The new era of Paranoid coming soon

Before Android 4.2, we need to free things up before jumping it, besides, many of us going to have headaches to it.

We are going to leave CyanogenMod base and start again on AOSP. +Paul Henschel has explained few days ago about why we changing base to AOSP If you missed it, well here is the news...


       "We're leaving CyanogenMod and start anew on AOSP. I've already explained before, in short: AOSP is optimized for our devicefamily, it's the best base for nexus devices hands down. We'll be free of the modifications and changes that we dont support and we'll not suffer from the endless nightly process that will always make releasing a gamble. We will push features back in that we think are needed like CM Theme Engine, the Lockscreen Customization Elements and all our own features will be back and hybrid engine will run underneath like always. The ROM will be lightweight though, more stock oriented. We'll also use our own Google Apps packages to bring in the real Google experience as AOSP apps are kinda lacking connectivity."

Hybrid Engine

       "We have couple of things in mind that bringing features freshly and new, this rom will be the new focus on our features, right now we're the only rom that has per-app dpi/layout and color (Some are kangs which may not properly the same as ours). This is still the only rom with totally hybrid power than no other ROM unlike other ROM it's more focused into Customization.. Our upcoming modifications will utilize hybrid engine for many other things, we'll work on that launch-thing to open it up to user customization and eventually we plan a, as of yet top-secret, sysUI addition which will change the way people operate their devices, to the better of course."

So, that's well said from our lead developer. You can find the actual news here,

So what about the Paranoid Sources?

The Cyanogen-Paranoid Sources still remains, Users/Developers still submit patch to us, but once 4.2 AOSP Sources is merged, we'll be focused on that then.

When will 4.2 reaching?

2045. (It's a term of not asking ETAs)

So who will be maintaining xxx Device now?

You can still check our Maintainer Device List here,

If you have any other Questions, feel free to comment below.

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