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Weekly Update

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. We've added in a few of the more common minor tweaks that you probably don't notice much but you would miss if they weren't there. Currently we are looking into finalizing one new feature before we make an "AOSP+" release.
Standard paranoid features are still being re-worked... first up would be Hybrid Engine 3.0. The back-end is almost complete and UI redesign has started. Once this is done, we'll have our first PA release. 

A bit of sad news for some
Google has completely wiped out the code required for the tablet UI interface (Navigation and Status bar combination). After some internal discussions, we've decided to put this feature to rest (no more Tablet UI). 

Point to note 
With this re-write, the main intention is to keep the UI & UX clean, simple and "Googly". We will try to achieve this without sacrificing features and innovation, but, this means we need to find a seamless way to integrate everything. 
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Can't wait, thanks for all the hard work!
so wait, how does hybrid work if the tablet ui code you need is blown?
Take your time guys. Always looking forward to the awesomeness you concoct.
Can't wait for the first hammerhead release. You guys made my nexus 4 experience, I'm sure you'll do it again. 
In terms of UI, you guys gonna do anything with the current state of googles theming? I don't mind the switch to white from holo blue but it seems weird having the hybrid that currently is 4.4. They either should have kept holo blue for all or just done all white. Maybe you guys could have global accent color theming for hybrid engine?
Allen A
Thank you guys!
Cool! The "phablet" UI is fine if using PIE on both phone and tablet for me. Looking forward to it! 
+Alexander Diana .....phablet and phone implemented depricated tablet ui mode will make no sense and it will push back release if we were to even re implement
+Alexander Diana We will no longer be supporting Tablet UI. Hybrid Engine is more than simply the UI changes. The core of it is managing app layout and dpi.
+Alexander Diana Basically you will no long have status bar/nav bar combination at the bottom of your device. All other tablet properties remain the same.
+Giacomo Guicciardi There was already a KitKat release for Galaxy Nexus. It is still supported (at present there are some issues though)
Awesome! Sad about the tablet ui thing, but it is what it is. 
+Paranoid Android alright, that makes sense, not too much damage then.
I don't think much of the userbase would even find that mode to be much benefit, as unless you had a galaxy note, it was just too crammed. Even on a note it was still.
+Brian Baumlin unless they can fix the graphic issues I doubt they will continue development on it. Sad to see such a historic phone die. 
+Paranoid Android Did you already come to a decision about supporting the good old gnex? I'm thinking about buying a nexus5 but i would like to try PA on maguro before I get another device. Thanks for this awesome project!  
Damn, thats sad to hear, i really loved PA for that on my Tab. But if Google has wiped out the Code, its the only thing you could have done. Great Work guys.
Thats too sad i love that feature cause gives the impression of a bigger screen, +Paranoid Android is there any chance to get that feature back if google gives the code again?
+Paranoid Android I'm just playing asshole :P if y'all need any help with a d2att (cause you magically want to support it officially ;)) just shout me a note :)
Is there root access in the current builds?
Phone Google and make them put the code back! You have their number, right?
Once there is a build with halo and PIE I'll be a happy panda
You guys should try and make weekly updates a "thing". Please do more. 
I'm in Paranoid without you :)
I'm sad with N5 stock. I need phablet UI!!! Thank you guys!!! Please, adding lockscreen shorcuts in the lock screen .
+Paranoid Android please get rid of all the halo blue, please! I can't wait to see what you guys do with immersive mode. I'm already running a ROM with it, but I'm sure you'll do something unique with it. 
So please tell me "phablet" will still exist.. 
+Paranoid Android So when you say "...we've decided to put this feature to rest (no more Tablet UI)"  That doesn't mean you won't be releasing a PA Rom for the Nexus 7 right?

e.g. You DO plan on including an N7 Rom?
+Paranoid Android PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME. I want your Rom as stable as it was on the N4. I hate broken things and bugs.
+Johnny Allison The UI modes have nothing to do with specific devices. Tablet UI is the interface in which the status bar and navigation bar are combined and placed at the bottom of the screen.
Joel Sb
Im using an unofficial version of pa 3.99 and it's the best rom i've ever tried. And its an unofficial lol
Great job +Paranoid Android team
Tablet ui just felt a lot more intuitive on 10 inch tablets than the standard phone ui. Big black bar at the bottom of the screen with 3 buttons in the middle just wastes space. I hope Google fixes that, maybe not the exact same way they did before but there's gotta be a distinction. 
I try to build tomorrow for hammerhead ;-)
Kinda sad that Google killed off tablet ui, it was definitely better than phablet for 10" tablets in my opinion. But luckily with PIE and HALO (once they've been implemented), I'll probably won't miss it. 
On the n7, tablet UI was very useful ...gave back much needed real estate.sad to see it go, never used phablet UI.. Maybe it will suffice
Also keep in mind new nexus 10 is rumored for next week, there could yet be a ui refresh
+Paranoid Android Will I be able to upgrade to this "AOSP+" release straight from 3.99-RC2, or is a factory reset required/recommended?
+Adith Radityo Always recommended when upgrading Android versions. Although it should be fine. Worst case scenario, you get some force closes on dirty flash and follow up with a clean install.
+Paranoid Android I am awaiting the release and cannot wait. It was installed on my 3 n4s I had over the past year. Can I ask, can or do you know any way to change settings to a light holo theme. Instead of the dull blackish colour ??
This sounds good. Paranoid Android may just well be the first custom rom for my Nexus 5. 
+Johnny Ward It can be done but we don't intend to. Would simply require changes to the system images used. Some areas may need xml tweaks.
+Paranoid Android no worries. Just wondering if it was possible,not implemented at all. All the best guys. My n5 will be ready and waiting haha. 
Really sad to hear tablet ui is removed officially from Kit Kat. I loved the combo status/nav bar. It does make sense you are not supporting it. Keep it simple!
+Zaid Azhar Halo needs to be re-written. If or how it's implementation will be changed, we don't know at this point. But, it will definitely be re-written from scratch.
+Paranoid Android fair enough but just saying it was and continues to be one of the standout features of PA and I daresay was one of the deciding factors for people choosing AOSP ROMs. Hopefully you'll focus on it to bring it back ASAP. Best of luck!
its fine with me if tablet UI is not anymore available. what important is we still have hybrid properties, halo, pie and other important stuff. Sacrificing one for many will do.
Damn. I was waiting for the day I'd get a Nexus tablet so I could use PA's tablet UI on it. Too bad. Guess I'll forget about getting a tablet now since Google's current UI on tablets is just an oversized phone UI. I hate it. 
Part of me just died with the tablet UI :( Thank PA team for PIE though since I pretty much always use my devices in landscape and I dont have 6" long thumbs to reach center buttons.
+Paranoid Android the same thing the N4 needed i feel the N5 needs. It just seems like a little more calibration can really perfect the display but anyway i cant wait for the release man. Great work!
oh no! not the tablet ui! the realstate gain by using the tablet ui will be deeply missed!! :'( if possible, please bring it back!!
Last time I did Android dev was for 2.2 lol But I will check out the github issues, maybe I can help somehow. Rooting and sideloading was a fun experience with the new Mac SDK. 
i'm playing with stock, will flash the AWESOME PA 4 when its ready! hopefully Art is compatible with all apps by then.
Losing tablet UI's not that bad for me. But I've gotta know... Will PIE have fancy immersion capabilities so I can just swipe down and see the status bar? :}?
+Fabricio V. That might be a weirs feature to have considering in a reader app you need to swipe down to go further below on the page. Even in games like Temple Run you need to swipe down to duck, so that won't be a feasible thing to have. 
Nooooo, loved my tablet UI on n7. Your thumbs are just right there! Dammit Google. Thanks a bunch for update PA, still very excited. I install PA on everything I have. 
+Paranoid Android if I flash the factory image for 4.4 but want to return to 3.99rc2 pa can I? Or will I have to download radio or anything else? 
+Karan Bhansali I meant swipe down from the top of the screen the way Samsung phones do it on fullscreen apps
The tablet ui is the main reason I used your ROM on my nexus 7 2012
No tablet UI, no more need for paranoid android for me, it was literally the only feature I ever used. But I understand it was out of your hands.
+Fabricio V. Oh okay. Like that. In Pie that isn't available as of now on the 3.99RC2. I'd like that too. 
A little off topic but does anyone know if a tmobile nexus 5 will work on att? 
+Jesse Cohen sounded like an incremental update to me. They've stated there will be no halo, hybrid engine, or pie yet.
What about per app color? We can still have it right?
I feel like a kid again waiting for Christmas. I know the PA 'gift' will be tops!
Tablet UI is the only reason for me to use this ROM!
Why Google changed!!!!! Shit!!!!!
I do NOT need so big buttons. I do NOT want so big buttons always appear. I do NOT like using PIE mode.  I only like Tablet UI.  I canceled my Nexus 5 order.I'll keep using Nexus 4.Shit.................
How about the nexus 5 ?
I really want to say something to Google since i bought N10 AND N7 2012.
Such a "beautiful" UI. Google!  You use it on cellphone makes little sense. You even use it on Tablet. It's so ridiculous! So big three buttons at the bottom. I cannot easily to  see the clock and any other notification when I'm playing games or running any other full screen apps. I'm really wondering that  Android engineers' heads are full of water. IOS is so closed, i'll never use it. But, you should open, open, open everything! So sad........
Can't wait +Paranoid Android! You guys are one of the important reasons I've come back to Nexus devices after a short time on the HTC One.
No tablet UI is sad indeed. 
is that Google don't want to sell their tablet anymore, so that they wipe out the code? Will there be only phablet in the future?
With Halo being rewritten, would we be expecting changes (good or bad) in functionality?
+Sally Li I really don't understand why Google did this! I hate phablet!
It's very sad news that I can't use tablet ui anymore.. :(
Please retain tablet UI...!! At least for tablets..! 
Waiting you, guys. Thanks a lot and don't worry about time. We'll wait as mush as need :)
No tablet UI is too sad... :(
Hard to understand that,
android 4.3 will still the best android version for customization?
Does anybody know if the Snapdragon 800 can be accessed by voice command if the phone is locked/screen is asleep? Meaning could this be feature in Paranoid?
Dudes, I am on pa_mako-userdebug 4.4 KRT16O

WiFi has terrible performance! After reenable WiFi it is working as it should, 6-8MB/sek when file is pusehd from pc to phone via es filemanager remote.

Please, as long as PA is clean of modifications, try to solve the WiFi out completely, so its running as it should, with all functions and the performance as with stock!

No more tablet ui :'(
But i can deal with it....
+Paranoid Android I really really don't understand this! Tablet ui is one of the main features! It is also the best option to save space. Please don't kill this essential feature! ! 
I was more of a pie + halo with ninja mode kinda guy but the occasional switch to tablet UI made a good change. Man, I'm gonna miss that :(
Other android users around me with Sense/TW were pretty jealous
what about nexus 4 ?? we can got PA 4 ???
nexus 5 will my last nexus. Cuz google the impudent. Clear my favorite UI code. And on nexus 4 in stock bars not transparent.
Forget everything but pie. All I want for Christmas is pie!!! Aosp+ pie is all I need!
Keep it up guys. Hybrid engine is sorely missed. All my browsers look rubbish now. 
Wow, no tabletui anymore. Really enjoyed having my notifications come from the bottom of my screen, much easier on a larger device such as my note 2...
I'm really missing the hybrid engine on my nexus 5 can't wait for release 
Wonder if it's possible to make an automated hybrid engine which dynamically changes the status bar colors depending on the window and chooses the best colors for the icons as well. That would be sick 
+Paranoid Android when AOSPA 4 release can i get AOSPA 4 update without wipe data and system from AOSPA 3.99RC2.
Didn't ever like these phablet or tablet modes anyway. I might actually use parandroid android soon but I'm sticking to stock with xposed framework for now. Every rom I've tried had always crashed occasionally. SOmething I've never experienced with the xposed framework.
Sounds awesome, can't wait. The 11/15 build is good..
Looking forward to new pa.I personally never bothered with tablet ui on a 7inch.enjoying stock kitty at the moment, but that navbar is huge would love to have transparent nav and status bar through the os and apps.or per app settings on the new full screen feature in kit kat but only on in play books and YouTube etc
will phablet ui still be available? 
I don't see what the big deal is. Google removed the ui not pa. Tablet mode being removed does not mean that you can't resize nav bar, or hide status bar. I'm sure you can still manually change the dpi. So you can't have the navbar/status bar together on the bottom, no big deal. Their statement has become a bigger deal than it really is.
+Henning Kubbutat highly recommend getting used to using the halo + pie combination.  Combined navbar & statusbar is nice but halo & pie save that much more space.  Very nice after getting used to it.
sad news about tablet mode...but thanks for your work..cant wait!
i agree , lose the blue change is always good. good work guys
I like “Googly”… LOL. Looking forward 😉
Does AOSP 4.4 have the full color emoji support?
+Paranoid Android will there be a way to do the immersive desktop or whatever it's called universally? And how will that integrate with pie?
I am also a huge fan of the tablet UI on my gnex, sad to see that Google is letting it go :(
Apologies in advance if this is not in the right place. Is Paranoid Android going to continue ROM development/ support for the Google Nexus 10? I see Roms for all of the other Nexus devices except for Nexus 10 :(
+Paranoid Android, I will wait patiently. I installed y'alls ROM a month in from getting my N4, tried others before it and off and on occasionally, but have yet to find one that compares. I really liked the way the settings menu was laid out. Keep up the good work!
+Tate Kwiecinski I tried! But pie will always be slower to use compared to buttons. This is why I don't use it and don't wanna lose tablet ui! 
Full!screen app works as a replacement to tablet ui
Just adapting PIE......fuck Google!
My Nexus 5 awaits your first build! So excited for Halo again!
Thank you for so much hard work
The wait is killing but we know its worth it
Best of luck for the release
+Paranoid Android recently learned how to flash ROMS. PA 3.99 is the first AOSP ROM I've tried and I'm hooked!!! massive appreciation to the PA Team!

Small gripes on the Note 2 (GT N7100),

a) the camera app is a heartbreaker :( images and screen resolution are very bad. Particularly coming from TW. Also, if you go into settings, you've mis-labeled the scene modes.

b) focal doesn't work. Images won't store in gallery.

c) photosphere 4.3 apk causes a cannot connect to camera error despite using Ti.Backup to delete the previous gallery before installation.

d) lastly, the stock browser flashes while loading images.

Once again, thanks to the whole team for all your time and hard work on the ROM!
I'm really really gonna miss the PA Tablet UI on my Nexus 10, it's so much better than Google's stock tablet UI!
Will you introduce the multiwindows feature? I think is the only feature that is missed on PA to be perfect! Great work anyway guys!
Guys, I think it's safe to assume that they will slowly work to bring back almost all previously existing PA features unless they specifically say they can't/won't. There's no need to ask for/about every single one of them.
Are there any news for the galaxy nexus?? Any paranoid kit Kat update?? 10x
+Alex Enache there have not been any paranoid kitkat releases.....why would there be one for a galnex?? come on.
I only asked, If în the future will be any kit Kat for gnexus 
+Paranoid Android since you guys are rewriting the core features, do you have plans to make PIE more flexible (for example allowing multiple levels or even folders similar to Google's camera ui where new sub-items pop up when hovering a parent node)
Hi Paranoid Devs, a few questions:

Can you implement Nvidias updated kernel/ binaries which for some reason didn't end up in the 4.4 release for the 2012 Nexus 7?

Will the next AOSP (without+) update be based on the released 4.4 binaries?

Can't wait to have this on my Nexus 5! Favorite Nexus 4 ROM!
I just got a notification about 4.4 for my gs3 with tmobile. Is it still buggy or is it stable? I am pretty sure it isn't stable, but i want to check.
Frankly, Google's decission to eliminate #TabletUI   is baffling. I'll be sticking with JB for as long as practical under the circumstances...
+Mustafa Ayub This device is not officially supported by PA, you would have to raise these issues with the maintainer as they appear to be device specific.
Without tablet UI ? Nooo thank you. :(
+ Curtis Mayers Thank you for answering my question. Truly appreciate it.
+Fabricio V. Same question... Only reason I do not use Pie is not being able to pull for not bar... 
+Jasenko Pasic In Paranoid Settings, if you set the navigation bar to 0% height then it will default to PIE and then you also have the not bar. 
Can't wait, literally can't wait but I'm sure it's gonna be dope but soon Imma get the nexus 5 
+Noah Stanford It's actually more of an improvement to an existing feature. Nothing major, just an attempt at increasing simplicity and reducing the settings hierarchy 
+Paranoid Android Well I'm all for it, thank you for your development. Also is there anything that a nondeveloper can contribute to the ROM other than money, because I'm pretty much broke? I have some programming knowledge but not enough to work on Android. 
I would like to know also if there is something am illustrator / designer can do to help the team.
My nexus 5 is craving your release 
I tried the s3 nightly version.
Oh man it so cool.
U fail to notice tht its a nightly.(no much prob)

The device does get hot plus the colour too saturated.

Nyways thanks for the good works.cheers

+Noah Stanford translations, bug reports with specific details (log cats)...ideas on improving features (not necessarily feature requests, but existing feature refining)
+Eugenio Garcia can't think of anything at the moment but thanks for the offer. Usually if we require some sort of specific specialised assistance we'll make a public request so, just keep an eye out in the future :-)
Too bad for Tablet UI, I guess I'll stick with 4.3 based release for now, as for GNex there's no PA release yet? Or will there be? 
+Paranoid Android When you will release stable kitcat build for Nexus 4 with PA features? I'm asking because I'm currently on stock ROM and wondering if it's worth to install PA 3.99 before, or it's just a matter of few days.
Why you can't just keep the old code for tablet ui? optimize it and bring it later? 
+Philipp Kolb it will take a lot of time to make a ported feature. Time they could spend making features that are new, innovative, and meant to work on kit kat
dying for PA on nexus 5 as i really enjoyed it on my nexus 4, will be staying on stock till it gets released because i dont like wasting time with other roms :)
Beat. Tablet UI was really the only reason I used this. The ability to do everything on my phone with my thumb was pleasant. Now I have to readjust my hand position to get to the waste of space status bar. This is too upsetting. 
No tablet ui :(....will miss you esp in settings and gmail.....but in team paranoid I trust..... Cmon....they are the best.....I am sure they will find a new way to integrate tablet of luck team paranoid
+Siddharth Singh Please read the post again. Tablet UI referring to the status bar nav bar combination on the bottom of your screen. Not individual app tablet layout
Seriously it's android...figure it out PA. Don't act like you HAVE to drop one of your biggest features. Also why does google insist on wasting space on tablets with a MASSIVE nav bar for no reason ?
+Wesley Stickles ?
Gingerbread was the last version of android to officially support tablet UI. It's only logical that they clean up the code. There were quite a few changes made to system UI itself so this was the best time to do this clean up. 
There is nothing to figure out, of course it can be brought back, we simply don't have the time to invest in such a project. 
Thats a damn shame. I guess I no longer have the time to invest in using PA. Don't you see all these butthurt comments? Sad really. 
I, for one, am fine with losing the tablet ui as I never used it.  Plus, I've been incredibly happy with everything PA has come out with since it's inception. It has always only improved with each new release and I expect 4.0 to be no different!
PA keep up the good work. Don't take these awful comments personally. I have flashed the latest 4.0 alpha for d2vzw and it is amazingly close to flawless. Keep doing what you're doing. 
+Paranoid Android  
I think you should disable comments on all your posts until you release PA 4.0
because the ETAs and  and those who ask about the Gnex will not stop asking about it 

Or make a post telling every one not to ask for ETAs and that their phone is getting PA
Does this mean that there will be no more phablet mode aswell?
donde puedo descargar la rom 4.4 para samsung galaxy i9300 ??
Can anyone answer this, when you use a custom ROM, why does it make my front camera so dark when using certain apps like snapchat? 
i think it's a good idea to drop tablet ui support. don't cry people. such things can cause so many problems...
i mean if you wanna fuck up your phone (phone!) just install ubuntu on it or something
you do a nice job pa team. thank you!
MY nexus 4 is getting bored with the lack of new roms to flash that are 4.4 based lol . On 4.0 Alpha and loving it
I'm not going to lie, tablet ui was the only reason I used this Rom, I mean if no other rom has it I'll probably stick with pa 3.99, with phones being so big now tablet ui is like the only way to use them with one hand now, I'm not giving that up.
Since you are dropping such a big feature, it would be so kind if you also continued supporting 3.99, give it stability updates, make it a fully stable complete Rom, instead of an rc. If you drop it like your past versions you might lose a lot of users. I also might recommend really trying to find a way to port the tablet ui to KitKat, I mean how hat could it be? (Hehe) please reconsider your intention to drop tablet ui, please?
Couldn't agree more. Tablet UI and the status bar at the bottom is a must for large phones.
I don't use pie, it takes longer to navigate and that's just when it wants to work. I'd like my tablet ui back, just pull the fucking code from 4.3 and rework the shit. You're the geniuses. In the mean time, I'm rolling back to AOKP Android 4.3. So I can customize my shit the way I like it...
+Doug Newton AOKP has it. I doubt their Kit Kat builds will though, fingers crossed anyway.
+Paranoid Android I'd be happy if we could just move the softkeys to the side. There were ROMS that had this option in the past. It's the best of both worlds, and you just have to change one little piece of the code to push the buttons to the left/right side. Would everyone be happy with this?
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