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HALO alpha 3 rolling out

List of changes so far:
- double-tap-swipe gets you through the ongoing tasks, lift finger and it starts the intent, go back and you're at the last incoming notification again. watch your statusbar as point of reference while swiping
- duplicated ticker is gone
- statusbar/halo flicker or notification spam should be solved

Over the coming weeks/months this will be cleaner and nicer looking - all the flaws that it still has will eventually be washed away.

Get PA-GAPPS, do not even think about getting anything else. Get them here:

Nexus 4/Mako:

... other links will follow

1. If this is the first time for you, FULLWIPE. If not you can go on
2. Install Rom
3. Install Gapps
4. Wipe cache + dalvik cache + reboot

To  those porting it to maguro, toro and toroplus - watch out for mms, do a lunch + repo sync. the aosp and cyanogenmod variant of it will jump back home in its intent, its hardcoded behavior. the PA variant will/should not.

it includes some other experimental things as well,

+Aaron Gascoigne has been working on a nice surprrise for PA-Prefs Pro users. You'll be able to categorize your widgets now and scale them without having to search through a ton of apps. It's an ongoing project - please don't look at the icon too hard, i was supposed to find a nice one but haven't had the time. Whenever we're free things like that will be made. I know that +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo, after his exams, has some big plans for the pro version as well.

+Yamil Ghazi, that's mr. beerbong for those who don't know, has been fixing a lot of hybrid related things. He fixed the old Google bug that made the dialer look mangled if you put contacts into its higher UI layout. Also the unfinished calendar that would crash in its high layout. We merged his pet project as well, trebuchet made hybrid proof. That launcher will probably react better to various layouts and DPI changes than any other. It's a work in progress.
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Thanks! You guys are the best! Hands down!
I actually didn't want to sleep last night because I was so antsy for this alpha release. 
Bo Qin
dammit i wrote first gapps then rom ---- revert revert, first rom, then gapps. (-;
Nic K
Halo is the best what happened to android in the last months. Thanks a lot!
Can't wait for this to make its way to the note II
I hear BigBro is busy with exams. I hope his exams end before mine start so I can have a taste of Halo alpha 3 before I get sunken in studying :D
Can't wait until I can flash this. I'm loving PA.
Can't wait to come home tonight and flash these to my nexuseseses
Woot! This is awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work. 
So the reason PA has its own Gapps is for custom DPI settings and so that they're stored in the system partition (and thus take up less space among other apps), right? What's the difference between PA gapps and other ones that install from the market? Plus I've gotten market updates to a bunch of my gapps while on a single PA build without flashing new gapps and they've never caused me trouble
i shall try this one, halo is a very good feature for playing #ingress
i could reply or check any other notification while keeping the game foreground 
+Paranoid Android I don't see changes on github yet... coming from the perspective of an unofficial maintainer of toro/toro+ 
so i can have the current PA for GS3 and use this Gapps for Halo?
+Paranoid Android i remember when you said that your goal was to stay close to stock as much as possible. Now in PA we have floating balls, swipe on everything, etc. Things are changed and i don't know if are better.
+Isaiah PEz no...gapps won't give you need to update PA (PA 3.50 contains halo). I believe there is a release on xda for the S3, but obviously it won't be as up to date as the release today.
maguro maguro maguro hope its out when i get bk home later cant wait for this
Note 2 please. I'm dying to get this on my phone!
+Simone Morgante Well, it looks pretty stock to me. Being close to stock doesn't mean they shouldn't innovate. They are being innovative as stock-esque as possible. Halo is a feature that should have been a part of AOSP in the first place. 
I love halo. Coolest thing to android But I still really feel it would look and function better if it hid completely off screen until there was a notification. Cheers
+Chris Fair it looks like the d2spr has not been updated since 2012 on XDA.
James T
are you kidding me i have both files downloading via my PC and a 24 Mbps internet connection and it's only chugging along at 15 kbps with 2+ hours remaining great...
+Chris Fair I think you need to talk to the PA devs to get the keys to bitbucket, they said they will publish halo on github once it's complete.
+Alexander Gottwald I read yesterday they were going to open-source this update. I put in an app to be a maintainer but haven't heard anything...

+Isaiah PEz I meant on their git. Frameworks/base (which is where I imagine the changes lie) hasn't been updated. D2spr is a non-nexus device so.... gotta wait for your maintainer.
James T
+Austin Padilla wrong Halo is the coolest thing since PA and there per app color and hybrid UI came to Android
+Nadir Comoglu Innovation is important, but i have the sensation that this halo thing is like a "stranger" in android OS.
一直在刷消息 终于更新了
Jeff Y
Great job +Paranoid Android , downloading now and I have a question if I may, in this update, Holo will working on tablet UI mode? Thank you in advance! Download finished Lol........ U guys just made my day ! 
+Simone Morgante That is preposterous. Every new feature is like a stranger at first. Pie was a stranger when it was first revealed. Per-app color was a stranger. But look at them now, they are a must-have. 
+Simone Morgante if you want a stock firmware just install that or just don't use the features you don't like, I don't see the problem. 
Cason B
Goo is so freakin sloww anyone have a mirror!?
Keep on updating halo! It is great even in the alpha stages. 
There's no problem people. I would only share my opinion.
Please people, stop to ask for releases not directly supported by PA team. If you use to flash roms often you should know that it's a question of time and some good soul will port the rom for your beloved devices. Be constructive. Thanks.
I've been checking for this update hourly. I've never been so excited about a rom update. Keep up the fantastic work +Paranoid Android 
Jeff Y
+curtis mayers thank you for the reply bro! Im sure that would be amazing when it comes to tablet UI...
Why are there no mirrors? My download is gonna take 4 hours -.-
Why is it I can't get this on my S3 AOKP ROM? I'm sure we can test this functionality too... JS
+Simone Morgante with all the respect you deserve, you know that you can choose other projects more "pure AOSP". I'm in a S2 Intern. and I'm pretty excited with this feature and I'm sure that most of the comments here shows that too. I'm in Android for this kind of features that surpass the OS. Respect.
At this point, I feel the need to donate to the servers.  Wow are they being hammered.  Can't wait to flash, great job!!
Good job I'm playing LoL whilst waiting for the download to complete.
+Paranoid Android FYI WiFi is confirmed broken on Mako. Myself as well as a few others have tried clean/dirty flashing and still no go. 
Wifi broken here too, dirty flash.
Anyone else having issues turning WiFi on with today's release?
+Chris Fair I agree, I asked yesterday and the response was that this version was going to be open sourced.

+Paranoid Android We toro users usually have to wait longer because Jaybob does not get stuff out as fast as the Mako and Maguro maintainers and +Chris Fair aka fairct does an amazing job upkeeping unofficial semi-nightlies (for toro), this helps us to stay up to date better.
It says WLAN is activting but there is nothing happening... restart flight mode.. nothing wifi since i flashed this update :( any fix needed? 
lol Goo servers are ultrabusy. I bet that a lot of people are downloading PA right now
Looks like multiple users are having issues with WiFi. Reverted to 5/4 until fix.
+Oliver Welling Please learn to read, PA Team only supports Nexus devices, I am really getting sick of repeating this because people are too lazy to research. Sorry to be rude.
+Jeremy Kaminski its OK i don't read it but my english is not so good and a little question is not a Problem....THX for the answer
That GAPS is only for NEXUS with PA ROM or for any other 4.2.2 ROM ?
hey guys, is there a way to install this ROM without losing any data? I'm running PA Halo 3.5 (05/04) and have the latest version of gapps installed
hey guys, is there a way to install this ROM without losing any data? I'm running PA Halo 3.5 (05/04) and have the latest version of gapps installed
Will Galaxy Nexus be officially updated? I've read that you no longer own one
Well there is way fix wifi without factory reset?
This GAPS is only for NEXUS PA ROMs or for eany 4.2.2 ROM ?
am i trippin' but does it say on top "PULLED"
+Pedja Ivanovic Only PA ROM. not any 4.2.2. Nexus or non-Nexus doesn't matter because there are some non-nexus devices which supports PA ROM unofficially.
If you need a mirror, please let me know.
+Rosalind Hughes Apparently the hundreds of times the PA Team has already said this has not gotten to you, here is the answer for the millionth time, PA Team only officially supports Nexus devices, they will NEVER support the S3.
I am so sorry if my last few comments have come off rude people but a little common sense, reading and actual research would answer these questions you people keep asking over and over again. It's outright lazy. Just read like the rest of us. Flashing custom roms is supposed to be about learning and absorbing knowledge about android not "I'm gonna flash this without knowing what it is just cause it looks neat on my phone". If that is why you are doing it you should probably not have a rooted smartphone. why would you offer to mirror a link the PA Team took down due to issues? That's like giving a child a broken bottle to play with.
I think they pulled the ROM because a few people had no WIFI
Well rev11-16gb-uk , wifi broke, good luck ;)
+Jeremy Kaminski sorry. thought the pull was bandwidth related and the statement "other links to follow" looks to me that PA was looking for mirrors.
Downloading .. Hope it runs smoothly
Gonna use my windows 8 laptop for wifi now, wish me luck
sorry guys. i made a dirty build - compiler probably did not copy a few needed files into the zip file. im already make a clean build  --- half an hour, ok?
+Paranoid Android amazing, thank you so much :) Don't know any other devs who respond so quickly to things like this. 
Sounds good, thank you for the fast fix
update from XDA: "Their were some files missing, they will have another build up in a half an hour."
Half hour with windows 8 :( 
m. m. mm ml mlmm l. l. mnl. m km l. l. M lmmm k ml mllmm n mmm m. N. m. k. m l. m l. men. mmmm m. MNM lmm NFL. m. m km 
As a more recent follower of PA development, Im very impressed by the speed at which new features are being created. A mark of a hard working team.
+Tíghearnán Carroll Actually, if people would stop asking the same things that have been answered over and over again, there would be no reason to even comment. It's sickening to see a question answered and then 5 or 6 posts later someone is asking about it, that is lazy. As for asking about ETA's and if non-nexus devices will be supported soon, C'MON, Those two things are common sense at this point, you DON'T ask for ETA's and NOTHING but Nexus devices will ever be supported by PA Team. How hard is that to remember, I've explained it about a hundred times, so have many other users not to mention the amount of times the PA Team has said it themselves. Bottomline, do a little reading and research and stop asking questions you should already have the answer too.

Again, sorry if I come off as a dick but to me the lazy people that everyone has to keep answering the same questions too are the ones being dicks.
+Oliver Urlaub read the thread or the posts, please! The ROM has been pulled because of an issue with wifi, and a new one will be uploaded soon.
You are right

Sent via Nokia Email

------Original message----
+Josh Chambers never mind - im talking directly to people that dont know any better. those who know what they're doing dont need these rules. those who dont better just follow instructions so we will have less "bug reports" because they flashed cyanogenmod gapps or something. ours are more or less up to date, they have been tested, and some apps have been made hybrid aware like gtalk.
+Simone Morgante i think you misunderstand the meaning of stock or aosp. close means to break your head over seamless integration, the way you execute ideas and concepts, the way make them interact. it does not mean that we stop inventing new stuff.
we're trying to embed this thing, make it look and feel like as if it was part of android. thats what we mean when we say stock. and as you see, halo integrates.

now take a regular rom scene tweak. kernel controls for instance. this contrasts android so much, it puts any rom using it further away from it than touchwiz, because it smashes its premise. android is a straight forward, simple, intuitive whole. there is not a single hacker working on it at google. its not made for hackers either. anything that takes this simplicity and throws bazillions of options at it and under the hood tweaks that reach deep into its internals is not stock. and that we simply don't want - although im not trying to paint it bad.
After spending some time playing with halo, i truly do think that double-tap should be move and single hold should switch tasks. just my input, great work PA team!!!!
+Oliver Urlaub HAHAHAHA, Actually yes, you are quite lazy, you just proved that by saying you didn't even take the time to refresh your screen before asking a question that everyone already had been given the answer too. The only idiot is you bro, for contradicting your own point. Good work. ;)
+Bryce Woodard HALO alpha 3 rolling out

due to a dirty build files were missing in the ZIP file causing wifi to break down. new clean build is already underway and should sort it out, give it 30 minutes to an hour depending on how fast the build server is today.
+Jeremy Kaminski I get that it's annoying, and should be addressed.  I give off to people on XDA regularly for asking really stupid questions, but, as I said, there is no need to be a dick.
Asking people to read before posting is ok, calling people dense? That's not being constructive, that's being an asshole.  I'd rather read 3 people asking moronic question, than read one person insulting them.
+Andreas Georgiou get a nexus. this is your key to new innovative stuff all around. root hacks will always be second rate and hacky. you cant do these things we're doing here with an app, you will never reach this level of integration not to mention the functionality.
+Sleem LDJ yes, it will work in tabUI. it uses another ticker - thats why it doesnt work now. thats kinda googles fault, duplicating a lot of code.
+Weston Hullander im pretty certain i willmake this a setting. im more the drag halo away when needed kind of guy, that comes always first. youre probably a multi tasker and you need it reversed. next version will probably introduce the first options.
Waiting....and hoping the dodgy battery drain/overheat is gone :-) 
James T
+Andreas Georgiou you are probably part of the 1% and probably don't belong in this conversation/thread/circle
+Paranoid Android totally not my intention to nag, but will the source for this be released today? I'm eager to build for toro and toroplus :)
+Paranoid Android I think long press and swipe to move, and just swipe to toggle notifications, would be a nice way to do it.  It'd be a bit like the home launcher when scrolling a pages/moving icons.
+Andreas Georgiou great! make use of it. trust me when i say this, rooting is the evil here. its dirty and hacky. nexus roms are pure aosp, this is google with additions. it should always be clean --- well unless you get an idiot like me making a fucked build like today lol. but even if that happens, these things dont make a dent.
+Jeremy Kaminski top half of my N4 got unbelievably hot, battery wouldn't last more than 6 hours unless in Airplane Mode :/ 
+Yamani Mondt thanks. Sorry I didn't refresh the thread to know that this was already being addressed
+Adam H.W first time im hearing that. i made a test leaving phone overnight - lost 0% battery. 70% in the evening, 70% in the morning. i made benchmarks with halo, no impact at all. unless theres a hidden bug that i dont know about this should in theory be just a simple view, one of the hundreds of views already present. shouldnt do much harm. 
since halo is new and all im not opposed to the concept of it being buggy --- but i need to see these things myself to act.
+Adam H.W That happens to me when I'm on 3G and have wireless tethering on for over half an hour. 
+Paranoid Android sounds beast, I'll definitely jump on fixed-Wifi build soon as its up :-) keep doing what you're doing, we all love it (cause we can't lol)
+Paranoid Android sounds beast, I'll definitely jump on fixed-Wifi build soon as its up :-) keep doing what you're doing, we all love it (cause we can't lol)
+Paranoid Android Suggestion: make an option to "unlock" the Halo so you can reposition it. That way, instead of double tapping, you can just long hold and swipe through notifications
+Andreas Georgiou send me a pm if you would like some help learning about this stuff. Otherwise good luck, and have fun. You're going to love it once you get into it.
+Jeremy Kaminski and you can ignore all of the people asking stupid questions yet you respond anyway. Practice what you preach
+Matthew Edwards I'm one person, they are many that keep asking the same crap over and over. You are just whining because you don't like my responses. Completely different.
My nexus 4 always gets super hot on the top half but I wouldn't blame that on PA.... I've used other ROMs and aosp and got the same result. Blame LG.
People calm down everybody's just getting work up cuz they're excited
+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo good luck for your exams ;)! and good work to all +Paranoid Android dev, we are great! I hope in the future halo will be automatically available like fbmessenger when you cancel pop up!!! I would be a techno genius like you ahahahahaah :)! 
You may be one person but you are spewing just as much crap as everyone else asking things. Do as I say not as I do.
Am I the only person depressed because my N4 isn't rooted? 
I didn't notice on the broken WiFi until I got home. Oh well.. Patiently waiting for the updated release. Halo alpha 3 works great though. :-)
im at 20mins left, I'm most likely beating a lot of people lol so ill make one ASAP
+Roshen Raju GAPPs are included separately in all ROMs to avoid Google getting mad.  A few years(?) ago the ordered a cease and desist with Cyanogenmod because they included GAPPs with the rom.
I always seem to find a build for Toro eventually posted in the comments but does anyone know the (Toro) Device Maintainer for AOSPA? Just curious. Jaybob/XDA? Love the solid innovations of +Paranoid Android and the richness of the community. Thanks in advance for any insight. 
+Roshen Raju Google have to license you to be able to include Google Apps in any version of Android, but you can link to GApps, even heavily modified ones all you want
+Roshen Raju to be honest, it would likely take longer for you to learn how to include the GApps in a ROM (including writing a script to install them in custom recovery) than all the time you spent flashing them manually put together. then there's all the loopholes to go through with Google if you then decide to release your ROM as a download as it'd have to be licensed by Google anyway (even more time consuming)
what you'd wind up with is another fragmentation of Android, but no manufacturer to go with it...
as for the app building, search around the XDA forums for tutorials, or try XDA-U. somewhere around, there's a tutorial for a 'Hello World' world that teaches you the first steps :-)
+Paranoid Android Could you add a setting to turn off PIE completely while in Extended Desktop mode? I'd rather much use a different app like GMD Gesture Control or full!screen to do my navigation. Plus, it really shouldn't be that hard; just make another option for the activation region to be set to 0 px or something. Otherwise, thank you for all the hard work and for PA!

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+Jeremy Kaminski I just realised you said the PA team only supports Nexus devices officially.. Well what about the Oppo Find 5? See, if you try READING you might know this stuff, gosh!!
thx for all your hard work moles. Dankeschön :)
So much gratitude on this end. Saying thanks seems to sound redundant by now but a HuGE thanks.
Guys what You think about making signal and battery meter for halo ? That would be complete replacement for task bar. Pie is ok but you have to cover what you re doing. Maybe just 3 icons pie when you double tap on halo ? Just an idea think about it and keep that great work as always
+Jeremy Kaminski I agree man. I mean, Everyone jumps on the PA page and asks 1 million questions that have been answered. or report bugs. there a specific websites PA has created for those. Use the awesome product called Google Search. It would work wonders if they used it every once in a while. 
Would someone be able to mirror gapps? 
+Mickey Glover Do you see it as a supported device? There is an awesome website called XDA Forums! check it out! if you type in your device and look through all the wonderful Roms the devs on there have created. You just might find a PA port for the Samsung's Note 2.....
I think jaybob413 stopped officially supporting the Nexus 10. :/ It's AOSP. Could it be blindly built? I might wipe my current OS, and complie the latest official build.
Galaxy S 3 AT&T. When......?
Downloaded and flashed! PA has always been a good rom to play with :D
How it goes?! My notification is gone when i open it with halo!?!?
+Brian West PA is for nexus only. Check on XDA for someone who ports it for your device.
Yeah thanks guys aware of it. I was just seeing if anyone here had heard of something being ported or rumors of somebody working on it. If people are gonna start being thread Nazis like XDA I won't ask anymore
+Paweł Sy I agree, PIE is nice but requires too much movement for a quick look at those levels. Plus my tired eyes can't easily read the text. Maybe pop them up at the top above the halo overlay and next to halo circle/icon.
+Brian West c'mon man, you got a thread where to find a build for your phone, info on the fact that there isn't an official build, and we've been thread Nazis? Don't ask questions if you don't want answers.
so nice.. but what about the battery with this ROM?? 
+Paranoid Android everything seems to work fine EXCEPT that when I interact with the most recent notification using halo it closes the app I was using!
Does it matter what ROM is used because there isn't a PA ROM for my device
+Vichka Fonarev i think you were lucky to have missed the first upload of todays update! It was reuploaded fairly quickly.
What is pie would render from the halo spot? Maybe a different gesture? Would that kill two birds with one stone for pie users?
How can i become a youtube vid as a notification?! 
Ooh I'm a pro user so I'm excited about this update. Just got it flashed on my mako
Ben Yu
I cannot install any downloaded app
I don't get how to "double-tap-swipe"
+Don Kaczmarek the OP doesn't even indicate that it's been built for maguro yet. Once it gets built for maguro then you can hope for a port, or hope for jaybob to post an official build on xda.
I was on Paranoid until I updated to holo. My phone went silent couldn't find a way to change it. So I installed CM. Waiting for the next stable release. The holo looked like it will be awesome when done.
Downloading now. I wonder if the 'app closes when selecting halo notification' has been fixed. 
Thank you guys. Try to get a running download but I'm patient ;)
What's the difference between PA gapps and regular gapps? I've always just used standard gapps so not sure why I should change? 
+Paranoid Android a number of apps on playstore (facebook, es file ex etc.)are showing incompatible for my nexus 4 after i flashed 11may build ... any solutions hw i can resolve this please?
+Simone Morgante if your trying to stay stock with custom roms, then just stay stock, or try all the other roms that stay stock.

Unless acting like someone else's work should only be defined by you, if that's your perspective then complain on
Awesome work +Paranoid Android. Been using Halo since the first release. Finally tried chat heads for the first time today, and I must say I like the expanding and collapsing stacks better. I'm sure you have your reasons for not going that route, just thought I would give my opinion. 
Has anyone noticed that if you have several notifications, after you have watched them the double tap doesn't take you to the last one? An example. I had 2 mails, a whstsapp message and a g+ notification. I double tapped to go to the whstsapp, then switched to the email and when I wanted to look at the g+ the double tap didn't work. It happened 4 times since I installed the may 11th build.
Has anyone else noticed the nexus 7 folder is gone for PA?
Why do I wanna see a KLP concept here. Stability, speed, phablet ui, pie, chathead notifications. Its even easy on the battery. A real overhaul to where regular Android almost doesn't do it for me anymore. Lol
Of course can also install the latest halo,halo 4.
Louis K
im pretty excited :D unfortunately just 30 kb/s dl speed :/ could u host a mediafire mirrow bcause u can count the downloads there aswell if thats the point of not mirroring?
so one person says that I can't the other one that I can... I'm more confused then before)) I'm not looking to switch ROM, all I want is that HALO))
I can't seem to restore backed up PA preferences

EDIT: found it :)
+Dmitry Chorine no you can't. Halo isn't a App. They coded it into the system ui. It's the best way to support all Apps. It's like a system feature. An amazing one ;) 
+Dmitry Chorine he's messing with u...I repeat this is a ROM..not an app... It can't only be installed has an operating system I believe he is talking about the console game..
in that case I hope Paranoid team will port it as a stand alone app after they done with development / testing / etc for other people who's not on Paranoid ROM
And i keep praying for HTC One support 
They won't ports are usually ROMs for unsupported devices.
.my advice is go to xda and look in apps and games...somebody is working on a version of halo I have no knowledge of its usefulness or progress...but its a system thing built into the framework of your operating system so its not possible to port such a thing
+Duran Berk which version r u on, maguro, toro, or toro plus? Mauro will get it first and then toro and toro+ over next few days has long has pa releases maguro today..and zoloft is an anti depressant

Sweet :) just flashed it on my and my gfs Nexus 4 :)
Any Ideas when the Alpha 3 release will be ready for Nexus 7?
Any chance of a torrent link because speeds are unbearably slow!
Still waiting for paranoid android 3 to come to sprint galaxy s3
YEEEESS THANK YOU +Paranoid Android , Got my nexus 4 today and just installed this GREAT MASTERPIECE! THANK YOU SO MUUUUUUUUCH! haha
I'll wait for beta. I know for some programs alpha is just a name, but every hour I have tested was too underdeveloped. 
Any mirrors for both mako ROM and gapps? Timed out 3 times already :/
some bugs got already fixed for tomorrow:
- tasker could not access icons if just one is present
- low priority icons will be displayed while tasker is active (they do not show in the statusbar normally)
- some notifications were not shown by halo, screenshot in some situations
+Gabriel Trujillo the rom underneath is stable. if you dont want to test halo just drag it over the x and its completely gone. these are still the newest/freshest PA builds.
+Jeremy Kaminski What gets me with people like you on these forums is who told you that you could just sit in a Google+ chat thread, choosing the next person to be rude to. people can post what they want, when they want and shouldn't expect dicks like you giving them Shit for it.
I can't figure this double tap thing for the life of me it still acts like the 5/5 build to me
+Dmitry Chorine honestly if you're asking these questions you don't know much about Android and should probably not screw up your phone /tablet trying to do something like installing a RIM. 
+Dmitry Chorine sorry, technically not possible. how many inventions do we have to put out though for people to realize switching a rom is no crime. (-; 
+Andreas Rocznik this is something else. the rom is 100% stable - halo is just a little extra. it wont cause your phone to go silent - look at the replies, no one has that problem. if thats your first try - make sure you're on updated radios. the old radio does not work with aosp 4.2.2. calls stay silent in that case.
+Ben Yu you can. switch off halo and its fine. its a security feature from google. the dialog does not allow overlays to prevent virtual clicks (apps installing virii by themselves). we have stated that countless of times though --- a solution will come in the end, when we have time for it
wait, time out... why does Facebook messenger already use Halo? what's up with that?
Not sure what's the benefit of halo when the cm base let's you respond to messages from the notification bar without leaving the app you're in. Maybe I'm missing the point. Can someone please elaborate on this?
+Gabriel Trujillo FB introduced the feature. PA is taking that idea and making it much more beautifully done.
Great concept, great progress, thank you for this little "ticker" gem!
+Paranoid Android Where is the advantage when the notification goes away after i use halo?! Can't for example Start a YouTube vid, hearing it and switching to another app and keep listening?! :/
+Paranoid Android I don't know if you saw the suggestion that was mentioned earlier about the Security feature, but I thought it sounded like a good idea. Making the halo  automatically hide when the dialog comes up. Or you could maybe interact with it using the hardware buttons, volume up and down to highlight a choice and power button to select or holding down a volume key. Just my two cents :)
Trying to wait patiently for Grouper build. Its tough!  LOL
+Louis Portis cm has hacked the app. one single app. halo does it without hacks and for every app: mms, skype, gtalk, facebook, msn, whatsapp, dropbox, gdrive, gmusic, etc. if you havent used chatheads, do it, you'll get the picture. now imagine chatheads systemwide.
theres several videos demonstrating this, you wouldn't be able to do any of it in cm, even the mms aspect is crude compared to halos mms.
Missing goo grouper folder crashes PA Updater APP. -.- Also an option for enableing Halo in tablet-ui would be nice. 
+Stephen Bain yes i saw it. it will be no problem. but code still needs to be studied for this so it comes in the very end when halo is concluded. 
+Adam Wallace i have no time for pm's right now, im getting drowned in them. better not ask me or i'd say no. otherwise why developing it on a private git, i guess that says something. i just wanna be sure this is safe before it goes out. im not gonna find his house and beat him up for it though - so as i say, better not ask - just do. (-;
Will you guys be releasing newer versions of +Paranoid Android ROMs for the Samsung line, I can not find anything for my T-Mobile gs3 from PA since around November of last year. 
+Mario Steinhauer i dont get your point. youtube plays and you hear it if you run a halo app on top of it. theres no sense in letting it play when you leave the app and go do something else - and thats not our goal. if the concept of halo evades you, then i dont know what to say - seems pretty obvious to me what one would do with it
Trying to figure out how to clear a notification. Took a picture and uploaded to Facebook. That notification is still there. Won't go away.
bug: while the window is open with apps (Lucky Patcher), it was not possible to install any app

yet the work is sensational

Thank you "
+Donald Wyman tap-tapbutleavefingerdown-swipe. make sure you have more then 2 notifications - this build has a glitch that prevents it from working if you only got one.
+Paranoid Android did you guys drop support for the nexus 10? I've been making unofficial builds for a while. Any way to have access to include it in my build? The nexus 10 users are close to a breakdown :-)
+Paranoid Android Great job with the new add on to the notification system. But I may ask what of multi windows, dual apps on one screen, app windowed mode. Something similar to the "cornerstone" app that people were testing but shut down? Will their be any betas for this feature?
+Andres Pascual I'm currently running your latest PA rom for manta! You should officially build. ;D 
+Paranoid Android I'm definitely a fan of the single tap + hold to switch notifications, and the double tap + hold to move halo around idea! It's seems more intuitive especially given the amount of time we'll all spend using halo. Which for most of us will be constantly, since we'll all certainly come up with our own unique ways of utilizing halo. Double tapping all the time seems to be a lil too much. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the excellent work good brotha!
+Andres Pascual 
take nexus 4 framework.jar, system.ui and perhaps settings since the halo branch is a bit outdated. that should in theory work.
+Paranoid Android Oh and to add to that last comment. It could/should be an option, which would work best imo. Seeing as that some of us will spend more time moving halo around (like u say is the way u prefer to use halo). While others will place halo where they want it to stay for the most part, and spend more time switching notifications like myself. :-) cheers!
+Paranoid Android Not to sound impatient or anything but do you have an estimate of about when this will be ready for the nexus 7? And also, your ROM is the best I've ever used and look forward to later releases.
+Paranoid Android why don't you have maintainers for gnex toro? There is a guy 'fairc' in XDA that would like to have access to the source code and have builds for us as soon as you release any updates.
Dre Ill
Anyone having issues with audio during calls? I can't hear them and they can't hear me........
+Chance Ill you need the new radio. the old one does not work with aosp 4.2.2 - your phone is outdated
+augusto delvalle im not terribly organized, i just posted the files he needs though. bitbucked is pretty much our private little space in which we develop new stuff - only people who participate should have access to that. since halo is a potenially dangerous feature it needs to be concluded 100% before it can get released. that means we must be absolutely sure it will do no harm to apps, probably it'll need whitelisting as well-
+Caleb Jones i dont but i guess aaron will make you one when he finds time. on n7 its awfully small though, i think this will start to make sense when you can blow it up.
Wow ...sure got a lot of paranoid people here...literally. +Jeremy Kaminski is an awesome guy, very helpful , and goes above and beyond. To anyone who may have stated anything other than, please try and imagine what its like in his shoes. To all: stop asking for ETAs , read all material before modding phone. To +Paranoid Android PA team , thanks for your hard work. 
Bah just as I finish downloading the latest build from goo mgr I get to the post that there is a bug fixed release for tomorrow lol! 
+augusto delvalle they will release source whenever they release. You asking here wont accomplish a thing.
+Markeith Steward we dont go that way. this is all about multi tasking as in getting tasks done. putting two apps next to each other --- well, you impress your ios friends once, but other than that its not terribly usefull. all we need smaller floating windows for is to prevent loosing context.
i like what i have seen in the ubuntu os/windows8 - if google gave apps an api to cling to a side, that would be different.
Really great, works like a charm!!! The only thing I think is missing is the title of the notification on one side or something like that. I just installed and for now, is awesome!!! Thanks +Paranoid Android for all your work!!!
Downloading..............Now! Thanks PA
Trying the new alpha and loving it. Only one feedback, switching is not intuitive or easy. there are some ideas floating around to make it a pie or make it like row like fb chat head or variations of it. Request +Paranoid Android to consider it.
The last build for the Sprint Galaxy s3 was in 2012 will this even work. And how does it go through gapps
Ron DC
Rocking new halo right now. Just minor issue i guess. Switching from fb messenger to sms don't seem to work. Other than that, awesomeness..
Awesome work, can't wait for a Manta build!
When this is goin to be available for sg3
I still don't know how to actually use the new feature
Paranoid Android galaxy s3 sprint

How about making it like the camera, when you hold down you get a menu with icons around it, looks good too. 
I'm in the market for a new phone. Does anyone know if there is a list of paranoid android friendly phones? I'm leaning towards the HTC One but not sure if there is a paranoid android port for it. 
+Paranoid Android can you enable activation of halo while on full screen enabled instead of having to disable full screen and then enable halo. And also can you make halo accessible even if I drag a halo to the 'x' to keep it enabled instead of having to enable it all over again
Hey there's a bug on PA, when I try to install the Amazon App Store and then click on "install" it won't work "/ but it does recognize when i hit the "Cancel" button, any help anyone? Or guys at +Paranoid Android can u look into this bug?
+Marco M. This is due to a core Google security setting. You cannot install an app while an overlay is active. Halo is an overlay implementation. You need to disable it, install your app and then reactivate it

They are looking into a work around but not until it reaches beta
Got home and no links for Gnex or N7! The wait continues! Excited! 
It would be nice to have some sort of pop out preview of the actual notification as you're scrolling(like what happens when the notification originally arrives) instead of just the icon so that you can differentiate between multiple notifications from the same app.

For example when you have a text from more than one person, or when multiple app update notifications are there.

I can feel the vibration as it's moving from one notification to the next, but when the icon stays the same it's a little like bumping around in the dark.

Other than that, this is really amazing stuff +Paranoid Android!

Edit: Also, a slight adjustment to the timing on the double tap would be nice as I'm having some issues with it opening the top notification when I'm trying to scroll through. Though that may just be me :-)
+Matthew Hunter I was thinking about the Nexus 4 for a while but the 16 GB of storage is very limited. I found I quickly ran out of space on my N7. 
I'm stuck with Verizon. No Nexus 4 for me
Interested if anyone has ran into the same problem: facebook notifications won't open in the Halo Window and instead open in its normal separate app like I switched to it. Everything else works great via halo. 
Hey +Paranoid Android

Just wanna say I appreciate you being so helpful and active in the comments. You're good people. Keep up the amazing work! 
+Taylor Levesque I have the same issue with Facebook. 
+Paranoid Android Thanks for the update. Btw is Tasker force closing on the May 11 build too when tapped on its notification Halo?
Ok guys, after searching for a long time I found something I think is very useful. Its kinda weird tho. So I wanted to use halo as multi Window for open say browser whenever. App called bar shortcut is working with halo and allows me to open chrome beta. Lol no idea why probably using battery won't know till later. Works with YouTube also. Ne ideas on this? Is it malicious? Never seen app till now or developer. But it's pretty sweet with switcher n halo. hope pa beats cm on 4.3 rom.
Awesome is halo eat it Sammy. I'm paranoid so please don't touch me when I wiz

Update: lol gets better, Imo loaded some more apps on to bar and had 4 halo cards stacked on each other with bunch of apps. All on top of g+
The crespo 4g is a nexus device will there be a release for that or will I wait for a port???
+Paranoid Android just curious if this is a bug, you haven't gotten to it yet, or if there is a reason, but I noticed that when switching between notifications, they are cleared from the halo once you look at them. However, your most recent notification doesn't clear itself after you look at it. It is only cleared once a new notification comes in.  Why is that? Running the newest May 11 Alpha 3 on toro.
Wish this was on my s3 :/
So, I just flashed the latest toro build...and I can't access my PAPrefs backups. They're all there, but they don't show up in Hybrid Settings... any ideas???
When YouTube is halo ed you can't rotate screen or it gets a buggy. +Paranoid Android integration of "bar shortcut" should be built in. I'm finding useful but hindered.

YouTube should be used in landscape and kicks out when keyboard is used... Just a FYI (chrome works fine) 
Sorry but gotta say loading camera in halo is sweet taking pictures while browsing is unbelievably handy very dope 
FYI I'm doing all this through halo while on pa g+ on g+ app. Took pictures in halo on top of chrome halo on top of g+. So bad ass!
PA is the best. Hands down. Can't wait for the update for gnex. 
+Taylor Levesque apps that do that first load a non windowed intent which in turn starts further intents that create Windows and these we can't flag anymore. 
+Jim Daniels the status bar is your point of reference not halo on out light up the actual app icons. next version will temporarily show all icons not just high status ones
Got it working on the n10, but get system ui f/c when notifications come in on tablet mode. But it looks very promising. Combined with pie on the n10 this is pretty great.
Just wait.Don't rush them with the Rom being ported. It will come eventually. 
For some reason halo just disappeared even on the notification bar to activate it..
cant install app when halo is running
All maguro users , please check XDA , me and another user build the roms and used some stuff from nexus 4 and it has the newest Halo and stuff 
Right now it only allows me to switch between which app it opens right after I get a notification. After about maybe 10 seconds I'm stuck with whatever I last opened in halo. Can't double tap and swap to switch 
+Paranoid Android Apps like youtube, facebook + other third party apps "force close" after a few seconds of viewing. Using stock UI. Tried with 480, 360, 340 and 320 DPI. Still third party apps closes after a few seconds. Also tried to clear cache/dalvik. No luck. Did a clean install of ROM as mentioned in instructions. Phone: Find 5 international version.
everyone, new alpha coming out in a couple of hours ---
first one with options for reversed mode (longpress/doubletap = drag or task), +hide halo from sight completely after x seconds.
shows all icons while you task, the indexing was wrong
+Paranoid Android for every nexus device , or do we still have to use Nex4 Framework.jar , SystemUI and settings for maguro ?
Anand V
Wow... We need this on S4..
Is there a gnex rom in the works atm? :) just a yes or no would be great, no need for an eta ;P
Is anyone else able to open Halo notifications from the emergency dialer on the lockscreen? I assume this is a bug which will be fixed once the feature is out of alpha...
no, halo is not meant for the lockscreen - for now. its dialog type prevents that. 
Sorry, I wasn't very clear. What I meant is that if I open the emergency dialer from the lockscreen then I can open Halo notifications without unlocking the phone. I know you're probably not on to the bugfixing stage yet, but I wanted to draw attention to this as a security flaw. Thanks.
+Paranoid Android good job with this.. I know the longer you have it the more options will come..I used to be a flashaholic...but now with u guys you're my paa meeting..halo is my chips lol
+Paranoid Android just a suggestion: have an option to make the floating window full screen. For example, if you receive an email you can easily start reading with Halo, but sometimes you want to have the full screen to continue. Maybe double tap halo after you open an notification with it? 
Gavin P
Sorry if this has been asked already, but so many posts. Will I see the update appear in the goo manager for my Galaxy Nexus, like I did for the original alpha? 
You probably will, when it arrives, but the update isn't on goo yet
+Gavin Partridge there is an unofficial one build/produced by me and another member from XDA , check the thread out !
My only issue really is that halo causes a fair bit of lag while it's turned on.... I'm guessing that's due to it being an alpha feature :P
Tibi C.
I hava an HTC Desire (Bravo) and I'm on Nikez' jb 4.2.2 AOSP. What happens if i flash this zip after flashing his ROM? Will I get stuck in a boot loop or will i get Halo? Sorry if this turns out to be a stupid question.
+Tibi C try it. Only way to find out is to try something. Make a back up of your current rom then install the zip
+Tibi C don't even try it, it's a completely different phone, if you manage to flash it, which I highly doubt, since it asserts which phone you are on, it could brick your phone in the worst case. 
Wow. Thank you for the quick updates!
Tibi C.
+Alexander Gottwald how about that... There's a PA version for the old Desire too. Amd their already talking about introducing Halo. Nice…
+Jeff Fitzhugh its not a port, I don't know why everyone keeps calling it that. Its official code, Jaybob is the official maintainer for Gnex Toro. ;)

Only unsupported devices get ports. ;)
+Paranoid Android Understood. Thanks for responding, I really do appreciate the communication from this dev team. Ya'll are doing it right
Get app called bar shortcut it's free on play store. You can add a notification for any app including camera. 
+Tibi C well that might be, but the only thing to be found in this post is for mako, that is all I was commenting on. Questions regarding ports belong in the corresponding xda threads. Nevertheless I'm sorry if I came over as rude. 
Hey guys, the reason I and maybe some others swap out MMS from CM is because the PA MMS app can't handle messages over 160chr long on Cdma devices. No option to spilt it up or convert it to mms. I would greatly appreciate if this issue could be looked at :) great with too, I love halo
+Paranoid Android here's a follow up on the Tasker force closing issue. The logcat shows the Tasker force closures: I was unable to find anything output in the logcat when I searched for "paranoid" or "halo". I also looked for any paranoid related activity in the logcat just before I saw Tasker crashing in it, but found nothing. I hope the info in above file is useful. Thanks!
An app called bar shortcut on play store allows you to open any app from notification bar. Gives camera app a notification that you can select. Works with all apps. I searched all day n this was the only one that has worked. It doesn't have a halo icon but u get use to it and easy use. Just don't load more than 2 cause you have to gauge what app u swiped to
I am confused about this "do a lunch + repo sync. the aosp and cyanogenmod variant of it will jump back home in its intent, its hardcoded behavior. the PA variant will/should not." Maybe I am just not understanding?
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