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LINE-UP for the KK Release

Our newest addition +Francisco Franco, Kernel, Optimizations, Code (GUI, pet-projects, ...)

The previous core development team
+Curtis Mayers , Code, community support
+Yamil Ghazi , Code 
+Tina Krebina, Design
+Arz Bhatia, Design
+Bidyut Mukherjee, Public relations, organisation
+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo, Code, Apps
+Aaron Gascoigne, Code, Optimization
+Paul Henschel, Code, Design
+Tom Kruzze, Gapps support

Porters, guys that help out or learn
Eugene San , Code
+Sfera Dev  , Ports, Code
+Carlo Savignano , Ports, Code
+Ricky Salinas , Ports, Code
Toni P, Ports, Code
Jon Block, Ports, Git, Code
+Evan Anderson , Ports, Code
+Andre Saddler , Ports, Code

This will be our roadmap- KK will be make or break.

We will end that old model where developers are positioned on X devices to produce low quality roms. It does not matter how good you are and how many bootloaders you have cracked - there will always be things outside your scope. Therefore the entire PA family will support single devices, all our combined skills will come together for something truly awesome. Ports will still exist and we will continue to help out, create branches for that, etc., but official PA will be on a couple of devices that we announce later. Nexus 5 will be one of them of course. Currently supported devices have nothing to fear - we'll place it into capable hands, don't worry.

We will re-do PA from scratch, which means all the knowledge that has accumulated, everything that we'd do different, we'll implement again. The focus is on modular design and clean features. Features must be polished and integrated, 100% stable and fast - we will go through various iterations as usual (PIE1/2/3, Hybrid1/2..., etc.) until each and every of our submissions is perfected.

There will be new features as well in 2014, things that will have similar impact as Hybrid, Pie or Halo. Most of them are just ideas and concepts, we're not entirely sure where to start but that can be figured out.

We will reduce kanging to a minimum. We never did that much but even essential things like Cyanogens Quicktoggles fall out. Instead we will write them again, but in Googly way. There is not a chance  that Matias Duarte would approve of any of these features the way they are now. Our goal is to stay closer to stock, things must be nice to look at, simple, uncluttered and easy to modify (like not having to sift through hundreds of system settings to add a silly toggle). Other essential things that have that polish we can kang if there's demand.

Another thing that is of great importance to us is steering this thing away from the hacky rom scene. Unix types, Crackflashers, welcome, but we want normal Android users as well, those that enjoy stock but want more without having to study commandline tools, reading endless how-tos from dubious sources. We've already begun writing the updater, but this will go further, quite possibly a rom installer for PA beginners. Tutorials on how to flash, more support overall for things like radio, etc.
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i want pa on my xperia z so bad, been using it all the time on my gnex, the rom is just awesome
Sounds awesome guys, the android custom rom scene is really stepping it up, the world is a changin you said, and it is a nexus 4, I suppose it will be still official supported...I can't live without PA :) 
You want some of that Cm Inc action don't you? Good, sign me up, you guys are add capable as the awesome CM crew! 
Do you think you will have your own website which direct downloads ? Have more of professional look? Sample like AOKP website?
This excites me more than KitKat can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
Currently running the best ROM PA 3.99-RC2, PA 4 IS GOING TO BE HUGE
I love ParanoidAndroid <3 thanks guys!!! You are awesome XD
I love PA the way it is and the pace at which it makes progress. Please don't become the next CM. ;-) 
sounds great dont like CM after they go as an inc so i will join PA KitKat familiy with my N4 or maby N5 :)
Hope to join that lineup sometime too.  In the meantime I'll do what I can for the CDMA S4s and probably Note 3.
Although I am comfortable with flashing, command line tools, etc... stability and reliability is more important so I like the sound of where this is going.
The ROM scene is growing up, and I can't wait to see what the PA team can do. 
I love pa! But I wish someone would port it to the Sony xperia sp
Sweet... one request please make halo option for two windows open at same time and switchable without closing one...not essential but it'd be cool...other than that..great work. My month on PA has been an awesome first rom experience! 
This sounds absolutely great! It'll be high quality work for sure!
Very exciting! You guys are awesome!
that's great guys. good luck with everything.
Getting a Z1 soon hope it will be supported! :D 
+Or Carmi no. CM has relevance for legacy devices, but googles nexus platform is ripe now, the rom scene must grow up and get out of the mold that CM has has created. focus all talent on what matters, not spreading to 100 million samsung devices and screwing up AOSP while doing it. - no more bootloader cracking, no more rewriting camera hals. just letting good coders and good designers have fun and do the things that google is too shy to do.
 new era for roms hopefully and by that i mean all upstarts like slimroms, chameleon, etc.
Francisco Franco is definitely an unfortunate name.. not sure if any parents with the bad luck of having Hitler as their last name would name their kid Adolf.
PA is awesome and I like the new direction. PA was the first(HTC One X) aosp ROM I ever used. 
would love to see the #HTCONE get a dev that has the phone for some major updates :D 
MotoX support pls. It's probably the only non-nexus or gplay edition phone that is sold near stock.
Come on guys! Let us know how did you get together. I mean the beginning of PA TEAM. Iam just curious beacuse PA TEAM IS MULTI-NATIONAL :) that means almost 0 possibility to have a "live contact" :) 
Sounds awesome! What is the team expecting/predicting in the kk launch? 
PA, undoubtedly the best rom and devs ever! 
It will be nice to add in the new release a "per app language", so people can force a languange for specific apps.
This will be my only comment on this matter, as this is not the forum to do so, but what does your comment have to do with PA anyway +Javier Lerones ?
I wish you guys the best of luck. I am sure that you are able to achieve greatness :-) looking forward to your version of kitkat. Will be sure to buy pa supported devices in the future :-)
Paranoid android sound profiles would be a very welcome addition
+Paranoid Android  Already in contact with Aaron, Sfera and Andre helping get Gerrit set up.   And happy to continue supporting any other way I can - build box included.
So... Even less devices will have official PA... Great. Well, it's a good thing stock android is getting to the point where custom ROMs aren't needed. It was a great run guys. Thank you for all of the hard work. 
+Lukáš Tonhauzer paul screws around with tablet mode, writes hybrid and releases PA. gets in contact with jesus, who had a rom for the s2. both create the pa as people know it, with paprefs being the center of the rom back then. aaron, who made cookiesncream before joined, at this point we worked on pie together. yamil joined, the time halo was done. curtis joined, helps with halo. tina is pauls sister and made the original drawings, wallpapers are from her, the g+ header, pretty much everything that is cartoonish. arz made design on a more interface related side, icons, halo, etc. we met franco a while ago and just had friendly chats - only recently that he feels like doing gui/feature coding could be his thing, probably came to that conclusion while doing his kernel app. bidyut is an old friend, he wrote all the tutorials on xda. tom joined recently and cares about the gapps since goos was always months out of date and buggy. thats how i remember it.
Awesome stuff, guys! Looking forward to the end product :-) 
Hmmm, as long as my Gnex continues getting support.  It was once the device, and built for android development.  
Having been down this similar path during the jump from CM 7.2 to CM 9 and now 10.2, I wish you all the best of luck and encourage you to pursue this path. 

So often we all get lost in the 'teams' aspect of the community and trying to one-up each other, it is indeed a great time to "grow up". 

I will warn you now (again, having faced this for the last 2 years), you will have detractors claiming that you are leaving behind the 'spirit' of the modding community and what made 'PA' so great. Do not succumb to those that question your vision, because the pressure is great, and will feel like a burden. 

I'm glad to see another team (especially one as agile as you guys) approach the 'we dont need 100s of settings to be great' mentality. 

Best wishes again!

ciwrl @ CyanogenMod
Team effort ! Tilapia love. PA forever.
+Paranoid Android For 4.4, will you enhance your mms app with options like "reply", "mark as read" and "call" in messages notifications? Will you add blacklist support for phone and mms? These aren't stock features but they're very useful and practical. I'm surprised they aren't included already.
looks jsut what i am waiting for to get started with PA :)
Hey +Paul Henschel, long time GNex PA user here, I don't really get the:

"Therefore the entire PA family will support single devices, all our combined skills will come together for something truly awesome."

part. Does it mean that you guys will only support one Nexus device? Nexus only devices? Doesn't PA already only support Nexus devices from long time ago?
+Adimas Pardede I just think they mean that Nexus will be supported, as will some other top-tier phones, and then ports will be maintained as branches from there, but the team can't promise everything will work or be supported by them directly.

That being said, I am also a GNex user. I plan on using this phone until it can't take updates anymore, and then until that version of the OS is obsolete. 4.3 hasn't killed the GNex and I doubt 4.4 will, either. I can foresee another couple years with this phone before they make me switch at gunpoint. I seriously hope that the PA team considers personally maintaining the older Nexus line as far back as is reasonable.
Really hope you keep Nexus 4 supported!
I hope N4 gets official support.

Anyway +Paranoid Android will you integrate something like Privacy Guard 2.0?

Also, the updater you are talking about will be backed into the system or will be a pre-installed app?
+RiMzY Riza Don't worry about the Nexus 4. It will retain full PA support for the next 2 years I'm sure.
I really hope the HTC One still gets official support. PA ROM has been amazing on my one for weeks now and I really hope it can see PA Kit Kat in the future. :)
Don't worry to much about "Official" support... this simply mean the devices the developers are working with themselves... We are actively getting "Official" maintainers for other devices. HTC right now is supported by +Ricky Salinas who as you see is listed as part of the team, although not a developer himself. 
+Gerard Umbert mako will recive support, it has been in for a while (googles implementation with our own fixes )look under app privacy in settings.
U should really get some inspiration from the LG G2. I think it would be cool to resize our halo windows and move them around. And maybe a KnockOn like feature just because you all are skilled enough to do it 
PA awesomeness is about to get even more awesome. Thank you PA team I can see a brighter future ahead, maybe even your own handset?? ;-) 
Awesome, thanks guys for all your effort and dedication to this community. And if this was unpolished for you, I can't wait to see the new stuff.
Can't wait for these changes, great work as usual.
If there are no new RAM requirements original SGS I9000 will receive this KitKat experience! But I plan to buy the N5 BTW!
Regarding the last point:
You're right when you day that "reading endless how-tos from dubious sources" isn't the way to go.
Helping applications like an updater or installer only solve one half of the problem though. Many people would just love to have a one-stop-shop for information regarding PA. What about a wiki?
Feature showcase, roadmap, known issues, FAQ, downloads, installation tutorials for beginners and advanced users (see Arch wiki), how to build (on various distributions), etc.
+Aaron Gascoigne No, privacy guard has been arround. And +Paranoid Android said nothing from CM will be on 4.4, that means no privacy guard.

And besides that, i mean the PG2.0 the one that came out today it's impossible that PA has adapted it already, it just got announced a few hours ago
I'm stoked on this. Keep it up PA team. True innovators right here no doubt. ^
Why do we need Privacy Guard with App Ops? IMO App Ops will come during APK install process on kk...
Sound amazing, my only request is an uber light gapps package. I like keeping my installed apps to a minimum.
+Russell Judkins +{over nine thousaaaaaand}
I run PA with a minimal gapps package right now since I prefer to install the gapps I need through the store myself.
+Gerard Umbert Nothing is a strong word, although for most things we will try to create our own implementation. We've already exposed app ops from Google which is what I believe Cyanogen has now done. I could be wrong as I haven't looked into it but it seems as though they reverted their implementation and tweaked the Google implementation (maybe combining both in some way). For now we will stay with the Google approach
+Paranoid Android yeah, they kinda did, been messing with it for a while now. They kept the "initial privacy guard" essence though, you can still onclick and kill the "worst" persmissions an app can have. And it's kinda weird seeing it from a UX POV, since getting into app ops after already killing some permissions it's kinda redundant... oh well... Lately CM only teases with airplay and stuff like that yet they kill the rest of the rom...

So yeah, just exposing app ops may be even better, since you are not messing with longpresses and stuff (I guess).
+Paranoid Android now that I remember, how's the Halo passing CTS thing? You guys were working on it (or seemed so) a while ago, did it end up well or you see it impossible for now?
I hope the future Nexuses will be more and more mature and complete, Google seemed to have cut corners on one or two features each time (camera, battery...) keep its partners happy?

Sure, not everybody can be satisfied by one model, one always miss a specific feature. For me, it is water resistance... I am now stuck with Sony! But Nexuses phones always had something important cut away.

For other reasons, I do hope an Xperia will part of your "official" lineup. Sony has taken great pains to be as Dev-friendly as possible and is the last Android OEM resisting Microsoft's patent racket.
+Edward Mi how many times do you swim with your phone?! xD

For me the bummer thing on N4 was the lack of OTG USB support... I still got a N4 but =.= I'd love to connect my DSLR and shoot from the Nexus 4 u_u

EDIT: SORRY! i meant USB host!
I just might root my phone or tablet for this...
+Gerard Umbert Wasn't there some kind of trick to make it work? Something with a y-cable to provide the power needed for OTG from elsewhere.
You guys and truly brilliant. The class and polish you bring is totally unrivalled by others. #StayParanoid 
+Philip Wenta I beg to differ.
And alcohol is not a very good disinfectant. And it doesn't clean lint stuck in earpieces and crevices (on the contrary, it makes it stick).

[I fear I may be derailing this thread. Hangout me or private share with me if you want to continue the conversation.]
Sounds amazing can't wait to see what you all come up with
Sounds like a clearly thought out plan. Would have expected nothing less from the PA team. All the very best!
You guys are some of the most professional android developers I've seen ever ,other ROM developers should sit back and take notes PA. All the way can't wait for what the future holds
+Edward Mi in proper conditions TEETH can grow on an ovule... (true fact)

That does not mean it happens every day on every woman.

Those links you share are from phones that have been exposed and kept in the proper conditions for that to happen. For that matter, toilet paper can also have many more germs than the phone itself. Or the seat. Yet you have an inmunological system right? YOU where to one to put those germs in your phone, meaning that you already have those on you, and you are still alive right?

Cm on man... don't be a tin foiled head. You've been using phones all your life, not only yours but others and public phones... have you ever seen one with fungus on it?

No virus or germ can live +10 minutes out of it's perfect conditions. Ones can be stronger than other and resist more stuff, but for that matter you can put rice in a bag, your phone in it too, and freeze it over night. (Rice will avoid water to cryztalize or condensation to enter your phone).

Water resistance it's usefull but it's not a priority, and even less if it has to +100$ the final price of the HW.

PD: alcohol kills most of the most common known germs. That is why it's used to clean areas before surgery.
+Edward Mi Well, I agree, but for different reasons.
70% alcohol does a pretty good job, but on second thought, alcohol is a little bit to aggressive. Not every smartphone has an aluminum unibody.
But let's stop derailing this discussion here.
+Philip Wenta answering to your direct message to me, yes there's a OTG cable with external power, sorry, i ment usb host! my bad! >.< N4 has OTG, it's just not powered from the phone, it would've been if it has usdb host too. sorry.
one helluva team you got here +Paranoid Android! can't wait 
This sounds fantastic !!! Means better battery life for my nexus 4!!
Will Nexus devices always be supported? I have a grouper and the support for it has been great so far, and I am stoked for KK and PA4, you guys are amazing. I don't want to wait for a port though! Haha keep innovating PA team
If you love PA, this is why you should always go NEXUS MASTER RACE.
You've got a long time cm user potentially interested in swapping roms with this post. 
Don't remove features !!! My Gnex4 is perfect now ! Because of you .. I love all the features , specially PIE and HALO
Filling the void, I see. Very smart. 
Hopefully Franco does a better job with KK then he did with 4.3....on early android versions Franco was a god of kernels, on 4.3 he was a peasant! His kernel for me caused boot loops, soft bricks, horrid battery and not smooth. I know he is capable if he puts his mind to it. I have heard hellscore is fantastic, maybe PA should us them instead.
Hah. Anyone having all those problems +Dean English so-called had are at fault themselves obviously, aka "user error."

-Sent from my Nexus 4 running PA RC2 with Franco.Kernel while commenting on G+, downloading app updates, running aTorrentPro in the background, and texting via HALO and Sliding Messaging with no problems on 5hrs average screen on time.
Thanks to PA I feel special owning Nexus 4 :). You guys did an amazing job with Jellybean. Kit Kat Go Go Go!
This is easily my favorite ROM out there. Have for all my nexus devices (GNex, 4, 7, 10). I can't wait til PA4 comes. Great things will come. #StayParanoid
+Gerard Umbert read the cm post they changed it to be based on app Ops, which Google wrote and is part of aosp. We wrote a ui for it a while back just as cm has now. They deprecated the privacy guard one and released two based on app Ops. Halo is a Grey area. It's is against the cts to change the screen size presented to the app because once it does it layouts the positions are absolute. When am app is launched in halo the screen size is set before it is launched so the app never sees the original size. So technically we could pass via a loop hole. 
+Philip Wenta I too run a minimal Gapps package. It just would be nice to have one developed and supported by PA instead of a third party developer. If they already have one where can I download it?
+Paranoid Android I've been wanting to get involved for a long time with the user experience, web development and PR front. Bumping this thread for the same.
Nice work +Paranoid Android  by far this was the best rom I have used until today, both that KitKat will mimic the per app and other features kkkkkkk
I'd celebrate if you went the way CM went so long as you did it openly. And maybe a flow chart of contributions. Loving your outlook.
Please release one to Galaxy Grand Quattro need.
+Paranoid Android can you give us a list of devices you will be officially supporting?
I am specifically looking for support on my galaxy s2
+Paranoid Android
Please please please guys
Support Gnex officially I don't want to part ways with my Gnex, but if you guys stop Gnex support i'll have to buy a phone which you support (-;
Flo Mi
Didn't you guys get what was written?
They won't support any s2 or something, but they are looking for guys, who do that.
If you're device is supported now, or will be supported in future too. 
+Dean English not seen any of those issues reported anywhere. Hellscore is just one of the many 3rd party Kernels with no original code and only code from other developers. Sure thats fine but PA needed someone with experience and insight, thats where I come in.
Huge Thanks PA! I hoped there will be an easier way to port a stable PA to my device
Are you guys working in any kernel for the nexus 7 (2013)(flo)???
+Francisco Franco I told them to you directly and was told to use something different. Love your cocky ness, you really love when everyone toots your horn huh!? +Tommy Wooding Jr I posted the issues as they happens on G+ and other PA users had the same issues I had. User error? Cause flashing a kernel is so difficult. I flashed in recovery and i tried using Franco updater app which I paid for and it would crash so don't think that's the users fault. Plus I never had an issues with the app but there was way too many updates, at least one a day. 
Please +Paranoid Android insert support for more languages! Settings menu in two language (Italian and English for example) are not cool! And correct bug of Toggle please! I love this rom but i hate italian+English settings and toggle (lockscreen and wake up time) not work! :-( 
+Giovanni Ruotolo Agree 100%.
I think they should get themselves a team of translators.
I'm sure that, of they would ask for volunteers, they would find more willing people than they need.
Coders are to busy coding and translators shouldn't interfere with them too much. It'd make for a much better launch.
Currently I'm looking into translating 3.99 myself (German), but I'd be happy to do them for the new one too.
You know what bugs me? How every time there's a new version of CM it gets written about on Engadget and AndroidCentral etc, but I only found out about PA after Halo was introduced, and there's been nothing since.
Has PA got someone in charge of PR? I feel a little more publicity would be very healthy, especially as you guys transition closer to the mainstream (ie noobs like me).
i suppose LGE975,Optimus G will be added.E975 and Nexus4 is similar,expect the camera.
HTC One should definitely be supported...
+Dean English Using PA & FK combo for over 1 1/2 year. First on GNEX, then N7  and N10. Never had any bootloops or softbricks in this time on any device.  PA team wouldnt choose FK if its a crappy kernel. Maybe you did something wrong. Forgot to Wipe Dalvik and Cache or something. 
Been flashing Roms and kernels since I got my N1 on release day....I know about wiping. +Ingo Strohmenger if you read my comment you would see I said Franco kernel was perfect until android 4.3....PA and FK worked amazing on my GNex but I'm on an N4 which you do not own so your comment is void!
+Dean English Not the place to make smart comments. If you want to say something, say it as constructive criticism. I get that you have/had problems but haven't we all at some point?
I can imagine the newbie installer being a big hit. Kernel choices are just what was expected and if you guys can come up with features like halo every once I n a while then it will be great. I just installed 3.99 rc2 in my 2012 nexus 7 and it works flawlessly. If I could get updates without having to flash a new version often then it will be grand...
+Philip Wenta we have asked for translators before and did get some feedback from the community. However, for now, until gerrit is set up (which should be soon) our main focus is fixing bugs while trying to improve our back servers, a website and some other internal things. With the fresh start we'll make an announcement/request for translators and see how quickly we can get everything translated. 
Greatist news ever... Sent from my beloved nexus 4
This sounds great. Exactly the way in which i'd like to see this project going. Good luck!
My go to rom since leaving Cyanogen on its nightlies(and not planning to come back seeing how all the controversy ended). Just hoping my device would be one of those that are officially supported(SGS3 international version) 
If you guys need help on the website/communication side, contact me.
Great to hear. I think it is generally agreed Franco is one of the best if not the best kernel developer out there. Brings a lot of cred to PA. Looking forward to great work from the team. Cheers! 
+Ariel Cohen we start from scratch that means zero features from day 0, but we add them back of course quickly. some of these features will change, im hoping one day we will have a system that unites halo, pie and extended desktop. right now i see them as three fragments that dont really interact well with one another, this can be done better for sure.
+Paul Henschel :(
So I think I will stay in rc2 version or (rc3 mabey) if this is the case... but u still have my full support on you guys !
Mac Tek
Awesome ROM, i just picked up a 2013 LTE enabled NEXUS 7 and was wondering if this will be built for that device..? If not can one point me in the correct location on how i can build PA for it..? Thanks in advance, and keep up the awesome work.!
This is gonna be revolutionizing. Expect great things from you guys!!
I'm really excited now for KK after this statement! Thank you guys, I love your work and looking forward to more innovations.. keep it up!
As long as you support the Nexus 4 the same way like the upcoming 5, I am looking into a bright future with PA.. 
I'm addicted to PA been using it for over a year and whatever devices you choose to support will heavily influence my decision on which ones I should get. Thank you for making this beautiful rom!
Can't wait for the installer for beginners! Lol that was noobish
Sounds like you guys are positioning yourselves to be very attractive to Google. If so, power to ya. The Google Android team could always use more innovators on their staff.

Also... +Paranoid Android I see what you did there. Make or break. Kit Kat. :)
Soooo are you keeping 4.0 for kitkat?
Go Team Paranoid! :D Great to see that +Francisco Franco  has finally joined the team :D Can't wait to see what awesomeness you guys produce in the future! :) All the Best!
You make our lives fun. Great decision. PA team are the geniuses of 21th century. Thanks.
Lol I already know my future phone will be on the core support list. Unless coming Sailfish OS has to blew my mind.

Maybe an idea for PA multiple scalable floating Windows for multiple apps. And at select (dubble tap or what ever) floating tile expand full screen.

I totale love that part of Sailfish OS .. As also the theme ambiance engine which changes the theme based on the background picture
+Curtis Mayers I too can help with translations, and I can also help with the backend (especially download server). I already tried to contact +Bidyut, but he hid/deleted/lost his profile?
So when will PA Inc. launch? Just kidding. ;)
I love this rom is the best but I have do many problems with it on my device. I have a gt-n7100 rooted of course and I followed all the install instructions but it is very unstable. For instance the updater days that my device does not exist, triangle away does not recognize device, web pages disappear unless I an touching screen! Any ideas
+Luke Morgan this is a port, theres no triangle away for nexus device, the bugs you describe seem to be porting related as well. the safest bet will be to tell your developer on XDA, he can sort it out.

The PA updater not being able to do something is OK, for now. The servers are simply down. Private hosting isn't easy. We're in contact with XDA to work something out, perhaps we can use DevDB.
will be fantastic if you can support all devices of MTK family and suport the dual sim devices.
I believe that PA has a few ESSENTIAL MISSED features like: 1. adjust brightness by sliding across status bar
2. possibility to disable safe headset volume
3. quit all apps button ELSEWHERE (!)
4. volume key cursor control (volume up/down moves cursor left/right)
5. time/calendar app opening by clicking on time/data in notification bar
6. notification drawer toggles
7. volume rocker music control with screen off
8. possibility to choose "always show settings button in notification drawer"
9. possibility to choose what will be shown in "power menu" 
10. notification drawer and /or navigation bar shortcuts; disable full screen keyboard (landscape keyboard will never take up entire screen)
11. low battery warning (different types of notification, like in Slim Bean ROM)
+Maxim C. some of these are terrible, some are worth adding.
1. 100% crazy, not even samsung would do that in touchwiz
2. ok, i guess can be done
3. ?
4. hacky, again, things like that are crazy.
5. nice one
6. crazy.
7. i believe we have that
8. ?
9. not needed
10. crazy/cluttered
11. nice one

you realize, our goal is UI consistency. a rom like CM does all these things and that's ok, more choice for everyone but we won't put hidden action over pixels, handles, chrome, it's not nice. too many settings - not nice. stuffing everything full with quick access controls, not nice.
+Paranoid Android  Will devices still receive updates, or will updates essentially be a dead stop? Specifically asking because I actually purchased my Nexus 4 specifically for the ParanoidAndroid capability. 
+Maxim C. PA does have a setting to keep landscape keyboard from taking up the entire screen. I always enable that one. 
Coming from CM, one of its greatest features is the support for devices long ago abandoned by the manufacturers: My SGS i9000 worked great with CM and with PA now. Even if you cannot officially support every device around, a strong cooperation with porters would be essential for PA in my opinion.
I hope that PA will improve and I don't care if the PA team aims at a PA Inc. if done the right way.
+Hayden G of course devices will still receive updates. Nothing should change on the user end. Device support will only stop if a maintainer no longer carries on the project (which we can't really control) in such a case we will try to find a new maintainer
i just need to thank you the whole PA team from the bottom of my heart... that has been said 1000's of times but, YOU guys are reinventing android. seriously, i cant ues any other ROM. everyone seems to Kang  and incorporate your incredible work to flourish  and enhance theirs... its not a competition, (as there is no comparison to PA), but my IOS  friends all gawk and geek out at the awesomeness that you bring to my nexus 4... please never stop this work. you all kick way too much ass!  thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone involved to making this come to fruition .
+Paul Henschel Thanks 4 the reply Paul .. Im a newbie so its a massive learning curve 4 me at the moment. but some good info in your post, I will get on xda. keep the flag flying pal x 
This is just too awesome, I hope it goes well. :D
How long may it take to rebuild PA fully on 4.4?
Awesomeness.. I would love the option for Google Gestures (in my halo) to be able to open an app as if it were in halo.. possible? crazy? Sounds extremely useful to me.. Can I already do it? I'm afraid to get a new phone like the Moto X because I don't want to lose PA! Love you guys.
Wait... Will you still produce unstable nightlies/ test Roms/gapps / fixes. I WANT to unlock my boot loader and flash a custom recovery. I WANT to be able to have FULL access to my device. I like being able to try this ROM then this one and flash the latest test to try it out. Or for example, flash radios that allow me to enable 4g LTE on my nexus 4. This will still be possible right? Everything won't be... Sissified, for lack of a better term.
+Tyler Raber I don't quite understand what you're asking. Of course you'll be able to do all these things. We are attempting to simply installing the ROM via PA OTA but you are still free to manually flash via recovery. As long as you are using a custom ROM you must unlock your bootloader, there's nothing we can change about that. Even if we create something to do the unlocking for you, again that would be optional you can always do it yourself. 
+Paranoid Android
1)  Adjust brightness by sliding across status bar
     (I mean each time one wants to change brightness level he has to expand Quick Toggles > find the needed toggle and only then change it. There are millions of people Hwo install every kind of quick brightness toggles/widgets etc. from Google Play. What I suggest is may be the best solution among all others)

3)  "Close all apps" button ELSEWHERE (!)
      There where it is now, from my perspective, is a wrong place. I think I am not the only one who many times accidentally closes all apps because of "close all apps" button immediately replacing "Recents" button.'

4)  Volume key cursor control (volume up/down moves cursor left/right)
     At least you could add the possibility to switch this feature on/off inside some sort of "Advanced Settings" or "Additional Settings" for those users who might retain it useful like I do.

6)  Notification drawer toggles
     Crazy, really? Again: there are millions of people who install applications like Power Toggles for have this feature...

8)  Possibility to check/uncheck "always show settings button in notification drawer"
       - means that when you Expand Notifications you could go to "Settings" (because there is the button, like near Activate Halo or Quick Toggles buttons) without having switch first to Quick Toggles and then press "Settings" button.

Let me know what you think about these. Thank you.
I think a great feature would be a social network feed similar to htc blink feed(no news though) & windows phone!!!
I was actually hesitating about getting Sony Z1, and abandon my Nexus addiction since Nexus S. Now with PA decided to prioterize few devices such as Nexus5, my heart had set and ready to grab Nexus5 whenever it's release.
I would like to join the design team. What do i need?
good plan. i hope the new changes are "googly" enough that google will take some of them for stock.
+Levi Witherwax soon to say it, but if google release 4.4 for it of course it would be supported. anyway until google release 4.4 we can't say it.
+Paranoid Android On RC1 there was an option to use a password for the VPN settings but then it got removed on RC2, can it be added back again since ALOT of people really want it that way.
Jin Li
you guys are super awesome.
Is there any plan for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 exynos octa version?
i came from aopk , aopk + cm , and pacman. then i found pa.
first i was missing al customization, then i understood that pa is just the right mix. on n4 performance amaze me. i don t fully understand your aim for 4.4 but of course i will look in to it.
Can there be an option to choose which apps you want to have per app colour?, the problem is that if you apply a theme it will have that colour such as blue because of the per app colours which prevents a pure view of the icon colours.
Simply set global icon color to stock (null) or the color of any modified apps to stock (null)
Also, per app color is already per app...i'm not quite sure what you're asking.
+Paranoid Android You see if I was on the launcher with low battery I can see blue instead of red for the battery icon so I need it so I can choose which apps not to apply per app colour to.
EDIT: Just pressed the stock button and it worked really well, thanks. :)
As, stated before simply set the icon color to stock.
+Paranoid Android Ok, it seems that it doesn't do anything when I do it via ParanoidAndroid Settings, the quick hybrid properties do the job well BUT you cannot unfortunately set it for all apps.
Again, thank you for some quick help on how to set it. :)
You can set it for all apps by setting it under global app. Manually changed app of course override global settings
+Paranoid Android After doing that the Google Keyboard randomly got undetected by the OS (not in the keyboard settings and not showing up) while I can use voice typing which a reboot fixed it, strange bug. O.o
Anyway it is all fixed, thanks a lot for your help.
here is also the samsung galaxy express?
It would be awesome if the System Update application has a theme of the KitKat one when KitKat comes out.
It would be nice it we this rom for I8730 (Samsung galaxy express) could bring out. Thank you in advance ever.
Perfect. I'll be waiting to install PA until then, because this vision you have sounds excellent. 
Hey will there be a release for the Xperia z1??
+Paranoid Android Could you possibly add the ability to have the navigation bar using pie controls but have the normal status bar at the top? Or is that already possible? 
This is already possible .... set nav bar to 0% in hybrid properties
+Paranoid Android When KK gets released can the camera have some proper tests?
Currently there is an issue where the system server gets killed for an unknown reason while doing a live stream with the camera (any camera) on Skype, Hangouts, you name it for a few seconds or a few minutes.
Once it caused the camera module to mess up causing the camera app not to fully load making the camera black and after a reboot I can use the camera for live streams has long has I want.
It should be really easy to replicate.
+Paranoid Android Also on the KK release it would be awesome if SuperSU was used instead of the built-in SuperUser?, if you go to Terminal Emulator, execute the su binary and then execute cd then it will echo it instead of changing the directory which can be really bad.
This and the camera issue are well known and should really get fixed since PA in the future should be concertating on the stability.
Any Idea when "Deb" will be supported?
donde encuentro tutoriales en castellano para mi galaxy s4.- muchas gracias.-
+Paranoid Android Is there a list of which devices will have official support?  I'm shopping for a new phone, and while I'm contemplating the N5, I'd sooner go with a larger phablet-sized device.  However, solid PA compatibility is an absolute requirement for me - I've gone through a couple years of sketchy random reboot love with my i717, and just want a nice, flawless, sexy ParanoidAndroid experience :)
+Derrick Whittet Moles will be getting the Nexus 5 but in the same time the Nexus 4 is getting supported by the other half of the team.
+Andre Santos I'm concerned mostly with new devices coming out, do I have to go n5 to get garaunteed official PA support? Or are there any phablet sized devices that will be supported?
The N5 will get the best support for now.
ParanoidAndroid is mainly supported for Nexus devices since they have no hardware keys or anything so it is the best platform for PA to be on.
Just a warning to those thinking about upgrading their Nexus 7 2013 (flo) to the 4.4 ASOP, once you upgrade, downgrading can break older versions. My home buttons were not even visible for a while, and once I applied the tablet UI, the status bar cut off half of the three buttons. PA also doesn't host old ROM versions, so you will have to find them elsewhere(as I had to). Now I have to use 4.4 until the bugs are fixed, otherwise my tablet is rendered useless. I tried downgrading to 3.91, 3.94, and 3.99RC2 and all had major display errors. Be careful people! :)
do you know where can I find the pa jellybean 4.1.1 to try to port to my tablet? need to download it.
is there anyware a guide to cook a pa android for a new device, it uses the chipset amlogic 
I have pa android  ready to cook any tutorial for a first time wannabe android rom developer?
Well my Galaxy S2 is definitely not going to have KitKat 4.4 PA Rom but I hope my HTC One will. Thanks guys, you guys are genius.!
Hey guys.... I just wanna say thank!! I love your work and the Rom, s4 mini serranoltexx don't forget plz 
Thanks a lot guys, been waiting to have PA KitKat on my nexus7 3G. Hope to see it soon. Thnx 
I want this on my vzw s4 so freaking bad 
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