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Another one, another one!

The device lineup has been updated to include yet another device - The Nextbit Robin. Huge thanks to Nextbit for hooking us up with devices and believing in the open source project. This release is only for the Robin & the OnePlus 3.

As we continue to iterate and add in features to the ROM, our main focus still is to make full use of our resources and get the most out of each device. This time around we're giving utmost attention to overall performance & experience. Our developers +Alex NDS & +Jake Weinstein spent two good whole months to optimize and test the Robin so as to make it ready for public release. As always, we aim for the best experience possible.


- Added switch to last app button action
- Added custom routines to maximize performance on kryo devices
- Improved system wide performance
- Improved battery life
- Stability fixes for Quick Settings
- Various improvements and fixes for the Camera app
- Fixed a few encryption issues
- Other various bug fixes and improvements

OnePlus 3:

- Added DASH charging indicator
- Added full support for VoLTE
- Improved power management during the dexopting
- Improved Camera quality
- Improved GPS
- Improved audio platform and quality
- Improved memory management
- Improved resolution for graphic textures
- Reduced power consumption in specific cases
- Fixed camera flash issues
- Fixed internal issues relating to the display driver
- Fixed a device specific issue with encryption
- Fixed Camera app crash when trying to access settings
- Fixed Wifi Hotspot functionality
- Various other minor improvements

Head over to to get your builds!

Let's talk about update cycles & nougat

Since the 2016 relaunch, we have done a total of only 3 updates. This might seem a bit slow or not up to par to some users but it aligns well with our “release if perfect” vision. Updates are to be released only with significant and/or critical changes from now on however we’ll be trying to expedite the process of doing so to provide faster updates. As we've been giving most of our attention to performance & bug fixes, it's safe to say all of our public release versions have been relatively stable and daily-use worthy. This is to continue for Nougat.

Oh nougat? Yes, we're already on it. We've got a few devices up & running and feature-port will start soon. Some of our already existing features are going to be dropped as they are officially a part of the system now. Although, not to worry we do have a few awesome things in mind to make Nougat even better.

Also, we’re now actively developing on Gerrit / GitHub and everyone out there is free to contribute by submitting to gerrit @

Cheers and #stayparanoid!

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In terms of camera quality on the OnePlus 3, how would you rate PA compared to stock OOS?
You guys are doing absolutely amazing keep up the great work and take your time, rather have a stable release at a slow pace than fast unstable release, not to mention the more devices being added is awesome! 
"I did another one, I did another one
You still ain't did shit about the other one"
+Force Amp "When I look back I might be mad that I gave this attention
Yeah, but it's weighin' heavy on my conscience
Yeah, and fuck, you left The Boy no options"
This makes me even happier that I bought a OnePlus 3.
It would be so nice if someone port PA to Moto X Pure/Style...I would like to test this perfect ROM on my device. :(
If battery life has been improved noticeably, I might actually look into getting a Robin.
How is the battery life compared to oxygen? Considering switching if its as good 🤔 (op3 btw)
brilliant! waiting for something fresh for my oneplus one
As of now, who are the core guys behind aospa?
Adam A
Yay been waiting for this, thanks PA! Might need to load it on my Robin
Moto G4 Plus please pleaaaaase 🤘
+Jesse Ling I'm running an unofficial version of Cyanogenmod and that heating issue is out
+Jesse Ling I know! Temasek's CM13 runs really cool without overheating :P
I can't believe the HTC One M8 hasn't still receive it taste of +Paranoid Android. You developers out there, we are pleading show us some love & bring PA to the M8. Cheers and #stayparanoid! Thanks

+Paranoid Android​ having issues with this on my Robin. System UI crashes when trying to cast to chromecast. Phone becomes sluggish. Phone call volume both speaker and earpiece, volume doesn't adjust either. First time using PA, is there supposed to be a PA app for extended settings and such? I turned on smart pull down but no way to turn it off. I went to reboot my phone and it then bootlooped. Had to volume - + power and power up again. Still boot looped. Wiped caches in twrp and booted fine. I'm not rooted
Is switching to last app also available for Nexus 6p? If yes, how do I enable it?
Amazing stable rom for op3 with support fo Volte...
+Alex Thomas​ unfortunately no. Maybe I'll try desktop version.

Edit: keep in mind that after flashing, give it a couple of cycles to normalize.
That's awesome!!! :D
Paranoid was the only reason I had considered the op3 over the Robin but now we can get it! :D
Nougat for Oneplus x please...I enjoy PA because its awesome ;)
I will switch to PA when you will add PIE controls for Nexus 5. Otherwise there is no point really.
Gero G.
Nextbit Robin Sound Quality is laggy and bad.
OnePlus 3 camera app "Continuous Shots" crashes the app.

Mobile data problem, I enable it but it doesn't start.

Also a few bugs here and there which I don't remember.
I don't understand your concept...people switch to custom roms to get fast updates and security patches...and you are making us wait more than a month and that too lagging in security patch by 2 months now.
Any issues with Chromecast common? I've never experienced this before on any phone... I just left stock on the OP3 for this beauty, but cant connect Chromecast. Even the Google cast app is not seeing any devices. They are still present on the wifes phone. 
Wating for pa nougat on my nexus 6p currently running 6.0.3 pa and dont want to switch roms hoping it will be released soon will i get it ota when it comes out????
What security patch is included with 6.0.3 on the OP3?
Do you guys accept donations? First used your Rom on my nexus 5 and still love it now on my Nexus 6p! I'd be happy to make a small contribution :)
is there will be or not, support for mi4c? i want to test this ROM
If you're building ROM for zuk z1 I think you will be getting more download and because cyanogen not giving any update and there is no stable rom see the mobile usage ratio hope you will add zuk z1 to your list
Is there any place that you would release beta versions for OP3? Like a Slack or Telegram group?!?! 
Camera on OP3 is amazing better than stock in allot of ways.
i dont know to whom i should text and how but i wanna say to paranoid team i am using paranoid lolipop rom on my samsung galaxy n9005 international version but i am waiting for paranoid marshmallow rom for galaxy note 3 kindly work on it thanks 
Still there's no support for Xperia Z2 (D6502), the rom doesn't boot up.
Is there a PixelC build? I think it was out before (18 weeks ago) but I am not finding it on the download page today.
+Paranoid Android Can you please make a Paranoid Android custom rom for SM-T350 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" XAR? There isn't any custom rom for that Tablet and I want you guys to make one. Thanks for your help.
downloading now! cant wait to have this on my Robin!!

can we get a rom for the oppo find 7. it hasnt been updated since the alpha lolipop builds any chance for a new one ( besides me making one myself )

+Jeremy Eads please notify me whats the change and if possible can u help me out wts is this paranoid android for nextbit?
Please port it to lg g3 db855, really appreciate
Installed PA on my Nextbit Robin, everything is great except greenify is missing from my usage access list...can't figure out what is going on.
Everything is quite alright but double tap to sleep is missing in this rom. That is the biggest disappointment for me.....🙁
Would love a LG G4 ROM, I don't know how hard it must be for you guys, just if you get the chance! 
Will you guys be getting Paranoid on the OnePlus3t when it releases, very curious:)
Last build its about September, nothing more?? 
Tung Vu
does this support OTG?
Hi 😊
OnePlus 3T will be officially supported? Thx 
Hi there, is it there any chance to get the Paranoid ROM for Oneplus 3 T? 
Hello, does someone knows if we are getting a Paranoid Rom for the 3T? Thanks. 
Yeah my Oneplus 3T is longing for the PA treatment :3
Works great on my Nexus 2013 WiFi , thanks for the ROM !
It would be awesome to have PA on Xperia Z3 Dual (D6633).
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