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PA 4.5 BETA 2

The #BetaRelease with the sweet looking recents is here!

This week a lot of work was put into making the new design of recents top notch. The reworked layout will make the recents menu easier to navigate and provide a more eye-pleasing experience in general so #StayParanoid and grab the build for your device.

What exactly changed:
- Design improvements for recents
- The calculator was made themeable
- Merged upstream Theme Engine changes merged

IMPORTANT NOTE: We had issues with Flo and Deb builds. We're uploading them tomorrow. Sorry about that.

Head over to for the downloads. 
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Great call on grabbing the ActionBar color fellas! :)
sorry for being rude..i admire what the team does and did and will do so far but i have a question and i would like to ask in a sense that how does this recent panel able to contribute to multitasking and how does it differ from the previous recent panel other than the new redesign. Does anyone able to clarify without being rude and making yourself an ass at the same time..
For some reason, my google search keeps crashing every time a bus station card pops up in google now. Is anyone else having this problem?
Have you fixed the screen not waking when receiving calls and the bizarre phone lock 10 minutes after locking it?
+Tony Liu You could try grabbing a logcat and reporting it - haven't encountered the bug myself. We probably can't do much about it anyway as it is a Google app...
+Sam Lewis I haven't noticed that... 😐 Is there an open ticket on the tracker for that? 
+Subaash Nair they "ported" the new recents panel from the Android L preview... But being paranoid android they rethought it and made improvements. If you like the old one (list of small screenshots on the right and app name on the left) go ahead and use the old one in the rom (it's still available).
Love the redesign!
Problem, when I first hit recent it gives black screen. I have to touch or slide then the recent apps show. I am dirty flashing bit didn't know if this was known since it's a beta still. Try!
+Peter van der Meulen +Subaash Nair The design is inspired by L's recents, of course. The word "porting" sounds bad here as it is very broad and open to interpretation really - could you please clarify it?
I put quotes around it for a reason ;). You already clarified with hour response
+Cliff Browning iirc that is an old bug that was also on AOSP, but you could just open an issue on our tracker so that we look into it. 😃
I hate the keyboard, 2nd level keys need to be visible.
Im loving the new recents design! Best rom in the business. Unfortunately the camera and lightbulb shorcuts still down for me.
Nice. Can't wait for the hover button to be added, that'll finally make that more useful. 
Yes yes yes...thanks for the update. Going...gotta go to it now! 
Will the preview pictures in recents still be extremely pixelated on Flo? 
+Subaash Nair On top of other comments, they also have plans to add a 'hover' button on the heading of each recents card so you can open it windowed in one tap. 
The new update is awesome. The only feature I really miss is PA color settings. I know people are gonna say that I can use tinted status bar to achieve this but I use ART on my phone and find xposed a little to buggy for my taste. Hope to see PA bring color settings back again. 
Works really good and smooth with ART and N4. Perfect
now for the floating window buttons
Can't wait to download it. I have some serious lag when using the recents-button. It takes about a second to load the menu, and then another half to load all the screens (sometimes they doesn't show at all - bug...) Is it possible that this issue will be resolved in this update, or is it caused by my many dirty-flashes? N5.
Google Play Services - now not supported..? Nexus 5.. no Google Now, no shopping... pls help

EDIT: just found a new version on GAPPS on the PA site  - downloading now. shame this didn't come through on the app

EDIT2: Nope.. now phone will not sign in to google services at all - no email or anything.... 
Wow! Great job. The System is so smooth and the colours are so clearly! 
thanks a lot for this latest release.. your work is awesome! I have a request: during task preview, it's possible to integrate a right swipe option, that allows to navigate through application sub tabs (if they exist, obviously) ?
Also had work phone lockdown. When I unlocked my phone and let it be for a few minutes, the phone wouldnt wake up anymore, needed to hold power down for 10 secs to get back in. Oppo Find 7 QHD. Anything changed in this version?
I assume the UI options (phablet, phone, etc.) are not coming back, right :-(? 
+Rhong Riofrio please please just stop. these are the OFFICIAL releases for devices on their site. please go to the AOSPA legacy community for updates on you device. Legacy devices like the M7 get their builds some days later..

man i feel like i'm talking to children in these comments.
+Marvin Klein you dont have to say that!. Im just asking.. Because i im on beta1 so i was thinking there will be beta 2. You can just refer mecto aospa legacy community without harsh words. Or you can just ignore my message. Anyway thanks a lot for your answer. 
marvin dont get so senty :p not everyone is as pro as u r.
+Sanket Pandey :D thanks. but people always ask about legacy devices in posts about official builds.
In my opinion, it would be better if recents menu was like iOS7 safari browser tab menu. It would be easier to navigate between recents tabs
Passing from 4.5 b1 to 4.5 b2 on nexus5 resulted in 2g/3g/2g3g toggle in quick settings being disabled. The error if i touch it is "The network settings are not available".
+Sam Lewis my locking was  being weird, i turned off pin lock and then it worked and then reactivated pin lock and it kept working, dont know what wwas happening, but that may or may not be the same case for you
Eager for beta 2 on legacy devices... Can't wait... In the meanwhile, could someone tell me what's new in the recents? I saw the video, it seemed the same to me. :-/
Something is wrong with my Superuser, can't click the allow button, only the deny one... 
Woot woot!! Love me some updates in the morning 😄
+Alessandro Rossi go to Settings -> Mobile Notworking -> preferred Network Type. Then choose whatever you prefer. quicksettings should then work again.
+Marvin Klein
Thank you very much, i already tried but forgot to reboot.
As usual in IT, rebooting solves problems :D
Have a nice day.

Great job team PA ;)
Left PA on GNex for my N5. Was expecting huge things. Which you guys are doing, don't get me wrong, but PA just isn't PA without hybrid properties. Team said it would be back, but by the timeline of things now KitKat PA will never see hybrid. They're going to drop the KK branch in favor of L in the next few months. Hopefully it'll be back by then. You guys keep saying hybrid isn't dead, but it is. Just a question as to whether or not you're going to revive it or not and when, if so. Still love you guys though. Stay paranoid.
+Tony Liu Having the exact same problem. Let me know if you find solution. Started around 2 weeks ago for me.
Loving your work...... As always...
+Peter van der Meulen thank you for your reply but my question is how does the new redesigned "ported" recent panel contribute to multitasking compare to the old aosp recent. The functionality from the previous and how does it make the multitasking efficient then previous ? 
Just keeps getting better and better. . .
+Edgar Irizarry it's always been there. Long press you user tile. The change log thread covers this in detail
Is anyone else having an issue with google keyboard not working? I was hesitant to go from 4.45 stable to the beta and now this is happening. Any thoughts or has anyone else having this issue?
any reason why the google mail app from the play store is not the same that the rom/gapps package has?
when PA update for their devices, do they get upstream device specific commits from CM? I'm a Oneplus One owner and CM seem to be fixing a lot of bugs.I want to know if PA have the fixes too?
Where or how block people callings or tex messages in this awesome rom thanks for this beast.... XD
There's no app icons in recents when using shift ui theme but great improvements all around! Thanks pa team
Why I can't find for HTC one m7 :(
Anyone else experiencing notification error with some applications? In my case, everytime I SHOULD get a Clash of Clans notification, instead I get an error notification saying that the app crashed and the "report/ok" pop-up appears. This only started to happen after I updated to 4.5 BETA1. Any help with this issue would really be appreciated.
The tab with application name makes a huge difference!
Great job Paranoid. Any download for the S3 i9300? Thank you!
+Matt Flaming can u tell me a link to legacy community. Bcos m a new one in here.
Wowee! Looks absolutely incredible now!
What happened to PA? After months I updated to the newest beta, and halfbreed colors, PA settings, changeable PPI and all the goodness are all gone now.
Is it possible not to make all the apps move all the way to the top when swiping up? IMO it leaves a lot of space on the bottom and doesn't look very nice.

Otherwise its a great job as always guys, keep up the great work!
Hey guys, first day on PA and I'm loving it! I was a little afraid of flashing beta1 so started with 4.45. So my question now is, can I install 4.5-beta2 via paranoid OTA? no need to install beta1 first? Also, is PA OTA as secure as flashing via recovery? Thanks guys... awesome ROM and awesome community
+Rafael Bergamin the ota automates the recovery flash. Its the same as downloading the ROM, rebooting to recovery and flashing without wiping anything.. And yes you can update directly with ota no problem as long as you are using twrp or philz recovery. Official cwm is not supported. 
Is it not better when I wipe Dalvik , cache and also wipe system?
When i flash over ParanoidOTA it wipe only dalvik and cache.

Greetings MM
Please give me a little hint, I got a dialog asking me if I want to use "recents" within beta1. I denied that. Now I want to try this new feature again, but I don't find the point where to activate it again. Can you help me?
qualcuno mi sa dire che kernel usare per questa ROM col nexus 4?a me riscalda abbastanza e consuma tanta batteria...
+Claudio Finocchiaro Sto usando il kernel franco da Francisco Franco però quello che viene fornito con la ROM dovrebbe andare bene ... (google translate brah sorry for grammar)
hey give me a help...what are tue best kernel to use with this ROM on my nexus 4????
+Thomas Freestone Thanks so much, I looked everywhere but I definitly missed that point. It's not that easy to find :) Thanks!
i use the custom kernel of tue ROM too...but it spend a lot in term of battery

can this be installed on samsung galaxy gt n7000 and which kernel to be used .
help me again...waht do you think about the PA in refer to the battery on nexus 4???
I actually think that the old recents is better than the card stack view recents
Did this remove "Clear All" entirely?
Hey Paranoid do I have to go to the website to download the update or will it show up on the paranoid ota app I'm on a Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 p3100 with beta1
A blanket statement: if you are not on a Nexus/oppo/1+ device, your builds and support comes from the legacy team and are not on the official website. 
Is there an official build for the d2lte?
Have they fixed the antialiasing on the edges of the boxes?
This made me lose root access :/ Any suggestions?
+Matt Flaming Yes, and as soon as you mention that, it dawned on me to update it. Everything works now. Thanks!
Full Screen apps such as games that automatically go into immersive mode have issues with the banners in the new recents. Sometimes the banner background is clear with white text or the whole banner is just all black
Here I go again with my two cents: what I learned today - No cleaning caches and whatsoever. Just hit Install, uncheck those cleaning options, wait for it to go to the recovery mode and install the update. Then reboot it. And that's it! :D Plain and simple, like in your grandpa days!

BTW, I'm using CWR, and not that TWRP, and an old GNex...
Is this new recents thing the only notable feature of PA at the moment? If its not ill consider giving it a run. 
+IZZAD KARIM SHAH its a common android error. Google it and you will see this is discussed everywhere. There are 2 fixes. Delete /data/WiFi/misc and reboot or clean flash. Its not a ROM thing. 
+Yavuz Özden you need to ask the maintainers of the legacy team. This isn't the right place to ask. 
Great ROM guys! One thing that I'd like to ask. Could you please add audio.r_submix.default to
the product_packages in the file. This will allow us to get Chromecast mirroring to work using #MirrorEnabler. Pretty please... Thanks for all the hard work. Love you guys!
Is there a way to disable the card UI in recents?
The new recents design is great.
Wayne C
I just have one small problem...from time to time I torrent files using an app called tTorrent and when its downloading the hover notification keeps popping up constantly. How do I stop that?

Thank you for the great ROM, been using it for the last half year and have not even looked at other roms.
Niko C
what about gapps ? should i update them too ?
+Wayne C Go to the app info of tTorrent (Recents -> long press app -> app info) and tick "not in hover" in the blacklist
Recents design improvement is awesome. 
I'm using the new PA recent on the latest beta. Sometimes when I push the recent icon on navbar, nothing shows up, if I then press once more on the screen my recent app shows up, feels a bit buggy at times. I'm running on ART, no tweaks. Did a clean flash. Just stock. Is it only me or does it happen others? 
I've got mako PA 4.5 BETA 2.. And Pie is working much better now much more responsive! Thanks!
I'm getting a barely noticeable lag after pressing almost any button that initiates a global action (so not during typing or pressing toggles, but after launching an app, or switching between apps, going to recents etc.. On nexus4
Great work! I flashed this today as I like what you guys do, however, I had to change back to CM11 for one reason.. No blacklist option in dialer.. Can this please be added?
there's an exposed module for that... and bunches of apps...
Running very good on Nexus 5 and 10. I noticed the display contrast seems to have increased on both devices, which I like.
A little help please. For me to go back to 4.45 from 4.5 beta2 can I simply flash the ROM or should I wipe something first? Thanks!
I was a loyal user of CM for the last 4 years and recently came to Paranoid. I'm loving the rom so far and don't have any plans on going back anytime soon. 
Hey guys on the new recent apps tab I still got the button for delete all the recent apps and I can't make it disappear... Any suggestion?
Had problems with frequent random crashing. Cleared cache n dalvik cache and disabled 'NUE' theme. No problems so far ;-) Good work guys. N please, stay paranoid ;-)
just wondering how to revert back to the original recent app switcher on the htc m7
Hey guys, one more tip for me please. Should I install another superuser or is it fine using the one that comes with the ROM?
Power button on Nexus 5 not putting phone to sleep
Niko C
Can i change to ART runtime or its still not compatible with PA ?im running the pa 4.5beta2 on galaxy s3 and I dont wanna get my phone into bootloop,so is it safe trying to change it 
+Ayush Tiwari thanks man, is just that I saw somewhere that the one that comes with the ROM can malfunction for some apps
The new recents on nexus 4 is slower than the old one 
Anand G
I wish to ask two things. I respect the team for the innovative changes being brought out in the design but can someone tell me if this new recent apps style is actually faster / more pleasing to look at. Because I've a nexus 4 and it is actually slower , not to mention it sometimes doesn't show the screenshot of the app. Sometimes it doesn't show the app itself despite the app still running. Second thing, could anyone be kind enough to tell me how I could revert back to the traditional recent apps screen? 
Hey, can you tell me how I turn the new recents look off? Oh and where are the difference between 4.5 beta and 4.4 stable besides the recents? The last time I used PA is ~1 year ago and it feels like there are far less features now. Is there a list of everything ..maybe I'm missing something?
Greetings :)
+Anand G its in beta so obviously there will exist little jitters, and the revert procedure is already told a few comments back
This update made my phone unusable. com.motorola.motgeofencesvc is stuck in a crash loop with the typical, idiotic, blocking modal android dialog with "unfortunately" in it. Great; I don't care about your modifications; I just need my apps to run...
By me, your Hover is more beatiful and useful than Google Heads Up :) Keep up!
sorry for that version of paranoid recommend for Motog in mexico
Hi fellas, amazing job all together, im a big fan of PA, and ive been using it on all mi devices since early AOSPA 3 versions. Just a heads up, clear all button (if not bound to recents button) gets under the last recent window so you cant really touch it, instead - you touch that window. (Tested on HTC One, so i shouldve posted to legacy page) Also, it doesnt even show up if you chose to use new recents and not use clear all - recents binding.

Thanks a million for everything. Hats off.

P.S. New recents from beta 2 are great!
New Recents still luckily the devs were smart enough to leave the old recents style in the Rom for those of us who can't get with the new style
Sorry to ask can you ad do not disturb to the rom
i don't understand why my google Photos cannot be edited using google Photo editor since flashing Beta1 to Beta2
beta 2 is slower than beta 1 .BTW can anyone please tell me if i can flash stock rom just like i flash the new beta rom you release every week device is grouper, nexus 7 2012 wifi only..thnks
Corb T
Bluetooth totally broken!
I just tried a clean flash and when I connect headset, and then turn off headset the phone still thinks its connected.

Also lots of problems trying to connect different devices like my keyboard, mouse, car, headsets, heart rate monitor.

Again, I just did a completly clean install with full wipe. Problems directly. I have no done clean wipe again, and flashed Beta1, bluetooth is working normally now. Everything connects, and disconnects the second its turned off.
I love how people assume we know what device you are holding. We officially support 14 devices and legacy team supports something in the neighborhood of 30? Come on guys, if you have a problem log it in the bug tracker, if you are on a legacy device take it to your maintainer.

Also if you change your kernel from what ships, we cannot be help. All hardware functions (Bluetooth, WiFi, data connections) are controlled by kernel and radio. When you change that, you introduce variables we can't help with.

Please, can we use a little common sense when saying you have a problem?
Corb T
+Matt Flaming Well like I said it was a clean install from a totally wiped phone. So no messing with kernels.
I'm on Galaxy S4 very common phone and just like I said reverting back to Beta 1 solved all Bluetooth issues.
At first I dirty flashed beta 2 over 1 so I assumed was the case for bugs. But after today's wipe and reflash I came to the conclusion that its a bug introduced with Beta2
+Corb T we don't officially support that phone... You need to take it up in the legacy community
Corb T
+Matt Flaming Ok. Maybe the legacy provider messed up something in the port then.
But if you have the time do check Bluetooth headset devices if the disconnect properly when they are turned off so it don't say still connected in Bluetooth settings.

Can't wait to port it to my phone. Love it!
Hey guys. Having a little bit of an issue with beta 2. Whenever I receive a call, it shows the caller as being "Unknown". It doesn't list a phone number, picture, name, etc.. Is anyone else experiencing this? I tried dirty-flashing the beta2 update via TWRP, nothing. Running a Nexus 4.
Waiting for update on moto x 
+Harsh Shah check the legacy community. Moto x has been dropped due to no maintainer.

I am frim India, using nexus 5 but didn't received any update of PA can anyone help how I shall get the update through automatic installer??? Pls help
+Paranoid Android  Please could it be possible to add to recents, when you click on wallpaper it would go to home/laucher. In original recents it does so. Please.
Hybrid settings coming after the sweet new Recents design? :)
Hx Kh
Gavin P
Come back to Paranoid Android after quite a break. What's happened to all the settings? Can you no longer customise the pie and colours, hybrid etc? 
Can't download. Chrome says file is malicious 
Gavin P
Thanks for your help +Matt Flaming,How many change logs am I going to have to read? I've not been using paranoid for about a year maybe. Is it possible for anyine to just tell me if it's possible or not. I can't see any settings.... I have read a few change log posts on g plus, and there is nothing that seems to refer to pie or hybrid... 
Gavin P
Ahh I was reading the Google plus updates... Will give that a whirl. 
Some strange behavior on recent but I know this is a beta... 
Could you please post a tutorial of how to deactivate the new recents style if it is possible?

Running 4.5 B2 on Galaxy Nexus (love this old phone) and when I tether, I get an error and tethering does not happen. I am on Verizon and have a tethering plan. Then when I go back to turn on WIFI, the WIFI slider stays grey and WIFI does not fire up. I have to reboot the phone to get WIFI working again.

Read where you can delete the data/misc/ folder to get tethering working, but this seems like a deeper problem/bug considering WIFI will not fire back up. Please let me know if I am missing something that has been poster already. i searched the forum but to no avail.

Gavin P
Ok pie is themed by the theme engine it seems, but can't find anything about pie location customisation. Is this now jot possible? Is it fixed to the single location on each edge?
Should i flash version CM or AOSP of Elemental X for my nexus 7 2013 running PA 4.5 ? Can anyone tell for me?
Hey guys , i keep getting an error once in a while that google services have stopped 5 pa 4.5 beta 2
Thanks +Trung Nguyễn Ngọc i will try to do that..
Pretty awesome but the perspective in Android L version looks cleaner and it's easier to distinguish the different apps.
Gavin P
+Matt Flaming... I get that.... You used to be able to change a setting so that it appeared on that side but where ever your finger was, not fixed bang in the middle. 
Gavin P
Do I take that as a no, it's no longer possible? How come so many settings and features have gone? It's almost a standard rom now compared to the past. 
+Gavin P read the change log thread. Features are covered there and PA 4.x was rewritten from the ground up. 
Gavin P
Seriously, you would use less effort in just answering the question. Thanks. 
Hey I have a small problem. Updated to this, no mods not even xposed framework were added, and it was running fine, switched to ART run time and all good. Now my tablet reset all display settings to default so theme back to normal and auto rotate screen on and even wifi off Dx. I do not have a lock screen and the replacements don't work either ( downloaded lock screen replacement apps didn't work ) and the quick toggles pull down doesn't exist xD when I try pull from the right side of the status bar it just makes the status bar go to a solid black colour. I tried wipes.. All the wipes over and over, tried restoring back ups and tried from scratch and re installing the rom xD soo.. What the fuck haha please help 
Gavin P
Hahhaha.... Normally a teacher will answer questions along the way though.... .. I totally get people on here being unhelpful if I was asking for my arse to be wiped, but I've read the change log it looks like it's changed for the worse (imo) , with certain things that could be done in the past, being removed. I just wanted to confirm I wasn't missing something. I've gone and re read again, I'm no further on... Thanks ever so, good luck with that teaching thing hahhahha
+nikolin cami thank you! 

On topic: For a second I thought we finally got the per app colors feature but I guess not. That's just the stock colors.
Anyone having issues where their Nexus 5 device won't stay booted? Mine keeps boot looping. I've gone backwards and tried to install 4.5 Beta 1 but It's still boot looping. Anyone know how to fix?
+Roshan Murthy beta 2 a bit buggy and i would recomend beta 1 is more better. Since PA 4 most of customisations have been removed..Can u tell me if we can flash stock rom just like we flash these PA Updates i mean any method WITHOUT deleting all data 
So how do I revert back to the 'old' recent apps? 
This is my first time with PA, I usually stick for CM for years. So I chose yes to the card stack recent apps, how do I get back to the old one? The same question goes for the immersive mode with pie control, how to get back to immersive mode without pie control (swipe up for navbar). Can someone help me?
Anybody know if this rom has status bar tweaks and lockscreen customization, or do we have to install xposed? 
+LUIS FLORES not much, u can change battery icon, rearrange quick settings tiles, and.. Idk, guess that's pretty much u can do.
+Aprianto Nursetiawan can you show me how to change the icon or give me a link to the features of 4.x I was reading that this rom was created from the ground up
the 4.5 Beta2 for Maguro release was good however, it disabled a few of my fav features like toggling the data type from 2G to 3G and the 2G/3G and also went in heavy with the Battery usage! had to flip back to the base 4.5 version!
I am really excited to try this. New Nexus 5 owner by the way. From Nexus 4, Nexus line are just great. Well done +Paranoid Android. :)
Oscar F
I cannot send SMS :( am I the only one ? D2tmo t999
If. You. Don't. Have. A. Nexus/oppo/1+. Check. With. The. Legacy. Community. 
Yes v4.5 beta1 working on note 2 but video call have bug :(
+Paranoid Android Paranoid friends and noticed that every time they put less in their roms, strange halo system and all functions that do not add in the next update?
+Kwetsima Maluleke assuming you are on the most recent official version, it asked you the first time you hit the recents button
Recents is pretty slow on my nexus 7 
+Kwetsima Maluleke then the first time you hit the button after installing you were asked which recents view you wanted.... If you want that prompt to come back you reset it the same place you reset all on the spot dialog boxes...
+Kwetsima Maluleke like I said, if you want it that way you need to reset the prompt. If you are on an unofficial build, you won't see it regardless.
Will there ever be an official aospa for HTC one x endeavoru
+Paul Hudson no. As stated here many times, the only official support comes to nexus/oppo/1+. Everything else belongs in a 'legacy' category. You can find builds for your device in the legacy community
Bluetooth is foobared on s4 i9505 since upgrading to beta2. Tried wiping all cache but no luck. Constantly disconnects from car, which was working in beta1.
+Matt Flaming fair enough. Was a good rom, pitty. The Rom Should be removed from the s4 section on XDA if s4 is not supported, It's misleading. Time to go ROM hunting.
+Chris Ryan it's maintained by a maintainer and handled by the legacy team. Different from official support from PA team. Device specific issues need to go to your maintainer since they are the ones actually doing the hardware work. So no, it shouldn't be removed from xda as long as the users know where support comes from. This seems to be so hard for legacy device users to grasp.
I saw this post today and tried the rom. Loved the whole concept buttt. i faced few problem and yess i did clean install and 4.4 PA Gapps.
1. The screen sometime flickr when any white background is there (contact, calls etc)
2. the system ui stopped working. so did whatsapp. i was lucky i could answer a call but after then i was mannnnn i received many calls device wouldnt even let me touch the screen. I hope it can be made stable. 
why there is no settings for the recents and other stuff if I want to change
Found it in backup and restore😜
+Munchkin Russel and again that device is not supported. Your screen flicker is a device issue. Take it up with your device maintainer
hello as they are. call me Gabriel I am from Argentina. I download the ROM me paranoid for my samsung galaxy S advance. gt-i9070 download my pa-4.42 and works perfectly but after I download the pa-4.45 beta and wrong. Camera does not walk. I want to go into settings to turn the antenna or see something not walk. WiFi antenna is not right. the camera also goes well appear little andriod many stops. not if you have already solved these problems and wanted to know if they will accommodate my Largar more device model. xq your ROM is great I love it the rom gabriel greetings from Argentina
+gabriel Basabe how many times do I have to say, "if you don't have a nexus, oppo, or 1+, take your problem to the legacy community or your device maintainer. "?
Mmm OK I thought it was for n7000 too the ROM BTW thanks 
If you didn't download it from the official website, it's not supported by the team
I have mix feelings with this release.
Anyone having any issues on Nexus 7 LTE (Deb) being able to reset the PA preferences (PIE, etc)? When I reset the preferences the dialog box doesn't pop up to select which ones I want to reset.
Sometimes camera couldn't connect system and don't working. Plazma Kernel and navigation bar have a problem in beta2.
N7100 i am using and it is suit with plazma and paranoid. plazma kernel v2.53 and pa beta 2 tika version
+Doğuş Can Taygan then your issue needs to be taken up with your device maintainer. This isn't a Paranoid Android issue....why does this seem to fall on deaf ears every single time I say it?

If your device is not on the official PA website, your support comes from legacy community or your device maintainer.

If you have issues with a device that is not supported by PA (hint: any device not found on the official PA website) and the problem is with HARDWARE, like camera, screen issues, WiFi. Take it to the device maintainer....
When i using stock rom that is no be happened. I insist this problem became after beta 2 update. Also navigation bar plazma kernel not suited in this version. Why you always saying your device not competible with paranoid. Have you didn't heard Tika version for N7100 Note 2 version ? When i activate nav bar com. Androidsystemui stopped error
+Doğuş Can Taygan I never said your device is not compatible. Please READ what I posted.


Your device is considered legacy and is maintained by someone not a part of the core paranoid android team. YOUR ISSUE IS DEVICE SPECIFIC AND NEEDS TO BE TAKEN TO YOUR DEVICE MAINTAINER. Why do you not understand this? This issue you speak of does not happen on the officially supported devices. It is specific to your hardware.

Once again, I will say it.

There should be a more defined line to separate the recents, or the angle they turn to when you swipe up or down to make them look 3d should be the default angle, also sometimes the recents don't load until you close it and reopen
Having trouble with the signal. keeps crashing and I lose service. Is this a known issue ? HTC One XL Evita here. 
Anyone else got the problem with Chrome FC´ing when you watch a video in the browser on youtube and you then push the home button after a couple of seconds chrome FC´s
I had to downgrade to Dalvik VM because com.motorola.motgeofencesvc doesn´t work and keeps showing an error dialog, making my moto G unusable. Hoping you fix ART support for the next release. Still a very good ROM :)
+Mr. Ponco art works fine for official devices. Your issue is device specific and we don't support your device....
Hi, i need some help

I have my galaxy s2 i9100 which is unlocked whith galaxsim unlock, so i instaled this beta and unlocked again (It comes out succesfull), but then i have no service on my sim, and when I search for a phone operator it appears an error in searching network, how can I solve this? (I'm from México, and I loved the rom)
So thanks for being rude in telling me to go elsewhere...
Anyone facing this issue? When i rotate the screen while playing Clash of Clans, the app force closes... (sorry for my english :-) )
yeah. i am having that problem. but happens when i rotate to the left side.
What's going on with recent uploads for Verizon lg g2? If recent nightlies are available please provide link
Oh really ? Oh I'm sorry it's a unofficial ROM. Wish you Did loved your work on the galaxy nexus. You did support that one right? Lol
+Kristopher Kurtz we officially support all current nexus, oppo, and 1+1. The only nexus devices not supported are nexus one and nexus S
Hello I've read the last few post and didn't saw anything about that so...
Google maps can't get me a fix if localisation settings are set to "high precision": it only give me vague location (seems to be the one given by data network).
If I set GPS to " device only ", it works fine.
Never had the same issue with any ROM neither on my NS or N4.
Am I the only one with this kind of trouble? If it's not PA related, what might it be?
no changes on my recent panel style at all. i used paranoid android 4.5beta 2
+Paranoid Android Is it available for Galaxy S Advance??
This new recents features was not available in  Is this available in pa_n7100-4.5-BETA4-20140830?  Please confirm?
+Chandu Naidu you need to ask in the legacy community. The only way it would be included is if you got it from aospal. We don't support that device. 
Great guys, this is awesome :D

btw how did you obtain this? may i ask you which adapterview you used to start with?
Orales! Tienen un buen de nuevas características esta ROM felicidades!. Me quedo con esta ROM modificada en lugar de CM11 oficial.
The update is okay...... After tinkering around with it for about an hour, I downgraded back to 4.4.4, 4.5 is VERY laggy at this point in the build. 
i got PA 4.5 BETA 2 in my xperia u but i wont get the latest drawer to switch and kill the apps, it was usual like before.  wat i need to do?
im talking about the video that shows all the apps
how to choose the card stack view for the recent apps?
If you didn't download the ROM from the legacy team, then it won't have that feature
No spaming my bro...Why, do you don't work d802?
I'm really very liked :/
+Mustafa UZELLİ
It is really simple.
We only support nexus, oppo, and 1+.

That's it. Stop asking about other devices. We can't afford to buy every device out there so if it isn't one of our official devices, it might get picked up by the legacy team.

Honestly, I say this about a hundred times in every release announcement... All you have to do is read. 
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