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This build forms a stable base for us to start adding our features (Halo, Pie etc.) into the upcoming versions.

NOTE: No HALO, PIE, or Hybrid, yet.


Change log:

Updated SuperSU
Sprint Hidden Menu Fix
Increasing Ringtone
Additional Quick Setting Tiles
   - Mobile Network
   - Light bulb
   - Usb Tether
   - Sleep
Quick Settings Pulldown (Right Side - Status Bar)
Lockscreen Blur (See through under Settings - Security)
A lot of Fixes

Note: the Google dialer is not compatible with network tiles and increasing ringtone customizations

Thanks to David.96 for the Lock screen blur

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You guys are amazing, thanks!
Thank you, really appreciate the good work you guys are doing! 
Just keep the PA features coming! we're waiting! thanks! 
You guys are the only ones that can make me root and flash a custom rom on my Nexus 5. Keep it up!
I'm awaiting the badassery, very very patiently. Until then I'm enjoying SlimKat for a little bit. PA will blow everything out of the water. 
Im still in 3.99 cos i cant live without halo :D
Not sure about that semi transparent lock screen, what if I left my porn open? I'd be very paranoid
+Lukas Leinfelder negative. I don't seem to see the settings to adjust blur. Unless I'm not looking hard enough. Lol
Missed the quick setting tiles quite a lot. Thank you! 
Jose M
Can we use art with this release?
I installed it on nexus 4 on PA 20131223 ver without any wipe and now I looking boot animation about 10 it work with ART? or maybe some wipe is needed?
stayed up late to watch "gravity" the movie, was about to go to bed. Paranoid Android popped up in my mind. Went to check out. found out the new update. What a night! What a night!
I miss PA need some s4 love guys 
after this upgrading,I lost my root,why is that?
+Chris Payne I tried second time with dalvik wipe and now it's working. Without any wipe I had only boot animation)
So I've been hanging back, but I'm curious. If I upgrade from my 3.99 to one of these feature-light PAs, and then another PA comes with, say, hybrid restored, would my settings still be preserved/detected/used? I'm probably going to keep waiting, but this could tip me over.
Flashed and its working fine on mako and flo with the latest franco kernels! Thanks alot.The blurred out lockscreen looks awesome! 
I've been using Gummy ROM for a while. Can't wait to return to Paranoid Android once it is full fledged again. Best of luck, team +Paranoid Android!
Thank you so much guys!!! We'll keep waiting as +Jay Fallen said...
Does anyone know if there are still graphical glitches on maguro???
On this ceaseless treadmill, another step forward... and loving it. Yay for PA!
+Andre Saddler I actually think the blur is great. I just ment to inform that there is no settings for the blur.
The blur of the lockscreen is the coolest mod you could add, does it work with Dashclock & active screen 
+Paranoid Android Is this ROM compatible with the recently released Qualcomm dalvik and bionic patches/libraries? Or is the latter already optimized by yourselves?
I knew there would be a build
My sim card is not being detected after the flash. What should i do?
Lovely, still can't do without Halo. I'll wait
while waiting for PA's next big release, i'm gonna use xposed framework + xblast tools to make do, tinkering this and that little settings, though it's a bit painful to use my android devices without PA Hybrid...
Anyone with MD5 error? The calculated is 1 char shorter than given.
On Samsung galaxy nexus.
I really like that lockscreen. The problem I've have with those usually is that it's hard to actually see the clock and lock slider, now with it blurred I would actually use it. Can we get a slider on the blur effect though? This would be perfect if I could blur it a bit more. 
+Paranoid Android Great work. Are you planning to develop for Oppo N1? Just curious as you supported find 5. I know it's not polite to ask for ETAs, sorry if my question hurts your sentiments. 
+Paranoid Android I am running the last version since christmas and thought it was already stable (as it actually is) and we will get PA features soon.. And now a "most stable" one..
I know you do this for free and for the community, but you promise huge things since android 4.3 but 3.99-RC2 was buggy as hell and there is no feature filled rom yet.
I know you want a perfect ROM for us and good things need time, but I am kind of dissapointed at the moment.. dont get me wrong, i dont want to harass your hard work, but yeh. maybe you can comprehend my pov just a little bit..
anyway, i hope that you can show me that all my considers were wrong. (; 
Great release! It would be great add KitKat icon to Dialer ;-)
Just updated and wanted to say that the method of adding quick settings is absolutely outstanding. Extremely user-friendly and simple. Thanks again +Paranoid Android !
Ah awesome! A stable base! I think it might finally be time for me to ditch stock+xposed and wait for the shiny PA features to roll in :D
Good work guys ..can't wait for some paranoid love for the N5 ! 
Dirty flash should be fine. If it acts weird do a clean flash. 
JNS 57
Is this real transparency, so the screen behind keeps updating (e.g. whatsapp)?
Any plans for SGIII d2tmo builds
Anyone having issues with USB OTG with this ROM?
Why are you guys release this when i am at school ? :p
the best rom with very very good battery life with my nexus 4
Followed the link.... No toro... :( guess I have to hunt down a developer now. Either way thanks for all the previous builds +Paranoid Android
Can anybody help me how to update to this latest beta version?should I do complete wipe?should I backup my data before updating?I'm running PA 3.99 RC2 mako...plz help me...
+saketh kanna yes should do complete wipe. You can backup all your apps with TitaniumBackup or Helium and then restore them ;-)

Nandroid backup 3.99 is useful when you want go back.
Thank you +Ondrej Danko can u tell me step by step procedure how to update plz..?I'm new to this..
Thank you for everything you do.
There was a minor issue during the update: che computed checksum was different from the received one.
+Matteo Trentin I just posted a comment about this. Same problem with my maguro: an 'n' at the end. I updated anyway and it works well.
Yes Ethan Parker I did but I got it to work with
i'm sure im not the only one, but im happy to wait for more features. the 4.3 rom was rock solid.

Keep up the good work
Finally a rom worth a flash on my n5, and obviously it's PA!
Just a little question about your note of the dialer not working. Is it possible to disable the functions that prevents the dialer to work?
Anyway I can't understand how a tile and the increasing ringtone can stop a dialer. Could you please explain me? 
When we get the p.a features :( waiting for that.....
+Davide Corrà Network tile and increasing ringtone rewrite some functions in Telephony apk which use Google Dialer. Problem is that you propably flashed PA Google Dialer and this is causing problems...
Tried installing beta 1 with twrp and cwm but it just didn't work, any idea why?
+Ondrej Danko i still haven't flashed the rom or the dialer, so no problem for now. anyway it seems that with a revrited telephony.apk there's no way to use google dialer, right?
Is it only me for which I cant set alarm sound if my phone is on vibrate ? :/
Ahmet N
Can someone upload the wallpaper
Just updated! Good improvements but the dialer local business search is one KitKat feature I used the most....kind of sad that its not there on paranoid
+Davide Corrà from my tests on Mako is Google Dialer causing crash with network tile but on Hammerhead works without problems even with Google Dialer
+Ondrej Danko I believe I'm on the latest version but I'll try anyway, thank you!
Can someone please tell me when a official build will be released for Galaxy S2 GT-I9100??
+Tony Ortega Yes there are, into the search bar of the play store. For example, instead of the cross to clear the search bar appears a glitch.
Status Bar Blur would also be great! :D 
Allen A
Awesome sauce!
Sample shown new come flashed old dialer?
+Paranoid Android I'll stay on 3.99 can't use my N4 without hybrid engine :( I hope it will come soon! Any status on that, you can share with us? 
+Franz Wüstner yeah, damn that whole job/life/school thing getting in the way of giving you what YOU want....
+Matt Flaming i knew somebody would missunderstand what i wanted to say.. nobody expect them to do this. but when they do it, criticism can, could an should (if appropriate) be accepted.. 
+Ondrej Danko tried latest versions of cwm and twrp, full wipe then install this version of pa for hammerhead. All that happens is it does the md5 check and then just does nothing. On twrp you get in the installing animation bar but nothing gets installed. Keep having to restore nandroid 
+Mo ZedEl Use TWRP and give it some time. For some reason some installs take up to 5 mins (have not had this myself but i've heard it reported)
+Harry Johnson If you use google dialer, it replaces replaces telephony service modifications that were made. Network tiles will force close due to missing/removed code. The dialer itself will be fine. 
+Matteo Trentin Yeah the MD5 error in the PA OTA app is confirmed.  Seems someone accidentally added a character to the end of the MD5 string.  Mine flashed without issue.
I love all the icon on quick setting tile on beta 1, until the lightbulb icon shown up, i think it doesnt match others icons..sorry to point it out, its minor problem for me, i just hope PA will need more improve in UI design
great job that lockscreen will make me switch back from Omni
Great work +Paranoid Android, you never let me down. All-time favorite ROM and you keep on impressing me. Keep up the great work!
Link for the wallpaper:
Are you guys going to update from this rom? I mean with the updater app, so I can just install this one and keep updating. 
Changing keyboard from aosp to Google, causing the back button not functioning..and suddenly can't turn on the screen after sleep..anyone facing same problem?
N7000?? Badly waiting +paranoid android 
I will wait until the end :)
Is it possible to deactivate the quick setting pulldown on the right side of the statusbar? I always trigger it accidentally if I have the phone in my right hand and try to see my notifications
It's like Christmas morning all over again! But no socks 😞
Just installed on my Nexus 10 (Manta) no new quick settings like flashlight no blur on lockscreen, seems the same as bta 1, also latest stock gapps no camera or gallery which I haven't seen at all in these 4.3 builds.

Seems Manta users are abit left out with this rom.
+Mark Smithdale top right corner there is a square click and more tiles come up.. Touch once to add touch again to take out... Youll see
+Mando Garcia Yea noticed right after posting, I must be blind tonight, one wouldn't think as it just looks like a graphic, camera and gallery would be nice if the stock Google ones could be made working
This is the only thing making me sad I ditched my Toro for an m7. I need my PA back!
+Paranoid Android Thanks guys, fantastic. Painfully basic questions:

1.  Assuming I can dirty flash over the Beta 1, correct?
2.  If the Google Dialer (which I installed with Beta 1) causes issues, I'm assuming if I flash the latest PA_Gapps after flashing the Beta 2, I'll be fine, correct?

Thanks again!
Haven't flashed yet, but does this mean you removed the Google Dialer? 
Waiting patiently for Hybrid.  Its nice to change the DPI just a little bit on things like Facebook to get a little more posts on the screen.  Should be nice with the Nexus 5's high PPI on the 1080P screen.
Has anyone here tried enabling ART? I got stuck with a boot loop and had to reflash, wanted to see if anyone had similar problems. It worked fine on the last version of PA
Pdroid not work ..
I'm still 3.99 RC2 .Which xposed & Pdroid works together very well
Quick question about App Privacy:

I remember reading through the comments of previous builds not too long ago that Google changed the way App Privacy is handled. Is it still included in this PA iteration, or will it still be included in future versions?
+Angelo Ced Got ART working without boot looping the second time I tried it, thanks for the reply.
Great news... But i'll wait for halo and pie to flash it ! Keep up the good work guys !
Thank you!!! Works on #Tilapia

The MD5 Checksum does not match. OTA calculates the correct one after download but the provided within the file ends with an additional "n". Huh, might be a wrong line feed at the end of line
whatever is on top the already rock solid, looking forward!
Excellent! So far looks great. Noticed a problem with ART on my mako-the touch control got very weird and unsatisfactory after switching from dalvik.
Guys!!! wich gapps ? PA Google Stock or not ?? 

Many thanks
Léo Ji
Cool :D, is it stable for a daily use ? 
Is it possible to disable the quick toggles when swiping the notification shade down from the right corner?
Where can I disable the QS pulldown?
Ok just seen the post above. It would be really annoying if this cant be disabled because its hard for me always to reach the middle of the bar with one hand.
i want to disable the quicksettings pulldown... is that possible?
we have to read at least a bit :D
Thank you very much for the release! I have one question though: Is it possible to modify the network tile as it was possible back in PA 3.99? By that i mean the setting to show only the network modes "2G" and "2G|3G" without the "3G only" option in the tile.
+Elliot Tibble no way to disable it....why do you need to pull down from the middle? Right is quick tiles and left is notification drawer. 
+Max Rohland I have no issues with it. The default behavior is when pulled down, notification drawer show. Only when you literally touch edges of device screen is when quick pull down takes effect 
I read about the lock screen blur in that PA Remix thread but damn I didn't think it would look THAT good...
I had my Galaxy Nexus Freezing most days with the last build. Hopefully this build will fix that.
+Andre Saddler Yeah, I am already getting used to it, it was just a little bit strange in the beginning. Thanks for the awesome work! :-)
Man i wish that the old Nexus S will get this too... 
No HALO, no PIE, no Hybrid engine (((
looks like stock
nexus 7 2013
Soiz Z
Nice ROM, very stable, a lot better than stock even if it's not PA yet.
Could you include messaging in your gapps? No love for hangouts.
Thanks, looking forward for the next one ;)
+Andre Saddler TY for confirming, I've been holding off on the latest builds as I wait for the main TA features to be add. Thx for all your work and for the quick reply
luv it! lookin forward for the halo release :)
+Anas Aldasouqi you ignore them and they increase equaling increased frustration which leads to less interest in project. Granted some response are a bit unprofessional but we're human. Voicing our raw opinions is best way
When you guys gonna come up with all those feature which people are expecting.. I can't wait to try it out once it pulled out of the bake.. :D
Hey, i hope it is okay if i poste a bug here. I flashed pa today on my galaxy nexus and at the first view there were no Problem. But when i install a CA certificate and try to use it for connecting the network at university it doesn't work and some minutes later the entry in ca list disapperas. And also sometimes there are some grafic bugs on the dropdown menus in settings. It look like horizontal lines over the choosen entry. Maby you can fix. I think CA is important to many, I'll try it tomorrow again, and if some change i'll post again.
"Quick Settings Pulldown (Right Side - Status Bar)" YES!! you guys can stop development right there for don't get me wrong, I love Pie and every other feature on this great rom but I am too fucken lazy to do two steps just to get to the quick settings pulldown. I had already been used to it on 3.99..Thanks gentlemen, damn..just when I was about to sell my N4 and go back to a flip phone, lol
all these awesome features I can't wait to receive on my n7000 xD
+Paranoid Android Struggling to stay paranoid when everyone else has kit Kat and I don't because the paranoid team decided to abandon Toro. 
Simply cannot wait for Pie... great work so far though. This past few weeks have been very productive for you guys it seems!
waiting on the att gs3 build! jealous
What about bring support to Dual Sim phones like Moto G?
+Paranoid Android sorry I deleted that before just reading the ota post but when do you predict it's going to be released?
+Harry Johnson lol...ETA, prediction...same thing different terms.
Maybe if we were porting forward our features I could make a guess. Right now Hybrid is being rewritten ... it was pretty close to complete but there is a bug that's being pretty stubborn ... there is no way to predict when we think we'd come up with a proper solution
+Paranoid Android thank you for your hard work. I've just noticed that, even if I switched system language to italian, some "custom" settings are still in english. I know english and it's not that much of a problem, but seeing an half italian, half english menu doesn't look that good.

Are you planning to do a complete translation by the next official release?

Thank you so much. :)
+Weiyu Dang update your recovery, flash the correct ROM zip. You can't 'lose root' by flashing the ROM
Keep receiving a MD5 file not found error when trying to flash beta2 even though the MD5 file is present in the folder. 
MD5 not found in recovery is a benign error and means nothing.  it will not prevent the rom from flashing
Guys, you are awesome, thank you for great job. But please give me option to turn off this new right side pull feature. When I hold phone in one hand - it becomes totally uncomfortable
thats the thing though. it doesnt flash. 
+Elham Atta how long are you waiting for the flash to finish.  on my hammerhead it took nearly 10 minutes for it to finish
+Matt Flaming it returns with an error as soon as MD5 file not found appears. Which stops the flashing.
what is the error?  the md5 does not cause it to not flash.
And if you'll make the same cool blur in notification area or somewhere else - i'm gonna just lick the screen all day. Really, it soooooooo cool!
is this solely for the n5?
+Abhi Jain no?  You could click on the website and see what devices are supported.....
Skipping MD5 check: no MD5 file found.

set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed

E:Error executing updater binary in zip ' sdcard/paranoid/'

Error flasing zip 'sdcard/paranoid/'
+Elham Atta Why are you posting this here?  The G2 is not a PA supported need to take your issues to the xda thread where you got the rom.
Thanks +Paranoid Android! Anyone else had a problem using the Paranoid OTA installer? It dowloaded the update fine, but when I went to install it booted into recovery and I got a message saying
'Error processing ROM Manager script.... etc'
+Paul Curtis what device?  Make sure your recovery is up to date.  TWRP is preferred.
N5. Latest CWM touch. I didn't realise you preferred TWRP - can I flash it straight over CWM?

Had to find the beta 2 zip and install manually in recovery, but it's all worked great. Thanks again!
Does anyone else has an issue with launcher loosing icons on the bottom bar?
+yevsey beylinson Using GEL? It's a known <ahem> 'feature'. Happens with every software update I believe - stock or custom. Try Nova instead.
+Paul Curtis using whatever comes with paranoid the issue is it does that after every reboot and it's only the far left one.... 
+Paul Curtis also does anyone have an idea when this 'feature' was introduced? Don't have it happening on a stock room. 
+yevsey beylinson it definitely happened on stock when upgrading from 4.4 to 4.4.2. And if you're using full PA GApps then you likely do have GEL. 
+Paul Curtis that the thing, it's not just when upgrading it's after every reboot e end if you don't upgrade. The rest of them stay where they belong which is odd 
It would be great if the PA team removed the volume warning when you nave headphones plugged in
Please make options to off quick settings pull down on right side. Do +Paranoid Android use quick settings features? 97% people use notification bar and 3% settings.
+Paranoid Android running PA4.0 on my N5 and my N7 i refuse to run any other rom. Just waiting PATIENTLY for all of those PA features that we know and love. dont rush yourself or put this before more important things in your life either remember its just a rom your giving for FREE!! Ive been more than satisfied since my N4 ya never disappoint! :) :) :) :)
Aza X
Will there still be the bugs regarding touch in some games 
+Yam Borodetsky developing paranoid android isn't easy. Let the developers do their job,they are doing it for free.They are also sacrificing their own free time to do this for the community too. 
+Paranoid Android I'm not asking for an ETA at all, I would just like to know, are you guys working on toroplus? Or are you outsourcing it to another dev or something along those lines? I speak for all toroplus users when I say I'm feeling a little left out here :/ again im by no means asking for an ETA, I would just like a little info as to what's going on. 
Hello +Paranoid Android just want to report a bug on the Nexus flo, kept on dropping my wifi signal and at work it could not connect to the Windows Server, back on CM for now...
+Paranoid Android This might sound crazy and way out of context, but do you think in the future Paranoid Android would benefit from having a built-in app theming engine that replaces the icons globally? 
I don't know how many, if any people have asked for this, but is there a way you could implement the blurred lockscreen without showing what screen you were previously on? So like it just blurs out your wallpaper. I think that would look very nice.
+Paul Doyle Probably won't be happening. The whole point for us to implement the blurred option was to have the see-through look good. 
Sorry if I have missed something about this but please set an option to disable the quick pulldown, or at least set the trigger area smaller to the right. I know no one cares or understands but this is actually a reason for me to switch from pa, and I rly dont want do that 8(
+Yam Borodetsky someone already took the high road so i will take the low one ... Eat a dick you ungrateful bastard. The developers dont owe your cheap ass shit. How about you start paying them and then you can talk shit.
+Yam Borodetsky I have something to clarify.
The developers of paranoid android are in fact human beings. Those come from families, and around something called the holiday season, families get together and vacation. Are you that fucking dense?
I don't know about you, buuuut the holiday season just happened!!
I'll wait for new Halo and Hybrid, sorry PA for now :(
+Elliot Tibble You really are talking about some serious shit!
Galaxy Nexus Owners.. don't forget to give your reviews on Beta2!
Awesome can't wait! I was wondering though if the Google dialer or a similar feature would ever be able to work with paranoid?
+Hai Long Hoang for HALO you can build PA already from source ;-) Or for Nexus4/5 is AOSPA ROM with HALO on XDA. I recommend also try Xposed modules like App settings & XHaloFloatingWindow.
+Kiani I it's very hard brick nexus ;-) If you can go to recovery menu then you're fine.
+Paranoid Android It would be great if the quick tiles pulldown could optionally be triggered from the left side of the notification bar instead of the right. Being right handed, my phone is almost exclusively in my right hand, making it very easy to pull down the qs instead of the notifications I want to see, which is a bit of a reach on larger phones. Thank you.

Oh, and if you could please make it possible for automation utilities like Tasker to manage the preferred cell data type again like in previous releases, it would be much appreciated. Thanks again :)
+Paranoid Android Just a silly quick question, how can I get that camera shortcut on the lockscreen just like on the picture ? I just flashed BETA on my GT-N7000 but the arrow and camera icon aren't showing. Thanks for the great work !
+Ondrej Danko Thanks for the answer. Well I'm on a Galaxy Note so I guess it can't really be activated since I already have physical buttons and PA Preferences isn't fully implemented yet. But perhaps I'm not looking where I should ?
Device getting quite hot while gaming, battery drops fast.Will move to another rom till u guys sort it out and update it for awhile
+Paranoid Android Is there a way to turn off the quick settings pulldown on the right side? It's inconvenient to get my thumb all the way to the middle for regular notifications. 
On the pictures shown, is that what the lock screen actually looks like? The transparent but blurred effect of the home screen/app in the background? If so, that is amazing and I think I should come back to PA for the amazing design!
Is it possible to disabled quick pulldown?
Is there any reason that you guys are taking away the option to turn off the "quick pulldown" for the QS tiles? I understand that some people like it, but I'd like to at least have the option to disable it. And I know I'm not the only one
Downloading!! Thank you to the whole PA team for your hard work 😋. 
I cant check the unlock ' Auto Rotate' icon in notification drawer or even more that icon around like the others and its a lil bit annoying. Anyone else with this issue
+kev cunningham Yeah I know about that but as stated on this post and for the mods available by PA for 0 day GAPPS, the PA's Google dialer doesn't work with this rom though the Google dialer pulled from nexus 5 made available on androidpolice does work for the previous build, not sure about this one. So I was just wondering if and when it would be made to work with paranoid.
>>>> Auto QuickSettings Guide:<<<<
Swipe down from left side wont show you Quick Settings.
Swipe down from right will show you Quick Settings.
+Ben Hidalgo I believe paranoid android said that Google removed this layout completely so no.
Anxiously waiting for the 3rd build, hoping that it has pie, hybrid and halo. 😉
Great job PA team!

first thanks for the new build, am having a issue with blurred lock screen it looks missed up on my Gnex, is there a way to fix that or should i wait for the next update ?
Anybody know how to disable right corner quick setting pulldown? I've been searching for days. URGENT.
+Ondrej Danko Now, I'm using a modified of CM11 rom with Halo and Tinted Xposed Module for Hybrid taste :)

But I always wait for an official of both :)
Nice, mobile network tile suggestion made it to the build :D
Do I need to wipe the SD card partition or is a wipe data/facrory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvik from CWM good enough? Coming from stock 4.4.2 on a N4 (and N7 grouper) 
+Kareem Halabi follow below guide:
1. Wipe data / factory reset
2. Flash PA 4.0 ROM
3. Flash Gapps
4. Wipe cache partition
5. Wipe dalvik
6. Reboot system and enjoy!!!
Is this compatible with lg d802? Want to flash it!
I know PA is working on delta on OTA. Can't freaking wait. 
I will download when there will be halo and pie, rock on
Where can I get this awesome wallpaper from? 
No way to disable quick status bar pulldown?
Is it possible to turn off quick settings pulldown on the right side of statusbar?
Will definitely be checking this out soon!  Does it work with Xposed?
I installed it on maguro and grouper nexus. I have two problem.. In maguro someyimesy, with no apparently reason, screen and touch stuck, even if I try to reboot with power+volume up+volume down. The only way it's to detach my battery. In grouper I have a similar problem after a long standby (sometime 10 hours, sometime 4 hours.. Could be less..), even if I try to unlock screen remain black and the only way I have to re use my tablet it's to use the same combination above and then restart it again.. I'm glad to provide you some log if you can instruct me! Thanks for your hard work..

Just Ridiculously smooth and stable on the N4. And a massive increase in battery life from stock. 
Thank you very much, it works really well on Galaxy Nexus. There's just one thing that I noticed - lightbulb in the notification widgets is not working. Do I have to enable/download anything else for this future to work? Thanks for any help. 
+Ádam Makk This happens to me when I swipe whatsapp from my recents, I mostly receive them late or not at all. I didnt (always) have this problem before PA4.
Pie and Halo...I've been stock on this N5 for too long.  Need me some PA goodness.  Just kidding, work at whatever pace to get it out right and bug free.  I'll just sit here and cry impatiently.
Thanks. Massive battery drain on beta 2 so far. No new apps since stock or beta 1. WiFi seems to be the culprit according to battery stats. It's not letting my phone sleep.
Does PA have the GEL and the stock dialer? (transparent navigation- notification bar, and google now on the left)?
What wallpaper is that? Also keep up the good work P.A team
+Paranoid Android  thanks for your work.

Tried the Beta2 on my GNEX but I have a serious problem: since I have a MVNO (yesss in Austria using A1-net) I need a setting to allow national roaming (like in CM).
By now I can only turn Data-Roaming on or off but that's really NOT handy.
So there should be a possibilty only to compare MCC but not MNC
+Paranoid Android I am new to paranoid, flashed 4.0 beta 2 on my nexus 4 just now. Looking good. Benchmark performance is much better than pure stock android and latest cyanogenmod nightly. We are eagerly waiting for killer features (halo, pie & hybrid customization). I hope we will see these features in 4+ pretty soon.
+Paranoid Android Love your work! Coming from CM and it feels like a great change. 
I wanted to know where I can submit bugs? I tried XDA but I couldn't find a thread.
Guys I've been curious if you will ever add the camera quick settings tile. Thanks for all the hard work. 👍 +Paranoid Android
+Paranoid Android Just want to let the team know how much I appreciate all their hard work. Best ROM I have ever used and definitely the most innovative. +1 to show your appreciation if you agree! 
Why the priority of Maguro over Toro guys?  Really just an honest question, I'm not pressing for dates <3
Amazing battery life increase on maguro.  I had one of those bulky extended batteries, but since flashing BETA 2 I can go a full day of normal use with the original battery.  Hope this doesn't change in future releases!
Is there a build for the Verizon HTC one? M7
+Davide Guastalli you can just hold power button down for 10 seconds on any android device to hard reset without having to pull battery (well maybe a couple devices you can't, but all I have tried do so far). Also, noticed on my S2 [Tmobile T989] black screen happens in browser mostly, but tapping screen and moving my finger brings it back. It's almost like a redraw hang. May only work on apps with enough on screen to allow scroll as this is mostly browser for me works every time. also is not just one browser in 4.4.2 both chrome and Firefox do it also notice it happen on screen unlocks sometimes but is only a blip and clears after a couple seconds once I moved from stock launcher to ADW EX.
+Elliot Tibble sounds like it needs to stay running in background for it's connection back to their servers possibly. Is there any option in that app for setting how often it either checks for updates or reconnect back to their servers for a push notification service? If so adjusting it lower could help, if not try to run it at boot and tap home button not back and leave in recent apps menu, does this help?
Can I use this rom for my i9300 galaxy s3(international version) ?
+Mike Smith There are no settings for push notification. I just have to get used to not to clear my recents so often. On 4.3 I didnt have that problem and I think with stock 4.4 also. 
Soiz Z
Beta 3 on the dll. Thx guys. Your work is very appreciate. 
+Axel Riou Im using n7000 as well. So far I can only find the alpha rom, could you give me the link for the n7000 please :) 
I can't wait for Pie! Hammerhead PA is amazing!
I love the blurred lockscreen! Did I say love, I mean hate. Pointless ugly shiz 
Blurred lockscreen doesn't work on maguro :) it shows...something ugly. Anyone can confirm this ?
+Daniel Năstase  Agreed. On maguro, it shows a blurred, zig-zagged pattern of whatever is in the background instead
the background you have here, can we download it? it doesn't come with the rom
Imagine Halo on the lock screen with a subtle flash to let us know we have notifications. And the option to verify our notifications without having to unlock our phone +Paranoid Android :-)
Blurred lockscreen is a work of art.
Much more attractive than just transparency.
Flashed Hammerhead 4.4.2 Beta 3... Everything seems to work well except for calling. I can't call nor can i receive any but texting is fine. Any ideas? 
+Jean-Joseph Napoléon there is an app for that: NiLS. This app shows a widget on your lockscreen with the notifications. I can tell that in combination with blurred lockscreen, it's a beauty!

+Paranoid Android can you add the functionality of nils to the android system, or is this to much to ask?
+Jing Zhi Does not currently work on Galaxy Nexus due to graphical issues with screen shots
How long till Hybrid and Pie controls??
Love it on my Nexus 4 :)
I love, and dearly miss, Hybrid too (don't really use Pie), but we don't ask for ETAs. We just support and wait... They said they will include it at some point.  :-)
On my maguro gnex don't work this lockscreen 
On my galaxy nexus I have the same problem then jing zhi.. Will be updated? 
Omar I
Really like the this blue lock screen option! Thanks for still supporting Nexus 7 2012! :D when can we expect the Halo new version to be added?
how do i enable halo on nexus7 (deb) beta6?
ive looked errywhere. :(
Just read that in the change log. I thought it would have been added by beta 6 I apologize thank you for all your hard work guys the rom is super stable in very fast, my big question is doesn't support USB audio? I want to be able to use this especially as all the features get added in but USB audio for my Pico DAC/Amp 
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