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4.4 RC2

Last monday we introduced our first release candidate, that sadly included a couple of ugly bugs like Chrome one. Today not only recently introduced bugs have been squashed out. We extended Theme Engine support to other AOSP apps along with fixing some system components not getting themed (On-The-Spot and system dialogs). Also many improvements have been made to our features and many bug tracker tickets have been closed. Thanks to you all.

- General improvements

- Improved sensors algorithm

- Fixed theme support
- Separate dimension for dual tile switch so themers can edit it separately
- Other small fixes

- General improvements

Theme Engine
- Upstream feature patches/fixes
- Fixed system and on the spot dialogs theming
- Other fixes

- Fixed clear all glitch on quick double press while many apps are loaded
- Crash preventing patches

- Fixed various force closes (Chrome, Settings, DocumentsUI)
- Fix input settings empty screen when launching from keyboard
- Fixed Safe Headset Volume dialog Softboot 

Nexus 5
- Fixed lens blur rendering

P.S. If you like the themes in the image below #Flux (left) theme is available in the PlayStore, show +John Xionidis some love. #Nue (right) theme by +Arz Bhatia isn’t available yet, stay paranoid :)

Crowdin translation system:

Community legacy corner:

Fi Theme:
PiazzA Theme:
Flux Theme:
Nue Theme:
Kraken Icon Pack:

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Kos Kap
The best out there!
If I want to install RC2 from Stock 4.4.3 (Nexus 4) do I need to wipe everything or just system and cache?
wow.. 8 comments in less than 2 min.. All are being paranoid.. 😉
P.S. thanks pa team and specially +Carlo Savignano for his work.. That bought my gnex to life.. 😊☺
Is the google chrome's bug had been solved? 
Now that's what I'm talking about.. 
So, is this the latest and most stable release of kitkat, or you will tell us when it's that time?
Thank you for your work guys
I got the RC2 via OTA
can I install it through the build in installer ? or there are special procedure required ?
Super! Can't wait to install it on my i9100 xD
how do we report bugs that get generated on device ? like when a bug capture occurs. where should we send it?
Yay, RC2 is near perfection now guys! Thank you!
Allan x
Cool, installing rc2 rigth now
Is it possible to make peek as lock screen replacement? So when i press power button i can easily acces my notification? 😀😀
Is the smaller icon part of the update too? All my icons shrunk. Lol
+Karim Hachem - I don't always feed trolls, but when I do it's to make fun of your pimp styled cliché beach profile picture!
Roman T
Why do I need to download gapps again from ota, when my apps is up to date from Google store? 
Great, when will it be available for LG g2 devices? Thanks 
Is Xposed framework supported? I didn't understand what the "run Forrest run!" comment meant at PA community G+ page
What is the name of the theme on the left?
Kei Liu
Help! I can't stop searching themes now! 
Just upgrade on nexus 7 2013 and now I have smaller icons on launcher (I'm using Nova). 
Ge Res
did you add a possibility to disable pie rotation?
I love the Piazza theme, however I bought all three packs. Piazza stands out as THE PA theme.
On Nexus 5 the VPN is not working anymore from the last Rc1... Do you know why??? 
Allan x
RC2 working like a boss on grouper, nice work!!! waiting the legacy update for geeb
google keyboard began crashing when ga apps updated, flashed the last ga apps package back on and its working fine, is it necessary to update this?
Please tell when rc2 will land on legacy devices
.08% drop per hour during standby time on default settings
Screenshot for hikari for cr2???
When I enable Hover, I get several text notifications for the same text and tapping any of them results in Google Search crashing to the point that I have to reboot my phone to use it. This is RC2 on a Nexus 5. 
I cant connect to wifi. Is it just me ?
Finally .. The ugly bugs are fixed :)
Waiting .. I9100
Allan x
battery life is really bad on RC2 , about 25% in 1hour on grouper. RC 1 drop about 10-15% top
RC2 works perfectly so far on my N5. Great job guys.
Im still hoping for the addition of status bar brightness controle by swiping. It could easily be implemented without an extra menu (the Google way). But hey I leave it up to you guys.
Fix the link for the bug tracker. It's .net not .com ☺

Awesome, I've not even flashed RC1 ;( where do I find the radio and boot loader etc? Keep it going PA!
Domi Q
I'm still on 4.4.2 BETA 1, is this build stable? Should I wait for the future builds? 
chrome still crashes on auto complete on my nexus 5 :( 
i still dont understand , is this an app or what ? and how can i download  it in my nexus 5 , please help . this thing looks nice.  
Works real nicely on my maguro Gnexus. Now I'm reflashing Franco Kernel ;-) 
this is a will need to root your nexus 5 to install it on your
phone.for rooting nexus 5 see the thread on
I don't know what's wrong, but I flashed 4.4 RC2 earlier this morning on my GSM Galaxy Nexus and got no cell service. Didn't get asked for PIN or anything; when I tried to choose my network (M-Tel Bulgaria) manually, I got a message that it's unavailable. I flashed RC2 over RC1 without flashing new GApps (I had the pack from 1-2 weeks ago). I tried manually wiping /system, but it's the same. Back to RC1 for now...

What radio should I be running (it may be the cause)?
download the latest radio zip from the xda thread.
Back a couple versions ago, I disabled the clear all from recents feature by mistake. Does anyone know how to change it back? The far right soft key only escapes the recent apps list when I'd like it to clear the apps. Thanks.
Yay! Thank you, a stable release! I'll be using this build until the final release build is out. :)
!!!!NEED HELP!!!!

Where can I get 4.4.3's radio and bootloader for my "Nexus 7 (2013)" aka deb?! 
Never would have guessed the chrome crash was a ROM bug. So happy to hear it's been fixed!
Тема Flux Theme весьма хороша. Однако обои этой темы почему-то не встают (((.  Диалер по-прежнему полупрозрачный. в 4.4.3 вернулись к раннему варианту 
Is peek fully work on the falcon version or it have problem with sensor? 
Im on rooted 4.4.3 Stock (N5), should a normal wipe be enough for flashing this version? And I don't need to flash a new radio right? Thanks!
+Julian Brany if you're on 4.4.3 then you don't need the new radio, you already have it. So factory reset and flash away!
This is a nice bit of news first thing in the morning.
Just for reassurance, if I download the source and build it myself for mako and hammerhead, Hover won't be in it, correct?
Anyone know whats the theme name on the right side ?
Got errors when updating from RC1 to RC2... What i did is reboot to TWRP and did a fresh install using the downloaded RC2 rom and Latest GAPPs on the download folder on the PA-OTA folder... Everything now is working great!
I keep getting the wrong MD5 sum. Re-downloading over and over again.
Guys, I've been off PA scene for a while, where are all customisation features ? Especially missing phablet mode :/
You can use Atomic Green theme , it is very sweet.
Cool I was just waiting for this. One suggestion- customizable pie colors pls?? 😀😀😀😀
I haven't used PA for a while now but wow it looks nice!
Is there (unofficial)support for the Sprint HTC One M7?
Where can I find the radio for nexus 4?
Have you guys fix the randomly turned off WiFi bug? 
When I install this update can I just flash over PA RC1? or do I have to do factory reset? 
+Anas Khalid oh my you have some reading to do😏 you need to first unlock your boot loader and root your phone then install a custom recover and flash this Rom. I would do a Google search of 'how to root my nexus5' and start with that. This is not just as simple as installing an app....just read you'll see and if you do will be all here waiting🍻
It feels like my WiFi got weaker. Might be just a feeling though. And it is quite annoying that I can't swipe away the hover notification for play music. Otherwise everything is fine now
Are there any plans to restore the PIE functionality from 3.99? It was truly perfect and no other version of pie controls even comes close. Will the options ever return or are you guys sticking with PIE lite/nerfed? 
How's the batter life on the nexus 5 now? A month ago it was atrocious.
Don't suppose you guys have any resources on building these themes? I'd like to try my luck at designing one of my own but I don't really know where to get started. I'm hoping there's a theme builder of some sort that will compile my assets into an apk?
Excitement pulses through my veins!
Can't wait to make a new build!
Why do I always have trouble downloading gapps?

A. Kal
Paranoid OTA keeps crashing!! I can't update my nexus 7
Its not a feature request but you may consider as suggestion. The battery text in the circle battery looks a little bit offset. It may be just limited to my eyes but the circle battery of CM looks more authentic and seems to be in line of PA's strategy of maintaining the features streamlined.
Since the RC1 I lost the swipe method on the keyboard. I updated GA to Did I flashed the wrong GAPPS?
no wifi issue for me (running the stock kernel) this last update fixed the chrome issue, awesome! thanks again guys :)
One more thing - do you also have some problems with gravity box (navbar settings) since RC1?
When will the dpi adjust feature add to pa? I really like the old pa version which have phone,tablet, phanet .etc config u can choose to apply 
I had the same issue as some others did with google keyboard after installing RC2 and gapps on N5. I reinstalled the older gapps and all is well, but I'll try again to update later and see if the keyboard works.
Problems with google keyboard are gapps issue. Please see the gapps thread and find your fix there. It has nothing to do with the ROM update. 
How is the official build of i9300? You no longer build for non Nexus?
I would appreciate PA on Nexus 7 LTE edition guys :/
+Luke Pring not a problem with the ROM. Get the fix for google keyboard issues from the gapps thread as I have already mentioned
Alguém indica um tutorial para a atualização de quem já está com a versão 4.4.3 no Nexus 5?
Someone could indicate a tutorial that can help in the installation of this ROM for people who already use the version 4.4.3 of Nexus 5? I have to say that my device is all original. Tks so much! 
Is paranoid android like a cm mod or stock. I get aosp and that stuff mixed up
My nexus 7 grouper reboots when press yes on the high volume warning dialogue. It gives me three options, yes, ask later, no. No matter what I press, it reboots. Solve it please.
+Luke V recommended to update bootloader and radio if your device has a new one for 4.4.3. You can find info on your device forum on xda. 
+Rohit Ghali this issue was addressed with RC2. If you are still having issues with it then you need to utilize our bug tracker. If you don't use the bug tracker, your issue doesn't exist. 
Can any1 comfirm for me that this rom has the feature i want.
1. Volume rocker wake screen
2. Volume rocker music control
3. Sleep button from quick setting menu
Do we need to install the latest gapps with the rc2 release? 
Hey guys, you might check out the keyboard because it crashes on this version even from a fresh install
+Luke Pring I don't like being ignored when I provide you with help. If you have problems with Google keyboard your fix is in the Gapps thread. It is not a rom issue 
Crash in the telephone keyboard :(
+J-Go Jon we have a bug tracker. If you can reproduce it we need a log of the issue and a way to track it. 
Lubin T
This one is much smoother and more stable than the last! This is great!
Thanks paranoidandroid team.. I have been waiting for the update. Glad the chrome bug has been fixed..
I really wish we could "-1" comments.
+Luke Pring the keyboard we ship with the rom works fine. If you have a real issue then report it on the bug tracker. This thread is not the place! 
I'm getting a continuous systemui FC after dirty flashing RC2 over RC1 on grouper. Is it supposed to be clean flash only? I'll try to get a log and post in the bug tracker later today, if someone hasn't already done so by then.

(Gapps version 20140608)
Curious if WiFi for Mako is fixed in RC2? Or is it just me having issues?
Hover isn't working correctly on nexus 5
is it necessary to flash latest gapps 20140615 after flashing rc2 over rc1.......i meant can i use gapps 20140608 with rc2
+Tory Newnham it's only an issue if you are installing a custom kernel. There is nothing on our end that can fix that. It's a kernel issue. 
Does that mean the separate gapps download can be ignored? Is PA aware that a MD5 mismatch error pops up when the file is downloaded and ready to install?
If Im coming to another kernel(elemental x) on Nexus 5, do I have to flash stock kernel? And which version of kernel, CM or AOSP? Thx
GREAT version, loving RC2. Only problem is I lost root after a dirty flash... Well, it said it was rooted but every app failed to get root access. Trying a clean flash now. Did anyone else experience this after a dirty flash?
+Filip Lovász you don't need to change a kernel before flashing a rom. The rom includes stock Google kernel. If you want to replace the kernel use an aosp one made for 4.4.3
+Joshua Bluehawk you didn't lose root unless you flashed a kernel that removed it. It might have gotten disabled in developer settings or superuser app. The /system partition is read only and a single file (su binary) can't just disappear. 
Guys, need some help.. Nothing to do with Rom but with google now.. Strangely google now always shows no internet connection and does not load.. With Wi-Fi and 3g both I have tried but cant load google now.. Didn't want to post it in bug tracker as this may likely not be a rom issue.. Anyone else having this trouble or a fix for this? Device is Mako! Thanks and sorry for spamming this thread!
Must have been the Faux kernel, do I just flash the newest zip for supersu?
Pie controls dont seem to work fluently for me in immersive mode.....It only gets triggered once in  5 or 6 trials.... It was same in rc1.
Please tell me when this rc2 will arrive for legacy devices
Jose M
I'm using latest paranoidandroid (4.4 Beta 2, Android 4.4.3) in my Nexus 4 and I can't change the height of the navigation bar as i used to do before. 

Is there any incompatibility with 4.4.3?

Love the new build, running since last night and its been rock solid (in my use case).  Way to go PA!
Gotta comment again and say GREAT JOB. I'm loving my phone again. <3
Jose M
According to people in the gravitybox xda thread, PA broke the compatibilty with the module and the height adjustement of the navigation bar will no longer work.

How can I report the bug?. I must warn I know nothing of coding.
PA is by far the best Rom out there! thank you
Everything is working great so far except one thing... I always get a FC when making a Google search (from Now). Anyone else with this issue? What should I do, complete clean flash again?
I love the pinned update posts! And everyone remember to follow Paranoid Android for updates! Looking forward to testing the new one out this week! Great job!
to update from RC1 to RC2, do i need to install GAPPS after the RC2 as well?
Jose M
Everything working fine. It seems battery life is improved (using hellscore kernel). Thank for your work.
Many thanks for this great ROM. No problems found! 
Hey guys, if coming from rc1, can I just update to rc2 or do I need to wipe something? 
Everything ok until now. Many thanks. Any chance to add cifs in the future?
Excellent! Thanks for the stable release 
When can we start ota'ing common sense? 
You guys always produce great work. Loving the direction you've gone with the OS, making smaller changes that feel like part of stock Android. 
So I just made a complete fresh install, with system wipe and still: Search keeps forceclosing when making a search :( Anyone with a fix here?
All the problems I had are fixed great job I'm gonna download now :) 
fresh install, I can't get clear recents apps working, I still can't see the button on the right top of the screen
+Muhammad Saldy it doesn't exist in the top of the recents screen. The clear all button replaces the recents button. 
Its is true that PA team dont put hybrid setting anymore in the ROM? Its bad, one of the simbols to me its the hybrid settings...bit OK 
How to calibrate my gyroscope in this build? ?
Is the green theme the Neu theme that's not available? Reminds me of my favorite old theme engine theme, torrid teal. Would love something like that! 
pie still seems to be a little unresponsive, doesn't engage as effortlessly as in beta releases
Best ROM out there. Thanks PA for all your work.
For the record I love the PA rom (RC2) on my Nexus 5, but for whatever reason(s) I just cannot get it working on my Nexus 10. :(
This ROM has hard bricked my nexus 4! Good job guys, really good job...
Any tutorial to fix that without warranty?
Ryan Ye
PIE still goes back to bottom side in landscape mode. :(
+Алексей Матвеев you can't blame a rom for a hard brick.  there is nothing the rom can do to cause a hard brick.  without a better description of your issue, there is absolutely no recommendation that can be given.  does it boot?  what is YOUR definition of 'hard brick', because I know what the real definition of hard brick is.
I was only scrolling my launcher, when the screen comes black, but it was turned on. After 1 minute i press down a power button and the phone turns off completely.
Now it's not responding completely, and when i connect it to PC, i have a unknown device named: "QHSUSB_DLOAD" (Hard bricked phone).
Heads up as a warning. boot hang on my acro s legacy device on ota update. Also seems i can't install the old RC1 again from recovery since it's older. 
How to stopped rotoff ating screen ? When I apply rotation. Odd in status bar still screen rotation why its bug

I'am now on 4.4.2 beta 1. Should I wipe or flash something or I can just use ota app? Thx!
ota app should work just fine, but gapps update is not necessary.
+Macias Mtz. Humbertho click the link in the post that says COMMUNITY LEGACY CORNER, because, no, we don't outright support anything that isn't a nexus.  The legacy team supports non-nexus devices.
Great to know you fixed the Sage Headphone soft reset bug, it was incredibly annoying! I came back home today thinking that I should post it l, even though you probably were already aware of it. But it wasn't necessary, because the awesome ParanoidAndroid OTA updater sent me the new version. Thanks for your dedication!
Dirty flashed rc2 over rc1, was running rock solid, today morning alarm was ringing, and got couple of FCs, phone rebooted and now, settings are gone, many things are not responding like google search, status bar, nav bar.... Going bavk to the stable beta...

how to turn on PIE - i can't find it. when pressing IMMERSIVE - just removing my nav bar and bottom? can some one explain me? I own N5 with the last PA 4.4 RC2
Hi guys how do I get the clear all recent apps button to appear?
+Franklin Ford If you are on a legacy device (not a nexus) you need to be in immersive.  If you are on a nexus device, just hit the recents button and it will prompt you the first time to set it to clear all.
Its there in immersive mode but isn't it possible to have it in normal mode?
+Franklin Ford if you are on a legacy device you need to take it up with the legacy community. Stock PA has clear all recents any time. 
Not getting the clear all button in immersive mode. Not a big deal, though. I'm enjoying the ROM :)
i updated from rc1 to rc2, my WiFi isn't turning on, it always says "Turning on WiFi" in WiFi settings.
anyone with same issue?
Hi I am New to Paranoid ..... I am not sure if i am being paranoid.. but...   I couldn't find any paranoid custom settings except the theme engine :P
4.5 hours on standby and a 32% battery loss? Wth is up with that
+Bender Rodriguez your comment has zero context.  Try posting in the community with some actual info and battery stats
+Bender Rodriguez rogue app? location set to high accuracy? Try the Elemental X kernel 0.44 I'm at 11 hours on first flash of RC2 with 2 hours and 32 minutes of screen on time with 46 percent left. 
Feel like having xposed back....   really expected a lot from Paranoid... :p
Anyone know where I can the latest 4.4.3 PA GAPPs? 
I heard paranoid had various modes + mods .. I dint see much anything...
+sumesh nandha you must be thinking about pre-KitKat.  It is no secret that when kitkat was released PA decided to rewrite everything and make a new vision.
Dang, when's the "Nue" theme going to be done? I can't wait!
Thanks for the update dev!

Everything work just fine but I have a trouble while turning the wifi on. I cant turn it on from quick pull down menu nor from the settings. :'( please help.
+Dimas Wahyu P. i am so tired of saying it.  this thread is not intended for HELP.

but let me guess, you installed a custom kernel.
So wished I had my gnex again 
Oh nice! I'll try on second ROM with muiti-rom. But for nexus 4 the best for daily still the paranoid 4.3 beta 7 with ak exodus 268 kernel( you can use anyone). 
+Oemar BGS now you're just trolling.

You can easily ignore all the comments. There's no need to go around being
a douche to everyone. If well all are in need in dire help we can figure it
out and get to it when we have time.
Never said that. You said that. Just said that you rudely said to various
people that this is not a help section.
Please, could you add a feature to blacklist some notification that shows in floating mode like the input mode notification because it hides what we are typing. Thanks to you anyway
please add f2fs support for kernel.
i have to flash lego kernel get to work with all-f2fs formats compromizing latest kernel from 4.4.3..
The amount of laziness on here...even with a stable build....
Nice Job!!!! But,It's really hard to download GAPPS from OTA APP. Always wrong MD5.............
Can we have the translucent lock screen back please.
What does the last line mean ?? Xposed working or not ??
I'm a bit confused. I'm sure the build is epic, but is it also available for Oppo Find 5 ? Currently running on the "Hello Halo" version.

Can I use any of the available ROMs for my device?

Can't wait to test this release! Also, now I can buy stuff on Google Play, so buying themes is an option. I kinda like the Flux theme...
I just received an OTA update of GAPPS "". Would I have to flash it from recovery once it's downloaded? OR would installing it (once it's downloaded) from the Paranoid OTA app be enough?
Gnex ısınma çok ve pil çabuk bitiyor 
Hey PA could u guys loook into the increase consumption of the battery life! t989
Is pa available for LG G2?
Officiall or unofficial release or something? 
How can I switch from 3.99RC2 to this beauty?
Can't access my library on play music, always force closes 
Excellent job on Hammerhead aka Nexus 5. 0 issues and battery life is amazing thus far. Still on first flash with 18+ hours and 3 hours of screen on time with 27 percent left. 
Do u have anything for my galaxy grand quattro
How well does the OTA update service? If i had been on RC1 would it have updated me to RC2? 
Wow. I can't believe the amount of stupid on this thread.... 
+Tim Olson download and install no issues here on hammerhead (Nexus5) from RC1 to RC2. 
I'm convinced I could give out banking information on here in a comment and it won't get read 
very good i need device
Anyone tried this with ART?  I am getting a bootloop.
did you really killed halo i don't minf having hover for my notification but halo was also useful for widgets and apps in windows form special when u fused it with xposed to pin apps in it 
+otis ellis sure it does. But there are apps that can cause it to not work, like flip board and xposed
+Matt Flaming from my experience ART shouldn't be used until Google officially incorporates it into Android. It's still experimental and it has crashed my phone on several occasions when using PA. I don't use xposed at all. Dalvik is still the most stable choice on PA. 
+otis ellis agreed that dalvik is preferred until Google gets it out of beta but it actually does work fine with PA, as I have used it for months. 
Still not as fluid as BETA7 in my opinion...
Back to BETA 7...
Nice work, but in immersive mode I experienced some issues with pie control. It's delayed a bit and sometimes it doesn't respond. The best implementation still remains the one of RC 3.99 version. Are you planning to improve it in next releases? 
Coming from beta7 do I need to wipe data or can I just flash via Tom manager
i Love your rom very much, Could you please add it for HTC EVO 3D device :)  

Thanks in advance
+jagadeesh kumar see every other comment in this thread and every other thread regarding support for non Nexus devices.


Woop flashed it onto my s4 i9500 lookin good downloading flux thanks again PA
how do i stop the battery level indicator from flashing every 30 seconds???
Tried it on my Moto G. Hover needs a white list. I don't need a hover banner for play store installation notifications and the keyboard notification.
Please, someone fill a bug report I just spoted (maybe others too). When you unlock your phone and touch a "folder" of apps, the transparency effect for those items is too much.  Thank you.
In fact, I think that that bug is very random. When you touch a folder, it may be transparent or not.  I just installed this rom yesterday

Also I found a bug in the AOSP Browser: when you activate "Quick Controls" under Lab settings menu, the address bar freezes and the "loading indicator" (a blue line under the address bar) turns into a weird line.
Coming from another rom (mako with 4.4.2) requires to update bootloader and/or radio? If so can anyone adddress me to correct links?? Thanks a lot! 
Wich theme is the one from the image with round quick-toggles?

Edit: Found it, Its called Flux
What's the green theme?
Uhhhh. You don't mean the one that has the name in the post right? That would be too crazy.... 
My phone melius3gxx
Why dont show on my phone battery charger animation when i charger my phone???
Several updates ago my hotspot tethering broke and only shows "error" when I try to use it...any help? Google nexus 4
YJ Lee
On Nexus 4, if you want to use Franco Kernel with PA RC2, note that wifi will not work with Franco r208. There is a "test" version of Franco r209, and PA RC2 wifi works with that. I'm on Nexus 4 PA RC2 with Franco test r209, and everything is working great! Thanks to all devs.
Having a hard time finding r209
If you use Google and search xda for the broken tether issue an answer comes up to delete /data/misc/wifi
hi, exist a version compatible with samsung galaxy note N7000 intl???  thank u
+Gian Luca that's a good question!

That has been answered a million times. Click the link to the legacy community. 
Hey PA, can you integrate sms pop-up functionality and the possibility to reply or mark as read directly from notifs for sms and email? 
I have one question, every time i start typing something, the system lets me to choose the input method, then hover pops up, any way i can blacklist this ??
+Jinghua Li yep!

The answer has been posted so many times it's ridiculous.

Turn off ime notification in language and input or blacklist the notification. 
+Matt Flaming But which one in the apps section i should balcklist??
why wouldnt you just long press on the notification and let it take you right to the app info?
My battery life on rc1 was amazing. After doing a clean full wipe install with this version, the battery drains faster. I charged my n5 to 100% last night and this morning it was at 92% with rc1 I did the same thing and it was at 97% when u had woken up. Is anyone else's battery draining faster? 
Can you please explain why RC 3.99 manta is the last room supporting direct plug and play for USB OTG? Every peripheral works with that release. All Roms after have issues. Any fix?
You should add the ability to change individual icons
This was seriously the most painful reading that I have ever done in the last ten minutes. Don't know how you guys deal with it
How can I revert back to the normal launcher ? I tried out the new themes option and its laggy as hell ! I wanna go back to the old launcher ! Cant find it!
Hi guyz, sorry to post that here but I've some issues after upgrading today from  4.4beta1 140605 to RC2. I can't move anymore any app to my internal sdcard although I can see it  in system settings -> Storage ; and not full. Does anyone have the same issue?
I've been getting some weird bug whenever the screen is off. It'll get very laggy then won't it come on at all until I plug in the charges for the screen to manually to turn on. 
Again this isn't a bug reporting thread 
We didn't miss anything this week, so comments not needed anymore :)

See you on RC.. well next release :P