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Just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to all my fans. Love you all so much! xoxo
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I like this photo!
I love Paris Hiltons''' Handbags and the Perfums
Paris afloja con el botox en los labios.
Paris-war with botox lips.
vee tanrı kadını yarattı..
a ja kocham wszystkie kobiety.bez nich nie istniejemy
Милаяа Моя Знаешь что Я очень Люблю Тебя
I had the pleasure to meet you once in NY, was great
ya dekhte hai yaar hahaha lol nice picha ...:)))
es ist übelst schwer um nicht bei was hängen zubleiben um es zu verstehen, weil verstehen tut es eh keiner...der zeit vorraus...die antwort das bild :-)
No matter what anybody says, UR SWEET, girl...<D
You're Welcome! My little sister (8) and I (12) thank you as well for being an amazing role model for us. 
u are big liar honey

You're so beautiful, I love your mouth and what you do with it (as I saw in your porn videos)
paris i hate u. u look like a bitch
Thanks ,one among few iconic figure of today's era who's innocence and charismatic personality is very natural .
How is it you have "fans" to begin with? You don't do anything. You don't act in any movies. You don't have a talk show. You aren't active in any charities. Key word ACTIVE. What exactly is it that you do? Shop? Spend ridiculously amounts of money on useless things and flaunt it in your "fans" faces? I'm not some religious, right wing nut job, but I can't think of any reason why people hang on your every word. You don't do anything! When was the last time you hung out with one of your fans and it wasn't for publicity. I'm sorry to inform all the fans of paris Hilton but she doesn't give a shit about you. She doesn't even know any of you. She only wants you as fans so you buy her shitty products and make her even richer. She's using you. Plan and simple. You are a tool for her to fund her lavish lifestyle. While she is partying on some beach in Fiji, you're chowing down on a greasy McDonald's burger. But atleast you smell like her latest perfume while doing it. What's it called again? Bukake? 
Love you too, Paris! :) Your picture is stunning!
You're hot Hilton...disregard what everyone says!! Hahahaha hehehehe :-/
yes don't all men do it.  Good pic
Again, she's famous for what??
Paris Hilton Has A Billion $ Empire. And Her Debut Album Paris went Platnium And Sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Paris Hilton is An Icon. Thats What She's Famous For!
love, praise, blessings, hugs, and kisses to you always
Uh oh, someone's running out of reasons to be famous...
black and whit pictures are always so much purer
Eh.  Decent pic.

You are welcome for me being a fan.  Ha ha.

No, that is a pretty good photo.
oooh pretty, who's dat gurl :D <3
@paris Real meaning of Beauty n Huge is Devine feeling like Sweetest Dreams which is Impossible
Thank you so much. so nice to follow you here on google plus.
awesome one u r so so beautifull
No soup for her, either !
She has greasy eyes.
She's too skinny. She has to wear clothes just to cast a shadow.
Who can tell,, the beauty of a real,, PARISH HILTON!!!,,, She's like an Angel, that Captured many eyes of Appreciation!!!!!,, 
Good day miss Hilton!!...
terrific as a good intention should be....larry
Thats Hott !! Its Hott !! YOUR HOTT!!
best wishes to U beauty, from fans of China
Die Welt wird immer ungerechter! Aber wann kommt das in den Köpfen der Menschen an? Wenn man sich in den Medien so umsieht steht SHOPPEN und PARTY an erster Stelle. Immer lächeln ist der Slogan der Zeit und bloß nichts negatives sagen dann bist du gleich der Spielverderber. Der Egoismus ist auf dem Vormarsch - was geht mich fremdes Elend an. Immer mehr Arbeiter müssen im Niedriglohnsektor arbeiten und die Reichen werden immer reicher. Warscheinlich merken die Rechen nicht - durch ihre RAFFGIER -  das sie sich dadurch ihr eigenes Grab schaufeln. Leider machen auch die Parteien die angeblich auf der Seite des Volkes stehen nichts fürs Volk. Der ausufernde Kapitalismus wird diese Welt kaputt machen.
I think if you really loved me, you'd help me with my laundry today.  OMG... everything I own needs to be washed.
It's been a minute since we heard from you
U do like 2 show off . Its allways u
hi we love you 2 so much. u r the best :)
por el momento de la quietud y la ternura 



























































































I love you much,too, Paris!



















sorry..... but i don't like the people who got popular for NOTHING......
(sorry again) 
oops! paris you are an inspiration to young Kenyans
<3 it u look so pretty
you are so damn pretty :) wish i could see you in person...even prettier then. :)
hy so lovely mood.........
ola bom dia PRINCESA tanbem te desejo sempre um dia feliz  xoxos
Paris.........looking so hot.......
hey paris you are so beautiful
Kyle M
i wish i could minus one
Mr D
pls !!! paris hilton makes an electronic cd ?
wow congratulation your very sexy.
she is geting old like honey bee
lady paris i thing you innocent funy girl  lol
asi mismo te dejaria despues de una noche de pasion
ultimate glamour....

Dear ..,Namaste !
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Thank you very much, baby I'm from Costa Rica and your fans go again until the end of time
Thankz dear! U have sheared so much fun!!
you look as good as ever,,,
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