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Like my kitty ears?
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bu kızları sevdim çok güzel ne olacak bu halim ya bunlar adamı çıldırtır.
The ears are cute, but they don't match your bracelets.
Anna Za
Wowwww... JC!!! U look so hottie paris,,kitty Cute,, 11.11=we'll think of U bitch..8-) 
cool you +Paris Hilton showed up on my google+ list. How did that happen haha :)

But I guess it is not you, but some kind of ghost writer you have hired, or some wannabe imposter?

Or am I wrong?
Yah love em but who's that? She looks like my high school counselor
Hey Paris. Got enough bracelets on?
hi,which one is you,can i know you?
i like ur braclets,Paris!!! They r so colorful, and i like colorful!!!
Your eyes see a beautiful thank you ..
I like everthing that goes with them x
"U" & Nicky look totally HOT Ms. Paris ..great Shot ! <£><3 
i just love & miss your tale after that secret night we had at the las vegas Hilton. Can you bank roll my new project please paris, its a silly ufo alien video library?
I've got some Mickey Mouse ears sitting at home girlfriend sweet!!
sexy girls...............
i but 4 real, 4 real...u need to eat more...force about 2... :)
i Top
fox ears
Love the kitty ears. Meowww.
Ali Bal
bebek gibisi tatlı
Sorry I'm not interesting, I know it's hard to share our interesting things these ears but I'm not impressed!
Who is your friend? I like her!
You two are bad ass hot & sexy power babes with sizzling good taste to match.
Mike O
Look at those frail little arms. Somebody get those women a cheeseburger!
cant see the ears...though I can see other "things":)
This is the first and only time I will comment to or about you. Some of us never cared what you did because it was never anything of relevance, nothing that mattered to the world or affected those in it. Gratefully the rest of the world seems to be bored with you now, and your own blog is about the only one reporting on what you do. I hope in the near future you will realize no one pays attention anymore and you'll quit posting yourself. A world that idolizes a girl who cares only for herself, for what she wants and for how much of the world is looking at her - it's not a good thing. I dislike any any avenue that gives you a chance to tell the children what should matter to them.

P.S. This is the only post on you in all of google feeds today.
ya estan pueden pararse rectas,estan dobladas y rigidas
Cute. Check out MODA Benefit foe our fashion show June 7th for some cute Lisa Perry fashions
Damn chick, you look hot here, I wanna spend a night in Parsi too
My bad, typo, I meant "a night in Paris", Parsi is the last name of a lobbyist dude I've been fighting
What would I get if I pet kitty between the ears ;) A bite or a scratch..?
who that girl? She;s co cool.Paris Hilton very beautiful....
şu paris hiltona bayılıyorum hoş zarif güzel bir hatun
JF Diaz
hi paris, you're beautiful and fashion girl... ;)
Love your kitty body as well.
Look-ing good! Who's the woman next to ya?
allah bunlara güzellik verirken beni ahıramı kapattın?????????????
I think u're far more attractive than the accessories.
я думал тимошенко сидит)
Parabens, seja sempre esta mulher que aparece e mostra para que veio, sucesso.
Acérquense más a la olla chicas¡¡¡¡¡¡ parecen carniceria en quiebra... no tiene carne jajajajja¡¡¡
Ei,Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!! SA oled imeline emane!!!!!!!!!!! Mulle meeldib su olek!!!!!!!
u looking so beautiful...............
сколько не выгибайся, а они не вырастут...
hi.....i like ur photo with ur friend .....u look sexy....bye.....
I like it so much , but I more like if you post without glasses .~TS~
can you be ordinary just for a single day??
i like your is awosume
I heard of the elephant, it put too heavy but was impossible.
I can make those better. you should see what i been making
Thanks, you look good too.
WOOWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww Looking Sexy...
sexy more and more sexy
So nice I Love you Paris. Do you want my FUCK BUDDY
Paris you are so beautiful (as always for that matter)!
why do not you know me ...... I've always been fascinated by you ........... I have the pleasure one day?
"The good news is getting your feelings back,the bad news is getting your feelings back"
Will you allow me to set me in between you?
hey coollllllllll
Paris u looking........................ sorry no words
Miss Paris you very very very very and so more verysexy and elegant I love you and evry night I dream you"...........
I see this photo and they serve food in LaLa land?
You must be the next Catwoman, more sexy more beautiful Catwoman ever since
I like you are my heart
M. 1
Where did you get them , may i ask?
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