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Finally, after a long wait, first Official Beta release for the Galaxy SIII International (I9300) is out.
Yes, you heard us. AOSPA for a non-nexus device!

This was a great phase, & now we know the foundation on which to add support for other Legacy (non-Nexus) Devices.

AOSPA 2.99 betaNINE - I9300

Everything seems to be flying perfectly.
Minor issues might be present, they'll be cleared soon enough, eventually.

Download Link
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Used a port of your 2.99 rom on my note 2 . I was liking the features and tablet feel especislly on the note with its large screen. Ran into a few force closes and performance issues, possibly not fully funtioning kernel? Have been using the rom for a long time on my gnexus and for the aosp phones its faultless . Amazing work and innovation since i first tried this way back when it wasnt a rom but in the theames and apps section of xda :P 
That must mean that the d2att version is just around the corner! I'm starting to foam at the mouth for this! Lol
Congrats, now all my devices are running AOSPA (maguro/manta/i9300)! Feels great, thanks! 
now i'm wishing i got the i9300 instead of the i747..
thanks bidyut now waiting patiently for crazy things coming ;-)
I won't install it yet EVEN IF I WANT TO >_<. must wait for the beta is done and there are not that many bugs :D
+Paranoid Android Running great so far, but I have one question because I can't find the settings I'm looking for... it's it possible to bind the hardware keys yet? I mean long pressing the menu key for Google Now or hardware home button for recent apps as it was on other ROMs? 
+Bidyut Mukherjee thanks a lot for your fast support. Not a big deal though, will use soft keys for now :)
+Bidyut Mukherjee are there gonna be an update thing on the new paranoid android?. I know I can use goomanager but sometimes it doesn't work so does it have like CyanogenMod that you can go to about phone menu were you can just touch on update to find a new update? :D
God, finally! I was already thinking about switching to another ROM because there were no updates for the I9300 :)
Any chance there'll be a version for the American versions?
+Bidyut Mukherjee Sorry to ask this xD, but were can i find the soft keys option on galaxy s3 paranoid android?. I know the hardware keys doesn't work on this update so could you help me a little? :D
I'm eagerly waiting for a semi stable release for the galaxy note 2. I've used the rom since the very first release for the galaxy nexus. Although CM10.1 for the note 2 is pretty awesome, is not PA! Since the S3 has quite similar hardware, maybe this release will help it get to the note 2 soon? Fingers crossed! 
Its accessible under Settings -> Toolbars -> Navigation Controls.
+Paranoid Android I went to toolbars and all i can see is:
show clock, notification count and custom tiles, little help? :/
Please add the tilapia.. THX for the great Work :)
+Paranoid Android I'm sorry I don't have it there. Im sure I did everything right I went to your XDA forum site for galaxy s3 i9300 and did exatly what it stood there. maybe there's something with the download zip? 
Oh, I think I know why.
Your Navbar is disabled.
Enable it first from Settings -> Hybrid Properties -> Interface -> Navbar DPI (Set to any value, 100/90/80 etc)
Then try the Navbar settings :)
+Paranoid Android Thank you very much ^^. I'm still not used to the soft keys with the galaxy s3 hope you can fix the hardware keys so we can use that to. LOVE YOUR ROM KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! :D
+Bidyut Mukherjee Okay can't wait for it then :D. thank you so much for building this amazing rom i'm sure I'm not the only one here who have been looking for a super costumazibel rom like this :D
+Bidyut Mukherjee I'm soon gonna buy the damn I forgot what that is also called, but it is on play store. I'm gonna buy that just to support you awesome developers :D
Thanks for pointing that out, but is that the official rom ? 
Is this available for Galaxy S3 the Verizon
when the verzion version (I535) release?
+Bram van Oploo Imilka is the Official Maintainer/Dev for PA/AOSPA Note & Note 2. What he releases is official, unless specified.

+Mahek Patel This is release for S3 International version only. Variants are yet to be supported.
I am using 2.54 pa on my s3.
This is great news downloading asap

I'm waiting for the version for my Galaxy Note 1.
Gapps,, Do i need it ?? if yes download link
I think you've dropped support for nexus s (crespo)..plz dont
How about the GT-i9100 ? 
Huzzah for living in Alaska where international i9300s are standard! Great work! 
:( my s3 died the sudden death issue yesterday
+Jack White there's a thread related to that specific issue on xda.... refer to it
I tested this rom but I got the same problem as with every other 4.2.x rom on the I9300, it just drains the battery too fast. And I have a 4400 mAh battery, so that means something. Also, since it's just ported, I miss many settings that were on the I9300 before, like the statusbar settings (especially the battery icon changing) and there is a on-screen menu button (the one with the 3 dots) which isn't really useful on the I9300 since you got a hardware menu button there.

Overall performance is great though, but I switched back to ParanoidAnroid 2.54 because of the missing settings and the bad battery performance on 2.99. Hope you fix that, guys! :)
Yeah there's a heavy battery drain issue on 4.2 ROM. Hope they'll fix it fast.
Really keen to see this stuff on GNote ROMS - the hardware buttons days are numbered.... PIE lookes fantastic.

Wait a few months and Apple will "innovate" IOS7 with the same feature.... :)
+Paranoid Android +Bidyut Mukherjee  I have a question...this might be a stupid one. When I go to About Phone and check for updates there, it shows my phone is up to date. But GooManager says there is an update available? Should I install the one from Goo, or wait for updates at the About Phone page? PS LOVE your ROM!! I've tried them all, and I'm sticking to this, best ever! Keep up the great work!
Please release for Verizon galaxy s3 smooth as silk on my nexus tablet
Still can't wait for d2vzw GS3 version.
Nexus 4 is available again guy's time to ditch the s3 
Sure, just send me one over. I'll send you my slightly cracked vzw s3 as thanks. I was pretty sure they haven't come out with one for Verizon though... 
So how about some d2 action?
sprint s3 coming soon!?!? please please please!!!!
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