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HALO))) + HALOALPHA5 rolling out

First things first,

you guys asked for a solution to dial in your favourite apps anywhere you go. Now Halo is supposed to be simple and straight forward, we never liked this padding-everything-out-with-options business but a modular app is perhaps a nice way to do it.

It integrates well with todays alpha, that means added apps will not clutter your notification curtain. You'll see them through Halo.

Things that were changed in alpha5 are:

- style adaption
- flicking through ongoing tasks gives you the message content, too
- minor clean up and less resource usage

Its pretty minor.

Have fun with that app, it's basic but we can sure add functionality to it. We made it free btw and it works for all roms.
HALO))) adds any app you want as persistent notification. This app is optim...
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Thanks. Looking forward to testing new alpha and app ;)
+david marlatt khaosangell If I got it right, this will be a kind of add-on to those who already use the PA rom with Halo. It allows you to choose certain applications that will always be available in Halo, like messaging app or google talk.
Oh, and they also stick to the notifications. That's something I'd like to be optional from +Paranoid Android, but just my 2 cents, I actually think it's good as it is, but the notifications get a little cluttered.
its not an app probably. theres nosupport for single activities, that jesus will have to do still.
Using the app now. 5 stars running on Nexus 10 Alpha 4. 
This app is great. I know it's for the new Alpha, but I can add any of my installed apps and open them from within any other app already.... Blew my mind :lol:

Edit. This is amazing... BBC app running in pop-up panel 
So how about that source so the non-nexus devices can get in on the action without having to make buggy ports :-D
how does halo work? the bubble thing doesnt show, and i have apps added to the list 
I need to try this one out...alpha4 is pretty awesome on my n4
ok so after reading the comments, im a bit confused. the app only works if you already have halo? and the app just enhances it? Im on the sprint galaxy note II and theres no rom with HALO. :(
dont ask, install. all questions will go away. this is just a convenience thing, nothing more. if you dont have halo it puts apps into your notification curtain. you may be cool with that you may be not. paranoid users wont get cluttered shades, they launch these apps via halo
The app adds a persistent notification so you can open apps through halo.

This is exactly why you guys rock! (Well, its one of the reasons. ;) ) Thanks!!
This update is minor but much needed. For example, if you have extended desktop on and you wanted to glimpse that your notifications, you can now do it! Such a simple addition that makes our lives better :) Good job PA team!
Cason B
Im not sure if the app is working on carbon rom? I dont see the halo popup
+Paranoid Android Okay, so I installed the Halo app and it's really cool what you did there, the question I have is, do these nice vibrant icons that came after installing the Halo app replace the lack of icons even if we don't have anything added to the Halo App? What I mean is with Alpha 4 I get the gray and white blank face when I get a Gmail and the small white sms icon when I get a text, will the nice green smily SMS replace it and will the nice red and white gmail icon replace the blank spot when I get SMS or Gmail now that I have the Halo app installed?
Cason B
Why does it say it works for all roms up top
+cason bullock for all non pa latest builds, it just puts all apps on notification persistence. If you have latest pa build, it hooks then onto halo
+Tj Hafer What theme do you have? Looks a little reminiscent of Chrome OS just from that screenshot of the settings menu
+cason bullock because the app does work in every ROM. "HALO))) adds any app you want as persistent notification." All you need to do is read the description. It doesn't say "adds halo to any rom" now does it?
+Paranoid Android wow you guys are the tits!!!!! Question where can I report bugs at? Not with the app on play store just halo in general.. Just want to do my part to make sure everything gets working properly
Cason B
It does say that look up top at tge bottum
Cason B
It says we made it free btw and it works for all roms<< but maybe tge functionality is different
+cason bullock it is. On other roms, it just puts notifications to the drawer for quick access. Not as nice as halo
+Jeremy Kaminski the images are provided by the apps, we cant control them. HALO))) notifications use the app icons for their content. but none of it will have an impact on how other apps deliver the largeIcon
And Google I/o very soon.... And just before I was about to take a big exam.... The power went out and they shut down the school
+Paranoid Android Thanks, just one more question, is there anyway you guys might be able to at least give gmail a system icon when we get a notification instead of the blank smily face that goes in place of people in sms and phonecalls when they don't have a photo? It's kind of weird that Gmail shows that.
+Paranoid Android , I noticed when I get a message, the app I'm on is paused and goes home unless I have more than one message. I'm on toro. anyone else with this problem?
Amazing work. Kudos!! (grouper on multirom, Vanir PRIME  and PA 3.5 5/13)
+Jeremy Kaminski , I downloaded the gapps on the official xda page. just curious if anyone else has the problem. I understand this is still a work in progress
Too bad I'm in 4.1 in my phone...
Seem not working with slimbean ROM. The apps I add stay on nofication bar. No bubble came out.

Ah now I get it. It will work with PA XD
+Steuart Lawrence GS3 is not and will never be officially supported by PA Team, why would you even ask this question, PA 3.5 Halo is still in alpha so the source is closed, this means nothing but Nexus Devices are getting it currently. You have to wait like every other unofficially supported device for the code to go open source.
+ray holguin What device are you on? I know that maguro has not gotten an official release so there are certain issues that the rest of us with official Alpha 4 builds are not encountering. I have no problem with Sms or G+.
This comment is not related to the app, but to the alpha.

In the videos showing how it works, the user drags to the notification they want, then releases, then taps the bubble to open it up. My phone does not wait for the tap but rather opens the notification upon release after dragging to select the desired notification. Is this supposed to happen?

Also, thanks for the always-awesome work you guys do and the persistent dedication to excellence. This week is only my first week with PA, but its quickly turning into my daily driver.
+Lang Puteh There is no bubble for the other roms, it just gives you constant notifications on the bar. Please read a little before posting. This has already been explained. You DO NOT get Halo from the app, just the functionality of it in your statusbar.
+Jeremy Kaminski i was asking in terms of the developer forms the guy maintaining for the d2att submitted to them almost a week ago and hasnt heard back yet. Not expecting official support just hoping for a port to get some of the love :( the i9000 or whatever its called has already gotten a port though i think that was due to other reasons. i understand it says could take a little while, just hoping. next phone will for sure be a nexus or oppo
+Jeremy Kaminski I've been following this since day one, didnt mean to to come across demanding or anything. caught up with the hockey game on
+Steuart Lawrence He hasn't heard back because GS3 is not officially supported so it will not get the code until the code is open source on the PA Github. There is nothing to be submitted, he simply has to wait like all the other non-supported devices for the code to be open-source. Any non-nexus devices besides the oppo that has gotten a port is simply a kanged port ripped from a supported device, it's not official code.
ohhhh okay, wasn't too sure on how it worked, i just thought that by sumbitting they would wean out the maintainers so they might be able to start, guess i was under wrong impression, thanks for the heads up though :(
+Jeremy Kaminski no worries man, i fully understand, lots of people on here who dont read the comments and such and i wasnt exactly clear in my post :)
+Jeremy Kaminski you do a great job on every thread I see you in. It all boils down to what should be the golden rule of the internet - read, read, and read some more... Then ask questions
This is awesome, but does anyone know why Pandora crashes when you try to open it?
Paranoid android for the S3 still isn't getting any halo love. Can we just get a halo kiss? We promise not to throw any tongue in. :-) 
This is awesome so far. These innovations are what makes this my favourite rom I've every tried.

I know it is still in alpha, however what would make this perfect for me is if there was a simple gesture to bring the halo back on screen once it is hidden.

Keep up the fantastic work. 
+Paranoid Android Tasker is still (on alpha 5 version) crashing for me if I start it from Halo. It works fine if I start it from notification curtain or from my home screen or app drawer. Here is the logcat, I hope it helps: That's the only thing that's not working for me, everything else is awesome, I like the new HALO))) app :)
+John Davis Did you not read the comments above your post?? No Halo for non Nexus devices until it's at least in Beta stages...
+Dennis P i feel like there must be some way.. maybe try out LMT and see if it can work with its gestures. 
+Kaushal Modi I can try but I wouldn't know where to find the activity to bring halo into view. 
Does it really get in the way? The only problem I see is that it needs to stay out of the way of the keyboard... I keep my halo on left toward bottom. Maybe a blacklist feature could handle that
+Michael Geer no. But when your phone is as themed as mine, it does get a little annoying. 
Jeff Y
Thank you guys ! Great work always from PA .
On alphas, My phone sometimes freezes and only force reboot stoves it, like four times a day, is this normal? I always wipe everything
Is this normal? (mako)
+Jeremy Kaminski , I'm on toro. I knew it might have problems since it's alpha, so it's no biggie, I'm just seeing if I'm the only one or if i did something wrong. 
Add support for HTC Vivid please.
Hope Jesco will be able to port an unofficial build on Maguro. And yes, if there's a way to make the halo circle appear on screen once it's hidden, it'll be perfect.
Call me slow, but I don't get the point of this app. I have the latest PA ROM and I don't see how this helps me using halo. Can some one please explain?
+Paranoid Android I am on the may 12th ROM for the nexus 7 and I can't seem to find halo it's not in my notification bar, I am also running PA on my gnex and halo runs great :-) 
I just flashed the 13th may release, and now strangely enough i have absolutely no notification at all, any one can help ? Oo (just reinstalled one more time the rom to see)
a bug of alpha 4: unfortunately stopped of Tasker when halo was switched to Tasker's notification 
+Phil Culver all it does it adds a notification that will launch an app when you select it in halo.

Useful if you want to create a new message but don't have an incoming notification. 
Flo Mi
Forget that (I'm an idiot)
Google Now: best persistent notification ever, amazing as an overlay! 
+Paranoid Android Pretty neat! Now I can call someone, while I'm playing a game or watching a video? Does it pause or mute the app in the background?
I'm looking for the exact opposite functionality. The ability to make a specific notification never show up in halo. I like using Lux but the notification keeps showing up randomly in halo so I shut it off. Still though, halo is a fantastic addition and was sorely needed since the removal of the status bar from full screen mode.
I just wish it didn't restart the games each time I open them on halo and minimise them pressing on the bottom of the screen. 
So this is a configuration App only? I think These ))) are Not so nice
Flo Mi
+Dave Regan I had the same Problem with duplicated Play music.
Easy solution:
Settings-Apps-(yourApp)-uncheck show notifications ;)
Gra Ro
Sweet! I can't wait to play Halo on my Nexus 10! I love PA! 
So this is just to add a Persistent Notification to launch any App from from Notification Shade?

Not bad but can't compare to the "real" HALO.

Please bring that (or at least the "Heads" as global Notifications since shrinking every App wouldn't be easy if doable at all) to any ROM & I'll gladly pay for it!
Can you remove notifications once you have viewed them? Like viewed Gmail?
Awesome addition keep up the awesome work
Flo Mi
+John Burke that is simply not possible dude.. 25367464 times said ;)
Any Rom can include it when it's ready.
The app is just a little extra for pie :)
Maguro support? I don't see it in goo... Sorry if its been addressed
wow!!! works like a charm.. awesome work guys!!
+Perry Megginson I'm surprised that one else has mentioned this already. It really bugs me seeing old notifications that I've read in Halo.

+Paranoid Android is it possible to clear read notifications from the Halo? 
+Alex Richards both 4 and 5. Just tested on five to confirm that it was not changed...had a Facebook and a WhatsApp notification, opened both, only WhatsApp remains right now. Facebook is gone

Edit: just sent myself an email now WhatsApp is gone. Gmail remains

Once the notification is cleared from the notification shade or pie, it disappears from HALO as well. Except for the last notification.

+Perry Megginson 
Paacal: did you even read my question? It was aimed specifically at Curtis. 
+Danilo pedroso martins no known reboots or freezes. that's most likely a mod you installed or an app, wrong gapps or something else. without log cat I wouldn't be able to tell you what
+Steuart Lawrence they don't need permission for ports, they can just do it. halo is not a paranoid Android feature right now, it is something developed at home, these alphas are previews only
it shows the added apps in full screen mode only.. not as popup windows.. anyone can help?
Steve O
I hit my head on the wall each time i get +Paranoid Android update on g+ & don't see any successful PA halo port for galaxy note. Why did you do this to us? We also need you PA.
Apk-tool has also refused to decompile these days. Dont force me to get a nexus device pls, i need my sdcard slot
Is really an awesome job!!! thanks for do it as an app and free!!! now I'm working with the alpha 3 and I would like to use this daily, so I have to re install PA from recovery?? with the latest version stable??

Thanks in advance
It seems that there is a problem with WhatsApp. It opens normally in floating mode but when I open existing conversation it instantly switches to full screen. Still when I receive notification and open it from there it opens conversation in floating mode and works just fine. Hope that you will understand what I mean.
+Paranoid Android there's a bug for me in alpha 5 on mako. When pressing the Halo of replies to this G+ post, the post pops up but the app I was in suddenly goes back to the desktop. Has anyone else experienced this
+Paranoid Android is the app shortcut persistent? What I mean is, will it be there, even if we have a notification from the same all, or is it possible to hide the shortcut, as long as we have a notification from the app? Or possibly just show a little counter of some sort. Thanks 
+Juan Medina the app will work with stock ROM yes. But it will not give you HALO. The app simply allows you to create persistent notifications in the notification shade.

Also, yes...if you want the latest build version, you would need to flash PA through recovery. Remember to flash the pa_gapps as well and to wipe cache and dalvik cache. No need to wipe data or factory reset.
+Alexander Gottwald currently it is persistent. Maybe they can fix that but right now it will show the pinned app as well as a notification received from the same app.
F yeah pa FYI halo is hardly alpha. Its been phantastic
+Sushil Sharma are you running paranoid android 3.50?
The apps only open in a pop up window if selected via the halo bubble found in the paranoid android ROM
+Paranoid Android If I already have the alpha 3 version, I'm capable of install this app and that will clear my actual HALO?? or I need some different thing??
+Rhys Thomas yes, is for that?
Is strange that in the previous alpha, with the same voltages, i don't have this problem.. 
+Paranoid Android, it says not available on my device(galaxy s3).  is this cause of the device, or because i still have the same software it came out with(aka no roms loaded)
it can run on PAC ROM ? i have already install but .. there is no bubble come out ...:(
+Akhmad Sofyan the app itself does not create a bubble. The app creates persistent notifications in your notification shade.

You need paranoid android ROM, version 3.50 in order to be able to activate the HALO bubble. 
Ok †ђąηk ўσυ +Curtis Mayers .. i'll try using Paranoid Android 3.50.. thank's for advise...:-) 
+abishek deiveekan dude, for the millionth time they will not support non nexus devices. Just wait for a port when the code drops and battery life has absolutely no spot in this thread. There could be a million reason your battery is bad, but none of those reasons involve halo
Will this work on a non rooted device? N7 specifically 
+David Young the feature needs to be cooked into the ROM which means you need to install the newest PA rom which requires root so no.
OK, I was a little unclear when it said it would work with any ROM. Shame really, would be great if this could be made available for non rooted devices. 
:( I miss PA just haven't got bored of my stock rom yet :(
+David Young install paranoid android. you don't need to root. you unlock your bootloader, which is a button you have to press in your actual google stock firmware and thats that.

"rooted devices" is the only shame. its the saddest thing. why would anyone smash a nexus by rooting stock android is beyond me. it makes absolutely no sense. nexus roms are pure aosp, that means google stock with clean/integrated additions. root shit cracks into your environment with a claw hammer.
+Akhmad Sofyan it will go into pac when the source is out, which will happen when its safe and clean. until then its a local thing we're developing and pa users get to preview it. i don't quite understand why people flash things like pac and jellybam, considering they're pretty much always shut out of all the innovations that are being made in all three roms that are stuffed in there but ok, choices, why not
+Paranoid Android Absolutely loving halo at the moment. I like having it placed near the bottom right corner so that it's right next to my thumb. The only issue is that it gets in the way slightly when the keyboard is out so an auto hide setting for when the
keyboard is being displayed would be amazing. Thanks for all your hard work. 
+Juan Medina download latest zip. go to recovery, install rom, install gapps, wipe caches, done. no factory reset needed - takes you 2 minutes max and you're on the latest.
+Enrico Furnari we don't touch the camera at all. we use googles. there are no known bugs, nothing to fix. if youre running a port on a non nexus device - thats not our rom and different rules apply to these.
+Stjepan Maršić all we can do is flag the intents that the app gives us as floating. if the app,within, decides to launch further apps we can't go in there and flag these. apps in android are not one thing, they consist of parts or "activities." the list youre referring to is an activity, an app within the app so to say. whatsapp starts that app as a new process with a fullscreen intent - no dice for us.
in future we may be able to do something about this but this get very complex fast and given that we still have basic issues to fix this is low priority.
+Paranoid Android the reason I choose to flash PAC and weird conglomerate ROMs is unfortunately I don't have a nexus device (sad face) so I am locked out of your innovation. Cyanogenmod nightlies hardly every change much feature wise, and AOKP just never runs well on my device. These conglomerates give me a ROM with good personalization. But if I had the option to just unlock my boot loader and get official PA, I would in a heart beat. You guys are really innovating, stuff that I am sure has Google's eye by now
+Paranoid Android next step will be making apps minimise and open back without restarting, right?

I feel it is really important to play games in halo or to keep browser or other apps that would loose information if restarted. 
Steve O
Yeah..!finally halo on my galaxy note!
Thanks to Paranoid Android & to beerbong for porting!!

+kenny layne I don't know what other changes there are, but the icons for pinned apps fit better within the bubble now for one thing
When enable Halo can not intalls .apk files
MeD B.
Hi guys !
First, congratulations for your amazing Work.
Then, i wanna know, i ever use PA on my GS3 and now i'm on the GS4 (i9505) and want to know if a close release for the i9505 is on the way.
And again, thanks a lot for all you do !

+kid moneys Google security feature when dealing with overlays.
You would nd to disable halo, install apk and then reactivate halo
+Mehdi Bouchelaghem well look at you and your fancy new phone (kidding)
The PA guys only support nexus and oppo5...don't think they can give you and eta on this. Best thing would be to keep an eye on xda forums for a port for your device
+Paranoid Android flashed alpha 5, the bug is still there: unfortunately stopped of Tasker when halo was switched to Tasker's notification. Could you please fix it in the coming version? thx
MeD B.
Thanks for your answer Curtis ! I Will ! I support and donate ! Great job for the best rom ever
It's not working on my cm 10.1 Samsung s3 i9300. The app is working and I can launch the application I choose through a persistent notification from the notification shade but there's no chat head. 
Just read +Andrei Luswarghi explanation & figured out why it's not working for me and now I'm feeling stupid. Lol. Oh well, guess I'm back to waiting for the beta release of halo so I can switch to PA :p
+Daniel Johansson depends what version, check your model on xda and see, i think theres only a crappy build for the international so far, will have to wait for the beta to come out for any other ports
+Steuart Lawrence I've seen those build and using one of them now! Works good, But I'm wondering who is maintaining  "pure" paranoid without personal additives 
Works nice, first alpha build that works on the Nexus 7, very stable so far for an alpha release, hoping this gets ported over to cyanogenmod or someone other dev updates PA for my dt2mo..
+Daniel Johansson There is no official maintainer for any device other than nexus devices and the oppo find 5, all other devices are not officially supported so you need to check your corresponding section of XDA Developers and either find the developer that is unofficially porting for you or ask a developer to unofficially port for you. As of right now no device outside of Nexus and Oppo have true Halo features because it is still Alpha and therefore not open source yet. Any non-nexus/oppo device that has Halo is just a hacked and shoehorned version from one of the nexus devices merged onto the unsupported device.

Hopefully all others planning on asking this overasked question will read this and understand.
+Paranoid Android Just installed the 13th May Grouper build thank you. While I like the option to hide the Halo after a period of inactivity. Could an option be added to keep the Halo onscreen if the latest notification has not been read? Also an option to adjust the amount of time it takes before the Halo is hidden. Thanks for all your hard work.
+Curtis Mayers I know, I saw it, but support for s3 is kinda weaker and I've got exams coming up, don't want to spend my time playing around with my phone so later :P
+Jeremy Kaminski ... Dude, what are you even talking about. I'm sure you're assistance is appreciated in the cases where you actually do provide it, but you really need to curb the attitude on some of your responses. Obviously +Daniel Johansson is aware that PA does not maintain for his phone and he also already indicated that he found a build on xda for his device. 

If you feel the need to correct people all the time, please ensure that you are in fact fully aware of what you're saying. While PA does not officially support other devices like you said, there are in fact "Official Maintainers" at present and PA even went as far as to create a sign up form so as to get some more "Official Maintainers".

---snippet from previous PA post---

Legacy devices/Device maintainers

Though our support is usually concerned with AOSP compliant devices, we do offer legacy branches which currently hold a GS3 variant and the Asus transformer and help porters getting PA onto their devices cleanly.

If you port Paranoid Android we would like to invite you to become official maintainers, this will get you access to the official account and commit permissions to our legacy branches.

Maintainer sign up form:

--- End -
+Paranoid Android Has anything been changed in the app men on Grouper? There seems to be a lot of wasted screen space in portrait. Preferred it the way it was. Or I could be losing my marbles of course and nothing has changed
+Curtis Mayers  Attitude? I politely explained everything anyone could possibly need to know about ports and where non-official devices are at when it comes to  halo. The last comment was because there are like 2 dozen people constantly asking when a build for "x" device will be ready after being told 9000 times there device will never be officially supported. It had nothing to do with Daniel. I suggest you stop making assumptions. I was just trying to give an in-depth explanation that hopefully helped not only Daniel but to keep others from asking the same thing over and over.
+Moreno Saragoni Maguro has not gotten an official update yet because their maintainer is busy with finals in school. He said he would hopefully get a build up in the next couple days.
Great! Halo is great.
Just an idea, can you add the ability to pin halo circle in a position only for the launcher home to design home screens... I know it s a work in progress but it s an idea for the future of halo.
Another suggestion: if we could be able to change the shape (rectangle, square, triangle...).
+Mohammed Saide that is QUITE a cool idea. but only when hybrid 2 is here, per app stuff will become so, so much easier by then. with hybrid engine right now it would create a mess,
Thanks for the quick reply. We are just trying to help you improve your amazing work. I m waiting my credit card to be able to purchase your application to support your work. Thanks for everything you do.
Idk if this has been discussed (there are literally hundreds of comments to read through) but as far as UI how hard would it be to implement a sort of "web" look to Halo? Bear with me cause I might butcher this explanation:

When you double tap Halo (say it's on the left side of your screen) you get all the notification bubbles sort of pop out around it in a spherical manner. So if there's 4 other notifications the latest one is in the center and the others appear as bubbles in a clockwise fashion around that and still holding your finger down you can move to the one you want.

I know you said you debated a long time and scrapped a few UI ideas and I really do love Halo, but this current implementation seems like it could be expanded so much more. Thank you for your hard work and I hope you don't take what I said the wrong way. I really do love the work you guys are putting into this. 
+Giulio Piemonte That's kind of a rude thing to say, We buy the paid app to show our respect and support to these guys for giving us such an awesome rom FOR FREE! That is it's use.
Sorry for my earlier spammed post. It was a glitch. :(
+Hector Sanchez How about this: double tapping Halo and moving your finger vertically up and down will still do what it does right now, but if you move your finger away from Halo horizontally, then all the notifications will pop up like you said. That way, if you don't want to see all the notifications, you can still just scroll vertically.. 
I am in 3.15 PA version in PA in Note 2 and I can't see the bubble, Can you help me? Thx
Just found a handy root app to hide persistent notifications which end up being shown in Halo. Sometimes you don't want these. For instance I have Smart stay EX on my Nexus 7 which always shows in the notification shade, which in turn shows in Halo tasks. Install this and simply untick the app Hope you guys find it useful.
+Nadir Comoglu Even better! I know some people like keeping their minimalist look. My big reason for this is because the way it currently is if I get an email and I don't have a picture from that contact, and say I have 3 of those like that, I just see the empty default contact pic and it's hard to discern where I'm at in the notifications list.
+Paco Gallego It's quite simple, what you do is learn how to read. Note 2 is not a Nexus Device or the Oppo Find 5, that means it is not officially supported, that, in turn, means it does not have AOSPA 3.5 or Halo. If you had taken the time to read you would know that. No unsupported devices will get Halo until it hits beta and goes open source, then it's up to whoever is porting for your device to add it.
+Paranoid Android why doesn't call audio work when lte is enabled it used to work in your older builds now it doesn't work?
+Paranoid Android Love Halo but please make Halo stay in same position after a reboot. The only thing wrong with it !!
+Paco Gallego the bubble does not exist in version need version 3.50.
You'd need to check xda to see if a port exists with HALO included. 
with this update launching the default "messaging" app in halo closes out the background app
+Paranoid Android I have a spare Galaxy Note 2 I could give you guys if the gnote2 could get more official love!!!!
I noticed that the outline of Halo is blue again. I liked the white outline.. :(
Please open the app for more devices. Paranoid gets ported, and we would like the app too
+Paranoid Android
I just had a little idea: You could add an option, that if you click the halo bubble a bubble for every notification appears and you can swipe through them. They could be stacked and transparent and only the focused notification gets highlighted in some way. This way it is easier to see directly which notifications are available at the moment. And perhaps another addition to that could be the possibility to flick any of the bubbles to the cross to hide that specific notification.
Perhaps you like the idea. I think the idea gets interesting when you implement the whitelist, because without this the screen would be extremely cluttered if you have a lot of notifications.
+Paranoid Android hi, since i updated to the 13th may release, i'm getting no notification from facebook or the google play, chat heads isn't working neither, any suggestion ?
Everywhere says that there are settings for halo under toolbar, but I can't find them. Should I get my eyes checked or are they possibly hidden for some reason? Great work by the way! Loving it all!
Love the Halo))) app so far. The only thing I would love to see out of it is the option to move apps up or down on the list. Love it, keep up the great work!
when i saw this "AAAAAAAAAA :,)" clicked on it looked for download button. got the message "This app is incompatible with all of your devices." :'('''''
anyone know why my google now is force closing on my toro galaxy nexus ? has been doing it on all builds?
So this app just makes it so certain apps are always in my halo? Hmm can't really make use of it since I only use halo as a ticker. 
Is that normal with the build number writing with20130511?
Love HALO man. This is one of the best things to happen to my N7. I'm glad I switched ROMs. 
Meh. I liked they grey halo from the last alpha better than going back to blue... 
Hey +Paranoid Android I love the innovation you put in your ROM, I tried out an early version on Halo but then switched back to carbon while I wait you guys to sort out some of the stability issues. In response to a comment you made earlier that you do not understand why people flash jellybam or PAC because they don't have innovative features, I was just wondering which ROMs other than PA you think are innovative?
I was actually going to suggest the ability to see notification previews as you slide through notifications yesterday. Glad to see you added that in. 
Please make a version for the Huawei Ascend P1(U9200)! :-)
I'd love it! 
+kenny layne didn't have them in alpha 4 for some reason. Updated to alpha 5 and they're there now. Thanks
Another question for +Paranoid Android or anyone really, why is it that some apps (mainly kik messenger) don't pop up in halo when a notification is received? Also when using some apps in halo mode they are cut off on the sides and top.
Hi i would like to see pop up window sizeable and position changable when i tap on the halo icon..if it is possible?..thank you PA
Jim Yiu
Is it only paranoid rom can download? I love this appear very much and o hope there will be apk for all android phones 
You could develope it based on Android 4.2.2 CM 10.1. :-)))
For my Huawei Ascend P1. 
Anyone made any out going calls on this? No one could hear me until i jumped back to my stock nandroid. 
+Kevin Cafferty Dude, this is the most asinine request I have ever heard, First off, PA is not CM based and second, Huawei is not a supported device. Wow, just wow.
I am on alpha halo5 with the latest Franco nightly kernel. I cannot get the halo circle to show at all; it does not show any flashing notifications, only the sound. I am currently running a nexus 4. Please help!
Does this not work for alpha 3? 
This is so awesome! Would it be possible to add the app drawer in the Halo app? Or would that be just too good?! 
So I have an issue and maybe it's a known issue. I cannot restore apps from Titanium Backup nor can I install an APK from file manager. It will being up the screen to install but touching the install button dies nothing. I can restore data only from TB though. I have USB debugging and unknown sources checked as well. Am I missing something?
+Nick Scarantino Are you using the mms.apk coming with the ROM or another one (CM one for example)?
I was having the same issue using the CM messaging app but all is fine since I use PA messaging app. 
i like how its not available on my note 2 but it says it works on any rom and the patched market doesnt download it either does anyone have a APK for us left out ?
mako alpha 5, when I open the halo version of g+ still have the bug of the "cut-right-side" as before. Btw except that, build is awesome. keep up the good work.
+Mike Matthews disable halo, install apk, reactivate halo.
This is a Google security feature that prevents the installation when an overlay is active. Halo is an overlay
I can't express how I value your work and dedication! I'm using PA on my Nexus 7 and I love Halo and new approach on multitasking. If only Note II was supported..I would be in ROM-heaven :D
+Jeremy Kaminski Then why is there a port for the Huawei Ideos X6? :-)
Maybe it's just not official supported.
I didn't know as much as you about PA, sorri. x-D
It just could have been possible.
When I click on the notification for the IM app, the background app that should have stayed open gets minimised. Can anybody tell me why?

Love Halo for everything else, though 
How come halo is not working on my galaxy nexus toro? I just downloaded the may 14th build and I can't see the halo anywhere. I just see a few options in the toolbar settings. How do o enable it? This is becoming so infuriating I was looking forward to this feature so much and I can't even use it... Please help me.
+Nick Darbouze if you can see the options for HALO then that's a good sign.
You should know halo does not work in tablet UI.
To activate..ensure you are not in full screen pie mode...pull down the notification shade and you should see a blue icon with a message box. Click it to activate HALO
+Paranoid Android In later builds will old notifications be cleared from the Halo. For instance a Halo pops up to notify the user of an email. When hitting the Halo the email pops up and then the Halo clears. Cheers.
+Paranoid Android great work pa i love it but i remeber you were talking about pie 2.0 when will we see that if i could ask 
Not a complaint, a suggestion...
It would be nice if the HALO app would auto run the service after a reboot, right?
could you make it so were able to launch application in the "HALO" style without using halo's circle?
+Brian Hillard well i see no reason for it. it seems to me people are just hung up on that concept. im reading this often now, 'whys the last notification in halo, its a bug, its not supposed to be like this!'
all im asking is, why? why would it be better to display an empty circle just for the heck of it. i mean i can safely assume you're using for tasking, not ticking, otherwise you'd check the hide option.
i see no wrong in knowing that was my last notification though. im just curious as to the motivations, thats all...
+Diavee Hossain some apps do that deliberately. its an android feature called task_on_home. we filter this, but some apps can trick us by launching a windowless intent without, which in turn launches a windowed intent with task_on_home. mms did that before we killed it. no idea why though - it seems crazy to me. if i write an app, why would i even think of doing this shit i have no idea
+Paul Henschel I don't think the auto hide is quite right yet as it's an alpha. With auto hide ticked in pie mode by the time you get to your tablet the Halo has disappeared, especially if you don't check your notifications immediately. With auto hide disabled I don't need Halo showing me I had an email hours previously, read and deleted. The same goes for installing apps. When I clear my notifications from the shade without Halo I don't expect them to stay there. Just my two cents worth mate :)
I wonder if it could be useful to divert app notifications and show them as toasts. This would perhaps be a way to tame some of the more irritating halo trigger events. Don't know if this could be done.
+Paranoid Android I´m adicted to PIE and fullscreen and want to use halo too. I don't want to have halo always on my home screen and I have used the setting to auto hide it but the thing is: Could it be possible to bring halo back with pie? We could use a button or pressing the notification area. Thanks in advance
+Randy Braegger please... he said that halo WILL be open-sourced once it gets stable enough. If so, every rom, besides some stock-favorables, devs will, should, and have to put this thing in his/her rom cus otherwise, many people using that rom will keep asking for halo or stop using the rom and go to others.
+Jungho Kook Thank you for your reply.  I understand that it will be available for all ROMs.  My question was whether Cydia Substrate would allow it to be used on the ROM already on your phone without flashing any new or updated ROM...
+Randy Braegger Np. If someone makes this available for that way, yes. But, it's easier to just put it in a rom. Also, Cydia's main purpose is to get something that's not open-sourced nor available on you device, meaning why would anyone do that? I'm not trying to be rude to you, just in case you think so.
This update I can't install unknown apps. The install button isn't clickable. Anyone else having this problem??
+Jeffrey Homolak it's been like that from the introduction of HALO.
It's due to a Google security feature that prevents installation when an overlay is active.
Deactivate HALO, install your app, reactivate HALO.
Thanks +Curtis Mayers ! I've never had that problem since the halo release. I need to install my new play store now!!! Loll. Thanks again for the help.
Don't know where to report this, but when tasker is selected through halo it causes it to force close. 
Been waiting for a more stable version, and finally decided to install alpha 5. So far I am loving it! The option to have it pop up only when I need it and then hide away is perfect. So far it has been an amazing experience. I don't know if you listen to issues reported here, but I get a force close in "tasker" with the notification showing my "tasker" active profiles as soon as I tap the halo with the tasker icon in it.
Halo has been working well now since updating my ROM to May 14.

However, I thought I'd share that I too am missing Facebook Messanger from the list. I noted +Nathanael Abbotts mentioned this earlier. I think someone said it may not be a full app (part of Facebook) but that doesn't seem correct, as Messenger is a separate app.
When are you guys going to release the source so that some people can do some porting to the devices that get no love?
The last notification will always remain. That's be design. They didn't want to leave an empty bubble. As long as you view a notification, it should disappear unless it's the last one +Kris Gibeau 
We need white/blacklisting badly. Some persistent notifications widgets dont play nicely with halo.
Look at the post by PA before this one (HALO alpha 4 rolling out) to see some of what's planned. White list is on the list...remember this is still alpha
+Curtis Mayers I did just that. Pretty good as a temporary solution. Thanks.

Another suggestion: how about some "persistent halos" in the future? It can house the notifications widgets, a clock, signal icon, or any other persistent notifications, each in their own separate, but partially hidden halos. Then we won't need the status bar at all.
Settings -> apps -> select the app whose notification you want to stop

Below the force close and uninstall buttons you should see show notifications check box. +Mohd Aminudin Murad 
Its nice, but the whole ROM gets laggy after a while on my Toro. I love the features, but the butter is broken. I hope things get back to the smoothness as it was on 3.15. Maybe some speed would be nice too. 
Heya, thanks for the great advance in this.

I am just wondering if the HALO feature will be available on non-PA builds also.. like TW based or Sense based roms?
+Larry Oliver there's no butter that is broken. this is just a view, one of the hundreds that already populate your screen, this does nothing to performance at all.
Having a problem with the lower part of the touch screen seemingly unresponsive in certain instances. For example trying to tap the text box to bring up the keyboard. Everything else is working great so far. 
+Randy Braegger Android needs no root. cydia will not be able to run halo like it is, this is real programming work, all you would get via that or xposed is another hack. we have the nexus platform and aosp for a reason, you should support that not cydia.

when I read "without the hassle of installing roms" it's one big face palm. this is a worlds first, we have the biggest mobile operating system and its open source, it finally allows developers to implement ideas in a clean and easy way.... and people mess around with this hacky, complicated, low root shit, it's amazing. it's like they never got the news.
nexus is opened with one click. a rom is installed with two. nexus roms are pure stock Android (aosp) with additions, it doesn't get any easier than this.
+Sezgin Danışık Probably not. You have to compile from source to get this, and as you may know TW and Sense doesn't have it's source uploaded
+Curtis Mayers +Paranoid Android flashed alpha 5, the bug is still there: unfortunately stopped of Tasker when halo was switched to Tasker's notification. Could you please fix it in the coming version? Or, should I submit it to Tasker team?
It would be better to use the cross to hide Halo, not to close it.
Switched from PAC to PA because of HALO (and because of the future awsome&creative things you would probably release).

I have a suggestion: when choosing "hide HALO after activity", HALO should disappear only after taking care of the notifications (currently it appears when a new notification arrives, and after a while goes away, so if the screen is off or I'm not looking for a few seconds - I miss the notification!)
I think pie and the halo are the shit I love seeing ever evolving os's I have one question will halo ever work in pie mode?
+shaojin ma 5 was simply a minor update, small changes not fixes. The Tasker issue is known and being looked into.

Note: I should add that I am not associated with paranoid android team. Just a commenter trying to help.
+Ilia Semenov nexus devices don't need to be rooted meaning... simply unlock the bootloader and flash a custom recovery. Then you can flash any ROM that is compatible with your device, including this.
No need to root
+Curtis Mayers Yeah I know, what I meant was like normaly some ROM functions require root specially on other modified ROMs. Another example would be goo app. 
Hey everything looks good with the build but somehow i cant install app from apk. Open apk is fine but cant click install.
Yeah, but to many things depend on root now for it to be taken out of the scene in one go.
a halo lockscreen widget would be awesome
Should I download the app, despite the fact that I already have it in ROM?
I want to see state change on my nexus 4 so I added Tasker to HALO but seems that HALO won't let Tasker survive.
+Sébastien Lesieur +Jeremy Kaminski +Paranoid Android  I updated my gapps to the 20130427 and it's still closing the background app. I installed an sms app cause they don't do it. I would prefer to just use the mms.apk app though cause i don't want extra apps to do basic stuff, but that's a pretty basic function that shouldnt be broken with a default app. 
+Paranoid Android There are about a million comments, so forgive me if it's been covered.  Is there a way (or do you have plans) to have multiple halos overlaying one another, with a gesture or double tap to dismiss the notification?  Also, i'd love to see a way to keep Halo running/persistent when I dismiss all notifications.  Seems if I delete one, and I am in pie, I have to re-enable the notifications bar, and then re-enable pie.  
+Steve Messer you can currently open multiple windows from the bubble at the same time.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by your second point. When you say delete one do you mean when you drag it over the x?
The X is used to close halo completely, not to dismiss notifications. When you view a notification it is automatically dismissed, unless it's the last notification in the bubble. The halo itself is meant to be persistent with the option to hide after a period of inactivity

From your comments it sounds like you believe it functions with one bubble per notification.
+Curtis Mayers +Steve Messer I believe he wants it more like Facebook's chat head. Having multiple halos and being able to close a single halo without dismissing all of them.
+Paranoid Android hey I'm seeing serious talk of android 4.3 coming in the next few days....will that be something you guys will add to builds in the very near future?
Flash it and it is amazing. Nice work PA team. : )
+Paranoid Android Suggestion. Make a visual effect in the Halo to let the user know there are no more notifications, and they can stop scrolling by then (maybe a red halo, as opposed to the blue animation)
Need doesn't detect jabra Bluetooth headset.
I love this feature, and I love Halo, but I can't help thinking it would be nice to swipe from the top to activate it (like with the pie). Is that possible?
thank you again for good job here :) Halo is the future :)
but i have a Q. is it posiible to get single "bubble" for every single notificaton? like if i have notification from gmail, imo and google+ so there is only one bubble and i need to swipe between.. but i would rly love to get three bubbles in row on top of my screen under status bar for example w/o for swaping between apps w/o swipe.. cause now, for me its faster to swipe status bar down and select notification which i want to see first
Actually, after using the newest version of PA for a while, I can say that I'm quite impressed. This is a nice addition to the framework, and I can see it making a big difference when it's out of beta.

For now, I've identified some spots that are keeping me from adopting:

1. The default pie is not very attractive, and there's no way to change the color.
2. I can't see network connectivity health from shade, so I have to disable pie mode in order to see it.
3. Switching apps from halo is cumbersome, as it's hard to tell how many there are and where to move to get to the one I want. It feels somewhat like fishing something out of a bag without looking. I guess you scrapped the indicators on purpose, but it would be nice to have an alternative--maybe a simple preview of what's next/previous in the list?
4. I would actually prefer to use the pop-up from the notification drop-down, as in the preview. I think this would be awesome to have. On a similar note, it would be cool to be able to launch a pop-up from the recents menu (by longpress, or something).
5. I can't just disable soft keys from the settings--I am forced to disable the notification bar, as well.
6. I miss the color tweaks and GPU overclocking from CM.

If all or some of these were changed/addressed, I would jump over from Cyanogenmod in an instant. 

Anyway, great work, guys! I look forward to the release version.
I see now, enhanced with the app. Awesome.
Also, just viewed a YouTube video in halo.... And I gotta say, pretty cool. 
I feel really dumb, but how do I reactivate Halo? I'm on the latest (Mako)
FYI.. calendar crashes in portrait mode.. regression?
+Evan Petzoldt, you should be able to activate it from the notification shade. Deactivate pie and pull down the notifications. There should be a button next to the quick settings button.
+Tom Moore no crashes here. But I understand what you mean by portrait mode viewing. 
Anyone else having the new music app opening up in full when I tap on it in halo?
+S. Dickens I've reinstalled the rom and gapps twice. Same crash. I can even have it running fine in portrait mode,but as soon as I rotate the nexus 7 it crashes. Maybe I'll go back to 3.15 and see. 
+Paranoid Android so no ones said it yet so I guess I'll be that guy lol...I know it just came out just reporting that hangout (talks) replacement doesn't fit in the window that opens when u bring up out of halo... :-)
My friend wants to taste Halo on his S3, any idea when it will be available for S3 ?! 
Any way to get this on pa 3.15?
Sad to say, calendar crashing in portrait mode still exists for 3.15.. Turns out it only crashes in month and agenda mode.. The portrait view works fine for day and week.  Weird
I'm more giddy with anticipation of a new build of AOSPA than I was about I/O this morning. You guys do some incredible work.
James T
Flash CM10 MMS pack and you will get emoji and quick reply back
Don't know if anyone else notices but when halo is enabled it stops you from pressing the install button when trying to install an apk as is the same with any other screen overlay app
James T
+Google+ Are they ever going to make it easier to read a thousand comments either put newest at the top or have an arrow that takes you to the last post. I'm on my nexus 4
+Joshua Hutt

Hmm let me help you out here.

1. Settings>hybrid properties. Open the menu on the left and go to 'interface'. Scroll down. The 'global colour' settings refer to the colours of the pie if you're in that mode.

2. Err, if you open pie, reach for the upper left corner and then release your finger, you'll get the quick toggles. I have mine with both wifi and mobile data signal displayed amongst other things.

5. On the same 'interface' menu earlier, set 'Navigation Bar' to 0%.

6. Overclocking? Try a different kernel? 
OK for the 5th time on alpha 5 halo has disappeared and doesn't come back period. I mean after a notification and question is if I do a log cat now will it show what happened or is it already to late..I'm trying to do this before I reinstall everything to get it back...and no I do not have the disappearing halo feature activated
I have this issue where all my calls, both incoming and outgoing, show up in halo mode only, even when i'm dialling from the phone app. More importantly, somehow, this causes the screen to not switch on when i get a call while the phone is in sleep. I have to unlock, pull down notifications, and open the incoming call notification to answer it. Any solutions? Had this on alpha 1 too. Running on a maguro, dirty flash.
Have you guys had a chance to update you Google music app because the
hybred setting do t seem to work in it?
+Luke Pring  They do if you use the persistent notification in the HALO))) app in the market
I am assuming, PA is never coming to the GS3?
+Paranoid Android I have the latest ROM with halo, May 14 build,installed on Toro. I don't know if you know or not but halo disables the ability to manually install apk's
+Reggie Brumfield that is a well known and well documented 'bug' (feature) of Halo - the only way around it at the moment is to close halo then hit install then open halo again.

The reason it exists is a google security feature to stop overlays installing apps
I'm using a port of this for the i9300. It's fantastic. I've noticed a couple of bugs though which could be yours or down to the porting. One is that if I change the navigation bar around then go into pie mode it crashes. Another is that when in pie mode and I exit an app to go to another then go back to the first, it has closed and needs to open from scratch again. For example, any text entered before swapping apps has been wiped
I'm a noob so if I should have put that elsewhere please tell me where
Reg P
I'm confused. I'm running PA, installed the addon but when I add apps to the list all that happens is they now show in my notification bar. Can't cycle through them in halo and can't hide them from notification bar without disabling then addon. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. 
That is what the app is meant to do, it makes a persistent notification for any app you choose so you can access in halo (click then drag to the side to switch notification in halo)
Reg P
+Glenn Blair when I click and drag all that happens is the Halo circle moves whenever I drag it
try to double click and then drag on the second click.
So are there any guesses or suggestions for what will come next for paranoid android.
HALO is the best thing of PA but I've a Note 2 so... Want it ! Please port it on the Note 2 or on the S3 !
+Paranoid Android i've got a really awesome idea in my head that i'm trying to make in photoshop in the coming days. I think it really makes Halo even a more powerfull tool than it already is as of now. I'm not sure if it is even possible to achieve, but we will see if you like the idea and think it is doable. 
Loving every minute of this, thanks devs. Can't wait to see the next version, maybe PIE/HALO customization. Will there be an option in the future to allow PIE on other modes (Phone/Hybrid/Tablet). I know some of the other roms have an option to expand but keep status bar visible. Also a quick question, I changed my colors to have my nova launcher have a transparent status and navbar but for some reason the navbar does not change while the status bar does. 
I have a request... What of instead of having just one circle you click on it and multiple bubbles appear with the different notifications and you pick witch one you want to see then the bubbles collapse and hide
Love this rom!

Though I have some security concerns in regards to using it. Specifically, when on the lockscreen and swiping to the camera/going into a widget such as e.g. google keep, the halo is there.. Sometimes the gps tracking notification comes up, and you can access the settings page without entering any code by swiping on the halo to this icon.. Same goes for maybe an application you have pinned to halo which can take you to the settings page or some other part of the system.. You can pretty much bypass the whole lockscreen by this method. I'm holding off on using it until it gets somewhat fixed (a solution would be to just have it disabled in the lockscreen/apps, but I don't code so I have no clue if this is hard to implement or not). 

Have to say that I very much appreciate the work you devs put in this rom, you always push the boundaries of android. Excited to see where you guys take it from here :)

Edit: I'm on the 14th may Alpha 5 build.
For the love of God please don't hash tag on G+! 
Hi guys. After installing pa3.5 and halo, its hiding in notification area. Why? I'm coming from miui v5. Thanks!
See settings>toolbars> under status bar, uncheck the option to hide halo after inactivity.
i have unchecked the opt, but not working (nexus 7) +Samay Goenka Updated: Done. It works finally. thanks +Joe Kargl works after read your reviews at play store.
+Joshua Hutt i think you are not that familiar with PA so far, because more than half of your concerns are already there, and some of those are made for testing already. You can also install your custom kernel.

1. False - you can change the colors of PIE through settings>hybrid properties.....

2. Initiate PIE then slide to southwest from your point of gravity there you have your quick settings you may put the tile for network connectivity though by default it is there. But i like your suggestion especially if the signal level is with the same representation that of the battery level it is faster :)

3. The determinacy is through sliding... You know say if you have 2 notifications then 1/2 1/2, if 3 then 1/3 1/3 1/3 and so on throughout the sliding segment. But your suggestion is nice that everytime you slide for notifications there will be some sort list view that comes up especially on full screen / PIE mode, i am not using on screen buttons they eat lots of space the main reason why i am using PA is because of their PIE and its flow.

4. i think it is out of my capabilities to answer, i am not sure what are the future plans of PA with that, and i cannot picture out the essence of your suggestion for now.

5. False - just go to settings > hybrid properties then set navbar workspace to 0%

6. Color calibration of PA default kernel is brilliant :), but you may use custom kernels and you use other apps for calibrating, simple as that.
+Paranoid Android I just flashed your latest alpha ROM with the latest franco kernel and I noticed my gtalk (or now hangouts) isn't working. The error message says (cannot reach Google, try again later). It works fine on my tablet so I know it's not my internet. Any suggestions? Anyone? :(
+Mohammad Ghashghavi did you flash the latest pa_gapps as well? You'll probably end up getting talk back once you do, but make sure that works first and then upgrade to hangouts
Didn't even realize they released a May 17th gapps...did you clear cache and dalvik cache? If you did then I'm not sure what else it could be. Google app issues are usually related to not updating/flashing pa_gapps.
+Mohammad Ghashghavi 
+Curtis Mayers found a solution. It had to do with uninstalling Google Play Services and reupdating it. I found a thread with other people having the same issue and it's fixed now. Thanks for your help tho :)
I noticed that, if you use snap hat or some other app that includes drawing in halo, then your touch response is a couple centimeters down from where you touched, 
Noticed another bug: if you have Halo running while downloading an item not in the App Store, then you cannot tap install. There may be no work around because the app installer won't let you install if you have some type of screen overlay on it... Just turn off halo
+Spencer Bruce i think that is not really a bug, and i have read that few weeks ago even with previous posts so perhaps that is not new to the followers of PA, i am using Nexus Toolkit by WugFresh to install APKs
Is anyone else experiancing extreme LAG on the newest PA for Nexus 7? Sometimes it takes LITERALY 20 seconds for the tablet to unlock. It's not just unlocking though. Everything is very, very slow. PS. I disabled Currents background sync. 
I was ready to uninstall because of lag on n7 until I tried Franco kernel its taken care of most. I'm going to keep trying for now.
When are you guys gonna make it on the VERIZON GALAXY NOTE 2? Thx
Anyone have a compatible .apk file of HALO for Galaxy Note 2 International or at least a link to where I can get my hands on either Alpha builds? Or I think I'll just be patient :-(
is halo working for htc one? it is quite impressive!
because the playstore apk is not avaible? where can i get the apk? THANK FOR YOUR HELP! :-)
+Hussnain Hyder Where did you find the actual rom for Galaxy S i9000? Didn't find it yet :-/
I want to flash it to use the amazing Halo :-)
Can I have Halo in stock rom? I tried PA in my Optimus L7 but it´s a little bit heavy for my device, but I really like Halo!!
You can use xposed and the xHalo module on a rooted stock ROM
I´m actually using Xposed with that module combined with Floating Notifications and it´s ok, but not the same as Halo
As far as I know, it's the closest experience you can get to actual Halo on a stock ROM.
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