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\\\==========[ KPOP RADIO ONLINE]==========///
      ♠ ○○○••• •••○○○ ♠
If you are boring and want spend some time with your
favorite KPOP ♥ Music i will invite you :3 to join to our
party in KPOP Radio where you can be our DJ too ^^
show your style, play your music and have fun ♠
with other fan of KPOP Music....
So join today its free come - and have fun ♥
1st. Polish KPOP Radio where you are our little KPOP Star ♥You make your own style you are the DJ... so what are you waiting for have Fun, invite friends and ma
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Invite you all to KPOP Party <3 Be our DJ make your own style
of your favorite KPOP Music - JOIN TO PARTY :3 and Have Fun

1st. Polish KPOP Radio where you are our little KPOP Star ♥You make your own style you are the DJ... so what are you waiting for have Fun, invite friends and ma
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Yeyyy¡¡¡¡ I'm so excited about it¡¡ 
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Happy New Year <3 My dear Blackjacks ♠ Wish you the best in this
New Year , many awsome moments with your best friends family and also more power to take the world with us in the concert all around the
Globe <3 LOVE YOU ALL <3

~~~Your Boooomie :3 :* ♥♥♥
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Are you ready for FRESH ENERGY MIX ♠
- Skrillex ft. DIPLO with GD & CL
In the most powerfull voice weapon in history colaborated ^_^
Make Scream for them becouse is time for ''DIRTY VIBE''
and its not end of new colab in ♠ [YG] ♠ 
soon also 2NE1 have they comeback
stay tuned :3 Love yaaaa ♥
"Recess" is available now. Support on:
Follow Skrillex:
Follow Diplo:
Follow G-Dragon and BigBang:
Follow CL:
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Love it
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Do You like new Fresh sound ^^ from MASTA WU :O
Support Guys and ~~Hwaiting :3  more INFO Here:
[MASTA WU – '이리와봐(COME HERE)' (feat. Dok2, BOBBY)]
More about MASTA WU @
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Omg yay I finally found someone who likes this song and yes they sure got swag...
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IT's a REVOLUTION ~~2NE1 will be back soon stay tuned ^^
Make some scream for C to the L ''CL'' the Baddest Female 
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+Lashay Holmes Hahahaha yes, same here. Bom is mine but C to the L is coming for me¡¡¡ xDD Someone have to help us¡¡ xD
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Hi ♡ Blackjacks ♠ I have good news for you us i promise allmost
all of YG FAMILY have comeback soon :3 ... CL is already finish her
New US Album now she finish it to make it better in here with Teddy
also 2NE1 have they comeback soon with BIGBANG :D
So i hope you wait for us and support us :3
more info soon ♥ :* or just visit us on:
and you can also play with us as a DJ in our radio:
us always love you and hug so much :3  - Booomie ^_^

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s0 cute
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If you ♥ Asian & KPOP Like Me ^_^ you can visit my best friend
FanPage in Facebook and if you stay more it will be lovely if you
like it :3 it will be the best christmas suprise for her ^_^
~~ Love you all Booomi ♥ :* and one more time MERRY CHRISTMAS
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Witam na fanpage dla miłośników Azji ,a szczególnie k-pop'u. :) Adminki: Shaiya & MinJu ♥
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        We hope this Christmas enriches your life; 
              May each day be happy and bright, 
              Overflowing with pleasure and love; 
          May your Christmas be filled with delight.

                ~~WISH YOU ALL FROM [YG FAMILY] with:
                                            -  ParkBom ♥ & LeeHi ♥
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♛ ᕮᙢᓰᒪᓮᙓ ᔕᗩﬡᙅᖺᙓᔓᔓ ARTIST
E.Sanchezz ''GoodBoys - BadGirls'' CL & GD REMIX 2014
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So 9s pic
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Did you watch new CL Drink SPOT with great raper VJ :O
She write with VJ Lyrics to this spot its so powerfull <3
so take your water stay fresh and ~~Hwaiting :3
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And for some humor here it is couple of funny [AMV] making by Blackjacks ♥ of 2NE1 in diffrent Light ^..^* KheeKheee :3
Love you all stay health <3
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Too funny!!!! Love them!
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• About ParkBom ♥:
Park Bom (Korean: 박봄) (born March 24, 1984), is a South Korean idol singer. Born in Seoul, South Korea, she eventually moved to the United States where she learned English. She is currently a member and main vocalist of girl-group 2NE1 which is signed to YG Entertainment.Starting in 2006, Park recorded with labelmates Big Bang, Lexy, Masta Wu and starred with Lee Hyori in her CF, "Anystar" as a co-actress. Later in 2008, she starred as the lead actress in Kim Ji Eun's music video, "Tell Me Once More". In 2009, she debuted with 2NE1 as the main vocalist.Up until now, Park has released two solo singles, namely "You and I" and "Don't Cry". "You and I" and "Don't Cry" reached number one on the Gaon Chart, the national music chart of Korea. "You and I" also won "Best Digital Single" the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2010.

 Early Life ♥:
Park Bom was born in Seoul, South Korea as a second daughter. In 6th grade, she left Korea by herself to study abroad in the United States. She graduated high school from Gould Academy in Bethel, ME and enrolled into Lesley University with a major in psychology. As a high school student, she fell in love with music through Mariah Carey. She would listen to Mariah Carey's songs during lunch and even forget to eat. She wanted to pursue it as a career but she did not obtain permission from her parents. However, with encouragement from her aunt, she secretly transferred to Berklee College of Music to pursue her music career.

• Career Beginnings [2005 - 2008]♥:
Park Bom auditioned to become a singer at YG Entertainment, but was rejected multiple times. After three years, she was finally accepted and immediately became a trainee.She starred in two of Big Bang's three earliest singles in the songs "We Belong Together" and "Forever With You". Bom also collaborated with Lexy and Red Roc with "Baby Boy" and "Along My Way", respectively. She also starred in a Samsung Anycall Music Video Commercial alongside famous Korean pop singer Lee Hyori, recording her own version of the Anycall "Anystar" song featuring fellow label mates, G-Dragon and Gummy.[citation needed] Later in 2008, she starred as the lead actress in Kim Ji Eun's music video, "Tell Me Once More".

• Present 2NE1 [2009]♥:
YG Entertainment announced that the new group would consist of four members and debut sometime in May 2009. The company stated that the group had trained for four years, and that their debut album would contain songs produced by 1TYM's leader, Teddy Park and G-Dragon of Big Bang. The group's name was initially announced as "21"; however, due to the discovery of a singer with the same name, the group was renamed "2NE1", which "NE" is the abbreviation of "New Evolution". Bom was placed in 2NE1 as the main vocalist, alongside CL, Minzy and Sandara Park.The group collaborated with label-mate senior Big Bang for the song "Lollipop". The song gained immediate success, but questions were still raised as to whether the group could survive on its own.2NE1 debuted in SBS's The Music Trend on May 17, 2009 where they performed their digital single Fire produced by Teddy Park of 1TYM. With the release of their self-titled mini-album, the group started the promotions of their title track I Don’t Care. Their mini album hit the no. 3 spot at the Hanteo's "Best-selling Album of 2009" with over 100,000 copies sold.After a short hiatus, the group released a surprise single "Follow Me" that took number one for the week of February 13.In October of the same year, 2NE1 returned with their first full-length studio album To Anyone., which was released on September 9, 2010. Promotions started with the simultaneous showcase of the three title tracks of the album, "Clap Your Hands", "Go Away" and "Can't Nobody". Following those promotions, another song "It Hurts (Slow)" was released on October 31 for Halloween. The album garnered huge success and 2NE1 won an overall 11 times on various music shows from their promotions. The album went on to sell over 150,000 copies.

• ParkBom Solo Activities♥:
In August, after finishing "I Don't Care" promotions, 2NE1 took a temporary hiatus with each member releasing their own solo singles. Bom's single, entitled "You and I" was the best performing of the three and took the number one spot on the Gaon Chart for the month of November. The single eventually won the Best Digital Single at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards.In late 2010, Bom was featured on GD & TOP's single "Oh Yeah" for their first collaboration album. She was also featured in the Japanese version of the song, as well as the MV for the Japanese version. "Oh Yeah" peaked at number two on the Gaon Chart upon release.In 2011, it was announced that Bom would have a new digital single released before 2NE1's promotions for their new mini-album. The song was titled "Don't Cry" and was released on April 21, 2011. "Don't Cry" managed to top many of South Korea's music content providers' digital charts, later becoming a perfect all-kill on the music charts of Korea.For the Infinite Challenge Seohae Ahn Highway Song Festival 2011, G-Dragon of Big Bang collaborated with Park Myung Soo to create a duo called GG. Bom was featured in their song "Having an Affair". The song went on to become an "All Kill" on various Korean music charts.

• ParkBom Favorites MusicalStyle & Influences♥:
Park Bom is primarily a pop and R&B singer. She has named American singers Mariah Carey and Beyonce as her biggest influences who inspired her to get into music.

• Filmography♥:
○ 2009: Girlfriends (Korean: 걸프렌즈)


○ 2009: 2NE1 TV (Mnet)
○ 2009: Style (Korean: 스타일, SBS)
○ 2010: 2NE1 TV Season 2 (Mnet)
○ 2011: 2NE1 TV Season 3 (Mnet)

 ParkBom Songs ♥ :

○ ParkBom "You&I"
   ParkBom "You&I"        -> MusicVideo
○ ParkBom "Don't Cry"
   ParkBom "Don't Cry"   -> MusicVideo
○ ParkBom "OhYeah"
   ParkBom "OhYeah"    -> MusicVideo

• Another Information of ParkBom♥:

 Korean name: Park Bomi
 English Name: Bom Park / Jenny Park
 Position: Main vocalist (main) of 2NE1
 Date of Birth: 24.III.1984
 Blood type: AB
 Height and weight: 165cm / 43 kg
 Hobbies: Listening to music,singing ♥
 Favorite color: green, pink, red
 Favorite food: corn,watermelon,banana,kimchii
 Abilities: Singing, dancing, piano, flute, cello
 Languages: Korean, English

• ParkBom Family♥:
                   Park Go Eun (박고운 )

Park Go Eun is Park Bom’s older sister born on the 16th of October,1980. She is a passionate cellist who obtained undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree from the prestigious Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. She’s also garnered awards such as:

  • 2006 Yale Gordon String Competition
  • 2006 Peabody’s Proud Student Of The Year
                         Jullian (줄리안 )

This adorable kid is Bom’s beloved nephew and Go Eun’s only son who was born is the US. He was first seen on 2NE1tv Season1 during Bom’s short vacation in the US then 2 years later, he made another appearance through Bom’s Twitter who tweeted a picture of Julian along with groupmate Dara and herself during his birthday celebration (as seen above).
                  ♥ ♥ ♥ Bom’s Pets ♥ ♥ ♥
                         초코 (Cho-co) 

                    Name: 초코 (Cho-co)

  • Apparently, the oldest among Bom’s dogs.

                      Gender: Female

                      Breed: Shih tzu


        단추 (Dan-choo) ; “Button” in English

     Name: 단추 (Dan-choo) “Button” in English

  • Named as “Button” for having small round eyes.

                          Gender: Female

                          Breed: Poodle


      여름 (Yeo-reum) ; “Summer” in English

   Name: 여름 (Yeo-reum) ; “Summer” in English

  • Born on the 2nd of March, 2012

                        Gender: Female

                        Breed: Pekingese



• Difrent Color of ParkBom ♥ :

  • RED

Having gone through all the hardships to be where she is right now, Park Bom has learned how to stand on her own, driven by her strong will, determination, and passion for becoming a successful singer. She openly speaks her mind and does what she knows is right. Does your bias speak up when she didn’t like her own red carpet look? Ours did.

 “I don’t even have to eat, as long as I can listen to music”. -(Nylon Japan May 2011)


From corn to bread, lettuce to watermelons, she is a big fan of foods. On 2NE1tv, we’ve seen her eat with a big appetite even though she sometimes get scolded by her trainer, Hwangssabu. She may always miss work out sessions with 2NE1 but she makes sure she takes care of her figure and health by regularly taking medicines and fruits. Deer bellybutton, anyone?

“My lips can’t move when I’m hungry.” -(2NE1tv Season 2)


Often dubbed as 2NE1′s “Mood Maker”, this unnie never fails to make everyone around her laugh even with her simplest antics. She is known for having such outgoing personality. She is good friends with her make-up team even with the PDs!

“Even if it makes me seem dumb I want to be happy for my members…” -(Elle Korea December 2011)


Aside from being her favorite, this color is the one that best represents her personality. Starting from her name (Bom in hangeul) which translates to “Spring” in English, she definitely got the fresh ambience of spring in her. From her fresh soulful voice, refreshing smile, style, and attitude.She definitely deserves the title “Spring Goddess”.

“I love green^^” – (Me2Day 2009)

  • BLUE

Park Bom is really artistically talented by blood. Her older sister, Go Eun, is a famous cellist who as well graduated from a well known college in the US, The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University. While her mother used to be a painter before she had children. Like mother, like daughter? Hell yeah!

“[My parents]They are the reason I am who I am…” -(Nonno Magazine Japan April 2012)


The diffrerent side of Park Bom, the side that we don’t often see on cam. Despite the many accusations the media and the netizens have been throwing at her, she had the strength to remain silent and just slap them on their face with her ever improving singing and performance.

“People who cause troubles usually makes it big in the future, right?” -(2NE1tv Season 2)


Clothes. Bags. Shoes. Nailart. Haircolor. Just some of the things Park Bom is best known for. She may not be dressed in extravagantly styled clothes but she has the one and only best fashion item nobody has.. her flawless long legs!

“Don’t touch my make-up, lotion, face pack.” -(2NE1tv Season1)


     • The Most Important Think "^.^" •

       •○• Don't Touch me Notebook 
       •○• Don't touch me mask ;)
       •○• Don't touch CL xD Noooooo :D
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