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This is a demo of our latest feature - Peek. For those who don't know, Peek is an active notification listener which detects and adapts to your lifestyle.

Have a look at the short demo to get to know it better.

Thanks to +YTFail for the video.
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Put this in a Xposed module and the whole android world will go crazy 
How sensitive is it to motion? If a notification is received while the phone is in your pocket while walking, for example, will that be enough to activate Peek?
Very cool.. Which is the messaging app opened on Nexus 5?
+James Mostyn when it is on pocket it will turn off motion sensing and depend on proximity sensing so it's safe to asume it will always work (while on 10 seconds interval) 
+Christian Schumann it won't, it's designed to save the most battery it can without breaking the functionality, and if you can't live with the battery usage, you can just turn it off
For the moment, I prefer notification lockscreen (more informations). It only have a pocket mode (but great to unlock phone only by putting it out of pocket) not this « peek » feature but allow more interactions and settings. 
I’ll like a mix of both :)
What about when you're using a pattern lock screen?
EDIT never mind ; it works only once :) i thot everytime pick up it would
Where is the old team? The one created hybrid, pie and halo??
Pa 4.x isn't innovative at all.. You only made quicktoogles and stop. Peak? Call it with the real name: active display (from Motorola) ...
I enjoyed pa 3.x but I'd like (and I'm not the only one) to see the real team!!
+Jacek Malinowski  perfect for them, but its showing to us like a new and revolutionary way to view notifications when Omni Active Display did one year ago. Then, PA add Multiwindow support and will say thats is new.
I use AcDisplay for that - nice feature - but AcDisplay looks just better... - and for all those people moaning about battery life - at least with AcDisplay it's marginal...
+Paranoid Android Will yall be adding functionality to hide certain "always on" notifications from the lockscreen? For example, I have lux, but don't want to see it on my lockscreen every time I get a new notification. 
Does anyone know the message tone that that is?
damn i want that feature SO much! Great work!
Why an iphone in the video? :(
Downloading the AOSPA 4.1 Beta 1 ....
To those who still couldn't figure it out. When you receive a notification, peek will check if the phone is in your pocket, if it's the case, it'll wait for the proximity sensor and ignore the gyroscope (this means no screen going on in your pocket) if on the other hand your phone is simply on the table, and light actually goes through the proximity sensor, it'll wait for the gyroscope, which means that it'll wait for you to pick up your phone to 'peek'.
You'll have 10 seconds. 
Allen A
This is baller!!
+Joey Rizzoli why don't you join them then? They're doing this as a hobby, they don't get payed, and they already have their lives. Instead of complain, try to thank them for they hard work and enjoy what's already there, and if you wait a bit, I'm sure they will wow us again. And if you don't want to do the above, you can always learn to code and kang the build yourself ;)
Lol, they're telling the world: "peek is an innovative feature", but that's an old thing... 
Not exactly. The original concept is from moto x, but this feature it's actually new... 
I think it is a top feature, but the thing why i always loved PA since my gt-i9000 was the hybrid engine. PIE and HALO was also top innovative. But now, i dont see why you want to stay to stock so badly. Its so similar that i could change back to stock and would only miss PIE at the Moment. For 2 years now i am with PA, but since 4.4.X I am thinking of changing ROM... I hope my beloved features will come too soon. 
Couple of points... 1) Not sure why people are so up in arms about using an iPhone to send the message... lots of people use them, nothing wrong with that.  And I'm guessing that they did it to be a little bit cheeky.  2) This WON'T kill your battery... I'm running a KK rom currently that uses Active Display, which is similar to Peek... it's not doing in my battery by any stretch of the imagination.  Sure, on an AMOLED screen, it would use less, but even in an IPS-LCD, the battery consumption is limited. 
+Hernan R. for me pa can do everything, but don't say that's the newest coolest feature of the world.... It's an offense to who's working and making new stuffs [OEM and teams]...
Extremely great feature 😍thanks for taking your time to bring us the most !
+Christian Schumann screen type is irrelevant. This is the same as you turning on your phone when you get a notification. It doesn't turn on your screen unless you pick up the device within the 10 second window.
Roflmao at all the pissy about the iPhone please slap yourselfs
Its cool and all but don't we have enough of these .
+Joey Rizzoli it may not be ground breaking material, but the integration of a feature to an rebuilt OS by a "garage team" which is able to rival multi-million teams is amazing. Should you have any contributions to make, please be kind and share, but if your feedback isn't constructive, please make sure to send it through the proper channel and stop stomping on hours and hours of free time invested by the team that could have been spent with their families or just sitting in front of their computer complaining about your lack of originality in your comments. PA team, thank you for the years you have spent for us and making our lives and products way more interesting and enjoyable every single day! (and for free... Please consider a kickstarter of some sort so we can all pitch in to get the team their N6 once it comes out) 
Oh and... Thanks for bashing the autocorrect feature on the iPhone by typing "peak" instead of "peek"! 
Already have a better "Peek" feature in Carbon-Rom (4.4.x Kit Kat - VERY NICE!!).  Nice idea.  Need one that will display the last notification/text message when the phone is lifted or pulled from the pocket, so I don't have to wake the device to get to the app.
I love +Paranoid Android ROMs but Carbon does work better on my HTC One....for the know how nightlies go, right? :)
does it use the low powered core of the Nexus 5?
Is it going to be available for other devices?
Funny as hell people mention this has been done before and people flip the hell out lol
I only read "our latest feature". I don't read innovative, original or anything that those trolls are ranting about. And even if you must rant at least do it correctly. Old Nokia and Sony Ericsson (at least these 2) phones had this feature were the screen would always shown the clock and sms/missed call icons even if the screen was off. So please shut da f up about Moto X. 
Awesome!!! Going to unlock boot loader of my new nexus just for PA !!
+Avdhoot Dendge That would remove the notification from the notification drawer, which I don't want to do. 
Vu Dinh
Spelled "Peek" wrong.
Very cool!! I like it 🙋🙋🙋
+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo was this your project? We have a nexus 5 and a moto x and I really like the active display. Looking forward to the release of it
Nothing fancier than active display. 
Ive already saw this feature in other roms, like omni, really Guys Many of us would like to see hybrid and halo come back
Ok so with all that screen space you're gonna put those small icons? I hope in the final version they're larger.
This is awesome. I love it as a good alternative. 
Why is it for only 10 seconds? Can it not be indefinitely... Then screen turns on with the peek notification when you pick up the device? Think that would be sweeeeet
+Jonathan Lyman how did you get working on N4? On my Nexus 4 this doesnt work, not with Gmail, Hangouts, Viber... I tried install the rom twice but still nothing - I have it checked in Settings->Display. THX for ur help.
the message was sent from an iphone. haha awesome
great feature btw.
keep up guys
very nice feature! thanks!
So, its a "new" feature?? I really was specting more :0
Good job! Hope you put more gears to work on you minds in future "new" feactures :D
Lol Peak instead of Peek, awesome feature though :D
I love it... awesome. Would like to have an option for more information under the Peek: Like the message frome the messenger :)
Looks good but only worked once. Am i doing smthn wrong? I leave it for 10 seconds and then pick it up. Nothing happens. Just the notif led flashing. 
I just realized it works the other way. Scratch that. Stupid ass. 
To all the folk moaning about PIE, Halo and the Hybrid Engine being missing, why don't you just go back to Jellybean builds. They are still available right? 
Can't get peek to work. I have followed the instruction from the video
People that says that it will suck battery life doesn't understand that I will detect motion only for ten seconds
Hope they put this and a new halo feature on a future rom
Nice but always black screen on gallery settings (Nexus 4)
Is it just be that thinks the icons are far too small and fiddly?
Was excited till I tried it out. From what I can tell it only pops up if I pick up my phone, if it popped up on every notification then it would be promising. Also the text and images seemed really choppy.  All in all its just meh in my eyes,  and doesn't replace the void in my soul that is Halo. lol :)  Prompts for something new though, keep of the great work PA!
Genius idea.... Active display = peek baaaam amazing 
Don't flash Franco on n5.. not even r36 if you want Peek..seems to make it very unreliable :-(
+Bharath Kumar what you mean it only works once ? I thought every time I pick up it does it will only work once ever ?
+Andrew Westrem it's working for him once not it's meant to be work only for once . it will always work he might b doing something stupid
Mike A
so this reminds me of AcDisplay almost 100%, its a great feature and would be great on all phones but especially the ones with AMOLED.
How do I get this app 
My Moto G flashed PA 4.2 beta 1 and does not have this Peek :(
This is great feature and innovative. But it seems its only going to be useful for the 10s after a notification is received?
what's the wallpaper you have there? looks good on the red nexus! ;)
sorry sir new to google+  i use it very often  and also new to paranoid android i want to flash it on my nexus 4 which is currently on a android 4.3 it is rooted so may i know which version of paranoid android is stable for nexus 4    4.3 version
Peak kinda looks like 'active display' from Omnirom... not to mention that both screens are almost the same... only difference being peak is accelerometer triggered and active display turns on the screen for 5 seconds after receiving the notification...
will open this source to others non-nexus PA devs. ?
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