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chat heads for Google Talk? :O I think I'm moving to PA :p
Omg, +Honza Koliba  thank youuuuu!  I love those icons and was just about to ask for them!
+Honza Koliba
Installed it the day it was (re)released ;) imho best icons out there!
+Paranoid Android chat heads for any messenger app? Totally new notification system? You guys are so awesome.
Notifications for each app on the app icon on the launcher? I like!
One question: a few features made me move to Cyanogenmod, and I'd like to know if PA has them. Does PA have a notification light manager and quick toggles? 
not just chat. everything. skype. mms. talk. facebook. uploading pics to dropbox. making screenshots. gtalk invitations. every - thing.
+Stephen Powell not on the launcher. everywhere. on the launcher. while playing need for speed. in your browser. this is how you do multi windowing on android.
This wins more than the internet. This wins the world.
As you guys seeing notibar, the pop_upped one would be skype
This is going to be great when and if Google unify their messaging services. All the messages, all the time. This is shaping up to be something that Google might want to integrate themselves! 
+Paranoid Android I don't think every ROM has a notification light manager (at least stock doesn't), and I meant if PA had more quick toggles than just the ones that come in jelly bean. Either way, I think chat heads beat quick toggles. So goodbye CM, hello PA :D
every one that i know does. pa has these things anyway.
Looks nice. Can anyone explain what chat head like thing is and whats the purpose? Is it PA exclusive feature or can it be done on any Rooted phone?
+Paranoid Android VERY NICE!!!!  I knew it was only a matter of time after Facebook did it.  Good job guys!  You making me not want to get an HTC One and get a Nexus 4 instead....GRRRRR :)
+Kaleb Pace isnt it obvious? of couse its inspired by chatheads. these guys have struck gold. but just for one app is not gonna cut it. as you've seen before, we've added multiwindow capabilities to android extra for this.
we will make an announcement soon, there we will give full credit to facebook.
personaly, legal bullshit is not gonna deter me from trying, the gut feeling that this should have been in android from the start is too pronounced. having used it for a while now this may be the single most useful feature i have ever used.
+Paranoid Android Thanks for making awesome ROMs. I was afraid I will be caught in TouchWiz. Thanks to you, I will be glad to leave TouchWiz. Loved your multi window feature too.
Man oh man, I recently switched to an iPhone 5 from my nexus 4 because I got tired of all the friggin bugs (consistent data issues both wifi and carrier, audio delay after answering a call etc...) but you guys are making it hard for me to stay away. I might be coming back once this is released. 
This is sick, and I do agree Chatheads is the most creative thing that Facebook had going for it in Facebook home.

A much, much more elegant solution than current and prior attempts like Samsungs multiwindow and Cornerstone
vigilantly checking Goo for updates. 
+Jonathan Franklin exactly. first time i used it i was blown away. i have tried silly multiwindow approaches before but it felt awkward. fb's approach was so much different. i just had to give it a go - this needed to be a more integral part than just a single app.
+Abdul Razak Be patient. They will have it out when it is done. They are working as fast as they can because I am sure they want this feature even more than we do. 
Right now it looks slightly intrusive - a big head on my screen, aaaah!!
I can't wait to see the finished product. PA for life.
I think I might be re flashing PA again, soon! :)
Where can I get the PA Download links?
Thanks a lot for the link, +Honza Koliba !!! WOOFS and hugs from Rio de Janeiro.
Would somebody mind explaining to me how the "chathead" approach is better than the notification drawer?
I mean wasn't the whole point behind the notification drawer to get rid of attention craving and therefore distracting popups?
+Matt Gianni Which version of the note 2 do you have? +Kevin Jackson 's link is for the unlocked international version. If you have any of the US versions they are in different forums. 
+Jacob Jacobsen At least in PA's implementation it does not interrupt you. It only appears if you click on the notification in the notification shade. 
+Caleb Olson don't get me wrong, I like the implementation they showed us in the video.
But according to the picture of this post it sure looks like popups in the form of "chatheads" and I really don't see the great idea behind that...
+Jacob Jacobsen you must use it, then you will know. the notificationdrawer interrupts your flow more than anything. it takes you out of your context, it throws you into new apps, it closes down the apps you were into.
this approach will leave your context untouched. its opt in and you get the bubble when you need it. it allows you to perform tasks quicker. and it comes in handy for somuch more.
+Jacob Jacobsen I guess what they're trying is when for example your in a game. A notification arrives, you won't have to go back home and pull the notification bar just to check it. You press the chathead and the app pops up. 
When will this be ported to the gnex I'm anxious jus waiting
and once more. this ain't about chat. this is about notifications overall. it includes your music player and all the things that are running.
+Jacob Jacobsen Basically dude the pop up window you saw in the video won't be initiated by the notification drawer. It will be initiated from the 'chat head' bubble and you can quickly switch between apps that way because you can stack multiple bubbles. Understand? The windows will be 'attached' to the bubbles. When you get a notification the bubble pops up. You can ignore it and swipe it away or tap it to bring up the window of that app so you can interact without leaving the current app you're in. Get it?
I don't think I have ever been more excited about a feature. The implications and the uses....phenomenal. Writing a long email and get a score update on ESPN or whatever? Bubble pops up, you open ESPN in a new overlay window, check your scores, let out a woop as your team just scoredm close the bubble, and boom, still in the middle of your email in Gmail. You guys are masterminds, and you truly know what a "feature" should be.
+Paranoid Android Truely excited -- Some wishes: 1) options for smaller chat-heads (like, as small as the notification icon?); 2) positions of chat-heads are automatically aligned with pie position; 3) easy way to dismiss /clear chat-heads; 4) option to use friends' heads or just app / notification icons
1. its scalable
2. not sure
3. you just drag it over the red X and its gone. you launch it back with a button in the notification drawer
4. it displays friends heads already. this is a snapshot of someone writing me that didn't have a google avatar. not only that, if dropbox or anything else notifies you, it displays the apps icon.
+Michael Perry basicly "dude", the "chatheads" are themselves little popups because you know they block a portion of the app content and are by extension a distraction.
I also don't get your point about convenience, how it less convenient to swipe down than it is to swipe to the left to reveal the "chatheads", in both cases followed by selecting the notification?
The point of the notification drawer is that it allows the user to decide when he/she wants to take action on a notification.
Granted the way the notification center works now with switching apps isn't the best way which is why I absolutely love the overlay window functionality of the implementation in the video.
It's funny how most of the iOS users really wanted the android way of notifications and now it seems that we really want their distracting popups...

+Paranoid Android will it be possible to use the overlay windows without "chatheads", i.e. from the notification drawer only?
+Paranoid Android So now the pie "strip bar" concept can be scrapped now that with the chat-head approach? If so, would be great if the chat-head UI can contain (as an option) status bar info e.g. wifi, mobile signal, etc. With these, Pie + Chathead can be a complete UI
I absolutely love +Paul Henschel 's visual flair too - look at the presentation of the new feature, minimal but bold. Programmer and designer in one! 
This looks sweet and I think it's a much better way to handle notifications than the current pie. I really hope you optimize it for tablets, though it seems you mostly seems to work on phones. What I want is that the pop-up only covers a part of the screen, not the whole thing and the ability to have multiple popups open at the same time :-) 
Every time I think your ROM couldn't possibly get better... You guys blow my mind.
Wow I don't think I have ever been so excited for a ROM update!! Keep up the awesome work guys can't wait!
worst phone ever...ill give it for it and just cant wait to get wrid of note2
To reiterate what's been said prbly a million times, this is what makes android great, developers like u!
+mircea ionescu I think you may have missed the point of this... it's about the Paranoid Android ROM not the Nexus 4... Although I think both are awesome.
I can finally stop using the clunky Facebook messenger app! 
+Paranoid Android How can I download the Paranoid Android ROM zip file for my Nexus 4? Also, does it come with Finally, is this more a add-on on top of CyanogenMod 10.1 or is this a fully seperate ROM?
+Paranoid Android thank you for being true innovators. I love showing off my PA GNex to those who left android and making them wish they were back. Looking forward to showing this off as well. 
So curious about this, want to see it in action. Can't wait for the next update.
+Ryan Bailey pie couldnt be applied without rom. you had to take root hacks mostly. i doubt even a rooted hack could pull off halo though. its too complex. 
Dumb question here... Does this mean I have to stop using Nova launcher if I want to use chat heads? 
Am I the only one who checks the PA github multiple times per day so I can build as soon as this gets committed?
Oh snap!! I'm on aokp. Can't wait to try this out..may have "won" another user. Will it work with other launchers besides stock?
Ed Luna
+Honza Koliba I bought Minimal MIUI Icon Pack but seems its been taken down from the play store. Means i dont get updates and cant donwloaded on my tablet. Now I have to buy Minimal UI which is the samething I already paid for.
Where can I download this ROM?
Ed Luna
GooManager or Xda
+Tyler McLemore no. this works everywhere, with every app. think of it as a notiifcation manager slash chathead ticker. all apps that throw notifications will be in this and you'll be able to interact with them even while playing need for speed. this can mean you respond to skype, read a mail, write a mms, change the tune in gmusic, etc.
+Tyler McLemore no this is built into the system, should work on any launcher. So it's ultra awesome
Ed Luna
+Paranoid Android Why is it that all famous Roms have problems with profile switching. Cm10.1 for Grouper crashes when switcing samething happens with aokp and PA. 
Bring all this on man. Lol. Can't wait. U guys are in the cutting edge. 
Move over CM, hello sweet PA
You are such a tease. Literally returned my HTC One to stay with the Nexus 4 for PA and Google updates. Keep up the good work! Google needs to hire your team, or at least send you a gift basket.
+Paranoid Android will we be able to select which apps will throw up halo notifications? Will roms like root box and pac man be able to integrate this just as they do the hybrid system? Will it just be part of the hybrid system? This looks amazing btw, this is why I love android. 
I phone 6 is going to be better than that , its made of glass
ohh so oops my phone shattered now let me repent for it
+Praveen K nexus exclusive, yes. but things propagate. either via port or kang. usually it takes days and this is all over the place.
then there's still the oppo5 which is officially included in our cannon because the platform is open and developer friendly. just keep in mind, we wouldn't be able to do stuff like this if we had to waste our time hacking a samsung or whatever. this is the fundamental difference between the nexus scene and everything else.
I.. might just have to switch roms.. 
David S
You guys are geniuses! That is REAL development! 
+Paranoid Android how are persistant notifications like tasker handled? And is there a selection of apps that keep there in a Chat head and others just shortly appear there, show the message and go away? Because I don't really want my Bluetooth connection confirmation to be in one of these chatheads till I dismiss it. This would overflow the screen with heads and I think it is not the right way only to display the most recent notification. Maybe swiping from right side of the screen to see all notifications would be an appropriate approach! Thanks for beeing so inovative, these are just conceptional questions I would like to come up with, I like all of your work :)
Can't wait any longer... +Paranoid Android can please update the main paranoid site with all the changes that are gone come with some preview of upcoming features and it's been long that page is stuck in the past be nice to find all the information of this ROM . its time to take it to the next level of organized updates and infos.
Plz get this update out asap .... Killer. :p
+Paranoid Android I have noticed one thing about some of this stuff. For example, if your playing, say, Ingress, will you lose GPS lock when you open an overlay window? I know when I open the quick reply for Messaging it kills GPS and has to reconnect.
+Paranoid Android couldn't agree more with you. Personally I hate tw and exynos closed documentation nature. More so after their spat with CM team. But there were few features which I liked. Never thought they will be available in a custom ROM. That's why I said in my previous comments, that am glad I won't be restricted to Touchwiz based ROMs anymore. Thanks to you. And, I saw a thread for my phone. Still not bug free. Will give it a try when it is. Not gonna buy an exynos based device in future. 
+Marc Westermann theres only one bubble. the rest is open yet. we have the capability to launch any app in popup shape. and we have a basic UI wrapper that right now is tied to the ticker. the plan is to extend it from there but you can trust us, we won't clutter your screen. 
+Mike Morelli remains to be seen. in the worst case we can always add new rules to androids activity manager - it already touches these apps differently. 
Hey you guys should update your rom on the app "ROM toolbox pro" it's been on version 2.99 forever and it's not downloading. Many people have this issue, please fix PA team!
How do I enable this, is this is a part of new ROM update or I have to download Facebook messenger?
What is that bubble? Is that chat head? Or hybrid2 "app bubble"
Paranoid Android "simply the best custom ROM.........ever" 
Since paprefs and pie is on multiple roms now. Will hybrid2 also be open source once it is polish? Or exclusive to paranoid? Also do you guys integrate the ribbon option in your roms or wait for a port of it in a Rom build.
Amazing work.  Now we just need a proper dual boot kernel for the N4 so I can run this, AOKP, and Ubuntu all at the same time!
everything will be open source. one of the reasons we do hybrid 2 is it being easier to kang. badly done hybrid stuff is worse for us. because people see this shit and say, thats PA. same with pie. (and pie2).
+Sumit Bharadia the idea belongs to facebook. but this approach works with all of your apps. facebook messager included.
I love this feature! I love u +Paranoid Android . Best rom ever and best developer. Halo is awesome. waiting to use on my Gnex. Only for curiosity this also work with pie enabled? Because facebook chat head doesn't work with it. :( I love the bubble <3
i have no idea what this is. but everyone sounds really really excited...i have PA actually on a build from 3/12 haha im way behind...
I have the galaxy nexus and still no update yet i've had this on my LG Escape for months. 
+Lucas Laws for opt out maybe but you don't have to. it works right away. everything that pushes notififications will be in it. like, when i made that screenshot sysUI informed me - how convenient to just tap the bubble and share it right away. i thought this was cool but then dropbox told me the file is up (everyone who does this often knows howmuch it sucks to check the notification for this), i tapped the bubble and dropbox opens,nicely in a popup. this will be useful for many things-
Love the Facebook chat heads. This is gana be awesome! +Jacob Jacobsen don't knock it till you try it budddddyyy
I think I just had nerdgasm... this is fantastic!
I was wondering since I didn't see anyone bring this up but is there an option to pin certain apps like say browser g+ music and et cetera?
And also will it be a free floating app or have the fb chathead snap to side feature?
What +jeoffrey aurelio said. This would be great for quickly adding notes to say Google Keep without having to constantly switch back and forth.
+Paranoid Android Deserve FUNDING...I already purchased PA prefs pro but as soon as I can, I LL send them a bit more. Much respect for your hard work and innovative mood
Halo eh? <Insert Beyoncé Reference Here>
+jeoffrey aurelio not sure yet. both things. right now you can drag it whereever you want but when you tap it it flies up. its a very early stage and im happy i got so far, hence the tease. what will become of this is a story i'll tell you over the next few weeks - meanwhile we start to roll out first alpha releases. but for that a few things need to get fixed first.
Lis'a B
This phone looks nice, what is it
+Paranoid Android cool thanks..alpha release sounds good...hoping who ever develops for the gnex for vzw includes lte and profile toogles at least..haha..what's the likely chance that Google watching Android devs and thinking of using devs work for core Android? I mean like how likely are they interested in the dev community's work? 
+jeoffrey aurelio their toggles came from miui. the regular rom scene is probably too hacky for google to mind. miui = programming + design, maybe that's why google noticed.
I literally just let out a yelp like a schoolgirl in the middle of work and then had to explain myself to my boss "my phone is getting an awesome new feature and i'm excited"

Thanks PA team, I am eternally greatful for how fantastic you've made the Nexus 4. Using it stock feels so primitive.
Alpha release only on n4 or n7 too? 
+Paul Henschel that i didnt know. Devs are innovating at such a fast pace now days it be hard for Google to miss all this innovation since we have like 3 big dev teams out there. Not trying to bellitle the other devs who also do great work imo. But we have aokp, cm, and pa devs who are pushing android to great hights it be hard to miss their innovation in android prontier.
what kind of paranoid android is that???????????!!!!!!!!!!!
+Paranoid Android I'm on the HTC one and we do not have aospa yet. Will I be able to use this new chat heads for every app on rooted stock sense 5 until we get a paranoid android port?
how to install that theme and icon set on paranoidandroid ?!
+Paranoid Android I just got a oppo find 5 and I will want to know if you going to support officially this beauty phone soon. 
+Paranoid Android In addition to the "bubble" launching the multi-window feature, would it be possible to implement a similar functionality to google now? i.e., swipe up from home, but instead of launching google now as a full app, it pops it up in the overlay window...could be awesome for daily use...
google now creates notifications. that means you can already launch it as pop up.
Where I can find the wallpapers like in picture? Thnx. 
I WILL NEVER BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Joey Yabor it will be impossible for root apps to do this. this is a clear cut system rewrite. android can no do this and a root hack has bad cards trying to pull that off unless they're using xposed maybe.
+Luis Castaneda aaron will perhaps release PA for oppo5 today. this won't be in it yet because it needs still some work.
+Paranoid Android that makes sense. I might have to learn how to develop an xposed mod until pa gets ported to my phone. Good job again you keep making innovations
+Paranoid Android Ah, I see, that makes sense. I was also thinking along the lines of having the "swipe up from anywhere" functionality that android gives to google now automatically launch the app in an overlay window.
PA ROM is the best... I try a lot of different ROM but no One are quickly and with good battery use like PA... :-) 
Plain and simple at appearance. 
In actuality, fierce machine.
Does anyone know how much that phone is? Looks stunning and the usability looks top class.
+Paranoid Android Please oh please focus your rom on Nexus devices first! And for God's sake, don't second-rate us, Nexus users who don't own a Nexus 4. I have been itching to try PA since early this year, but there are still many blaring issues that immediately caught my eyes as soon as my N7 (tilapia) finished booting... I'm getting jealous of all the love you've been giving to those N4 people.. We N7 people need the same love too!!! Grouper and tilapia..

N7 users (grouper and tilapia) need the same love PA team gave to N4. We need regular updates. We need a dedicated maintainer for the rom, the one that strives to make the rom as perfect as N4 version... Sorry if my post hurts someone's feelings. :(
Guys, where do I get this running on my GALAXY NEXUS? 
Hey, I hope that someone could help me. I want to root in order to install the rom, but I understand that I will lose all of my data, like settings and game saves. Is there a way to avoid that? If someone could redirect me to a guise it will be helpful :-) 
+Harris Hakim  we are two programmers right now. sadly. with projects like this it absolutely kills our time, its insane.
personally i don't do this in a traditional xda type of fashion like that jellybam dude supporting two hundred million roms. one device gets all my care and i don't look back. aaron is your n7 maintainer and from what i have seen he cares a lot. just watch out for alphas. last n7 alpha i tried transformed my tablet into a flat slug.

if more programmers would help, we could establish more of an infrastructure like cm or aokp. 
+Guy Weinberg try carbon. i hear it can deal with that without root. although i wouldn't know how - seems impossible. but the very first unlock you make will wipe your system. your apps will come back through the play store automatically but without data. doesn't matter much because most of this stuff is in the cloud. i often accidentally wipe mine when hacking it - 10 minutes and you're back.
I don't want to rush you but will all those new features will come with a pro one ? (for the pa pro prefs app) 
+Edward Kennedy n7 will be my next purchase after I buy my wife a phone, I feel bad she is still on a ZTE score...

+Paul Henschel as soon as I feel I can program at a respectable level I would love to help you guys out in anyway you need. 
This is amazing, certainly an amazing way to handle notifications.
But I think we need a few more pics to get us through.
+Paul Henschel thanks, paul for explaining the situation. Guess I'm going to have to wait for a while for the stable build with Halo and multi window overlay.. hmm
+Paul Henschel thanks for the reply! So things like my 100% cut the rope (what can I do I just love this game) are going to be okay with carbon? 
+Paul Henschel for non rooted users, there is a desktop app to extract app data using use debugging mode. For rooted users, carbon allows them to extract directly to sd card.

Edit: just read that you are a programmer yourself, I don't think I know more than you do. 
Eager to see part 2 of that video!

+Guy Weinberg I haven't tried this with games as I don't play a lot of them, but my apn, Wifi settings were taken care by carbon. Its a good app. Your app data will be restored without much hassle. Must have for users who try different ROMs frequently. Extract apk too using some other app to save time. You can always take a nandroid backup just in case if things don't go your way. Wont hurt to try. 
Take all the widgets and icons of your phone's screen and it will look simple
Don't feed the troll, guys. Flag his comment and ignore him.
So that's your interpretation of multi tasking, looks very very promising. I can't wait to try it myself! Although Google develops all their Google now stuff, swype keyboard, and so on ..., it is your innovative ideas that are really pushing android to the next level.
i want this phone so bad its ridiculous
سلام . عالی
Something tells me hybrid properties are going to get wayy more complicated.. 
+Essin Singh hybrid is not involved in this except that it actually still works on popped up windows. this will be so easy to handle a child will be able to use it
I am excited for this, and to try the alphas, there is only two things more I could ever want. I would love if paranoid came up with their own theme, (to make it definable) and for them to update their website. lol
I just can't express how excited I am to see the release of this... 
can you be my frined you will be my frined to Bowman
Are the chatheads for the stock messaging app or google talk?
hii i am usinge on whatsapp plz add me +919633019184
... i really love the actual, physical home button.
+Andre Lucas that phone in the picture does not have physical buttons it has on screen navigational buttons...
My eyes... Tearing up. You guys are awesome. Haha.
What is this?? Is it a nexus??
Great stuff trully change the whole ecosystem and learn the mobile os to work as it suppost to work...we are waiting and btw do we have an early ETA?
You guys are seriously making me consider swapping my note 2 for a nexus 4 just to get this update quicker.
can i ask the theme and or how to apply it
Akil N
Wow its awesome. when will pa 3+ available for xperia s.When will xperia s get official pa rom ,waiting For reply hope it will be available soon :)
The current limitation with Facebook's iteration is that there has to be a status bar present on the screen for chat heads to show, so it doesn't work for fullscreen apps and videos. Is this the same way?
+Jeremy Harrison no PA commented that it will work with need for speed, which is a fullscreen app so i assume it will work without the status bar
+Paranoid Android
First: this is freaking awesome!
Second : how do you choose between opening the app in a pop up and opening it normally?
Third: why do you keep using need for speed as an example if there is a place where I definitely don't want to have something poping up its in an action game,so that lead to my next question can you select in the hybrid settings on which app halo will display?

Edit: ok i just read they entire thread and you said that its not integrated in the hybrid setting ,I think it would be a mistake not to, being able to choose which app display their notification in halo and which can be overlaid by it would be a huge plus. I'm still super excited by it, you guys are awesome!
And to bad that it's coming at the same time as 4.3. Hopefully you won't take too long to port 4.3 on the nexus 7. 
cant seem to find.. can someone share the wallpapers?
+Paranoid Android can we expect a standalone rom or a PAslim with just the "halo" feature?  I had PA on my galaxy nexus a while ago, but it couldn't handle it and ran extremely slow. Extremely excited for this feature though! Reminds me of why I chose android.  A few days after I got the fb chat heads update i remember thinking, "this is brilliant. too bad it only works for facebook..." looks like someone answered my calls! Awesome work, and can't wait to give it a spin!
Wazza A
Does paranoid android have the sane features as s4?!?! Just curious
+Cameron Horst perhaps a slim version will be made. i actually want a rom like this myself, without themeing engine, navbar editor and all this junk. let's see what KLP brings and then we decide.

as for pa beingslow, i don't know about gnex but on the n4 it is one of the fastest roms you will find. this is proven beyond doubt. none of these additions will slow your experience down. in fact with all the optimizations it runs faster than stock.
+Christian J Simpson its impossible to do. rooting a nexus 4 makes absolutely no sense. you end up with something hacky and instable. the old paradigms do not apply to this plattform, this isn't a samsung. when we hit the button to compile what comes out is essentially stock android. these additions won't hurt the underlying system.
+Emran Alamshahi try FB's chatheads. that will answer your questions. do you get several bubbles for mms and fb notices? you don't.
+1 for PA Slim variant. The really revolutionary stuff - Pie, Hybrid and now Halo is all I really want. I'm not sure why I want that though, given the N4 ROM runs so fast anyway. 

Thanks +Paranoid Android 
Really wish I had a Nexus 4 to try that out....looks awesome :D
Will there be anyone who supports the Xperia Z? It's a really a open phone and now that Sony released true AOSP to it wouldn't it be kind of a bigger copy of the nexus platform? 
Damn and I just bought ninja SMS! Now it looks like it'll be redundant. Thanks PA ;p
You guys are awesome!!!!!!! :-)
Is it same lyk facebook messenger head..!!!
But it is surely for sms and so on. Facebook chathead is it says, for facebook ;)
Is that "chat heads" without FB?
Where can I download paranoid android? 
go for xda and look there
On pictrue is chat head of Fb messege????
+Đức Trường I don't think it is FB chatheads. I think Paranoid Android will present us some notifications that has the look of it but uses other communication apps
All my favorite features are on PA (my most favorite is the full screen/PIE), and now this??? I feel like the next release will be a massive one, with these tons of new features definitely, definitely and definitely more and more and more and more and more people will love your rom +Paranoid Android , getting excited... Having goosebumps right now :)
did i miss when we expect this to be merged in?  Or is it still early alpha stage? thanks
It would be nice if there could be a switch in hybrid settings to turn this off if you only want certain apps to do this, like the force large and expand extras
Is there any update for tilapia (the last is of 03/2013)?
Wow +Paranoid Android , you are everywhere, i mean.. I have read articles/blogs about your endeavors on xda, phonearena, engadget and.... Oh well, just keep up the good work, we're just really excited.
+Jeremy Oot this will be implemented through several phases. first phase will mean you get a simple ticker control, which happens to work with any app that throws notifications. you can already drag the bubble, drag it over the red X and its gone for good. has nothing to do with hybrid. to get the bubble back you press this button:

it will be setting-less for now. the goal is to make it look and feel like stock. like, very simple and easy to use.

later this will be able to switch between notifications that are present, too but it remains to be seen how that can be implemented.
Are you guys planning a release of AOSPA for d2att? This is one that I would like to have on the model. :)
no. aospa is foropen platforms only. if the manufacturer withholds kernels, sources, drivers or even starts locking down bootloaders we believe its pretty obvious they don't want people to run alternative firmwares. why would we waste time going against their wishes.
buy nexus if you like this stuff. as google delivers devices that can actually compete this will only be the very beginning and you will see more of it.
+Paul Henschel Sony just released the xperia z aosp source. Does that mean PA will make official builds for these devices?
+Akil Natarajan +Leo V Seriously? When will you people learn to read? The PA Team only officially supports Nexus devices. Its been said countless times! If you want a port you have to find a developer with your device and hope they will compile it for you. Stop asking this question, learn to read and research.
Will we get new ParanoidPreferences Pro features in the next time?
+Marcus Hoeth im busy with halo. aaron had some cool ideas for paprefs pro and hopefully he'll find time to implement them.
+Gerard Umbert goo
+Priyesh Patel thats nice. yes, that will probably mean someone will make builds for it. not us though. we are only two guys. im so busy i can't even build for mako right now because halo eats away all my time. if you know actual programmers that want to join us then sure, tell them. as for ports, they don'tneed our permission, just go ahead.
OMG! This is so awesome! Used cyanogenmod till I have my Galaxy Nexus but if you launch a beta i will be a paranoid guy ;)
When the new version of this rom will be presented?
When can we download it for NEXUS 4 ??
Can't wait to get this on my Nexus 7:) 3.15 is brilliant. And now my main ROM. The new version with Chat heads can't come soon enough. +Paranoid Android you genius.
It's going to be really useful for me. i'm always using the Pie, and i can't see the notifications easily. with this, the issue will be gone.
Yep me too. Always in Pie mode when gaming :)
What is the wallpaper on this image with the blue background?
is possible Paranoid Android -> Samsung Galaxy S Advance ? please :D
+heber quequejana as stated many times before. PA devs only develop for Nexus devices ( and opp5). it's up to a local dev to make PA happen on your device.
+Paranoid Android I noticed an issue with the pull down quick settings panel. If I add a sound toggle it will mute my Nexus 7 fine. But hitting it again appears to do nothing. This is on 3.15. Apologies if this has been mentioned before.
+Paranoid Android Almost forgot. On the Nexus 7 is it normal for the battery meter to remain blue when the battery is low, and sometimes change to red when I load an app?
When I quit out of the app it returns back to blue again.
+Brian Hillard its normal if you set a tint. go into the colorpicker and click the 'stock' button and it goes back to the default color scheme. tinted colors are mono.
+Paranoid Android Cheers. I think I got it now. The Stock option in the bottom left corner. Although I had to rotate my tablet to see it. Great ROM. Can't wait for the chat heads like feature :)
will this come to the international s3 or its exclusive to nexus? 
One problem with all version 3 ROMs is that when u try to move or add apps on the home screen the launcher crashes. This is on a nexus 4 with stock launcher. I thought maybe the prob wud be addressed but it hadn't. Also love the multi screen work ur doing. Keep up the good work. 
Suggestion: merge the pie control with this circle notification concept. Have the notification circle show for a few seconds where the pie control would be and then hide it with the pie control and tap it to access!
CyanogenMod has been boring these days. Might move away soon! AOSPA has been doing a lot of the cool stuff! 
:D This is so cool. I loved the chatheads concept and how it worked!
+Brian O Reilly I never had that problem when i was using the stock launcher. ether way ive moved past that launcher and i am currently using the xperia z launcher and loving it
it's quite sad if it's a nexus 4 exclusive, what about all of us that are still on the gnex?
All I can say is give us the ability to choose what apps get "chat heads" and what apps don't, and I'll be the happiest person in the world. That's literally my only request.
Awesome work guys, I'm excited like a kid in a toy store! :D

+Paranoid Android is there any way to test it out this stage build? (Mako) 
Gotta upgrade! I'm using 2.54 and missing out! Is it available for galaxy tab 2 7.0?
+Gilton Quick you have to check with the developer which port the 2.54 to your device as PA only supports Nexus devices 
Ron DC
Can't wait...
I love PA but.. Usually a experiment a bug.. The interface apear in phablet mode and i have to go hibrid and restore stock ui ..(maguro)
And can you share the wallpaper? Pls
1-2-3-4 days, depends on the progress we make, and first builds will roll out. 
I just hope android 4.3/5.0 won't nullify all these tweaks >…<
Will it have an influence on performance? Some PPL say you will need 2gbs of ram. Imo it looks like switching to other app. 
+Paranoid Android I been reading about you guys even before I got my N4. You took this to a whole new level, and that's great!!! PA is the reason why I was about to root my N4, but then I see you write that it does not make any sense, meaning I can install PA without rooting my N4. Is it true, and can you point me in the right direction to do so, please? Sorry for dumb question. You rock! Thanks!
have you got a link to download this ?

and thx for your answer :-)
When can use this amazing ROM? 
Anyone tell me how can I get this theme?
What theme is this and how can I get it?

Windows has no such feature and if you are talking about the minimalism thats a concept that existed way before Windows.
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