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Picture day was always so exciting, I loved getting my photo taken! Some things never change! #Throwback Thursday
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I love you too but there are some videos and order situation in the Ante on the bed with someone
yup you are right things never change you are still cute Paris
Wow you were as beautiful as a child as you are now. :)
hooooou mai gooooot!! is paris jiltoooon! ai loviuu! is very biutifuul
i think in those days no one ddnt thought abt after 10 or 15 yrs u will bcom so bitchy...!!! :D
but your right somethings just NEVER change
awwww you are so cute
She's always bee pretty! I <3 her!
You look like a happy child with smile like a little bunny:)
I like you nose in this picture... cute.
Now see, you looked entused even at that age. You are fearless in a world that is afraid of their shadow.
wow she looked good then wonder what happned wow ...
You know you've made it to the top of the mountain when others try to shoot you really are a great example of knowing who you are and not conforming to others expectations. You go, girl.
U look like no fear and no tension, but still seekin' for sonthin' ...
paris Hilton the name is enough
trop canon j'aurais bien été au college avec toi... lol
Paris, your chlidhood were beautiful, like now.
Still Pretty just maturer. No pun intended. lol :)
Nice, and you still are to this day!!!<D
Tomorrow March 23 make a wish upon a star at night will bring good things for you!(l´ll just make a wish for me ) !! tomorrow is March 23!!
Just figuring out google plus... Heard a rumor you might be hanging at a little car show coming up soon... Trying not to put it on blast if you are, hope too see you there! We crashed our baby into a deer a couple weeks back, never the less, she won't be entering again this year... Bring Nichole, would love too meet her... :)
eversince u were a child ur eyes already looked like that haha :) ur eyes somehow shows, sorrow.. :(
Just shows you are already beautiful since you were young. God bless you Paris <3
I love the photo, you are still as beautiful as you were than as you are today!
Was a real cutie...oh still are.
Cute! I'm really photogenic and love getting my picture taken's too bad I can't have a job working as a model though! :/
beautiful memories of childhood!!!!!!!!!!!
Pari ! u were eye-catching 4rm prepuberty- l can guess.
Love that life-long dream to go to The city of Paris. It is on my bucket list.
i really the center picture with the straight hair, the one to the left, and the autographed one They ten times better with a white underlayment for sure -- you know like that frame inside the frame -- just saying - your still hott, send me some gas money and ill be the best damn judge on one of those shows, but i aint sittin next to that big bow tie guy, he sux-
Хеллоу Перис, твои видио устарели, приезжай ко мне в Зеленоград и запишем новые!
omg !!! sooo... preety pic .I lve pic (o_O)
u say u dont want to be known as hilton abt we exchange lives.. then u will definitely knoow wat is to be like normal paris..
yep i think i remember those daze
Some Things Never Changes.. Like Your Nose.,.. Just Joking..
why is it black and white?
Ответь: ты счастлива?
I love your smile and hair so natural how pretty ♥
yes i think not much has changed. Momentum and Memorandum :-)
Ai está mi jefa la que me da trabajo
you were,you're so cute and therefore the most I like your pics when you were a child :)
"Clama a mim, e responder-te-ei, e anunciar-te-ei coisas grandes e firmes que não sabes." (Jeremias 33 : 3)
You look so different as a kid!
Ne kadar sade...
Diğer fotoğrafalşrdaki yapmacıklık hemen göze çarpıyor.
Now , this is nice, you at the age of innocence...=)
is that you cute
so cute, so innocent, so, so 'BEFORE Nicole' dazessssss
ms hilton is so humble of you to share some of your picture and thought of your personal past present i see you inside very nice spirt heart god bless you  protect you from evil  besafe
You've got to be kidding. The pic of her hitting the heavy bag,  surely part of her public service. Look how she is standing, she doesn't have a clue how to hit that bag, and her body looks depleted. It takes more than lipo to look good.....
Ciao Paris sei molto carina in questa foto 
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