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Beta 3
First off we'd like to give credits to +espen olsen  and +Leonard Leijenhorst  for the new boot animation. In the end we combined the two we submitted for votes earlier this week.
On that note we'd like to thank everyone that submitted new animations for consideration. Thank you for your time and creativity.
New boot animation - ParanoidAndroid 4+ Official bootanimation

With this release we've introduced a new UI element that may be used for some of those preferences that you set once and forget about. Instead of adding more layers under settings, we've created a new global "on-the-spot" preference dialog that we can plug into to manage such options. The first preference to take advantage of this feature is the quick setting pull down we added to the status bar last week.

As we're on the topic of quick settings, quick settings 3.0 introduces dual tiles. Tiles which have dual modes will contain an indicative icon in the top right corner, which will swap modes with a simple tap. You can also decide which side shows as the default view for the tile.

Immersive mode can now toggle between full immersive, navigation bar only and status bar only.
The brightness tile (via long press) can now turn auto-brightness on/off.

A note on the Google dialer, as we noted in the previous release, using the Google dialer conflicts with some custom implementations. As such, we've added a dialer check which will remove those features that conflict. This means you are free to install without issue. The AOSP dialer has also been updated to reflect the look of the Google dialer.
Features that will be removed
- network tiles
- increasing ringtone

Oh yeah...galaxy nexus freezes should be gone

Full change logs @

Oh, we're also proud to announce that we've got 200k +1 on our Google+ official page.
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Great wrk... I have toroplus. Just wanted to throw that in there
Wow... Just when I got used to beta2 and spent 6hrs on my theme... Haha... Nice.. Can't wait..
So still no per app change and phone/phablet/tablet changes?
Pete Kemp
Does PA have "Show status bar on notification"? If not could this be implemented? (for use with immersive mode)
Surprised that you picked the boot animation with the lesser number of votes. The other option was definitely better.
Wow... You guys are the best.. I was Paranoid when you'll release the Beta3.. :-D 
How did that weak ass boot animation win when the other one had close to 2000 1's? Lol
Amazing! The dual tiles feature will be another breaking innovation by Paranoid Android. Keep it up, guys! 
Congrats to the winner. Can we have the other bootanimation from Leonard? In a flashable zip.?
Pete Kemp
Guys, they COMBINED the animations
+Paranoid Android.. I've said it before n I'll say it again. You guys are rock! Your ROM is the best in the dev community!
+Connor Hartzog CM style. Claim to let users decide, then pick what you always planned anyways.  you'll probably find a commit log laughing at the users...
Keep them coming PA. Awesome Work!
Congratulations to +espen olsen
I knew your animations were too good to let go.
+Pete Kemp that obviously went unnoticed.  They needed a reason to get out their pitchforks..
Sweet thanks guys! Great work! In regards to the one time settings prompt, let's say I pick the wrong one cause I'm dumb, how would I change it again? +Paranoid Android
You guys picked the right bootani the other one was lame
+Paranoid Android Would it be possible to implement white accents to replace the blue ones. Some other custom roms have done this and they, in my opinion, look better put together.
+Dan Rhodes it was intended to pick one...someone suggested merging and the designers agreed...It's their work after all
from my poll post:

this will help us in our decision guys, We have two final candidates for our PA4+ bootanimations. We will have final say but, we want to see your input which help, the team,  choose which should be official bootani. Here are the videos for both
Why people comment before reading the whole post, I will never understand. 
Awesome work guys , so many customizations can't wait to get my hands on complete PA4+ goodness.
+Paranoid Android I am in no way asking for an eta or complaining but how is halo and pie coming along? I noticed halo is starting to be built in but what are some difficulties your having with pie?
Edit: curiosity more than anything
No more graphical glitches in G+ app on Maguro anymore which in turns stops the freezing. See through lock screen still doesn't work but other than that it's perfect.Thanks for the awesome release +Paranoid Android
+Andre Saddler yeah I've been watching the gerrit. I tried halo and it was indeed a little buggy. I was just curious thanks for the info though :)
Can you guys clarify what options are affected by the Google dialer. I know network toggles are but what else?
Wow thanks for your hard work guys and girls! ^-^
The installer keeps telling me my GApps are out of date.
Have ran the install a few times now and they install but every time it still says they are out of date

+Alessandro Eppacher thx, I'm on the stock, I just wanted to know more about it, since I'm deciding if move to PA. I'm w8ing for Halo for my N5 & Hybrid for my N7;if there was a real OTA I would move, but as I just seen on a video, it is just the old Paranoid OTA who link you to the new version. 
So no halo or pie or hybrid yet right? I hope u can add transparent status bar and navigation bar for all apps, and not like before where u had to choose the colors, but rather that u can detect the color of the top part of the application to match it, there is a xposed module that does this ! I'd be great 
So I'm coming from the Gnex to the Nexus 5, where can I find a link to the Google Dialer zip?
what kind of features are removed when using the google dialer? 
+ZhaoLin Chen for now only increasing ringtone and network tiles. PA answered this before like 20 comments above. could have just read them all. ;)
So excited for the hybrid engine....!
+Paranoid Android can you clarify if there is any volume amplifier or dsp manager. I have a Nexus 5 with horribly low volume.
Not sure if this has been asked before, but is there any sort of delta update system planned?
The boot animation will be the final version of PA?
+Matt Flaming thanks for covering that. I found one that will work hopefully. I never understood why the nexus like has such low volume 
Is it possible to get a zip file of this? I accidentally flashed a test file for the Nexus 10 version of the animation on my Nexus 4 and now the eye is way blown up compared to the GN one lol.
I tried like 3 times refreshing the rom and no luck for any of those tries... :-/ 
where did you install the bootanimation?  it is supposed to go in /system/media where it would get wiped when you reinstall the ROM.
Any news about holo colors? Or is it abandoned? that thing was my favourite
+Matt Flaming I used the BootAnimations app to install it so I'm not sure where it went. In any case, I deleted the zip file in the system/media folder and then reflashed the rom and now I have the stock animation... I think I messed up lol.
Any unofficial builds found for the note 3? (I have a nexus 7)
I don't think I notice any combined designs on the Boot Animation. I liked (+1) the one that says it PA4+.

Edit: Oh, now I see what was changed on the merge. Thanks for pointing it out +Andre Saddler 
Dear lord. I'm so stinkin excited for you to get the new builds with Halo out. :D This is clearly the best Android ROM right now.
Great, great work PA Team. Also, this is the first time I am not changing the boot animation to Nexus/stock because I like its gorgeousness. And by the way, this isn't a PA ROM problem but of Kitkat in general, Exchange services drains my battery for at least 20% every cycle, even if I am offline. The only way to solve it is by restarting my phone, but I don't like restarting often. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
beta3 contains updates about immersive mode, plus the creative "on-the-spot" UI along with quick settings 3.0, this release is huge and big time! 
+Michael Ferrer a little bit late but, try to put your on /data/local and giving 644 permissions. It won't wipe the original bootanimation and what you need to get back to stock would be only deleting the custom one ;)

BTW love that till now is the only rom with all new sounds from KK. Like the N5 ones ;D
Great work
Its really hard to hold back now
But me still waiting for the pie to add on to the rom along with the main features
Can't wait to try the update for my HTC One! I love your team's work. Best experience for any phone I've owned. 
Update is solid.. Nice boot animation. Quick settings now look sleek and more useful. Clean work on it.😀
Combined boot ani is just awful. So glad it can just be overwritten. 
+Tom Burgin well, we can't please everyone now can we. This is what we came up with, sorry to hear it wasn't your kind of pie
As much as I love the stock Google boot animation, I love paranoid android. It's due time to have a cool unique one. 
Long shot but do you support Moto x tmobile version?
+espen olsen I'm just saying that it's good to be unique even if you can't please everyone. I like the change =) 
+Frank Fabian no.  in the same way that every other device query is answered, nexus/oppo only.
How do I take off the right side quick settings slide down option?
Nice update guys. Loving these extra features
+nate seeley I think Google got rid of that code in 4.4 KitKat. So we won't be seeing it (Anyone correct me if I am wrong)
No offense guys, but that animation it's just wrong, and you know that "design by committee" always ends in awfulness. Leonard Leijenhorst's animation was far better (I think that a difference of 700 votes in G+ is considerable), but I understand that +Paranoid Android's team has the final word, so, I came here with a little request: could you provide the animations (both, so the users who took the time to vote could have the chance of choose) in a gif or flashable zip? Please? +Andre Saddler 
+Paranoid Android Is it not possible to have both dialers installed and thus reap the benefits from both? If not, are there plans to incorporate the google dialer, or perhaps include it in the gapps package?
+Jorge Morales why would we publish it?  Those guys are fully capable of giving the animation to you, and anyone else that wants them.  The only ones that PA will host are the ones in the rom.  it will be packaged with the rom as official.
+Matt Flaming My mistake, I was referring to let people know, just how you made it with the poll, I didn't mean nothing like hosting or something like that.
+Jorge Morales As already announced elsewhere, the decision with the team was that the 2 should get together and combine their efforts to make the official animation.  Yeah, we know there were more votes for one than the other, but it came down to liking aspects of each, and the best compromise was to use a joint effort
Yes.. My idea win ! You rock pa 's team!
I know it sounds petty, but the only thing keeping me from switching to PA as my daily driver is a 'Sound Profile' toggle in the quicktoggles. I use that often, so a quicktoggle would be very useful.
Could you guys maybe include the cool wallpapers? 
I will try this when they merge the new halo feature.. The one n only favourite is hybrid engine..
Love the changes in the update - great work guys. I like what you've done with the animation too. Looking forward to more!
Is there a way to access my notifications in a pie-style, i.e. moving my finger up from the bottom (and in the pie case, to the left half) or something similar?
The main reason I'm not switching is because i don't like to reposition my N4 in my hand just to pull down the notification bar from the top. My thumb is just not long enough.
So, any app, xposed module etc. for that?
Thank you for the new Beta guys!

A question before i start flashing... Is it possible to reduce navbar size like on Purity?
+Andre Saddler sir , first when i pulled notification bar i got pop up fir quick pull yes,no,or later and i have selected No but now i cant find the setting where i select quick pull option. 😐
+Benny Sibig zum einen wurde diese Frage hier schon beantwortet, zum anderen: hier wird nicht gefragt, wann Feature x oder y kommt. Es ist fertig, wenn es fertig ist. Die Leute machen das hier in ihrer Freizeit. Die ganze zeit nachzufragen "wann kommt dies, wann kommt das" ist einfach nur unhöflich 
Boot animation is great, but would have been better if it mentioned 'paranoid android 4+' somewhere :)
+Jan-Jakob Fahrländer Hab ich nicht gelesen diese Informationen und wieso ist das unhöflich wenn man auf ein heiß erwartetes bekanntes Feature wartet bzw fragt wann es kommt? Ich bin einfach unzufrieden mit andren Roms die halo, Pie usw anbieten..
Auch könntest du deine Ausdrucksweise freundlicher gestalten und das sie in ihrer Freizeit programmieren ist mir auch bewusst 
Es gibt eine FAQ Sektion, da steht drin: No ETAs. Diese Frage dauernd zu wiederholen ist unhöflich, wenn darum gebeten wird (durch das team) dies nicht zu tun. Außerdem gehört es sich, den ganzen Post inklusive aller Kommentare zu lesen, bevor man eine Frage stellt, die 20 Kommentare weiter oben bereits gestellt und beantwortet wurde. Und mein Ton hat etwas damit zu tun, dass diese Frage zirka 10mal am Tag hier auftaucht, und immer gleich beantwortet wird. 
Glad to see maguro fixes! :) +Carlo Savignano

Animation is great, combining both is also great idea, just move on guys... Flipping tiles are amazing. And hey, what a great monday!  :D As always thanks PA Team for what you've done!

Only weird thing I've noticed, I'm using stock gapps package, why the OTA still want to download modular-full one?
Wie gesagt, ich habe es nicht gesehen. Anstatt hier Rum zu Aposteln könntest du mir auch einfach die Antwort darauf geben. Das wäre netter als auf xyz hinzuweisen was man tut und was nicht. 
Damit deine dreistheit belohnt wird und du es beim nächsten mal wieder machst? Nein danke. Du verwechselt glaube ich g+ mit Google. Das eine ist eine community, beim anderen kommen die Antworten raus wenn man die Fragen eingibt. 
Hättest du mir einfach die Antwort gegeben, wären uns und vielen anderen diese ganzen Beiträge von uns 2 erspart geblieben ;) 
+Paranoid Android it will be possible to have additional feature for those who bougth the Paranoid Preference app? Or something similar
+shubham pal I'm explaining to him that there are no ETAs and that questions asking for ETAs are rude. He is arguing that it would be easier to just answer than to explain why I am not going to answer.
Holy smokes! Best boot animation I have seen.
Seany B
No halo or Pie ??
Awesome great work keep innovating. Ignore the whiners. I couldn't decide which was better I'm glad you compromised
Applaus Danke für die hilfreiche Aufklärung du gefeierter allmächtiger Beschützer von FAQ's und ETA's! Ganz toll! Toller Mensch! Weiter so! 
+Guillaume Lesniak +OmniROM Yes Guillaume you're right, i got this inspired on your dual-flip concept. I moved it to its next level putting ordinary tiles in the back view.  We rethought and reworked it. Common dual classes still have shared copyrights with OmniROM  :) You guys merged our previous quick settings changes and on editing them you keeped both copyrights. I think we all did it right. I added some credits in the commit message too. Hope you didn't get mad thinking we stoled or been ungrateful :)
Seany B
I went there and there wasn't a mention in the changelog
+Guillaume Lesniak Glad you like it :) I think using this dual view for really dual tiles is a nice goal, this was the first thing i thought when i saw your bluetooth and wifi ones. Also if you looked at the patch there is no need to define a class for back tile with all those new methods to add resources like images etc, i followed aosp code and used existent classes for. I hope all this helps growing this concept :)
+Carlo Savignano I've tried it but the features of the cm mirror app is better I was on cm till beta 2 was released and I do not plan on going back 
Can anyone tell me if PA 4 is stable enough for daily use? CM 11 is quite stable but lacks all the fancy stuff PA has
I think tile of  "sound"  is needed.
Thank you for fixing the Galaxy Nexus freezing..
If I didn't know about PA, I'd mistake this for the next official Android version. Bravo to all involved. Slick implementation.
Why asking people what boot animation you should take, if you're going to ignore them anyway???

+Ádam Makk same here! 
+Matt Flaming +Paranoid Android +Andre Saddler +Carlo Savignano Please forgive my ignorance but on the GApps thread it lists that the Google Dialer is not compatible with PA4.x because of incompatible modules (network etc...) and it also states that due to this the Dialer won't even install. However your post said that PA4.x will detect which Dialer you have and disable the incompatible modules if you have stock Dialer. So I'm a little confused... Can the Google Dialer be installed and used or no? What am I missing? Sorry again, I read the whole thing I just don't understand. 
I don't like the "location consent" dialog seen in the video preview. Is it possible for you to disable that? 
Does this beta has pie or hybirdmode
+Michael Perry if you keep pa dialer you'll have mobile network mode tile and and increasing ring feature, if you flash google one you'll lose those. Btw is wrote in the post.

+Jeffrey Kovács is needed by android behavior, deal with it (you're switching from gps mode only to location service and gps modes so you need to reactivate the services).
+Carlo Savignano Thanks. I know it was written in the post but the GApps thread lists in its original post the the Dialer package and PA4.x aren't compatible abs that the Dialer won't even install... So the posts contradicts each other and I wasn't sure who's post was most recent or correct. I know now that the PA posted info is correct; hopefully the correction will be made in the GApps thread so it won't confuse people. 
+Carlo Savignano there's an Xposed module that disables that dialog, but it's not working with 4.4 unfortunately :(
Maybe a Tasker script can auto press OK every time the dialog pops up. 
Can anyone reply and tell me how is the battery on the Nexus 7.2 and batter while gaming?

I prefer the old animation, remind me of the stock Nexus animation.

On a side note Galaxy Nexus freezes should be gone big thanks guys lots of hard work appreciated
So far working great. Can you please reduce the hipatic feedback vibrate duration on keypress to 3-5 ms by default. I think it's more convenient than the current 500ms. One of the things I need to change everytime I flash the ROM.
Is the option to record the screen implemented in PA? Or is it an app?
How do I remove the Google dialer b4 flashing the ROM please, I really need the network tiles.
+Clemens Corell You can enable screen recording with a terminal emulator and dev mode. It's built into android.
+Paranoid Android You guys know how envious you're making everyone without a nexus series device feel right? <3
Anyone else having slight delays opening a video? 
Guys I flashed BETA-3, in a clean install, and all I'm getting are phone FC's in the setup wizard.  Am I missing something?
What about porting paranoid to the htc first
+Tíghearnán Carroll If you had google dialer installed you need to delete the backup script before doing a clean install (this is explained in the gapps thread). Try formatting system partition 
+Henry Acevedo The dev team's already mentioned that they'll be developing on the Nexus line plus its still in BETA... Porting to other devices now would just be a waste of time. You do it if you're so eager
+Bryan Lee Oh.. Well i don't know how to doit but is there any one that ones to teach por provide tutorials to port roms?
Nice, thanks for bringing in the quick drop turn off PA team! You guys rock! Hey guys can you just flash beta 3 over beta 2 without clearing anything? Will I keep my data? Does is not perform as well? 
+Davide Giuseppe Farella What exactly do you mean?  Are you talking about DELTA updates?  What benefit do you get from that right now?  If that is your sole reason for not using it, then I feel bad for you.
+Miljan Vujosevic Devs only doing dev stuff on Nexus line. PA is still in BETA, porting to other devices is a waste of time.
Why is porting a waste of time? There already ports for a number of devices on xda. 
Why would it be a waste of time to port with the currently included features? 
How do you get the transparent system bars? 
+Curtis Mayers Well this is just assumptions but if the PA team were to port to every device out there EVERY beta release, then go through every bug on every device on a PA beta, you can see how much time is taken out of actually devving to the final release...
+Bryan Lee oh?
"Well this is just assumptions but if the PA team were to port to every device out there EVERY beta release, then go through every bug on every device on a PA beta, you can see how much time is taken out of actually devving to the final release..."

Perhaps your version of the English language is different from mine.
+Matt Flaming Excuse me but I was replying to someone who was asking for ports to his Samsung. I just stated a hypothetical situation to depict how silly it would be for the devs to port to other devices. I've mentioned many times on this post that the devs only do their devving on the Nexus line. Read carefully and don't be a dick.
+Bryan Lee I wasn't being a dick.  I read carefully.  It confused me from your choice of words.  I went back and followed the entire conversation and yet it still didnt make sense for you to say it was a waste of time, nor did it make sense for you to mention the fact that it would be silly for PA team to port to all devices for every beta, considering the PA team doesnt do the porting anyway.  I don't give 2 fucks if you hate me, but your choice of words will just confuse the retards out here.  Watch out.
+Matt Flaming I'll keep that in mind, thanks :) P.S, I don't hate you; we all have misunderstandings :)
I miss HALO.
I keep a bit wondering about the reactions here. Yes the devs said they have the last word on decisions. AND THEY WOULD ALSO HAVE IF THEY WOULD NOT HAVE MENTIONED. But why is there no word about the result of the pool and the final thoughts about the boot animation? One single post would have been enough !!!

And also notice all the asking about pie, halo and hybrid. OF COURSE IT US DONE WHEN IT'S DONE !!! But why no short info about it?

My point is: +Paranoid Android you could save yourself and the community so much trouble and insulting by just proper posting. Just a tiny bit :)
+Henning Kubbutat announcements are made all the time and people dont read them.  it doesnt matter if a status is posted daily, people will disregard the content and ask anyway.

About the bootanimation, it was already answered and the link was provided that the 2 gentlemen working on it decided to collaborate.
+Matt Flaming sir how to reactivate quick setting pull down option? I wad selected no when first time popup appeared .
Thx for nice update.
+Henning Kubbutat in the last two updates we posted no pie or halo, did that stop the questions? No... I fail to see what other information we can provide.
+Andre Saddler did a good job in providing some more informations. But it is not all about information but also about the presentation.
Oh yeah! PA are really starting to warm up now....Great update guys.
Is there any possibility that the LTE Galaxy Nexus will have a 4.4 PA support? 
+Paranoid Android +Andre Saddler +Matt Flaming here's a question for you guys...will you guys ever impliment something like dsp manager on PA? I don't think I've ever seen it on any PA rom...just curious..great job as always..this rom is always worth waiting for
sorry i tried to flash the beta 3 but it shows FAILED.. help me please
Some questions come to mind...

1) Suppose we want to change an "on-the-spot" preference. I've changed the quick pulldown based on what I felt like using for the day, and I'd like to know if we can easily change it later.

2) The dual tiles look great, but some of them don't always make sense. For example, WiFi and WiFi AP aren't similar enough to me. In my case, I never use WiFi, but I very frequently use WiFi AP. Will there be a way to separate certain combined tiles?
i didn't get if they are going to make a i9300 version, or if there already is. if you know anything about it link me the post please.
Does this version have any kind of stability with art runtime?
Why not add a demo app so those who want to learn can while those who know their personal settings could skip the extra screens we don't need? Nice work on boot animation, guess voting was silly LoL. Keep up the awesome work. interesting how odds and ends features keep getting added and no pie or halo yet the 2 features that keep getting asked for but hey I'll reserve judgement until the full package is ready. I just miss my paranoid sniffle 
+Andre Saddler I read something that in earlier builds not to even try turning it on because it would FC constantly, but didn't see any mention of it even being worth trying out, was curious if it even ran at all 
+Filippo Tarpini that would be an unofficial version built and maintained by someone not part of official paranoid team who knows android code and makes their personal version available to others. Now most xda posts will say unofficial in title. Paranoid team sticks MOSTLY with official Google devices and I think the oppo is first REAL USABLE open source device not done by a major manufacturer and encourages use of custom ROM so it's easy to develop for as it's code is fully available to all if I remember right.
+Masterman DiSette 
1. Settings - backup & reset - Reset preferences 
2. There is no need to separate the tiles. Set Wi-fi AP as the main tile and ignore the fact that it has 2 modes
+Steve Thompson We have never informed users not to try ART. That's completely up to you. Certain apps may fc but the system should be stable. The reason we don't support ART is because it's still under heavy development, there are changes made to it, constantly. When officially changes over to ART only then will it be supported. 
+Matt Flaming but will that revert all settings adjusted in new framework (as more are added)? That would get annoying to reset all my choices cause I made a mistake on one.
This is the best boot animation i have even experienced on custom roms! ongratulations!
+Mike Smith no, it wont reset everything.  Right now i think the only thing tied into it is the QS pulldown, but there are discussions of creating a checklist to select the options you want to reset
+Steve Thompson Paranoid stated before we don't support ART at this time since it's beta, have adjusted what we can so it will work, and will only address issues with ART if it's a change we made that directly impacts it negatively. It will be left in for those who wish to try it out. It's in developer settings (shown after you go to about device and tap build date like 8x go back and now in to developer settings and enable (LONG RESTART as ART takes FOREVER compared to Dalvick to generate app caches)
I'm new on Paranoid Android world. Just installed the beta 3 on my GNexus. There is a way to elevate Documents app for super user access? Or some native file manager? 

Thanks for this amazing job :)
Thanks for the replies, I decided to try it out just wanted to make sure the system would be bootable. It's booted and everything seems to be running normally so far. Thanks again
Wow, I might have to jump ship from CM to this now.
+Giacomo Toniolo be sure you wiped system data and caches and if still an issue corruption may have happened during download be sure to use Wi-Fi or wired network connection and not mobile data (mobile data can be highly susceptible to data corruption depending on your factors compared to almost any other connection type).
+David De Leon you can flash audio packs, I like Ac!d but officially no pack specifically for 4.4.2 (YET currently version 7 with version 9 announced), but when searched (android 4.4.2 ac!d audio) some have it working some don't. Acid is not only DSP but a whole sound system with driver as well for some killer awesome audio on devices I have used it with. They support Beats and DSP manager (don't install together) and their aroma installer is graphical and goes step by step:

There is also um viper 4 audio which is very similar as well have not yet researched 4.4.2 compatibility on that yet personally.
+Gustavo Veloso ES File Explorer once opened view left side toolbar (see blue icon in upper left with globe and phone kinda together tap that) scroll down to tools tap root explorer (the words not the on off toggle icon, it then asks for root and presents menu tap remount set mounts to read/write if you tap toggle it only asks for root then you go back and tap same entry but to left of toggle on words to get root tools menu).

Now just use top tool bar listing current location just tap backward (tap sdcard first then/appears tap that then should see what's in root of device (/) now tap system and you should see a quick on screen toast stating ES was granted root). you're good to go
+Gustavo Veloso if you can tell I enjoy helping others refresh comment for more detailed info if needed.
I flashed it and it won't boot into the system. I can decrypt it but after that it goes to a black screen.
Really like the bootanimation :).
the mix is perfect,now the animation is very cool,good job
Just installed it on my G2 and the sound via headphones is still low. Don´t know why.
Add scale down  as an effect for display off animation. That would be great!
ahoj, viete mi niekto poradit preco mi romka BETA1, BETA2 a ani BETA3 nejde nainstalovat na NEXUS 4 ? Potom nasledne ked si tam instalujem 3.99, tak to bez problemov nainstalujem aj s gapps. Viete mi poradit ?
I tried beta one and beta two on my nexus 7 (2012) and both did not worked on install... I almost lost all my data.... Is this version three working correct???

Im using the paranoid OTA to install... Should I use something different? Thanks!
I like the selective immersive mode options but the multitasking zoom out animation isn't perfect and is a bit jittery with immersive (hidden nav bar) mode. Is there a fix to this?
+Rage X Ah yea i got you, you mean Recents animation. I know what is it, right now when the recents panel is made it checks only if full immersive is on. Thanks for pointing this i hadn't noticed it yet :) 
+Erik L Glad you are :)
+Rhan Candia read it carefully.  IF YOU FLASH THE GOOGLE DIALER, you lose those things.....
great work, but when will HALO be implemented into the ROM?
+Matt Flaming it was meant to be a friendly question to the devs. You dont have to be such a dick about it
+James Deng No, because the big G disabled it for KitKat. What I'm currently using on my Nexus 5 is the Beta 3 and Xposed framework, works well so far. 
will you guys be making a rom for the note3 
+Andre Saddler i was unaware of this. However matt was being a huge dick about it. Looking at his other comments he seems to be very rude to everyone
+Matt Flaming the first few posts on the page dont mention anything about when HALO will be in the rom, so i thought that people forgot about it. 2nd, instead of answering so aggressively you might want to give people who never knew about this peeve of yours and of the devs a chance to understand
Is it just me or is Wi-Fi Direct busted on galaxy nexus? Or did I break something lol.

I am unable to rename device (I get Failed to rename device) and it won't search for devices.

Edit: Happens on unmodified boot (backed up then wiped device) so it seems its issue with the wifi driver???

Not issue since i dont use Wi-Fi direct anyway lol.
I'm very interested, please tell what is the recording software used in the video? 
+Paranoid Android I told you ;) Do proper posts! As +Andre Saddler did, it doesn't hurt to give some information of the process. Eg. “Still in planning“ or “is in development“ “current step is“
+Henning Kubbutat that's tedious as if we do that people expect etas and if we don't finish by that people get mad. So just leaving our current status is our best way to keep pushing
Another point is that surly some user are just waiting for hybrid or pie. And +Paranoid Android produces new features instead of porting the old. I can only guess that the work on boot animations or quick settings doesn't slow down the work on these not ported features. But the picture you are drawing for some in the community may be that it's indeed slowing you down. You could prevent this by proper posting.
 +Paranoid Android Could I ask that you guys please maybe implement one thing after you've done the hardwork, an option to turn off the "Recent/Clear All Button Combo" and maybe ask the community about their tiny things that they want paranoid android to have?
[GalaxyNexus] the status bar seem to become a little bit laggy & less smoth than before :/
I was going to not root until a year so I don't waste the warranty, but this is getting really tempting!
So can I not customize the settings from on the spot settings after they are set once?
I give you 5 star for new boot animation, blur lock screen and Quick Settings 3.0 but Quick Setting toggles are very few (I know it's still in beta). AOSPA 4.0 is awesome <3 .
+Chris Chaison You can reset it in the settings. Do keep in mind that its still in BETA
Quiero instalar su rom en la galaxy tab 3 de 7 pulgadas... Se puede? 
Glad I read the post, HALO is the only reason I'm looking at Paranoid right now, and I don't wanna try flashing until I know the risk/reward is good. Also, I would like to say I personally love the white theme that Kitkat sports, and I think its a major flaw to not give users of the ROM the choice to use the white theme. Just my two cents, though it will also be a major point of choosing Paranoid or just remaining on stock.
Why does Paranoid OTA keep showing an update for gapps? I've done a factory reset twice and cleared cache and reinstalled the ROM plus gapps latest...what's going on???
+Carlo Savignano Is this a fixable issue? Its slightly annoying. Also, the status bar only stops where the navigation bar used to be, so there's a bit of the screen visible still.
Sorry...didn't mean for it to sound pushy, wasn't meant to. I'm loving it so far but just an annoying lil niggle as lost all my settings so having to put it all back in place again lol
wow, damn! you guys are geniuses
Guys, I seem to have also lost the Google sweep typing...can only touch type now...
+Andre Saddler tried both and no luck...and I don't want to be restoring to factory again. There's nothing in the keyboard settings that I can see
+Curtis Mayers not for me...its weird as was working before I did the flash having done a factory reset
Any plans for a toro build. If not can anyone tell me how to build it from source?
Greatest ROM of all time?  And this is before the new iterations of Pie and Halo...

Good God!!!
nice work, and i can not wait for downloading it. By the way, does PA updated weekly?
+Paranoid Android who puts out the Toro builds? Havent had an official one for KitKat versions of PA at all :(
+Adam Monroe It was stated before that the other variants for GNex would be released once Maguro was deemed stable. 
Also no one on the team actually owns this device and it's difficult relying on testers for feedback (as much as we appreciate their support). Developer and tester availability times may not always sync 
+Paranoid Android Sorry I must have missed  that post, been trying to keep up. Anywho, there is an unofficial toro build floating around ported from the first beta.. Back to my corner to wait patiently for stabilization
+Paranoid Android can you add new system animations. The stock animations when switching through applications is not that great. A card style animation would be cool.
After days of trial, it seems to me that the new version consumes more electricity 
Can i get this on my tmobile note 3?
Hi all Guys! Noone have notice a huge battery drain with the new BETA3? after just 2 hours and half the battery goes from 100% to 60% and if I go to see battery details, "Android OS" has get the 58% of the entire that normal? Thanks!
+Paranoid Android  My OTA app keeps telling me I need new gapps even after I install the new gapps through the OTA app. Is this a bug?
This avail for note 3?
Hey guys! I am encountering a problem concerning the Camera App. It force closes. I tried clearing data for the app, re-flashing Rom and Gapps but the only thing that would work is wiping everything and performing a clean install.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Any word on having this for toro version of galaxy nexus? 
This made me love my phone once again lol
I would like to retract my earlier comments about the boot animation. Having just been staring at it for a few minutes on first boot, I believe that +espen olsen and +Leonard Leijenhorst have done a great job on it. Apologies for being so negative about it previously, it was uncalled for.
+akash monga it works flawlessly except for the blurred see-through lockscreen. It kind of renders blurred horizontal lines that vaguely resemble what is behind. But that's minor so I'm very happy. And I haven't had any freezing issues since beta 3
ok I am very paranoid now 😲
Good job until now, but still notify new gapp version even if I just flashed it,. (Twrp, Nexus 4)
Can anyone tell me how is the battery?while gaming too. What kernel also using. 
I'm running PA 4.0 Beta 2 on a GT-i9505, and was wondering, how to get this beta3? Is there any direct link yet or should I wait, scratching my veins? :)
i just figured out why. just because of my golauncher
Just Tried Beta 3 on my P880 it lacks a lot of features and wasn't all that smooth :( but love the notification feature 
I hate Verizon for making toro the nexus bastard child it is :( Anybody have a recommendation on a good tutorial for building for toro? I'll do some research.. I think I could do it and I would love to share. I can't wait any longer! I thought I would have to give up my gnex for age but KitKat and ART are the saviors of the Galaxy Nexus. It has never ran better but I need me a PA build!
Great Work! But I missed some tiles, like Sound/Vibrate/Silent and Brightness bar. :)
I don't know if this is just me, but when I reboot my Nexus 5 the brightness is always dim even though it's set to the max value. Anyone else have this problem?
Daz T.
I really like the new immersive touch. I went to turn it off and found out you added more options lol. This is getting better and better. Thanks team +Paranoid Android!
+Corry Holt if you like HALO you can try XjParaDroid rom, which has cherry-picked halo from PA Gerrit + custom transparency color for Nexus 4, 5 ;-)
Hey guys I have a recurring issue with PA OTA. I have set the app to update Minimal Gapps as well as ROM updates. After I get a Gapps update and successfully flash it to my phone, I still get prompted immediately about the same Gapps update, and I keep getting prompted. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
@suhayb Hafiz, I have the same issue. so I guess we're not alone
+Suhayb Hafiz did you try wiping your cache and dalvick cache. Also look in settings>apps swipe over to all apps look for paranoid OTA (should be listed not on paranoid currently to fully verify myself) tap entry then tap clear cache /and if that doesn't nail it try clear data as well). One of those steps should clear old data and have it reload on next restart if not when you next open paranoid OTA.
+Arihant Kalidindi Try the same steps I listed for Suhayb (should be right above this reply). Also, please +1 the post for me if it works so I know for future reference.
Yeah, wiping the cache fixed it for me. Thanks a bunvh
+Corry Holt There is also BS Harmony found on xda that merges beanstalk and paranoid ROM together. It includes newest Halo found in paranoid 3.99 in to a 4.4.2 ROM, also has a good amount of awesome system tweaks, boot scripts, etc. I use it on newer nexus 7 Flo personally until it's back in paranoid. Also, immersive mode is a Google addition to android (I bet it's their answer to the halo/PIE equation that has gained a lot of notice) so it is found in this ROM as well.

Anyways here is Flo listing, but search BS Harmony XDA on Google and it has builds for a good number of devices:
Am i the only one who gets a notification of a new gapps update even after updating?
can i flash this ROM on my unlocked AT&T LGOG e970
+Ajay Manjunath it's normal, PA OTA in BETA3 has bug which is already fixed on Gerrit. This fix will be appear in the next beta.
Halo was announced 18 days ago. I hope we will see it in the update tomorrow! ^^ :P :D

And there's still out the Halo picture on the official xda site! :D :P
problem with grouper bootanimation
you're right carlo sorry,horizontal line up the bootanimation,i think is a frame problem(stupid problem).
you decide to do another beta version yet before i downloaded the beta 4 version was on beta 3 everything was working ok apart from camera application being crap and the life of the battery, then download beta 4 install it then torch did not work said did not support yet on beta 3 was working ok, vpn app would not work why cant you just work on one build until you know and checked properly its working before posting shit
apart from that the rom is good but if there was way of making battery better and camera app with pano 360 and giroscope the rom would be best out there!!!!! but you obviously did something wrong 
Great work? Still no pie though? 
I was going to ask about PIE and Nav bar.
Can't wait :) immesive mode is amazing! Is the video maker italian? :D
What wallpaper are you using?
will this work with the verizon galaxy nexus?
M on beta 4 and today suddenly my Mob switched off and now it ain't booting 
I mean it boots up till PA animation and after that showing black screen 
Pls Help me out here 
I have lots of data in my mob no way i can factory reset it 
Pls help me here...or atleast tell me how to backup all app data and files from mob using recovery 
Argh this is annoying :/ 
+Vaibhav Chavan Phone while in recovery, mount system and from pc's terminal:

$ cd Desktop/yourfolder
$ adb pull /system/ 
$ adb pull /sdcard/

Need to have android sdk installed and updated. This way you backup system and sdcard to your desktop.
Hey guys BTW there are a few bugs for paranoid android for the s3 MINI for one quick settings don't work

home button don't take me to home

Nothing works with home long press even with on screen NAV keys

I can't go to aokp because it's laggy

Can't use cm11 because if battery dies the phone freezes at turn on

Can use carbon rom because android l theme don't work properly

Slim rom just has small text
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