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Good morning everyone! Have an amazing day! Love Paris xoxo
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Параска - ты прекрасна!
really beautiful kite
Love Paris,the French Paris & the American Paris
Good morning to you. Here it is evening but send hi from me
Welcome a New Day with a Smileonyour Lips and a Good Thought inyourHeart.
hAVe a NIce Day.
nw gud nyt my county nyt tym
Compared to you I look like hell in the morning.
I love you Paris and kisess very nice photo congratulations
What is candy for the eyes
spero algún día puedas visitar Peru =)
This has to be the best picture I have seen of you Paris...
Very glamour & sexy with purple evening gown !!!!!!!!!!
Definitely the most Beautiful Woman in the World
And a good morning to you to too girlie lol!!!
You could be mine . No way . You good be mine
Same "2" "U" Ms. Paris , "UR" "1" Awesome Princess .."1" H O T BEAUTY .."UR" so P R E T T Y ..<<€ <<€ <<€ <<€ <3 
danke schön für dein film.auf google+ rene
K Viper
I guess I have to admit, you are hot, sometimes.
Незнаю Кто-ты? Но Симпатичная)))
Good morning, how is the weather? In germany its not so cool hahaha
Piss off, bitch. Stop showing up on the "What's Hot." Unless you make a new (and a better) sex video, no one gives a shit about your whorish life. Seriously. Leave.
Because I'm sick of her. And rude? She probably doesn't even know she has a Google+ account, much less actually go on it or post anything. Most likely, it's run by her lackeys. Want proof?


Nothing will happen. Watch. This account is just as superficial and egotistic as she is, +Freddie Redding.
She is unfortunately what's wrong with society, +Freddie Redding. She is a poor role model for girls everywhere and all she preaches is outer beauty. Her IQ is probably that of a rock, yet people worship her like she's more than a stupid human poser. The evidence of this is clear above. Look how people drool over her, Freddie. She doesn't care and she will never read any of this posts. I promise you that. She has more important things to do, like corrupting more mind with her anorexic ignorance.
+ David Greene and + Freddie Reading... WELL SAID!!! +Paris Hilton, seriously - the rest of the public aren't dumb or haters, we are fucking sick of seeing your useless, talentless, ignorant, self obsessed, fake, worthless face all over every media portal! But really though, GO AWAY! There are decent educated and constructive role models out there for people to admire - move out of their spotlight so they can be seen! Bye...
+Molly M, +Paris Hilton has the money, means, motive, and power to stop promoting anorexia and end her suffering due to it. She doesn't, though. That alone is enough for me to consider her below common sense, logic, and reasoning.
I don't care what people say Paris, your time is coming then "they" will say, gee!! i didn't know she can put up an act!!
good marning....))))))))))))))
I like those curtains. They are very yellow. Can you check the quality of the stitching and report back to me.
Hi Paris,i am of those who like your style of life,not alone in love,more art,congratulations!
Paris,i cant say am ur fan but this pics really sexy.
Beautiful Paris Hilton. Very Classy Lady :-)
Thank you, you also. 
what a beauty in expression with excellent poze..........good morning
Good Morning Ms.Paris like an Angel
kaya. :
Good Morning, or night. Whatever
Leo T
Love that dress! ♥
is that G+ account person thingy actualy paris hilton??
very beautiful Paris, the sleeping vilet
Good morning paris, xoxox
This is one stuped photo. Go back to your slutty sex poses. Yah u know, anything for attention.
David Greene is a whiney child looking for the attention his ever absent parents never gave him so he's turned into a rude, mean so called adult who can't keep a relationship because his mommy didn't hug him enough. I feel sorry for his pathetic existence already - not! Paris rocks, I wish she had a new show :)
Same shit to all u other haters lol. You amuse me with ur hate hahahahaha! Whiners - get a life please!?! Bah! Lol
I LOVE YOU PARIS...PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow ,the photo looks... wow! xoxo
Morning, great day to you
Thank You Paris, I wish the same to you, I was just wondering if your eyes will actually see any comment that I write to you.
hi..........pari, this is ur new name.4 my site
Clearly, the most beautiful chick. Must say a big wow.... i love u
In your opinion, what happens to the clothes of Paris?I do not know why I ask.
sacré pompeuse ^^
Fei El
I have no words.
Cutest look as ever u look mam
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very nice skin, looking hotttt dear
I could not love you more, you are awesome!
Beautiful lady that takes beautiful pictures.
Hey. I heard that Kesha threw up in your closet when she was little!
Good evening. Rene Türkei Istanbul
2nd hand dart board with rich parents
um that was um... well nice i guess thnx i guess
but seriously, who starts out their day like that?!?!??!
down with bashar we pray day and night for you uprising
ولا تقنطو من رحمه الله النصر اتی لا محال من سقوط بشار النعجه
After seeing this photo I sure will have a great day !
hmmmmm................ you should defiantly try sari or lengha....;-) :-)
Very amazing Paris, the sun is making quite a show!
Sexy pic… <3 And April 15 was my brother's 5th birthday! And we did have an awesome day!
Ако проявявате интерес във връзка с втори шанс +
If you are interested in connection with second chance +
Dam Paris you make anybody want to wake up next to you!!
love you girl
Güzel karııı. Karııııııııı :D
hmmmmm..feel like to kissing you darling.........
Waiting forever hurts more than rejection.
It doesn’t matter what I said or how I felt.
What matters is that I’m standing here now,
telling you that you’re the only thing I need.
Some people will stay in your heart, even if you are gone in theirs.
I remember you. But I do remember the feelings much more.

I pray to God everyday to keep you forever.

Subroto Need Anjana 4ver always Love …………
Roy Saw
I am speechless. Is that a goddess??
wow.....i like your photo....your very very sexy.....
thanks for the free cup of coffee......
Very beautiful woman love the beautiful purple gown Bill
very sexy girl !!!!!!
or very good chance she would love a chance, or whether he
Such a rich plum, that dress is incredible!! You always look so pretty!! Hope you have a beautiful day Paris!!! Lots of love always!! #SugarKisses
you are soo and very nice you know
 Dios  esto llamo yo una chica sensual  y cautivadora
parita hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
oh my god  you are  so  sexy  girl i  love  you 
Niedliche Schultern, und was für ein sexy Hals, zum anbeissen.
wz dat pic ts definetly a dope morninggggg
Paris die Stadt der Liebe.Paris können wir Ihr diesen Ruf dieses Image erhalten?I hope i See you somethimes in my Amadeus Hotel.W.A.Mozart Sondermann Wolfgang geb.1956 LC 00173
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