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The new era of Paranoid coming soon

Before Android 4.2, we need to free things up before jumping it, besides, many of us going to have headaches to it.

We are going to leave CyanogenMod base and start again on AOSP. +Paul Henschel has explained few days ago about why we changing base to AOSP If you missed it, well here is the news...


       "We're leaving CyanogenMod and start anew on AOSP. I've already explained before, in short: AOSP is optimized for our devicefamily, it's the best base for nexus devices hands down. We'll be free of the modifications and changes that we dont support and we'll not suffer from the endless nightly process that will always make releasing a gamble. We will push features back in that we think are needed like CM Theme Engine, the Lockscreen Customization Elements and all our own features will be back and hybrid engine will run underneath like always. The ROM will be lightweight though, more stock oriented. We'll also use our own Google Apps packages to bring in the real Google experience as AOSP apps are kinda lacking connectivity."

Hybrid Engine

       "We have couple of things in mind that bringing features freshly and new, this rom will be the new focus on our features, right now we're the only rom that has per-app dpi/layout and color (Some are kangs which may not properly the same as ours). This is still the only rom with totally hybrid power than no other ROM unlike other ROM it's more focused into Customization.. Our upcoming modifications will utilize hybrid engine for many other things, we'll work on that launch-thing to open it up to user customization and eventually we plan a, as of yet top-secret, sysUI addition which will change the way people operate their devices, to the better of course."

So, that's well said from our lead developer. You can find the actual news here,

So what about the Paranoid Sources?

The Cyanogen-Paranoid Sources still remains, Users/Developers still submit patch to us, but once 4.2 AOSP Sources is merged, we'll be focused on that then.

When will 4.2 reaching?

2045. (It's a term of not asking ETAs)

So who will be maintaining xxx Device now?

You can still check our Maintainer Device List here,

If you have any other Questions, feel free to comment below.

Daniel MM
Media Staff, PA
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2045? Soon enough, I'll wait :-) 
Very nice! Always felt like CM was the cause of lag it's nice to see that you're going to start from scratch... Hope for a much smoother ROM!
Good decision, I think. In the future it'll help a lot.
Great idea! I'll wait.
The meaning to "2045" is y'all don't ask for ETAs. I know someone started 2045 before...
AOSP will be more stable than CM for sure since there are sip many developers working on CM code breakage becomes obvious...
Eze Ude
Not buying N4 until Paranoid is ported so I'm fine with this schedule. Take your time gents
Good luck guys. Thanks for your great job - I <3 my NX7 with the capabilities of ParanoidAndroid
You guys are the reason my good ol' galaxy s still works awesomely, thanks!!! Will be waiting for this update :D
dude, these are not my words lol. "total hybrid power," "bringing features freshly and new" - wtf man, youre doing that to poke fun? : D
+Eze Ude i'll get mine on launch date. no need for a port, the entire nexus family will get official builds.
Any thing planned for the CDMA GSIII?
Thank god I got a extention on life with googles A.H.P Android Humans Program. I called customer care up today and they said they cover me well past the release date. So I'm all good.
So, bye bye all the CM goodies we like? You're being a bit harsh to your users... What I liked with PA was getting all of CM plus DPI tricks.
Hm, I'm open to these changes, but I can't say if it's a good step. It's the same way AOKP went and now everyone misses either CM or AOKP features. Please keep the benefits of both bases in mind :) Furthermore I always thought CM base is better for legacy devices like my HTC Desire.
But really thanks for your great archievements so far, I will probably build it for HTC Desire.
Cool... can't wait :-) 
DPI on a per app basis is all I care about. Sounds good though, can't wait!
You guys have one hellava team
+Thomas Favre-Bulle we'll cherrypick features back, not all but those that we like. google made a whole bunch of em obsolete anyway in 4.2. 

+Wolfgang Hobmaier i dont see how we go the same way as aokp, standing on our own feet != kanging. we'll always invent new features as we did before. cm is better for legacy devices, but judging the base itself it cannot compare to aosp which is optimized for the nexus family. 
ps. i forgot to say, cm-pa will continue, but our development will freeze there - it will always be up to date with cm and maybe even with our new codebase if maintainers sync it.
+Paul Henschel So much for the ones that I like then. You do one thing great: DPI on a per app basis. That is what you're known for, and what you are popular for. So why diluting it in a "let's try to do everything" move?
Features will remain? I mean like putting a screen brightness into notification.. 
that is standard in 4.2 aosp now
Awesome. Should I do a review in the mean time for the current ROM?
I personally thinks its a good move. I don't use CM due to the lag and lack of smoothness that was brought by Jelly Bean in the first place. That's also why I quit using PA because the lack of smoothness isn't there. Stock Jelly Bean is great and I hope you guys can harness the power so to speak and bring that over to PA. 
whew, bout flipped, i liked alot of what cm did, but keeping true to stock i like though. as long as its ready for the n4 ill be happy
Mmm, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this. There's a lot of CM that I like. I will reserve judgement until we see what happens. I guess as long as it's as flexible as CM based ROM's customization-wise, I'll be happy.
+Melvin Salas of course it's not, hence my reservations of judgement. The new SysUI thing seems interesting. Reading the Nexus7 thread on XDA, sounds like they got rid of the TabUI in 4.2 entirely. So I'm hoping the new SysUI is an awesome replacement for that. Time will tell!
I like it, CM supporting so many devices means more code our phones don't need.

PA team has been great, can't wait to see what they came up with.
AOSP ofcourse will be stable and it will free up PA team resources to do their work rather then making their it work on nightly basis. I am in . But in 2045 ppl won't be using mobile phones but some thing more advanced. 
I'm all for it, I've liked the pure AOSP android a lot more than CM for a long time now.
When the nexus 10 comes out, are you going to support it?
+DMK Stev sure, go ahead. something about per-app-color would be cool, communities have kinda ignored it.
+Mohamed Amin i guess i'll be having one. i will build for nexus4 for sure, and im pretty certain i wont be able to resist buying an 10" nexus on 13th november
Okay Cool keep up the good work!!!
Maybe we should make a better statement up there, could be confusing right now for some. In essence, cm-pa will continue, but we will give it out of our hands. We will focus 100% on clean aosp, all our upcoming inventions will base on that. If devs want to port that they can, otherwise cm-pa will probably bring in the new stuff as well. But that's up to the maintainers. I would still ask everyone who plays with the idea of getting a nexus to do it. As developers we are sick and tired of manufacturers entertaining outdated, badly skinned and closed source variants of android, refusing to go with googles vision.
Will Verizon galaxy s3 be included in your future work...I hope because I run this ROM daily
No it won't. Maybe someone ports it but that will be out of our hands. S3 is not aosp compatible and Samsung is actively pushing to keep it that way.
Oh that sucks oh well my next phone will have to be a nexus
So is 2.52 the last s3 will see from pa
+Paul Clark nice, see you there. honored you'd consider a phone for that rom, best compliment we ever got. im sure that "will have to" will turn into a "why havent i before" when you hold a real aosp compatible device in our hands. just sell the old one and you even make a plus.

as for 2.5x, cm-pa will still somehow continue, but we wont maintain it. it will be up to the new maintainers if that project dies or thrives.
+Paul Henschel, I'm running PA on my Note at the moment, and what you said got me wondering...
Is the Note 2 similarly not compatible with AOSP ?
Can you link some more info on that ?
Samsung turning coat on what makes their devices interesting to me in the first place (good hardware, just replace the shitty touchwiz framework) is kinda worrying...

Btw, I can't imagine my phone without PA now.
On a Note, it's just the way it should have been at release.
Can't thank you guys enough =)
+Rémy Faure-Vincent You cant just replace, you need sources for that, vendor files, etc. I guess as a note user you must have noticed theres no jb for your phone and even cm finished its hack after we had it for several months. So, yes, its incompatible to aosp because samsung likes it that way.
Lets try to understand them, poor samsung wants more billions. So what do they get when they ship standard android, allow updates and support the dev scene? Well, customers will buy less phones i guess since even small updates make for drastic improvements. Ask nexus users about 4.1. In essence they try everything in their power to make it harder for google and the dev scene, they outright block progress.
So, If you still can, get a nex4.
if not, imilka, the guy who maintained pa for note, will be the team leader for the cm-pa project and hes got a note2 aswell.
BUT, and now hear me, we're fulfilling a vision with our new PA, and you'll be definitevely missing out on that. If youre content with pa as it is you got nothing to fear, though.
To make things simpler, we don't force you to get a Nexus 4, some might like the device, some don't because of missing feature to it and might feel downgrade of LG devices. So as +Paul Henschel , he wants everyone to feels the AOSP Feeling instead of CM. As he explain earlier, devs can port it ( i assume they'll build from sources instead of porting avoid touching CM Device trees.. ) to your device.

P.S Note 2 is excellent device especially the S-Pen gestures.
Cool looking forward...I just wanted a little dark pa for my s3. 
+Chris James we'll use google stock apps. kinda disappointed by the crippled aosp ones. i mean its really nice that google is making them, but they do have alot of disadvantages. users were complaining about picasa, syncing and this and that. 
the kernel will be stock, hopefully google stock if thats possible. its actually the nicest no-worries kernel i have ever tried. perfect battery, its fast, balanced and the colors are nice.
+Paul Henschel Could you please clarify something for me?
I'm using PA 2.54 on a Note N7000 and whilst it is a great setup with some amazing features, it just doesn't feel as slick as the other JellyBean devices that i've used. It's as though the much touted triple frame buffering from Project Butter isn't there or something. Am I expecting too much of the N7000's hardware or are the Project Butter features not present in PA? 
+Neil Capper it depends on your device. i dont know the state of it. many non nexus devices suffer from missing sources and many of them lack project butter and by that i mean its entirely missing. i have seen "jellybean" builds that lag worse than android cupcake.
Thanks for the response +Paranoid Android . I'll just keep my fingers crossed for PA update for the N7000 once Samsung get an official Project Butter build out for it.
Thanks for a great ROM! 
+Paranoid Android I'm simply dropping by to thank you for your contribution to the Android experience. All that you do is greatly appreciated.
I love your rom, I look for stability and speed and got in Paranoid. Only problem is for S3, version 2,54 doesn't use the front facing camera, it gets stuck for some reason.
By 2045, you will have android 10.2
While I'm still running ICS on my SGN I717, I still look forward to the day when a newer version of CM 10 will provide more compatibilities for my device.

Correction: I have Jelly Bean on my yet I will continue to follow your project to stay alert for any updates you may come up with. Thank you still for what you have done thus far. 
Meaning a app that should only be 3 megs should not be 12 megs
Lot's of words, no substance. How about instead of claiming something is poorly coded, you give an example? What exactly is 9mb larger than it should be? Is it on an official build? Is it for a tablet? 
Actually, if you bothered to read, you would have seen above that I replied to a comment made less than two hours ago.
ok George, easy example is the app Facebook takes like 30 Megs, should be easy to code it so it's. Only like 15 megs 
Tad, God forgives your sins son, yes old post, but this is the Internet 
Hello? Lol +George Leon I'm talking about all Android apps, like RTFM and then come back to me, code is code, apples is apples 
Well, first of all, you need to decide what the heck you are talking about +Dolan McElmurry. PA is NOT an app. It is a custom firmware, a modified version of AOSP. Secondly, every apps size is CLEARLY listed in the Play Store & now includes the TOTAL app size, including any extra data required to run the app, such as obb files.

You obviously are not a developer, or even a member of the development community, because "code" is not "code". Apps are completely different than firmware, which can include apps. Not to mention that even with GAPPS, PA is still HALF THE SIZE OF ANY SAMSUNG TW FIRMWARE. If you are bitching about app sizes, well, check your sense of self-entitlement. Those apps have to support thousands of devices, phones & tablets, of varying resolutions &  a plethora of hardware differences.

Lastly, it seems you are just a lazy troll. If you want the size of something such as alternative firmware, try using Google. Not only is the size of the file available in sites that host them like or Android File Host, but they are also available many times via the communities that gave birth to them, such as XDA Developers.

If all this is too much for you to comprehend, I think there is a shiny iPhone 5C waiting for you somewhere. Why should any developer answer you? They have jobs to do, one of which is not spoon feeding you information that is readily available & easily obtained. To claim this somehow makes them less than "honest" is idiocy. 
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