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OnePlus 2 International Invite Giveaway

The OnePlus 2 recently got released and it’s the device everyone wants to get their hands on. Although, you know how hard it is to actually buy the device. 

Well, as you may or may not know some of our PA team members are working @OnePlus and have enough influence in the invites department of the company.

This is an international OnePlus 2 64GB invite giveaway meaning it covers country-exclusive invites too. We are giving away 20 invites for now and if we get a good response, maybe we'd do more in the coming weeks.

So, what do you need to do to get that precious invite?
Tell us what would you do WITH the OnePlus 2? - A rather more realistic campaign. 

Fill in the giveaway form in our blog post linked below and you'll be all set. The winners will be announced & contacted next week.

Blog post

#StayParanoid #NeverSettle
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It would replace my almost dead gnex. It would be perfect for the multitasking I can't currently do and it has probably 3x the battery. 
Where have you been for the last 7 weeks? 😱
That's really cool of you guy's to do this. ☺Great idea👍
jay ckb
I've got this phone and it's genuinely brilliant. Good luck to all! 
I would use it like I would use any other smartphone.
I never wanted it, so stop lying and over hyping this...I may someday get an OP phone...ya never know
Where is new rom? Paranoid Android is dead. I don't want OnePlusTwo! 
It would replace my now dead nexus 4, thats why i need it!!
Guys, please reply your use case scenarios in the original post 😓
I would use it like I use my one plus currently, every day. But its a bummer there is no NFC I did use googlewallet when I could but non the less I would still like the phone.
Not this invite rubbish again .thought the lesson was learned the first time 
Cal Tse
I have one already. Waiting for PA rom for oneplus 2
Replace the iPhone 6+ my ex girlfriend made me get and get back into the Android Rom community!
i need some quick shortcuts for double tap, long tap button such as ring/vibrate, sreenshot, 2g/3g only mode
I'm a fan of stock Android and i need a dual sim phone, oneplus is just the best option you can buy. 
I am a web developer, but I started developing for Android a few months ago. I'd love to replace my old Nexus 5 with something as powerful as the 2.
I would root it and test a new ROM every 3rd day
This invite crap is...crap! I already have a Oneplus Two, but come on you guys, JUST SELL THE PHONE LIKE OTHER OEMs DO!!!

Why get people to jump through all these hoops?????
If i get it, I would flash a new ROM, hopefully based on Android 6.0, the very first day & try to implement some new functionality to its capacitive hardware buttons as well as the fingerprint sensor.
Also i will try to find the optimal settings which gives me the best performance, battery life along with no heating issues on the SD810.
It will be my first SD810 so i will tinker with the kernel and get best results.
And mostly i will Stay Paranoid! :)

I d love to have one, multiboot and hydra and paranoid android for fun :-)
Challenging myself to take better photos and post them on Instagram, 500px, and Flickr with the OPT.
If I get that phone, I will test it with antutu benchmark with its original OS. Of course I'm not satisfied with the score if I can't beat the Galaxy S6, then I will flash new ROM, ROM like paranoid android or other cyanogenmod based ROMs..haha I will not stop until I beat that s6 with oneplus 2. I believe that, one plus 2 is build for speed/performance, and also heat issue is manageable because there are many genius developers out there who can fix it..haha

And after I beat it in S6 in antutu score, I will do a word of mouth advertising to my friends. Of course I will be proud of this phone, then i will convince my friends to buy this phone if they plan to buy a new one. Oneplus rocks!

Rock in roll to the World!whahaaha
Alex Le
I've been using my OPO as a demonstrative tool to introduce my IOS friends to Android and my Android friends to Custom ROM. It's hard being the only Android Fan in my circle.
Invites have already been sent out to the PA OnePlus 2 invites giveaway winners. We'll do an official post on PA's page tomorrow announcing the winners.
Will AOSPA support OnePlus2 rom?
Hi, will this rom work on moto g xt1031 CDMA with STOCK bootloader?
And do you have a link for a slim version of gapp?

Dear "Legacy Team", can you please consider supporting Galaxy S4 i9505, please? Thank you :)
Dopo aver utilizzato il nexus4 con paranoid vorrei proprio godermi la paranoid nella sua totalità.. 😄 
There's barely any support for lollipop as it is from Paranoid, so I wouldn't hope for any 6.0 support any time soon =x
Oneplus is a flagship killer because it killed PA
just 2 question i wanna ask
1- do stock rom must be rooted to flash paranoid rom ?

2- paranoid is a pre rooted ?

device Xperia Z Ultra (Togari hspa c 6802)
i run a obama phone called X 301 Wind 3G.. It can slow up and has very little memory. Still has a defect in the proximity sensor when making calls. The screen shuts off permanently forcing you to press the power button to turn it back on and I Have to navigate 3-4 different menus to get back to the dial pad during call. Can this phone be flashed with Paranoid Android (this might fix the issue)
+Paranoid Android Any word on the status of the team since some of the members have said that the team is not dead. I'm not asking for an eta on the rom, but asking if the team is still going to stick together? Thanks.
can you make a rom for s3 neo gt-9301l plz
+Paranoid Android - can you help me - I can't answer my phone half the time. I have a One Plus One, with ParanoidAndroid version 5.1 and I can answer about half my calls. On the other half of the calls, no pop up appears to enable me to answer my calls. Can you help?
我一直在用4.3的 AOSPA 。我想问下HALO的浮动窗口关屏以后为什么就会自动退出,请问可以帮助修改么? 或者提供教程。
Please help me to download custom roms for galaxy gt-i9003
Do you have a rom for the Verizon galaxy facinate
Rest in peace PA.