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...wish i was there, hey immerse yourself & the moment,...enjoy your day
You look wonderful as always. :)
You look really chilled, would have fitted in with all the cool guys in the 60's
woo, what a nice style, i like , where is this?
My friend you look stunningly beautiful, nice dress.
you one beauty in the world
just make sure you go get yourself sanitized, get your shots...
So on your continent you use wristbands but with plastic feather as well? Did you sleep in tents? And did you bump into David Rodriguez at Coatchella? Y or N?
Now you just need a '6 Fo' to be cruisin down the street
Very beautiful Woman.Extreme sexy.
chan b
why don't you eat something?? :P
Flower-power, paris.
Nyce! Hot! Sexy!
I like it.
Flower-power Paris.
Nyce! Sexy! Hip!
I like it.
makes you very attractive and beautiful in every o paris ziyaret etmek için Türkiye'ye geldiğinde beni düzeltebilirsiniz
paris i really want to be a model im beatiful and everything but like i dont know how to get an agent can you help me please
Loving the skirt, makes you pop like look at me now!!!!
you are always choosing nice clothing you are genius .
What's up with the neck on chic in the background? 
You are so thin. I am so fat.
What's up bitches? Let's do lunch...... I'll have my people call your people and set a time good for us both.... Love ya babe...
Пэрис, что ты делаешь целыми днями, я понять не могу?!
Kind of like a throw back to woodstock , Sunflower Girl .. Awesome Ms. Paris ..<€€€ 
Not a new style , girls wore that back in the Class of "71" 
Best ever i have seen from paris
Paris at woodstock cheers my darling kiss...
Hi Sexy looking hot sexy pose
you look so cute wearing that
I would love a chance to get my resume to you Ms. Hilton !
i dont like what ure wearing
hmm...sooo nice sweety.........
wow you go avery where and do avery thing do you take a break some just time for your self.....
So when are you moving to the UK? 
good girl
Golu S
u r so very prity
you will feel beautiful when you have beautiful character.
Paris,,you look soooooooooooooo Beautyfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice dress never seen a perfect lady wear it......see yah ....hope to hear from u soon.....
why do not you know me ...... I've always been fascinated by you ........... I have the pleasure one day?
Paris, will you visit Moscow this year?
Berlin in Germany is much better ! ;-)
Le Manh
very lovely !...
slu cmt va tuè moi c est jponas et toi
very kind to me means a lot to know you're proud of our people wear
Paris you can look great in anything you wear
Now that's 1 fabulous lookin hippie Cat L.O.L.....
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