PA 3.+

Hey there!

Starting November 13th, there'll be some major changes in the PA Goals & Team layout.

Galaxy Nexus : D4rKn3sSyS (+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo)
Nexus 4 : molesarecoming (+Paul Henschel )
Nexus 7 : aaronpoweruser (+Aaron Gascoigne)
Nexus 10 : (?)
All other AOSP compatible Devices: (?)

We're going to work on a complete new branch of PA, based on the pure AOSP (Android Open Source Project). The result being, a super fast, smooth, stable, efficient, & cutting edge makeover for the ParanoidAndroid, integrated with our very own powerful Hybrid Engine. With time & progress, all possible features will be merged gradually, to make an All-Round Perfect ROM.


But how does that affect the non-AOSP devices?
All good! Everything goes on as is! The Legacy devices will be kept under development, for as long as possible.
Thanks to the ever-working CM, their Device Trees & the Base CM Source Code will be continued to be worked upon, & the main line PA progressed. All the features & Engine that you've come to love, stay & develop.

Imilka (+Imil Ziyaztdinov ) : Official Git Maintainer

Jaybob413 (Jon) : Master Git Maintainer, Build Environment
Krbsmik (Tina) : Graphics & Artwork
Gokussjx (+Bidyut Mukherjee ) : User Support, Public Relations
Daxmax (+Daniel MM ) : CM-PA Public Relations
Cjhmdm : Gerrit Master (Review)
Quoka1979 : Web Master
Monopoliser : Web Design

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