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Every girl has the right to feel like a princess.
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I am very sorry, but you looks nothing near princess looks in this photo :-|
you are looking a indian girls,,,,,,,, u are a bold no.....
That is such a pretty dress!! And it looks so pretty on you!!
We'll agree to disagree. Some have taken to abusing their royal privileges.
What do you mean about a princess ....?
Hi Paris Hilton wanna know you,
I'm your big fan
loving now your body lika your pussy kiss your pussy now..
You look like a Bangladeshi beautiful woman.
nice photo she is princess in saree really saree make girls a real princess
Simply SUPERBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And this is Indian style....every girl looks sexy in saari....
"Every girl has the right to feel like a princess."

What kind of pathetic advice is this? Go to Africa, Paris.
Why is this garbage on my stream and how do i get it off? I swear I lose IQ points every time i see your name.
This is the first photo of you that I have seen that I would describe as 'elegant'.
che ziba shodi azizam tu in aks......
jesus, such self indulging pics..when is she going to contribute something productive for her porn; horrible singing; countless acts of indecency, do not count..
Yeah, every girl has the right to feel like a princess, but thankfully most girls don't have millionaire daddies who can completely spoil them into believing that they ARE princesses.
why the fuck is this stupid shit on my news feed.
And every billionaire should have a responsibility
but you know that is Bangladeshi tradition
Paris, you are a princess today and everyday. It's just who you are as far as I see you and that's not a bad thing.
اینجا هم جای خوابیدنه آخه؟
Nice pic! And I hope that the people leaving negative remarks feel better about themselves now too!
for opposite gender, he should feel and enjoy the feeling of being a prince..........
All chicks who think they are royalty suck dick.
e soprattutto ogni ragazza va trattata come una principessa!! :) :)
True, every girl has the right to be stupid too (hint hint)
I don't believe that's in the charter of rights.
Feel like a princess...while being an everyday slut...
yeah we deserve scratch that we are princesses
she's still alive. what a shame. i mean, goddamn paris hilton is fucking GROSS.
ಸೀರೆಯಲಿ್ಲ ಪಾ್ಯರಿ ಈಸ್ ಹಿಲ್ಟನ್
Hi paris..YOUR SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Filipino people will always love you!!
Hey Paris, I have a event for you to MC. Let me know if your interested!
+Le Andre' Ward she cannot understand written English and why people are disgusted by her so why try THIS MSSG IS JUST A SHOT IN THE DARK THAT IT MAY READ AND UNDERSTAND HOW WE THE HUMAN RACE WOULD LIKE PARIS HOTEL TO GO AWAY
advertisements for napkins - cool
This is about all she is good at it seems
Lots of silver metal work on the saree though
You are a princess and always will be.
feel like and look like are two very different things.
if you also feel like all boys are to feel like prince, the i choose to be then son of pharoh, come built for one nice and wonderful hotel in south sudan please
Im not even following you so how did you get in my stream? SHENANEGGINS!
Manu G deep
James D
You have a net worth of $100 million dollars. You're mostly famous because of a (horrible) sex tape and the fact that your daddy is rich. You look like you're made of plastic, yet for some reason, there is a metric shit-ton of guys who think you're hot. If there is any part of your day where you don't feel like a princess, you've deluded yourself beyond all measure.
PARIS HILTON, I NEED YOUR HELP, HAVE YOU HEARD OF KONY!?!?!?! if not, go to KONY 2012 on youtube. you will probably just ignore this but you cant. You can not ignore this. This guy in Uganda named Joseph Kony is capturing kids and making them become part of his army and making them kill people. He is moving all around Africa and he needs to be stopped. You have the power to spread the word, people need to know so the government can stop him. Watch the video so it, it will explain more. You will be known as a hero and you will save many lives. You need to do this.
You're cuuuute

Down with haters
WHY is Paris Hilton still relevant?!!! SHE CAN'T DO ANYTHING WELL!!!
are princesses known for laying on the ground to have their photos taken? I don't remember seeing Princess Diana in any poses Ms. Hilton in known for.
Use the slider at the top of What's hot to control how many of these appear. Time to dial it back a bit!
Porn stars should have the rights to remain silent :)
But, isn't more natural, (and more real...) if we all, man and woman, feel just like a.... HUMAN??
You look like the village prostitute.
Hi Paris... you are such a beautiful lovely girl ! I'm glad to see you wearing an Indian Saree. The Saree is very thin and transparent... if you really have passion to wear Saree occassionally, please get a good saree. There are a lot of varieties and colors available and some of them are elegant and sexy which will suit to your personality. Just google
" Indian Sarees" . You can buy in Los Angeles also. Cheers and Good luck !
Who gives a shit about being a princess? I want to be cold, ruthless dictator who leaves terror and pain in her wake.
of course she would post a pic of herself.. wow.. still dont like her.. and to all that post sucking up to her will not make you her friend.. she probably has some else posting for her and will not read this herself.. she is just a spoiled rich kid that has no idea how the real world is.. Paris live like your normal for a change.. I am a mother of four that works my but off daily while you just throw your money away being stupid.. come on you would never make it in my world nor any other normal person for that matter.. being hot and having money is your world one day when you get older you will look back at all the crap that you did and the money that you spent and wonder where did my life go and why did i not try and be a better person and make a difference. I bet you would never ever make it one week in my home being a normal person..
where is the punchline, and why is she out of the kitchen
Puppets of the ego-manipulation industries, free yourselves.
Go run a hotel,there's a good girl.Oh and thanks for the Kardashians,not!
Very beautiful pic!! And the Kardashians remind me of wilder beasts. lol
but a prince is not better than an ordinary girl in any aspect they are both human beings, just people think being a prince is important because when she emerges people start staring at her ,,,,,
Dear Paris,
I am not a "hater" I love people. Unfortunately you represent all that is wrong with humanity and society. While you "look great" I would venture to guess your existence internally is lacking. My only advice is to stop listening to your ego and start listening to your soul. Change/strength comes from within, start there.
John Link, I am sorry to tell you this, but you are a nerd. And not in the good way like me.
does every boy have the right to feel a princess ??
why did you delete my comment?
i think that we like to distort the truth.. maybe we think that changing our think, the truth will do alike.... Did you ever try, to change the color of the sky?... ;-) Goodbye!
paris,would look beautiful in a dustbin liner!
Paris Hilton you make the dress look fabulous.!
i agree every girl should feel like one but its hard when people treat you like dirt...
...and get treated like a chambermaid. 
yeah true becuz it's hard to be one if you want to become one
but only little girls who inherit daddy's money have the ability to pretend to live like one. Seriously, which PR company comes up with this rubbish?
id masturbate to the thought of paris hilton being put through a meat grinder(;
Багиня в цАлАфане
Hey I cant sweep her of her feet unless she's willing to be swept.
Seria o melhor e maior presente do mundo... vc...
Who took this shot? (think I might like to be that guy)
She has that same look on her face in every picture.
no wonder you look great in a saree
Do they? Do they really...? This post made me puke in my mouth a little bit.
Never mind that airy fairy bullshit,can u get me some valium stat.I bet u know a guy!?
Very classy, meets my approval even though it means nothing
It's okay to feel like a princess... BUT to actually be a princess and be treated as one, you must behave as if you have the utmost respect for yourself! This is nothing more than another publicity stunt... Do people really think you are beautiful? Maybe just the ones who want something from you! I've never been a fan... and NEVER will be a fan! So I will be blocking this person from my stream!
every gal has d rite to castrate d dick which had tried to fuck her umpteen numbr f times.
OOOH LA LA ! You are looking stunning in the net saree.
Indeed. EVERY girl. Across the entire planet. No exceptions. Let's work for that. looked so gorgeous wearing that saree.
She looks like a beached carp rotting on industrial waste.
N every boy reserves his right to act as a prince, but while we debate on the actions of others definitions r lost on the words we mince. are a princess in every right, damn all your pictures/photoshots lately have been the bomb
Somebody in this world who have that much of beauti which could not be expressable and who is not belong for any part of the world, who is for the world. Paris, you r one of them. You look unexpressable in Saree.
u looks like a beautiful Indian... so cute.
AJ Katt
Every Girl is a Princess. We just don't have a fancy title or are rich.
i really appreciate your thinking
Hulk Xu
very nice look in saree. is you like wear saree. this is indian wear special in gujrat state if you know.
Umesh Parmar gujarat and bengal and south india
succes is century make it , problem is yorker face it, failure is bouncer leave it ,luck is full toss use it, but opportunity is free hit naver miss it , good afternoon my friends
visit me at my
WTF??!!?? Just get off Google+ girlie, this is no place for the likes of you... Stick to Facecream - sorry, Facebook.
Ba Zan
With Daddy's money you can become whatever you want to be.
I spent half of my 20s in some third world shit hole, have been a part of the liberation of two desperate countries, clothed children and brought them much needed school supplies shipped over from the states, and I'm struggling to find a decent paying job. This twat waffle is rich for giving a terrible blow job on night vision. It would be funny if it wasn't sad.
sari (India) makes women's beautiful ether she has a good figure or not ........
nice sari paris hiltion your look very so cute
在俺这叫真俊(zun四声)。So beautiful!
that's very true every girl has the right to feel like a princess
yupps but I think every human being have the right to feel like a prince or a princess*************
Fabulous Photograph. I hope you know you are very well Loved by many people in Las Vegas, whom you have always treated very well in all of the visits you have made here. The people who count in Las Vegas feel you were very poorly treated by our Local Law Enforcement, and it in no way reflects at all the way people in Las Vegas view you. WE Love you, and appreciate all of the money and excitement and attention you share with our city, and local workers in Service industry employment. God Bless You, Paris, and Thank You for All the Good you have done in Las Vegas.
saj rok
nice and simple & sober
dich hätte ich gerne als Werbeträger für meine Firma :)
How so beautiful, lovely so great ............ i like((','))
look gorgeous in Indian sari,
Excellent message in human life :- good #behavior can cover the lack Of beauty ,but #beauty can never cover the lack of bad behavior ♥
Can u come to me one night, please :)
and every boy has the right to feel like a prince.......
U r looking so much much much beautiful in Sharee ya <3
so beautiful in indian sari...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ya i'm dam sure for this nice n preeti
Nice shoot you look like a princess in your Saari.
My exact wish at 11:11!
Does this mean I'm invited to roll around in your diamond-studded fabric and silken sheets? Sweeeet!
I find it funny that people actually think Paris is reading any of these comments.
i'd like to fuck you
Woooww very nice, Paris at Sari ^_^
nota 10 em todos os quisitos
hay you like an indhiyan girl,so ilike it somuch
u look like shaanjhaan ,,mumtaaj mahal ...
Hmmmmmmmn looking nice in Indian Costume. In Indian Sari wow Peris looking aaaaaaaa Sexy............. :)
lookin so beautiful & indian style......i realy lyk it........wowwwwwwwwwww
สวยจัง ชอบอ่ะ....อิอิ
sweat and looking hot and sexy
Gopi A only hot look for every girls not even nude...........
perché non mi conosci ...... Sono sempre stato affascinato da te ........... Ho il piacere di un giorno?
Well, thank you, for giving me tips on how to treat women in general....=)
you no Paris u looking very pretty in Indian culture keep it up
u r looking very very very very beautifull in indian saadee
Paris Hilton looks like Bangladeshi Modern sharee girl. but indeed looking so gorgeous in Bangladeshi famous silky sharee.
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