7th Annual SMTULSA® Social Business Conference equips local businesspeople for social networking success

“There has never been a better time to be a successful business,” says Cheryl Lawson, founder of Social Media Tulsa and the driving force behind the annual SMTULSA Social Business Conference. “Yet we see so many businesses fail to take advantage of the tools and strategies available today. Your business deserves to be successful.”

With that mission in mind, Lawson is hosting the 7th annual SMTULSA Social Business Conference in Tulsa on March 30–31, 2017. At the event, local and national social marketing experts will speak, coach and inspire business owners, non-profits, artists and authors with techniques and advice relevant to today’s social networking and marketing landscape. This year marks a first for the conference — it will take place in the convention space at Tulsa’s popular Hard Rock Casino & Hotel. Register today! smtulsa.com/register
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