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A new design leading to a new experience.

Halo is now as beautiful as ever. With the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, we know we had do something new in terms of design, something clean and minimalistic. After days of sketching and conceptualizing ideas, we came up with this.

Halo now matches the design line of Android 4.4 KitKat. The transparency, the design adapts itself to your applications, your desktop, your photos. It is just the way it's supposed to be.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Wallpaper -
Credits - +Justin Maller 
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Don't wanna be that guy... But has anyone got a link to that wallpaper?
My nexus 4 screen broke literally a week ago. I'm crying inside at the moment
+Nick Winkley - DANG that .. that sucks! Get a Nexus 5 now ;) Halo looks BEAUTIFUL on it.
Awesome, looking forward to this! Keep up the good work!
Wait, is halo available with PA 4.0?
Looking forward to builds for flo and mako! Amazing work +Arz Bhatia cheers from a fellow indian! Haha
Sexy as sh*t. Can't wait for the full featured PA to drop (still rocking out with stock rooted 4.4.2 on N4)
Greg Hesp
Tag line would have been better suited to "Halo, is it me you're looking for?" 
Very nice, hope this time there were a "halo" configuration screen with "multihalo" or something :)
Ah I should've written "Hello, I'm halo, touch me". - Arz/Andre xD
Now I'm too excited to sleep. Thanks...
Tesers look killer. Hope it is fluid too. Nice work. Waiting for hammerhead thread in xda. Does anyone know is the maintainers back from vacation? 
Cant wait to see the new boot animation, please made it beautiful like halo shown in above ;)
+Sam Razzy really? did you even read the OP :P it's a sketch for now. This is how it will look in the near future. 
Waiting for the one and only "hybrid settings" to flash PA again... 
Cason B
Cant wait thats Clean
Great work! Can't wait for the next version! :D
And PLEASE add this wall paper as well ;)
Ooh man can't wait for its release!!

Really sorry to ask but is this beautiful ROM ever fling to come back to i9300? I miss pa. 😞😞
+Arz Bhatia the wallpaper used to had a circle in place of Square . are you creator of this wallpe?
Eric Liou
+Paranoid Android Facebook chat heads spring physics framework is open source. Just a FYI, maybe you want to use that? 
I always try not to root, but PA always makes me. I hope you develop for N1.
+Eric Liou that's a great idea. As much as I hate to admit it Facebook did a good job on that 
Not bashing on pa or halo but people are acting like its completely redesigned lol reminds me of how johnny ive said we went back to the drawing board when we was talking about the design of the iPhone 5 xD
Really cool art! and halo looks nice, what's different though? More functionality?
Yayayayayayayay!!!! Been waiting for this since kitkat came out!!
Damn I absolutely hate waiting! Great job guys 
Oh man, beautifull. Personaly i'm awaiting pie though. Can we get a teaser of that as well? Anyone know if Pie is gonna be overhauled like Halo
It's just awesome! Continue the good work. P. S. I love the art.
ok i  know that perfection needs time....but i cont wait still on official stock kitkat 4.4.2 i want to install p.a plzzzz hurry up guys
I didn't even know there was a beta for hammerhead out. And here I've been using CM like a chump.
whoever does the graphic design for PA is doing a fantastic job...
I wanna it for my HTC desire 600
Hi guys,
I have a question what is then newest stable version of pa for the nexus 4 ?
Im still running 3.5 and loving it
But i do want to upgrade but to a stable version
Really? That's it? That's the new halo? 
where can i find this wallpaper? The link u have post doesn´t work!!! Thanks!! 
Awesome work +Paranoid Android , Continue like this!!!!
Guys I am really missing your PA features (halo!!!!)
hi moles is it pushed to your gerrit? I wonder if someone who made build today or will do it tomorrow will get the new halo feature ?:)
I've been rocking stock ROM with xposed but as soon as full P.A with the new halo, pie, and hybrid comes out, I won't be able to resist!!! Bring it!
sounds great! Cant wait 4 your rom, with all PA extras!
Waiting for you guys to release your first stable fully featured ROM (especially HALO). And I'll commemorate it with finally rooting my N5!
It would be awesome if this could be released to any ROM... :D
Is there an official thread for this rom for Nexus 7 2013? Either on xda or somewhere else? 
Does it all have the same features as the old one or did they add new? 
It keeps getting sicker and sicker!
I knew i would regret it to switch to cm. When i did it last time halo came and i switched back. Now, halo strikes again... :)
Still on 3.99 waiting for hybrid to see the light
Concept looks nice, and I also wish I was able to take vacation let alone 2 weeks (closes eyes and makes a wish). Hope everyone gets the rest they apparently need. Can't wait to see it working.
+kenny sintes see top of replies thread it has already been linked for those who want that background.
Might actually have to give this a try. Absolutely beautiful! 
Cong Xu
Beautiful work!
This is gonna be awesome!! I'm pulling for you 😍
+Nick Winkley I was in the same boat. I was able to buy a new one from amazon and replaced it myself. Very simple. 
guess pie is going to be beautiful too
"Weekly Update" pff..
After 2 Weeks you show us this..
So now how do we get this feature
Will ther be a new zip or ther will be an update from paranoid ota app
Sweet! Any idea as to when this will start to be included in builds for official devices?
I love PA and when they release something new I update. If you don't why do you check these threads just to talk crap about their progress. Seems like I waste of time for yourselves and the people that have to read it. Just follow something that makes you happy instead.
+Paranoid Android great job. I can't code crap and have the imagination of a rock so thanks for the work your doing. Looking forward to the release.
They are just amazing with wallpapers now! And I'm not talking about the ROM of course 😁 countdown starts. 
+Paranoid Android I think you guys should silently release the update on your git/gerrit for a few days and see who is really paying attention ;-)
Looks lovely. Now I will wait till this gets added to source atleast before moving ro kitkat.(Srill on 4.3)
A question: can someone please help me out with the font name for the text?
After PA broke my nexus 7, I'm kinda warry of it, anyway I know that I won't resist those sweet features for long. 
+kenny sintes no problem, just happened to see it reading beginning replies. Glad to help, and sorry for not linking it was so close to top seemed kinda redundant :-)
Oh ! Good News, I'm waiting for PA codes now :D
There's a dev here that kinda destroys the image of Paranoid Android with a fcked up attitude. If you know who you are, feel free to +1 my post! :) 
I love you guyss!!!! Keep the awesomeness coming
Can't wait to have it, looks awesome. I guess a build with halo shouldn't be so far away now :) 
Stahp. I don't want a custom ROM.... I want to keep getting updates.... Please stop.
Stoked to see changes merged in gerrit! I haven't flashed in like 10 days and it's killing me!
+Kevin Matibag "There's a dev here that kinda destroys the image of Paranoid Android with a fcked up attitude. If you know who you are, feel free to +1 my post! :) "

me right? hope its me!
when is the expected release of the first RC for the Nexus 5? I am impatient! ;)
That looks stunning. Can't wait to flash it. 
Wow, um everyone who finds this post knows the G+ paranoid group when looking at their front page I noticed announcements get posted as they hit or there is more detailed info to share just check the group posts on occasion for new posts.
Thats how you make fans ask for ETA's xD
+Paranoid Android Woooooo!!!!! Halo preview pic! :-D That's what I asked about in the PA AMA. Nice to see it coming along. It looks amazing.
I've been using GE roms on my HTC One for the longest time, but if this new style gets me enough, i may just switch. It looks beautiful though, but this is just concept art. We'll have to see how it actually looks/performs. 

Fingers crossed.
+Michael Ferrer Not the full thing we wanted...this is more of a fallback design as we don't have much free time right now
Is this now included in PA or are they just describing an upcoming feature?
+David Williamson Upcoming...we only settled on the change a few hours ago.
All images need to be created and we are discussing small changes to make in code
+Johan van Dijck pa was clean flash when it started regularly slowing down until crashing, I didn't have the time to clean flash it again being really busy at work, and one day it did the whole slowing down, crash, reboot thing but this time it boot looped for hours when it finally turned off I realized that I couldn't turn it on again and that the bootloader was corrupted, which means brick for a nexus 7.
+Johan van Dijck pa was clean flash when it started regularly slowing down until crashing, I didn't have the time to clean flash it again being really busy at work, and one day it did the whole slowing down, crash, reboot thing but this time it boot looped for hours when it finally turned off I realized that I couldn't turn it on again and that the bootloader was corrupted, which means brick for a nexus 7.
Kenny A
Great I'll be "rooting" for this ;) 
+Justin Maller - Damn sorry man. Also, check your mail please. I sent a mail as soon as I posted this. Cheers!
+Justin Maller uh wasn't trying to be...though I see your gripe with what has happened. But the animosity isn't needed. Our fault, we're definitely sorry, and a credited the post properly as we move forward.. 
then what are the new features coming for PA hybrid customization....... hoping something crazy
Ok, someone port this to the HTC One right now!
I wonder if you'll redesign pie as well
We're conceptualizing on Pie too :)
I'm not asking for an ETA, but what time frame are we looking at a week, month, or more for halo, pie and others to be incorporated into the ROM. 
anybody got that whallpaper? can upload this?
So here's a question which might be stupid but... I followed paranoid with my N4 since the day I got it when it was released and when I got my N5 I wanted to try vanilla again so I stuck with that it if the box. Now I'm back to paranoid but there is no new thread for the N5 on XDA; should I just be following from the XDA N4 thread or is there some place else for the N5?
Nice i like that look alot.
You guys do some of the best work I've seen on Android. Wish I still had a Nexus 7. I'd love to see you guys do an Android x86 build. I'm running that now on my Netbook and it's AWESOME, could be better but fun to play around with.
I like the arch symbol indication much better than the dot one. Good job! 
Beautiful, as per usual. Can't wait to bring my gnex to the KitKat party. Thanks again for the great work devs!
1-You have to ad resizable window..
2-and open the same app twice. Otherwise there is nothing new..😷🚶🚶
Sorry just to confirm. There isn't a mako release? I took a look at the site, only a late December release. 
+Paranoid Android .. Is there a builder/maintainer I should follow for updates/info while waiting for the toro plus build
Has find5 support been pulled? I see all the updates for it are no longer on the official download site. 
GEL comes w/PAGapps, it'll work with it. I realized how convenient halo is while reading or watching YouTube videos. +Luigie Gonzalez

Run one phone with PA 4.0 and the other with Catacalysm ;)
Any news on Hybrid3 - did that DPI bug get fixed? Haven't seen anything pushed to gerrit since the 20th/December.
can we have more customization like xposed installer ..
Very nice! Looking forward to it on my very-near-future Nexus 5!
I'm just being crappy..:P But, the only "wow" thing here is the..umm..wallpaper.

Don't beat me..XD
Can't wait for this!! How long do we have to wait???😆
I tried sending a message to Jesus but im not sure he looked at it, but for the hammerhead is there any chance you guys can take a look at CM, Vanir, or Slimkats code to get the Update PRL/Profile option working in the rom. I am on sprint and data works but these options dont and sometimes updating prl fixes data issues on sprint, this would also mean sprint hidden menu would work. Thank you
When can we be expecting this to come out? Super excited thanks for all the hard work guys!
+Kevin Bostwick - Jesus did mention you. We just didn't understand what you were saying! You gotta break it up haha
+Arz Bhatia i think my comment was removed or did not go through so i apologize if this is a double post. Basically under Mobile Networks then Carrier Settings there is the option for Update PRL and Update Profile. Currently trying to use those does nothing, and i believe it is because of the sprinthiddenmenu.apk CM, Vanir, and Slimkat have fixed this. I am asking them for help in locating the code to try and pass it on to your team. The only reason I am asking for this feature is sometime on Sprint an easy data fix is Update Profile or Update PRL. Thank for your time.
The anticipation is killing me!!! 
+Kiani I can i see your build that you have with the extra features? wait you dont have one? why not? its pretty rude for you to come in here and make the comments you made. PA has released a build whether you "consider" it PA or not. If you want all the extra features then by all means build a rom and post it for us to enjoy, until then i'd suggest you just keep your comments to your self.
Is it on github yet(probably already been asked)
EXCITED for the release of the new build! :)
Awaiting the release!
喜欢 晕     什么时候发布呢?
A new design? It looks the same to me. 
Why can't I have pie?!
Sam Y.B
Um, no one bitch-slap me please...But what exactly are we looking at here that is so wonderful? Like its just (a pretty cool) wallpaper right? The actual thing comes later? unless I'm missing something, which I do. A Lot. =.=
+Sam Y.B the "Halo" on the right. More transparent to match KitKats UI
Sam Y.B
+Pete Kemp I knew I was missing something! bows thank u sir, I am eternally grateful :) 
For people who use expanded desktop, I think it would be nice to have opportunity to open notification also in full screen with HALO. +Paranoid Android
PIE please! I'll flash PA 4 as soon as it gets PIE.
+Paranoid Android, would love to see an option in Halo settings which allows applications to be opened in full screen. I'm not quite a big fan of the floating mode but I love Halo.
Am I the only one here who misses the pie controls that came with the older PA? does anyone know where and how I can find them? as well as changing from phone to phablet, to tablet settings. I miss the old PA
Around what date is this ROM going to land.. I see files being modified  in paranoid android folders..
+George Cooper Start reading PA posts and you'll know ;)

PIE isnt released yet, so till now you have to wait, like all the others and play around with immersive mode ;)
+Wilco van Rossum thank you, I'm just realizing this now. I noticed that there was a new PA available so I flashed it before I looked at it. Silly me I know :p but as long as I see pie soon, I'll be happy with immersive mode till then lol ;)
I would love to have Galician language on ParanoidAndroid, so, what can I do to help with this(like help in translation or anything else)? Thanks! 
Last updated of the web: Sunday 1:02. Gogogogo.
I want to try it on my motorola moto g!!! **
Can't wait to try halo con KitKat. Must be flawless! I hope so, keep it up PA
my favorite ROM! NEver dissapoint us
Running frantisheq's compiled ROM for the n7000. Gotta say I'm utterly pleased by KitKat.

Can't wait to see the final version with all the added goodies! :)
+Arz Bhatia  Have been trying to find the font PA uses for most of its social media content including the "Hello Again Halo".  Which one is it? Looks so clean.
wonderfulllll i hope to get control pie :D
i have installed PA 4.0 Beta 3.0 on my Gnex. Halo is  not available. Is Halo available for it?
I cannot wait! Halo looks so interesting I have a nexus 5 so I've never been able to try it
it's fantastic!!..thank you for your work
Stunning work, wish I could learn how to do stuff like this
Can you guys make a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 4.4.2 Nightly with the halo?
HI can you make kitkat for galaxy grand quattro 
Where can I get more of these wallpapers? Link seems broken. Thanks in advance guys.
This will be just a concept, no more real Halo for PA :(
It's the month of February already and a little tired of waiting, oh well and reporting it's dead :(
+Paranoid Android +SomeOne could share those drawables? I don't think so you will use them... Hangout me 😊 I won't share them if you want.
Hi, the new drawables have been released by me for other ROMs/Modules. Please check my G+ Profile.
now the most important after this, Can the notification bar be FULLY hidden (SLIDE TO PEEK DISABLED)?
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