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Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
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خیلی خوشگله مگه نه
i don't mind @ all ;.) xoxo
You are right.... I agree with you. Just go on....
The great "Kansas City Comet" Once said If you don't mind it don't matter" Be of good courage and make good decisions.
...basically just be yourself, being someone you ought not to be is just hiding your individuality, enjoy your day ;-) ...
Great pic and a philosopher too!
Lo sapevo, hai deciso di fare sul serio.
Paris, what you are telling is exactly the point. Do not bend your personality and all will be fine.
nic s*x vdo paris hilton...........
adeq sj
wooooow sexy girl
adeq sj
i like this pic
hmm let me think : YOU are what you are ??????
on your face is more botox than in my ********....
That's a great way to live +Paris Hilton but it can also become quite lonely as I've found that lots of people can't handle the truth and don't want to hang out, you probably won't suffer that fate.
Не хрена себе сколько у тебя поклонников))И Поклонниц А По мне так ты симпотичная и не более.Ну ладно ,пускаи будет красивая
Paris,i totally agree and would like to meet you.Best regards,Antonio
Oh yeah, in seasons and out of seasons!
FOLLOW MEEEEEE IF U LIKE HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very true Paris, just trust yourself and others will trust you forever!
Lot's of people seem to saying "<3" of late. So what's wrong with the number 2? Two is less than three I suppose. Yet still greater than one.
Hmm. I really must get out to the shop to buy another bag of s... oh shit! I don't have enough money at the moment to buy any more sugar. Guess I'll just have to stick to coffee, and avoid the tea. Because I can handle coffee without sugar, but not tea. So long as that coffee is piping hot!
She is like one of those chocolate Easter bunnys. Very nice on the outside but empty inside.
Therefore I say: "why?" with great resistance...
Where I come from our chocolate eggs are full of sweets.
+Chuck Johnston , when have you hung out with her? How would you know that? All you get is what's fed to you by the media, so how can you really come to that conclusion? Pretty narrow-minded, in my view.
Does "be who you are" include using a pound of makeup and 6 hours of photoshop to create this picture?
i want to marry with you!pretty!
We love ParisHilton (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡ @britneyqspears
Ну ладно я вижу тут и без меня людеи хватает.Ну если тебе пишут значит ты деиствительно Знаменитость.Только вот я тебя незнаю.Надо в интернете про тебя прочитать ,Информацию.Ну А Пока,пока))Удачи,Сестричка!!
M'Lady you are truly a vision to behold! 
if your going to quote doctor suess at least say so dont take it for your self
Paris… you always write meaningful quotes!
She is such a tease with her provocative poses :)
What was up with rumor I heard the other day about u falling off a cliff in new Zealand? I'm guessing just people talking shit
Totally Awesome Ms. Paris , ur the BEAUTIFUL STAR of Beverly Hills , & "U" do matter <3 <€ <3 <€ <3 
I did not see you care about others just for yourself. Look around you maybe there is someone need you.
That's lookso beautiful,,
If only i lived in N.Y. i would paint your living space. There are only a few people that know how to run oil base enamel. you would love my work.
i Top
true talk angel i like ur words 1000 hate 1000 love lol
you are a very beautiful woman Paris
Is this everything you can??? Just say something and show yourself????
shes always beautiful i wonder what she looks like without a makeup... i love natural beauty too...
Wow your hair like lion,but that nice!
Show more Brain not just your Face Sorry Therefore!
I´d Like to see so social not boring F...uuuuu ck ing in a so called film!
Greetings hai be?
great ...freedom of speech may create worries..................
what u say?
I am British. Do you like British guys?
A una mujer que lo tiene todo, que le sorprendería; que le regalaran
Beautiful Picture, I was wondering why you haven't got married yet? Your just taking your parents advice and being smart about it, take your time.
Thats a really good picture of tyra i think.....
Aman to tht!! Now dnt get carried away Paris.....we kno U!!
would you like to buy one of me and Nicole's mesh fashions? the comfort is exciting and very
but ventilated to allow me to be cool.
Nice thought...but dear now its too late to give this idea...!!!
sorry, all of our rooms are booked sir. Thanks for coming. for the rest of the month.
Celebrities equal sales, and if you can't see that sales matter in America, Decoy, you are one stupid son of a Bitch.
and I aint talkin bout here party habits, though even she likes to stimulate the Corrections Dept.'s budget.
that's helps keep people employed as well.
True true, difficult too. As in that things happen the way they do. Just want to be who am. How do ya deal with ya life so exposed?
I dont mind very well, and I don't listen for shit.
Yes, if our sense of feelings is true from our deeply heart , that sense of feelings was the highly sincere and honest .The important things is, we care other people heart's and same as them , because all that are involving mankind , so no matter race , religious and countries we should mind about it . Thank's and sorry if there were any words which offend anyone , I don't intend at all. ~TS~
I love it, be who you are! You are so kewel and intelligent!
Damn, that's quality. I'm gonna use that. Nice one.
The voice of my heart, you want conveyed properly, I think.
shoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttt yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Una buena forma decir que no me importa nada
great this is so true and i stole tky have gr8 day
I agree with the first one... the second is not absolute..there are those who mind, because they care only by different means of expression...=)
Honey your very beautiful and you will always matter later Bill
i like ur wordin hilton.........................
Hi Paris Hilton
Nice pictures
Nagyon szép és nem vagyok hiába szerelmes beléd, nem szép vagy boldog felnevelt gyermekek téged részegen szeretettel
that's because i was born this way...
Hi Paris.You are very beautiful! Kisses.
yu guo
mi ki
wie eine sonne
eta es la fotografia que odio de ti no te hace ningun faVOR
 Hilton  la verdad  eres encantadora y muchos adjetivos mas      pero  es mas fuerte que yo ese peinado no es de mi agrado. Logico tu diras  y que le importa a este  y tienes toda la razon
I don't even like Paris Hilton, but because of how beautiful she is I have to follow her and do the things she says. I hate it, but I have no choice. I wish she was ugly so I didn't have to follow her.
A"I'm trying to matter now and mind these little girls.
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