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Pascal Bovet

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Wow.. Made it to the +500px "Follow Friday: High-Speed Photographers" list..
If you like high speed photography you really should check out this list!
Many thanks.. (And special thanks for selecting my image as preview for the blog post on google+ :D)

Discover 10 Inspirational High-Speed Photographers! We've listed new, popular and up-and-coming photographers for you to befriend and be motivated by :) Let us know who is your favourite.
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Ita beautiful. .
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Pascal Bovet

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Bryce canyon - long exposure

We were waiting for the sunset near inspiration point. At this time of the year the sun sets more or less exactly behind your back. (Where you don't see anything of interest at least if you compare it with what you can see in front of you). So either the whole sky starts glowing or you'll not even notice that a sunset happened as you're looking in the wrong direction.

Despite our hopes, weather didn't had plans for an awesome sunset that evening and I already thought that we spent half and hour in cold conditions for nothing. Then I noticed that the clouds were moving really fast and that the sun already disappeared. As it was getting darker those were perfect conditions for ND10 and long time exposure where you can push the exposure time beyond 30 seconds. I don't know exactly if it is because of the location or of the season, but after sunset it got dark really fast. So I knew that I had to hurry. I took a first test (30s) shot to see if the settings and frame are okay but it was a bit too dark, so I increased exposure time to about 60s and took a second shot (the one below) and everything seemed okay. To be on the safe side I took another shot with 65 seconds and it was already noticeably darker then the second shot.

I guess another perfect example of having something in mind, not working out, improvise and just getting the shot. I'm sure that five minutes later it was already too dark. In retrospective I asked myself if I should have started earlier with LE but on the other hand I am a color junky and I don't want to miss an awesome sunset because I'm playing around with LE. I was speaking with another photographer and he told me that the colorful clouds only lasted for about 2 minutes the day before. So I really got the best out of the situation. 

Sony A550
Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm
ISO 200, 61s, f/8

#plusphotoextract   by +Jarek Klimek 
#amazinglandscapes   by +Rolf Hicker 
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 Wonderful photo! +Pascal Bovet  
For Beautiful selection  +A.P.A.P.Grand talent         
Thank you! For allow for sharing your work! For selection Grand talent .     
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Pascal Bovet

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Bryce canyon - misty sunrise

One of the images from my last trip to the States. It was a very misty morning and the mist began to clear up as shortly before sunrise. Luckily it was not completely gone when the sun rise began. This helped to capture the magical mood.

Sony A550
Sigma 10-20mm @ 15mm
ISO 200, f/16, 1/10s
P662 + P121S

#plusphotoextract   by +Jarek Klimek 
#skysunday   by +Simone Linke 
#dawnonsunday  by +Ray Bilcliff 
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Pascal, this is just amazing .. really
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Pascal Bovet

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Back at Bryce Canyon...
And it is still my favorite national park..

Which one is your favorite?
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Arches as well as Zion
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Pascal Bovet

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Mesquite sand dunes, death valley
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woow sahara !!
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Pascal Bovet

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Bryce Canyon

My dearest Bryce Canyon.. During the next weeks I'll visit you again.. Please have some good weather for me and if there should be some snow I'd appreciate it.. Looking forward to seeing you soon..

Any last minute tips for my trip to the states? Mono Lake, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon? How are road conditions in late november, early december?

Sony A550
Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm
ISO 200, 1/500s, f/11
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Awesome image +Pascal Bovet !  Hope you have a wonderful trip .  :)
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Pascal Bovet

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Bye bye london..
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Pascal Bovet

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30 Saint Mary Axe, London
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Yus Wan
You my frend
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Pascal Bovet

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I'm honored to be included in +Rinus Bakker's Recommended Users List. 
RUL Recommended Users List to follow. A completely new concept of bringing you in touch with 500 profiles who make a difference to your steam.

If I have to put my own preferences and friends in every circle I am sharing the same circle over and over. Too many friends.

Please read the note below.

To become a successful circle I need your support!
If you add or check out you will find many interesting profiles. Promise!
If you are in or not but share, others get the chance to check this out.
If you are in and share more people will know and follow you.

To improve the algorithm I need your feed back! Please!!!

No friends circle, no nepotism, many of my friends are not in. I feel sorry about that but we need some fresh blood. Only people who came up by running an algorithm and have proved in one way or another to be of value to the community.
In this Circle:
Add people
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Pascal Bovet

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Welcome to fabulous LAS VEGAS..

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Have fun, Pascal! Do not gamble too much ;-)
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Pascal Bovet

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Good morning vegas..
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+Carolin Latze ja evtl. je nach dem ob wir dann noch lust haben.. :-)
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Pascal Bovet

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Digital SLR

The december issue of "DigitalSLR photography" features a high-speed photography specials. One of my tutorials and several other shots from me are part of this special. Among the autors are also +Corrie White, +Markus Reugels+Ross Hoddinott Photography 

You can get the issue online at
If you don't feel like buying the issue head over to my homepage and enjoy some free high-speed tutorials:
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Oh sure I have written tutorials.. I do have to promote them again (as its been a while since I shared them).. 
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