HALO alpha 3 rolling out

List of changes so far:
- double-tap-swipe gets you through the ongoing tasks, lift finger and it starts the intent, go back and you're at the last incoming notification again. watch your statusbar as point of reference while swiping
- duplicated ticker is gone
- statusbar/halo flicker or notification spam should be solved

Over the coming weeks/months this will be cleaner and nicer looking - all the flaws that it still has will eventually be washed away.

Get PA-GAPPS, do not even think about getting anything else. Get them here: http://goo.im/devs/paranoidandroid/roms/gapps/pa_gapps-full-4.2-20130427-signed.zip

Nexus 4/Mako: http://goo.im/devs/paranoidandroid/roms/mako/alpha/pa_mako-3.50-11MAY2013-182532.zip

... other links will follow

1. If this is the first time for you, FULLWIPE. If not you can go on
2. Install Rom
3. Install Gapps
4. Wipe cache + dalvik cache + reboot

To  those porting it to maguro, toro and toroplus - watch out for mms, do a lunch + repo sync. the aosp and cyanogenmod variant of it will jump back home in its intent, its hardcoded behavior. the PA variant will/should not.

it includes some other experimental things as well,

+Aaron Gascoigne has been working on a nice surprrise for PA-Prefs Pro users. You'll be able to categorize your widgets now and scale them without having to search through a ton of apps. It's an ongoing project - please don't look at the icon too hard, i was supposed to find a nice one but haven't had the time. Whenever we're free things like that will be made. I know that +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo, after his exams, has some big plans for the pro version as well.

+Yamil Ghazi, that's mr. beerbong for those who don't know, has been fixing a lot of hybrid related things. He fixed the old Google bug that made the dialer look mangled if you put contacts into its higher UI layout. Also the unfinished calendar that would crash in its high layout. We merged his pet project as well, trebuchet made hybrid proof. That launcher will probably react better to various layouts and DPI changes than any other. It's a work in progress.
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