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I know this isn't the warm Paranoid Android shaped Halloween treat you wanted but, i'm sure an extra Kitkat couldn't hurt. 

Pure AOSP build for Nexus 7 2013 & 2012 & Nexus 4 (mako)
*Now with GAPPS *
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More devices coming soon! Keep an eye out!
So I'm downloading this... not quite sure what to do with it though!
It's Google nexus 7 no mako. :(
And after two attempts, unsuccessful. 3rd times a charm?
....more people ask for etas... We'll take longer. People have lives and jobs. We are working on it as I speak. Just be patient please. Helps keep moral up more than spamming random devices for support
+Petrit H I just can't even imagine that 4.4 would be possible! It was announced 9 hours ago!
Soooooo how do I get the gapps?
Should we use the old gapps for 10/24?
At this rate I should be able to multiboot with 3.99 RC2 by the time I get home!
For real. Just looked at the build.prop
So, this is actually 4.4? I'm really tired. Maybe I'm asleep.
Peter A
I can't get a complete download
Which gapps should I use?
If you check out one of the posts from android central they have extracted the apps from a nexus 5 if you need some of the Google apps
How about a grouper build to go with flo?
Peter A
Those apps can be side loaded
Cool that your doing grouper as well. Will have to give it a go when you finish it. I wasn,t expecting kit Kat for a couple of weeks. You guys are unreal
+Paranoid Android When all the PA features are added and released, can that zip be flashed over this without a full wipe?
I'd love to see a build for mako! You guys are insanely fast & awesome!
I just wanted to give my personal thanks to the +Paranoid Android team and +Francisco Franco (even though you're officially a part of PA, I'll still give you a separate hat tip... been using your kernel for a while) for all of their hard work on getting this to us ahead of Google. You guys are great!
Tommy W.
Jeez people what part of GApps coming soon in the post and +Andre Saddler comment of we have lives so be patient do some of you NOT understand?
I got an md5 mismatch:-( ... Anyone else??
As excited as I am about this, every time I try to open security settings to enable installing third party apps, it force closes.
Wasn't expecting grouper build in 5 mins. You aren't humans, your androids I am sure of it lol.
just waiting on the gapps now
Ha, just finished downloading grouper. Didn't realize it was only up for a few minutes! Thanks! 
Thanks PA... working solid on Flo! Keep up the great work... looking forward to the gapps!
Thought I'd have to wait a while for Grouper to get KitKat. Man, was I wrong. Thanks Paranoid Team! 
Daz T.
Im familiar with grouper build but what is FLO exactly? Running N7 Wi-Fi 
I'm having issues with SuperSU. Is there a particular binary I should be installing?
Grouper build giving an error with update binary. :(
Peter A
I found gapps, security setting not working so I can't change add 3rd party apps
+Aneesh Nandam it is likely that root still needs work, just like when previous versions of Android just came out.
+Mohammed Owais They only build for Nexus devices. It's been stated a thousand times atleast! READ!  -_-
Erm, Installed and everything all nice, unfortunately the device is not recognized by Win 7 now, what should I do?
first try on grouper decided to fail went ahead and downloaded from pc this time
For ppl without flo u aren't missing out on much, its almost like someone changed the color theme for status bar icons and build prop for version #to 4.4...
i cant get it to install i have done a clean wipe of the device everytime am i doing something wrong guys Grouper
having the same issue as +Travis Favio any body have any ideas or just run back to the rom i had before
Try not installing superuser, I didn't even bother 
+Andrian Hendrawan Pretty sure that you can't flash the 4.4 gapps on 4.3 just as you shouldn't flash 4.2 gapps on 4.3. Its also very much the bare minimum. Core apps and Play Store, but hey, as long as you have the Playstore its all good!
+Aaron Endsley I just figured u were trying to flash su, and some gapps, I just booted it as it was after flashing the ROM and it started fine, maybe it doesn't run on grouper or something
+Aaron Endsley The md5 isn't matching up, I've downloaded the grouper build about 5 times with no luck. I'm wondering if their upload is bad. Would be nice to know if anyone has gotten the grouper build to flash.
Aaand, there goes the server... Or gapps were pulled. 
grouper has been pulled.  new one coming
just tried it all over again i am running twrp and my N7 is Grouper, im about to just flip back to PA 3.99 Looking forward to what you will do with this rom +Paranoid Android 
Looks like gapps is about to be uploaded
Grouper works great on multirom, thank you PA I can not believe it... Have kit kat ;)
Looks like the new grouper build is up. Thanks pa team!
MD5sum isnt displaying correctly on the download page. f137e6251f941b291851624433fb389f is the correct MD5
Downloading mako build.. ;)))))) thank you so much
Mako and Gapps are up enjoy your Halloween treats 
+Paranoid Android Quick question - Gapps are of the "mini" type? This means if we want Hangouts 2.0 etc we need to download elsewhere?
Still getting a failed on grouper rom
Report on mako pleaseee.heheh
Also getting error on grouper still using twrp md5 matches the one you posted
yeah, thats normal recovery error
please check the actual MD5 of the file, not what the recovery is telling you during install
Will it work on mako multirom?
Yes I checked the actual md5, not recovery
do i check that on the PA site or is there a place in the file.
Everyone with flash errors: Make sure you are using TWRP 2.6 or later. Anything else will fail to flash!
What can we use for device drivers? Nothing seems to pick up the model?
+Paranoid Android im not asking for any ETAs. All i want to know is are you guys working on a build for maguro at all or have you abondoned it completely? :)
Thankyou very much!!!! My Nexus 4 has been waiting for this all day! :D
This is great work +Paranoid Android . I've flashed the flo rom and gapps package. Only issue seems to be that the settings application isn't functioning completely (the app crashes when opening the "Security" submenu, and also when trying to open a 802.1x network in the wifi menu; GPS location also doesn't appear to be working).
It doesn't seem to be downloading correctly I have tried multiple time and it doesn't work for the gapps either(nexus 4)
Only problem I've had so far is I played a game and now my grouper is stuck in landscape mode. 
Thank you so much, the hosting server keeps timing out on me. 
Still getting unsuccessful downloads. Are there any mirrors? 
Yeah is this going to go up on goo? Your server is being screwy.
Thanks a ton, server is getting crushed, I imagine there will be some mirrors up tomorrow.
Can I know if this AOSP 4.4 for mako is rooted?
Can anyone please mirror this 
please make torrent available next time. PLEASE. taking ages
 I can't get a complete download
Also getting 500 Internal Server Error for Mako
ah god stupid internet !! i need a mirror cant wait to check out 4.4
i can't access the link :(
+Paranoid Android amazing! thanks a lot guys! waiting a little bit to things cool down and then will download the treat. Appreciate your hard work!! 
Anyone was able to flash them?
Read the thread, these questions are all answered already.
Does any get MD5 miss match? I got err when install !
I updated my twrp and it flashed Like a champ 
i can flash it in cwm,right?
mirror for grouper as the link is not working
+ Aaron Endsley what version of twrp are you using? need fullwipe? kitkat right?
Anyone have experience something wrong when they are doing dirty flash? If not I would like to try dirty flash this ROM update 
grouper works great but somethings wrong with mako build, try to flash it and get a error message with twrp and cwm
Daz T.
+Emmanuel Oates some people commented on needing to update recovery before trying, did you try that?
Daz T.
+Emmanuel Oates ahh gotcha, I finally got it to flash after updating. Calendar force closes. That's as far as I got so far. This is nice though!
pl help me out.. i'm on PA 3.99 RC2.. can i dirty flash dis and gapps for mako?? 
i've tried to flash the rom in cwm and keeps gives me this error [no file_contextssymlink :somesymlinks failed] and this one [no file_contextsset_metadata_recursive:some changes failed] what to do?
Getting a different md5 for mako? 6eed82c40797df540437bf09b802edfc
Anybody else?
is the mako build is working perfectly ???
+Deepak Saravanan you cant dirty flash this rom on 4.3 or any earlier build ??? just wipe everything and flash it so everything will go as smooth as u wanted.
Daz T.
This is really nice to get familiarized, but I downgraded back to PA 3.99 RC2. Its not the same without the PA touch. Thank you for the release nonetheless!
+Daz T. the point is, if you want googles new features you can use this to make yourself at home. get your apps back, wallpapers etc. features will roll in right away. i think hybrid might be in there today, then pie, halo, ///, completely redone quicktoggles, etc
+Paranoid Android, nexus 7 deb? Have had high expectations on support of deb for 4.4 release from you. Plans to support deb?
still no word on maguro?? at least let us know if its work in progress...
mako build failed with error....going back to my backup.
Daz T.
+Paranoid Android I understand completely, I'm not knocking the ROM or assuming nothing more will come, I'm just more comfortable with all the features you just mentioned. My apps didn't restore after I upgraded (most likely my fault). It was great to try this release (thanks for that). I just rather wait patiently for what you mentioned again. I'm glad you clarified that to be coming too!
can someone pls tell me what to do with this errors?
[no file_contextssymlink :somesymlinks failed] and this one [no file_contextsset_metadata_recursive:some changes failed].thank you!
+Paranoid Android i already downloaded mako build from your server . its almost reached 80% of the download and the one you posted above, is that the same build with different mirror or is it a bug fixed build ???
Will the 4.4 gapps run properly on maguro 3.99rc2?
+Ninǝ Dekay +Daz T. +Paranoid Android  I have tried with both twrp and, tried to clean everything, used ADB Push to copy the files to sdcard, and it didnt work, it says "Some symlinks failed .... Error excuting updater binary in zip etc...". what did you do exactly to make it work.
Sam M.
gapps are online on my links ;)
I downloaded the ROM, but I couldn't flash it, the recovery gave me problems and I cannot boot. :(
If anybody wants to grab functioning links, head over to the Mirrors section on the  community! I just ran 4.4 on my N4 today and besides being a touch laggy, everything works.
why is my back button not working and launcher always crashing
thanks guys awesome work.  backing up my N7 as we speak to  flash this :) 
Works PA 4.4 in Nexus 4 with Android 4.3 ?
+Moe Hussein wiped data/cache/dalvic in twrp copied files through USB to otg cable on memory stick flashed all
I flashed the mako 4.4 and gapps in latest twrp but I get a red failed message :/
The gamma is still borked, thanks, its running quite well, use cwm download recovery tools and fflash cwm, backup too
I try PA with KitKat on Nexus 4, thank you :)
Thanks for the info. I'm gonna wait for some custom 4.4 kernel with gamma support before making the switch on mako, then.
did anyone install on grouper...i'm unable to install...even with latest TRP recovery
Ill wait for the nexus 4 on it own xda site
if calendar app is crashing on you, it seems force stop -> clear data -> clear cash for this app with resolve the issue :D
Guys!!! Dirty Flash or Full wipe and flash??? 
i have no ideea how to update cwm! :|
I did it through fastboot command. You will have to have android SDK installed + your phone drivers.
Then boot your phone into boot loader
And run this command
Fastboot flash recovery "the path to your cwm.IMG"
Sam M.
+John Goggs yes I know.
I can't get the ROM from the pa homepage...
Seems like calendar always force closes when it attempts to sync... (grouper)
How long did your phone boot with Android logo? Mine is booting since 3-4 Minutes and still not in the System
trying to leech the grouper version but it completes at like 30 mb.... server hammering? :D
KitKat is freaking AMAZING on the Nexus 4! Thanks a lot +Paranoid Android now I just need a Nexus 10 build :3
have downloaded from primary site and mirror on mega, both give the same MD5: f137e6251f941b291851624433fb389f
which does not match what its supposed to. anyone else get this?
I I'm on pa 3.99 rc2. I've downloaded both the pure aosp 4.4 build and gapps for that. Should I just dirty flash it or go about some other way? Please help me out!
There's no root yet... But could I flash a titanium backup 
Daz T.
+Vince Scott you should have twrp 2.6 installed and it should flash no problem
I become a different md5 = 6eed82c40797df540437bf09b802edfc
Anyone else this issue?
No love for deb? Seems like it's a second class nexus device =/
Galaxy nexus guys, I'm in the same boat as you, but you have to understand that without proper support, it will likely take a bit longer for 4.4 to be made compatible. This is PA we're talking about, they'll come up with something. 
Is this an update for Nexus 4 to Android 4.4? 
Daz T.
Are system themes applyable? I've been looking but haven't found it.
Any mirrors for Grouper? I'd really appreciate it
This is absolutely incredible. 4.4 has just been pushed to AOSP, and you guys already ported it for devices Google said would be officially supported 'within the coming weeks.'

I'm assuming to go to this though, one must pull a full wipe (i.e. no dirty flashing over paranoid android ((I switched back from CM)) and then flash the new rom and gapps.

I'm wondering however how many new features there truly are available. I've heard the two new biggest features, i.e. 'Ok Google' and this new 'full screen mode' are Nexus 5 exclusives, with the first apparently requiring a chipset upgrade, and the second requiring (apparently) a Snapdragon 800 processor and up. I'm curious about trying this, but I'd rather not lose any of the features I already have with PA.
Does anyone have a mirror for Gapps 4.4 pls?
Anyone having problems sideloading APK's due to not being able to enable Unknown Sources under Security Settings (FC's)... ADB Install of APK's works great.
Added two additional  regional nodes . Downloads should be smoother now. 
ok.........PA-team rocks \m/ thanks a lot :D
please consider releasing for Nexus 7 2012 the 3G version soon
thank you guys for all your help,i've finally made it!
anyone else having a problem with the keyboard showing up on the launcher on grouper?
+Paranoid Android oh. hope you guys can put up more nodes then because the servers are being hammered.
also, could it be possible that you guys re-check the md5 sums for the files? i am getting 5d3469f336752467616100916dd27323 for the 
When I try to flash TWRP reports failed error. What's the problem? Anyone else had this?
I downloaded from the sendspace mirror. It failed at first so I updated from TWRP 2.5 to 2.6.3. Tried again after a factory reset and it still fails! Any solution?
Just keep trying, you'll get through eventually! :D
which runtime to use? dalvik or art?
Please help us we the poor owners of Samsung devices (note 2 and 10.1) 😟
Will my Nexus4 stay rooted when I install pa_aosp_mako4.4?
is it really working?? should I try?
Warning : no file_contextsset_metadata_recursive: so me changes failed

E: error in where the zip is (status 7)

Da heck?
+Fabian B. solved that using cwm. Had got the same problem with others 4.4 builds too
By flashing this i've lost root access. How can I restore to PA?
Whenever i try to acces to security under setting, then pop up appeared telling that the setting is not responding
i'm on the Grouper build and the keyboard keeps displaying on the desktop.  Is there a way to make it stop?
+Fran Dueñas Llera No problem when I flashed. Everything works but like I said No Root access and No Recovery. Basically PA Kitkat Stock.
I've got no prob wif root access n recovery, the only issue is security on setting itself, i can open it because when i do, the setting will stop functioning
So, to be clear, this is just plain AOSP, no PA mods or anything? 
Nexus 5 apps for any 4.2 android only work these:

Google Play Services (v4.0.30)
Calendar (v201308021)
Clock (v3.0.0)
Email (v6.0-893803)
Gallery (v1.1.40304)
Gmail (v4.6.1)
Camera (v2.0.001)
Hangouts (v2.0.012)
Keep (v2.0.50)
Google Keyboard (v2.0.19003.893803a)
Google Search (
Google Home (
Pure paranoid... Absolutely amazing
+Paranoid Android thank you so much for a wonderful v3.99.very stable and super smooth.... Excellent work... It would be great to get pa 4.4 for my Galaxy s2 i9100 please.... 
Is the "Google Experience Launcher" included?
Or is it pure AOSP-Android?
Still no one knows if future pa releases can be flashed over this?
Holy Jeebus! Are you guys for real? It hasn't even been 12 hours since announcement! I think its time for Marvel to do a PA comic book and then make a superhero movie out of it!
I'm trying this ROM right now... I can confirm the GPS is not working, nor any location method. There is no Photo sphere option as well. The Calendar is now working after uninstalling the system one and installing the Nexus 5 apk for the Calendar. Excellent Job, BTW.
+Paranoid Android The 'Flo' download keeps quitting on me after about 15 - 30 mb, is there an alternate download link?
Any chance for mirrors? the download stops at in the middle..
Daz T.
It might be a pain but there are plenty mirrors throughout this thread. Scroll and stop at blue texts, you might get lucky😁
yea, found them :> thx :d
is there any difference with the Grouper one? x.x
Even with TWRP 2.6.3 I'm still failing.....  arghhh...
Do I need to flash a new GApps or is it included in the .zip file?  Thanks again guys for all of the hard work!
TWRP 2.6.3 Flash Error executing updater binary. Dunno why, just reporting guys. If someone has any kind of solution...
+Ajwadi I
They're servers are fine, they're just being hammered by the loads of people wanting to try 4.4. Upgrading servers is no simple or cheap task.
+Philip Blumel I couldnt get it to work with multirom... I had PA latest 4.3, flashed multirom boot image though fastboot and then flashed the multirom recovery. It then booted into the multirom modified twrp recovery, and I could flash a the zip I had saved of the 4.4 rom. However then after a system reboot it would only boot into recovery, and not the modified one, it was the old twrp I had... And just to take the piss somewhere in the process I managed to wipe internal storage. Left with none of my data and 4.4 aosp, not all bad. 
flashed, it booted fine. wouldnt connect to secure network. connected to unsecure. works fine. Tried to reboot manually into recovery and it wouldnt even turn on. Then i tried to normally boot and atm it wont boot at all.... 
Anyone have a GAPPS mirror? Having trouble finding one that works...
Well the server is obviously blowing up, so I'll try and download at a later time!
+Philip Blumel Yeah, at the twrp menu I pressed advanced, then there was a new multirom button which I used to install rom, shared kernel. I thought it would boot and show a multirom auto boot sequence like it did just the once.. 
meh.. I cant flash it :o fails every time
+owen wilson I didn't have it share the kernel since 4.3 won't run on a 4.4 kernel. That's probably your problem.
Anyone know why apps won't install on the play store? They reach 100% but just stay there and don't install
Anyone have a mirror for the rom? Every time I try to get from MD5 doesn't match and it's password protected.
+Kobi Cohen I tried newest TWRP, CWM, and ADB sideloading it and fail every time.
Fun fun kitkat for grouper. After instelling .. I miss halo and Pie and full screen .. Flashed rc2 right back after a few glances
+Philip Blumel Would that have caused it to behave as it did? The 4.3 rom was the primary one. I thought this 4.4 aosp build was using the old kernel.... 
going back with nandroid. will try again when im finished :x
Couldnt flash anything after i've performed a factory reset, weird..
I'm about to flash my Nexus7 right about now))
any special step in order to install or just normal flashing?
it fails for me!! what do i need? its nexus 4
now it gets stuck on google bootloader
my n4 doesnt boot up!! just repetats boot a few times and goes back to twrp, I dont have back up or any other rom except of 4.4 pa...
+Fran Dueñas Llera try reflashing ur current ROM.
I had to go back with a nandroid backup. couldnt flash anything after the factory reset
i was in stock rom! so i dont have anything else to flash ! can i transfer a file to my phone while in recovery or something similar?
use adb push to move things to ur phone
get into fastboot
It's a little bit laggy on nexus 4. Hope you release a stable one
When I'm done downloading and checking for MD5 it isn't same 
MD5 = c4b362beda221d001499ec3eb089a1f5 I already redownloaded several times
+Jordan Pt correct. We had to purchase some more nodes to relieve stress on main servers. ;burn through about 40 GB alreadt
+Paranoid Android i just flashed the rom and nothing else and now, when i went to recovery to flash gapps, it just showed a dead android with a red triangle. It seems like i lost the root access too :( what do i do.....please help......
Why does manta have to be the Red headed step child of the Nexus line? 
The "dead android" is simply stock recovery. Just flash your custom recovery again.
there are no options in the recovery by the way. I only see the android logo.....
+Paranoid Android  sorry for being so annoying with all these comments but I am really desperate right now :( To sum it all up, I dont have any gapps, no root access, and am stuck with a recovery with no options with just the logo i previously described. Are there any solutions to this issue......?
+jason sug use fastboot and flash the custom recovery of your choice. Search xda for simple tutorial.
It didnt work for me the first time in twrp, I installed cwm via n-cry and then pa 4.4 worked perfectly
+Paranoid Android oh and im so sorry to bother you but this is all new to me. I don't have the Fastboot folder on my phone but i do have a Clockworkmod folder with a back up that i made before. Again, I'm so sorry to bother you knowing how busy you are but I am so confused right now...... Please help me
I just installed cwm via n-cry.. Im a beginer I dont know how to help u, maybe is the cwm, mine is touch one wiping everything before.. Keep trying i would say
I'm not aware of any toolkits working with 4.4 (I don't use or keep up with their development). Best bet is manual route
A mirror for the Flo ROM would be greatly appreciated!
+J S Mammen  Same md5 as you, but my Mako won't install it with TWRP 2.6.3. Any ideas?
cant make it work, in any kind of way xD damnit :d
User have had better success with CWM. Maybe try that instead
Flawless! No crash yet... Calnder work fine also calculator..
So to report back…i finally got the flo ROM to download and it seems to work fine. Also twrp flashed it with no problems!
location services doesn't seem to work for me on nexus 4. everything else looks good. keep up the good work guys +Paranoid Android 
do you have a mirror? download gets interrumped in your site. I WOULD LOVE A MIRROR PLEEASE!!!! i cant wait to install it .
 by the way, its for a NEXUS 7 FLO
Waiting for sg3! Am using crdroid aosp 4.3.1
+Paranoid Android Can you put a mirror please? it gets interrumped, i tried to download since 7 AM and i cant.
+Andre Saddler  there is only mirrors for mako and grouper, but not for FLO. do you have one?
Ugh. After resetting my phone like 5 times manually with fastboot I finally got this to work with CWM. 
Cant seem to get it to work, tried with both TWRP and CWMR. I get a warning "No file_contextssymlink: some symlinks failed and then an errorr is /sdcard/0/ can somebody help please?
So this should be like getting the kitkat update from google right?  Like it's the complete version?  With all the features?
Anyone that lost root features installing the rom?

Sega Genesis?? :'((
Please can one of the first features be volume wake? :)
hhmmm... flashed mako rom + gapps & lost my custom recovery.

If anyone is in the same boat I just flashed custom recovery w fastboot and I'm back to normal.
Any tilapia versions in the near future? THANKS!!!!

+Paranoid Android - can't boot into recovery after 4.4 update... Any ideas how to do it?
I get a dead android image when I go into recovery using Power+Volumen Up+Volume Down
+Puru Tiger That is the stock recovery, you will have to flash a custom recovery again via fastboot
Oh man!! Didn't know that! :-( 
+Paranoid Android - so does that mean I will be able to get OTA from Google on my N4?
AOSP. So is not AOSPA no halo no pie. Right?
The the shown MD5 sum do not match with the file
Does not work, installation failed ( Nexus 7 grouper ) When asked to reboot bootlooped at google logo not even boot animation and previous version had to be installed over that to start up again and that wiped paranoid android feature data so everything set back to default. I believe that was a problem with the MD5 sum not matching with any file .
I'm getting failed download multiple times for the Mako file. Failed download at 99% then also a complete download but a corrupt or unreadable zip file.

This is just my latest attempt. I also tried a week ago with no luck. 

Are there any mirrors?
Woah.Oh, no What a bummer. Good Luck.
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