitudes, but didn't feel like it was an overall sentiment of the locale. Overall there's a fair amount of mixing and transiency in the US that doesn't compare to what a person might experience if they had a strong accent from another country. That said, it would probably be easy to encounter the problem in any given workplace, and it might be more of an issue in some fields than others. 
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One bed with matress sold. And one computer desk and 3 monitors. All bought by one man who starts in Switzerland and he was happy to get this stuff.

The 1,500 DVDs and Blurays will be a gift for my sister and her family. Endless movies.

And still having much to give away.

Getting used to a life where you externalize a lot and you do not have much encumbering belongings which make moves difficult and expensive.
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where are you going?
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Zürich Main Station.
Low light with the Pixel XL.
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What's a Burn about? How about considering it from the perspective of an off-hand comparison to the World Economic Forum, by Sergey Brin - emphasis mine:

«Brin, who co-founded Google with Stanford classmate Larry Page in 1998, said it was his first trip to Davos in eight years. Observing the soul-searching among those attending about globalization’s impact on people’s lives, Brin joked that it reminded him of another event he’s attended.

«"I kind of feel like I’m at Burning Man," he said. "Almost. Except we’re all wearing clothes."»


I don't think everyone's busy soul-searching at a Burn, but it's definitely one of the elements that appeals to me!
Alphabet Inc. has been one of the world’s biggest spenders on artificial intelligence. The advancements have even surprised company co-founder Sergey Brin.
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During a little break this afternoon, my first picture with the Pixel XL.

Lokwerk Mall, Winterthur. With free WiFi.
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When the postman rings and brings cool stuff...
Luckily I have a US plug adapter for the charger.

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+Pascal Gienger I know, I know. I live in Kt. Zürich.
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1920 reloaded. People voting for nationalist forces, offering protectionism, closed borders and support for national companies only. This time: France. The right wing party "Front National" wants to re-introduce a national currency, forbid any foreign held company from offering on public bids, and quit the EU to "control immigration".

Since Trump's election, Front National reaches new highs in polls every week.

Do we really need another economic breakdown due to protectionism and nationalism like between WW1 and WW2? Hundreds of millions of unemployed people were the result.

Marine Le Pen is gaining support in France and has taken the lead in a major survey of voters’ intentions for the first round of the presidential election.
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+Pascal Gienger
I think have mixed it up a bit. You are right, she calls for a referendum. But the most recent surveys show that there is neither a majority for exiting the EU nor the euro in France (and by the way in no other member country except the UK).
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The daily #racism at #Switzerland 's strongest political party. For the referendum for or against simplified naturalization for the 3rd generation of immigrants! SVP did not only set up those billboard ads showing a niqab, but at the party conference Albert Rösti, the party leader, claimed "now it may be Italians which are affected, but in 20 years THIS WILL BE THE AFRICANS " - as an argument against! And - sure - hailing applause.

Anti Immigration, Anti-Foreigners, Foreigners have to subordinate, obey, and always be thankful to "have the right to be here" - in a nutshell.

This country has no positive narrative to become part of the nation, everything regarding naturalization is regarded rather negatively - and this party and their supporters are one of the biggest causes for this.
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Still provisoric station. The new Calatrava designed station takes much more time than expected. Only small waiting area. Warning: The Panos sandwich shop and bakery in the provisoric hall closes 2pm on Sundays.
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I had the Méchoui. Fine grilled and not overcooked meat and Merguez. Vast amount of vegetable and sauce. Charming service.
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All you can eat buffet/food on weekends only. Good selection of African Foods. Reservation nearly mandatory for that buffet weekend events.
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Un coiffeur (hommes et garçons seulement) sympa, coupe impeccable et très courte attente (10 minutes). 10€. Je le recommande!
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