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When I love a movie, I watch it all the time. I've seen "There's Something About Mary" dozens of times. What's your favorite movie?
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I make it also how you... when I love a film I watch it 1000 of times :) hahaha
password swordfish( john travolta) i love him...
the die hard movies im waiting for number 5
I have thought a lot on "ROBOCOP" lately...his is so sexy and....yes...steel hard.
Desperate Housewives, Monk :))
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lol...theres something about Mary is one of my favourites too..what i really love about it is the way people conjure up their own impressions of people and stick to it...hollar!
I do the same. My favorite movie es Residen Evil 1
my brother saw the movie and he saw it over and over again
add me also in your circle.i want to be your friend
I love action movies .. but I think James cameron created history by making Avatar....
my favorite movie is the last song it is so good
I loved The Diary of Bridget Jones and Jerry Maguire
I wonder how much sales for that movie are going to go up now.
Leo T
One Night in Paris and I don't mean it as a joke. You're a hot woman and I enjoy seeing you in it.
I have watched "The Rock" hundreds of times..literally at least 100 timez
Waiting.. watched that 10 times in a row once.
Mama Mia =) i soooo love it ♥♥♥
The Hunger Games!! It's the best!!!
all sorts of movies are but my Favorite is 'stick it'
Vanilla Sky. Very thought provoking.
I've watched this movie, cos I liked Cameron, but usually, if I liked a movie, I would buy its DVD as collectible, instead of watching it many times, especially now:)
Oceans 11 used to be one I would watch all the time. The Clooney version.
I love that movie!!! I think that movie will be one of Hollywoods comedy classics.
Must see- Battleship Potemkin- Old russian movie....
Wages of Fear- another old movie
my favorite film is breakfast at tiffany's with audrey hepburn
It has several scenes that awkward me while watching with my dad...
Lost in Translation
Forrest Gump. It has a little bit of everything. :) I never get tired of it.
mrc s
Little nemo..
why don't you play a part in the movie which you like?
i love Police Academy .. the first four parts is the best
I have tons, but heres a few; Mean Girls, House Bunny, John Tucker Must Die, The sweetest thing, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Legally Blonde, Life Size withTyra Banks, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Clueless, The parent trap, Dundee, I have loads more hehe♥
I love "there is something about paris"!
if you wear aodai tuanpham you check QUOCSACTHIENHONG
The Notebook... or maybe The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.
Hard to choose the one I've watched the most is probably ForKeeps!! w/ MollyRingwald... still makes me cry every time I see it, it is such a touching story!! Have you seen it?
I watch Cats and Dogs all the time :D
My favorite movie is "pirates of the caribbean"
my favorite is titanic.
I just saw the French romcom "Priceless" with Audrey Tautau. A lot of fun.
why do not you know me ...... I've always been fascinated by you ........... I have the pleasure one day?
Also one of my is a light humored movie, love trancends time...:)
Coyote Ugly excellent ,John Goodman gives it that extra,
Pride and Prejudice it makes it feel as if love something you really can't live without **the book will always be better**
casino mit robert de niro wo die mit den gangster image die chance bekommen haben ein spielimperium leiden zu dürfen.:-)
id have to say one of my favorites is pay it forward
i`m korean drama/movies addict...most wacting guen suk,marry stayed out all night,you are beautiful,love rain...
A. V.T
the lovely bones..
its beautiful movie i watch it again and again
I guess I would have to say "Pay it Forward" wish the world would think like the boy did
fear and loathing in las vegas gäääääääääähn
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