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Legacy Notice (non-nexus support)

As you may know, ParanoidAndroid officially only supports Nexus/Oppo devices. As a small development group this was the most practical decision, both in terms of workload and the ability to acquire devices. With that in mind, we do acknowledge that there is always a constant influx of device requests from non-nexus users (known as legacy). This isn't really possible though as we aren't in possession of any of these devices. Ever since AOSPA 3+, we developed a guide for ambitious developers to port our rom onto their device(s). Developers on our team who do not own a nexus device currently maintain a sub-group (repo) known as AOSPA-Legacy, an “unofficial” collection of developers culminated to help maintain and broaden the ParanoidAndroid experience to many other smartphone users. The builds for legacy devices will try to keep a close schedule on par with AOSPA, 2-3 days after official releases. This will allow "legacy" users to have relatively quick access to updated features.

Important notes:

Legacy community page:

If you would like to support a device and have adequate knowledge of git and compiling, view this guide:

Any questions about errors for non-nexus devices should be posted on device’s xda thread or the legacy community

Note: A newer version of the build guide is being worked on for 4+, however the current guide is still valid


Supported devices

a510 - Acer Iconia Tab a510
a700 - Acer Iconia Tab a700
d2lte - Samsung Galaxy s3 (U.S Variants)
dlx - HTC Droid DNA
d80x - LG G2 (GSM)
evita - HTC One X (U.S.)
galaxysmtd - Samsung Galaxy S
gee/geeb - LG Optimus G
GT-N5100 - Note 8.0 (3G)
GT-N5110 - Note 8.0 (Wifi)
hercules - Samsung Galaxy s2 (T-Mobile)
hlte - Note 3 (U.S. Variants)
i605 - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon)
i9300 - Samsung Galaxy s3 (International)
i9500 - Samsung Galaxy s4 (International, non-lte)
jflte - Samsung Galaxy s4 (U.S Variants)
l900 - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint)
ls980 - LG G2 (CDMA)
m7 - HTC One (U.S. Variants)
moto_msm8960dt - Moto x (U.S. Variants)
**moto_msm8960 -  
n7000 - Galaxy Note
n7100 - Galaxy Note 2 (International 3G only)
odin - Xperia ZL
p880 - LG Optimus 4X HD
skyrocket - Samsung Galaxy s2 (AT&T)
togari - Xperia Z Ultra
*v500 - LG Gpad 8.3
vs980 - LG G2 (CDMA)
yuga - Xperia Z

* - currently does not compile
** - too many devices to list under one device name
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Props for giving people without a Nexus a chance to flash PA! 
Is peak source avaible for the legacy developers? 
Vs980 is there. As soon as kitkat bugs on aosp g2 are fixed I'll be flashing this
+Simone Marino code is not public, so if you build off public repository, It will not have peek. If you submit your device to legacy repository, i will add to build bot which does have peek in its coding
Glad to be a part of this small section of the PA world, I'm building for the Evita and couldn't have found a more receptive group of devs to help get the phone onto official Legacy repos. Looking forward to what's next!
Nobody cares what number your comment is. 
Awesome you have one for the N3
Dang nothing good for D2 line 
+Davide Franzino I will release them since on the end you do not support Moto G. You support only xt1032, and not all unified devices as they are now. If you are going to share unified will be cool, but if you are gonna do only for xt1032 leave me and I will upload them.
+Rob Farnham thanks , I was looking for the mention in the OP but didn't see it 
+Andre Saddler This why I say. Dhacker was working a lot to get Dual SIM devices working and even if AOSPA-legacy does not plan to support Dual SIM you should share unified builds that will can be flashed on GPE, Dual SIM or Single SIM devices. It just need two commits and the device tree source. I have it somewhere, will upload to github. Davide only released XT1032 builds, and not unified on the end. So I will leave him to upload repos, but I would recommend to merge them if they are unified one.
+Andre Saddler Okey, that's cool. I saw normally you merge most things from CM, but did not know about msim ones :) Tomorrow will push needed things, is time to sleep.
We only try and merge things from CM needed for HW support but sometimes we pick their general fixes also
Many roms including cm support nexus s, but I dont think for much longer
I have a Sprint S4. Can I use the the ROM under jfite above or does it have to be built specifically for the Sprint variant?
No M8... yet
Is pa_geeb-4.2-BETA2 on KitKat or is the 4.2 the android version? 
+Paranoid Android is the ROM stable just want to be sire before flashing with being a student its important to me 
+Andre Saddler, I just sent a pull request to add meliusltexx to vendor_pa. I have added comments on the device tree I use. Will you fork them from my github or do I need to do something more? First time so confused...
Been running PA on the last 5 of my devices. Love PA on my LG G2 now. Thanks you guys and thanks to Houstonn. 
+Andre Saddler. It's the galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE... I pulled a new request, if that's OK. Not very familiar with git stuff yet!!!
Ok thx i m waiting for info and then update OP
What happened to the hlte? It's gone
So if I can successfully compile cm11, compiling PA legacy shouldn't be too much of a struggle?
Thanks so much from happy N7000 user ;-) 
Hi I newbie I couldn't find peek on my sgh t989.. Is it supported?
Is it compatible with international note 3 sorry if it's already been asked.
Yes!! just what i wanted, but support for SGH i897 (AT&T Captivate) variant of galaxy s? Merged into galaxysmtd or not supported?
+Jake Weinstein I was wondering if you had any issues with SD Card mounting on your GEEB, It seems to notice a card for me just doesn't finish mounting it. Any ideas? Or is it not yet implemented? BTW thanks for maintaining this still great phone! 
+Hernan Castañon Álvarez
 released new update with all modification for moto g unified device i'm waiting for some not xt1032 users test and then i share you device tree
Which is the version to LG OG E-975? Gee or Geeb? 
Umm.. What's the limit to the number of legacy devices you'll accept? I see a rather lengthy list already.. All of them are compiled with a build bot? I build for five Motorola omap4 legacy devices, and might be interested in adding..
Finally PA for note 3... Where can i get it? :D
You guys can't say you support oppo when you don't do it.. saying it doesn't mean you actually do it, pa is my favouritw rom of all and I dont use it beacause I'd still be in jb if I did. 
I bought every APP you posted in google're the first developer I ever saw asking for money to do a thing you're suposed to...if you don't support my find 5 do not advertise you do. I'm not demanding you continue supporting it, just be honest
Yeah very helpful +Jose Martinez 😒 anyway: I figured it out from someone else..

i9505 is nog included I guess since it has LTE..
Paranoid Android: "Heres where you can find all the information you need"
I don´t  find the rom for the Hlte ( Note 3). Why is only for USA variants. Sorry for my English
+Lyndon Tjoen Tak Seu FYI since you still don't get it. The "i" in the i9505 stands for INTERNATIONAL so as in NOT the UNITED STATES. It's clear as day in the list. It says "US Variants". #Facepalm
wondering how i can add my hikari and nozomi builds to the tree?
Please, Add Micromax Devices Too. Some Of The Micromax Devices Are Even Compatible With Kitkat So If Can Help, We'd Surely Love To Have This Experience On Our MMX Device.
+Jose Martinez fyi I did get it... But I thought since jflte in Cyanogenmod is also jfltexx, that AOSPA also used the same way of unifying the jflte devices... Also some sources say jfltexx is US and others don't. That's why I was confused...
Anyone can confirm that wifi direct is not working on maguro ? Cant change name cant find any device
Moving over to an AOSP base, and with this list, PA is eyeing at the success of CM and looking to overtake the people that gave them wings.
+Andre Saddler maybe you don't care to support hundreds of devices and gain financial stability, but I think that would be awesome
+Luan Beq What device are you on? This is often something the device maintainer can easily get going.
stop asking questions here.... theres a community for legacy devices right it this post ....
+Andre Saddler we have one I think.. application still pending according to the thread at XDA for PA Falcon.. 
moto g is unique because of massive variants and it has so to speak become a international device... plus maintainers havent contacted me +Justus Tan 
+Andre Saddler so there is currently no talk of the moto g becoming a legacy device between you and the maintainers?
It's been over six months since y'all released anything stable: [09/21/13]
With the last update my language is english. My previous language is Turkish. I tried a clean install too.
Can someone tell me if hover was just an April fools or if really exist? 
So we will never get anything like halo?😭 
Will it come out for the new htc one m8?
Can i request a rom for s3 sc-06d... I very love this rom..
On my d2lte I had a different Rom prior to PA using latest ver of cwm recovery. Now pa ota notifies and downloads updates and when I click to reboot and install it boots into recovery but gives an error that it couldn't find and I have to manually nav to zip to install. What recovery/ver works with PA correctly?
has aaron or some other guy talked about on xda acquire oppo find 7a?
Please add Xperia Z1 (Honami) to this post, as its available for Honami Now. Thanks
Of all the KK roms I've used, Paranoid Android (4.2 Beta 4) is the smoothest and fastest. Great work!
I figured this was the best place to post this question---Can you use PA with a different set of gapps? I've been flashing roms and rooting phones for friends who don't have an awesome nexus xD My friend wants PA, but also HTC Sense that possible? 
Hello guys okay? 

I am a newbie and would like a basic help. 

Paranoid installed a rom on my Razr HD (xt925) and peek parace not work. 

I mark it and when I receive a notification nothing happens. 

I'm missing something? 

Thank you.
my friend said when she tries to flash the rom for the htc one on twrp she gets an error message that says "installation failed." Any idea why? 
Does anyone have a working link (preferably Dropbox, if possible) to pa_n7100-4-3-beta7-20140528-zip? Goo.IM seems to be broken. Thanks!
Can anyone point me to some sort of status update for the HLTE, has there been a post about dropping support for the HTLTE? There isn't even any kind of old build for the HLTE, while it is mentioned to be one of the devices supported by AOSPA legacy. Again, not asking for the latest build, just asking whether the HLTE is still supported and where the folder for the HLTE is moved to.
It says hlte in the list of supported devices but no download link. Would really like to see hlte supported in the best rom period
+Jack Fenwick-Wilson  The maintainer for the Note 3 has not yet been able to get it to boot. He said he wasn't going to build it until it was fixed about four and a half months ago so I wouldn't hold my breath for it to be bootable anytime soon. I guess the best thing to do is to follow the community and check back on it every now and then.
How would I go about submitting a new device?
Does paranoid android work with the lg ultimate 2 (lg41c)
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