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Paranoid Android 6.0.1

Let's keep it short and simple: This one's for the dreamers longing for bug fixes. A lot of bug fixes and support for some awesome devices!

The release device lineup has been updated to include the one and only OnePlus 3, the beast Pixel C and the Sony Shinano family. We have made sure each device gets the best and most robust firmware and the newest, shiniest and most polished features ever.

We are also announcing that with the help of Sony and their Open Devices Project we will be able to support all 22 Xperia devices on the SonyXperiaDev GitHub Instance. This initial Sony release is for the Shinano family, but the Rhine, Yukon and Kitakami platforms are expected to follow shortly. This is really exciting news for us and it allows us to give you the Android experience we all love on a much wider range of devices.

For Nexus, the most important changes are the inclusion of June Security bulletin and Theme Engine updates. The bundled Browser application has been updated as well and all system update notifications will now come from us, and not from Google as it did for some specific users on the last release.

For CAF devices, Theme Engine has been updated along with the bundled Browser, Camera and Gallery applications. Gestures should no longer launch when the phone is in your pocket. General bug fixes include faster charging with the circle battery icon enabled, being able to change the mobile network settings in all languages and - a fix that many of you will enjoy - the Gallery application not force closing anymore when trying to edit a picture.

For Nexus 6, you will be happy to know that the lock screen PIN crash has been fixed.

The Nexus 6P image now includes all the proper vendor files so you only need to flash the Paranoid Android image and do not need to manually download the factory image by Google.
For OnePlus 2 you will get improved power efficiency along with less heating during the application optimization (dexopt) phase. You will also receive bug fixes for inverted gestures, audio, power statistics and improved fingerprint sensor support for some third party applications.

The OnePlus One and OnePlus X have received some love in form of the addition of ambient display, Kexec-hardboot for multi-ROM support and fixes for volume issues and the CPU configuration. The new build also has new firmware for the OnePlus One in order to fix the proximity sensor and additional fixes for AUX on the OnePlus X.

Please note that you won't be receiving an OTA update for this version. We're still testing Paranoid OTA behind the curtains and want to make sure things work well before we release it out to the crowd.

Grab your builds at and #stayparanoid for #aospa2016.
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Awesome News that Rhine family will be supported! Keep up the good work! :-)
will i be able to update the N5 through Paranoid Android Updates or should i just download the zip and dirty flash?
Asking because I checked for update there and got nothing
What??? Means i am obligated to unlock my shamu.damn it.why u so attractive paranoid Android?
+Fajar Lazuardi this release is mainly to address some bugs, introduce additional devices and line up features across devices. 
+Paranoid Android well then, I guess I'll just wait for a little longer. Patient is a virtue, but still thanks for the rom.
Didi you fix the OpenGapps issue?
you are the best! thanks again for your work 
Does this mean OpenGapps are supported yet? I am hyped beyond words to see my old z3c supported :')
Damm !! Seems like I'll be rooting my OnePlus Three tomorrow😁
The Nexus 6p file for 6.0.1 is showing as 70.56 MB. Is this an update file for 6.0? Thanks guys! 
The stuff mentioned here for respective devices are the only bug fixes? Are things like USB debugging fixed?
Also, will we get the OTA or we've to flash manually?
Do we have small OTAs for update ? Or full zip ?
I'm on the first release 
+D MR We noticed that too. This is a website issue. It will download the complete file aka 400MB+ :)
Wow finally come....
Eric W
Which Google Apps i need Last time it was very buggy
How is the photo quality than the stock rom? (For the OnePlus 2) 
+Alex NDS silly question but just to be sure. I'm on stock, clean install required for Paranoid? 
UPDATE MANUALLY! no ota in this release.
+Cool Droid - USB debugging is fixed, yes. No OTA for now, still working on the backend!
Hello everyone, to install can I dirty flash over aospa 6.0? Do I need to flash Gapps again? Thanks! 
Well the few bugs I had seem to have been fixed. Really impressed. So happy PA is back! 
Flashed this build on op3 and after booting it ask for password? ask password for decrypt
Hello there. What is with GApps? Find on official website no information about this. 
Please include Viper4Android in future builds! Way better than AudioFX and it shouldn't be much of a problem for you guys ;)
+Francesco Sicilia​ your password to decrypt your data. If you don't know it you have to format userdata in fastboot
Sorry guys +Arz Bhatia​​, but the lock screen settings crash is not fixed for me on 6.0.1 on my Shamu. Flashed ROM, SuperSU and franco.Kernel, then wiped caches. I get a force close after entering pin to adjust the settings..  Just like before. 
I get an error when installing over the 6.0 release. 
Something like: this package is made for Oneplus 2 and this is "" 
I found the reason: I was using an old TWRP. With twrp-3.0.2-1-oneplus2.img it is working. 
+francesco beccaria - Note happening. Hah, get it? So yah, devices not owned or in possession by the team can't be supported.
+Nico Fernitz - We're well aware. We derped and forgot putting the fix in, you'll have a new build within 4-6 hours.
Next buy: one plus 3 😁
It keeps telling me that signature verification failed and aborts my flashing, help?
+Paranoid Android​​ and +Arz Bhatia​ can you guys PLEASE give proper customisation options for the oneplus notification slider. Their implementation is weak. You can only have silent, priority and all notification.

I wanted the silent to be vibrate mode only or at least the option to change it like that.
If you are new to flashing this ROM,...what is the recommended Gapps?
On my Nexus 5x when i apply icon pack with theme engine it doesnt work 😥 i could take a logcat
Even better battery life for the OP2?! This ROM has given me the most OST on my OP2 ever...(about 4:30h) Curious what has been improved though
So sad that the Xperia T (mint) seems to be no longer supported (even after 4 years, the device runns well enough to not replace it, but could actually need a new OS ;) +Paranoid Android thanks that you're back! :)
It sucks that you guys are using CM's front camera config on the OnePlus One. The quality is much worse than with Oxygen OS blobs.
Also, the viewfinder in Snapdragon camera doesn't represent the size of the actual photo, it's somewhat cropped.
I suppose you could look into sultan's camera config as it is pretty much flawless in my opinion.

I hope legacy won't bring as much chaos as it did before (in terms of posts on g+ I mean).
+Karol Peła We're not using CM's binaries, we're using Oxygen. Sultan's bacon camera libraries don't work on our kernel (and his kernel drivers wouldn't be compatible with Onyx). I am currently working on the ColorOS libraries and they seem to be pretty good on onyx, but haven't tested on bacon yet. Stay tuned for future camera updates.
And for Z5 Premium?

EDIT: Now i saw, it is in kitakami family... :)

Gary D
Does everything work on OnePlus 3?
+Arz Bhatia​ So, gapps needed or which gapps do we use, if we are new to the game.
Z3+ (z4) you guys will be the first and only custom ROM available and what a great one to get. Cannot wait to use and test this for you guys. 🤓😎😁😁
LPW 00
Why can't I get normal root? SuperSu only gets systemless root mode...Is this a bug or a feature?
Cuando los dispositivos Motorola , shh , ansioso por esperar está magnífica room
I give up. I can't dirty flash this build. Tried wiping cache before flashing; tried wiping cache after flashinh it just keeps cycling back and forth.......
what about opengapps? there is still problems with it?
Getting constant theme engine force closes on Bacon 06/16/16...
I installed it on my Sony Xperia Z2 (Sirius). The system didn't see SIM card,camera didn't work, wifi didn't wok, NFC is buggy. There are many things to fix.
Are PIE and Dynamic System Bars ever coming back?
So just to be clear we do not need to flash a vendor. img on angler? 
Looks like I will be buying a Oneplus3 now that it has joined the PA family !
+D MR Web size is wrong. Just downloaded and it's full size and dirty flashed fine :) 
Does that mean Sumire (Z5) will be supported?
Same process on Z3 Compact "aries" then? flash boot.img and zip from TWRP?

Edit: Everytime I do that, my phone doesn't boot. Be it with CM or other ROMs, and I have to flash a stock tft. I'm currently on Concept, since I've never managed to get CM working.

Edit2: tried to install but had to modify the install-script. My device was being recognized as "z3c".

Edit3: error flashing, same thing as CM. Flashing stock MM to see if it has something to do with using Concept before.

Edit4: can't enter recovery after flashing stock MM. Going back to Concept and not sure what to do next.
Awesome update, loads of bugs fixed in such a short period of time! Super impressed with this ROM!
What about Samsung Galaxy device's
I have a question. Light notification added in this version??
Ken Dom
Wish their was a PA 6.0.1 for note2(7100)
Whenever I decide not to flash any more and flash stock rom....there are announcements like this😂😂😂
Awesome, official support for rhine! Soon my Z1 will be back on PA!
+Paranoid Android is there any reason that the camera is 12.2mp instead of the camera's 12.3mp resolution on the 6P (and therefore probably the 5X), I mean I know it will make no difference, but just a general question.
+Paranoid Android​​​​​​ When you're going to release the source code/update guys?
I know very well you're not gonna support moto devices :(
Aleast pls release the source code for us :)
You guys are doing a Great job! :D
Why am I not getting OTA update on my oneplus one? Also I am unable to root it
Great to see PA back (was a regular in the kitkat days when using my nexus 4). Just a question, does maxx audio audio fx port work on PA (device = bacon), anyone tried it?
Great work guys. Just wondering I got the dialer app working so don't want to mess that up but do want to Deal with the volume issues. Decisions decisions 
+Aravind S Can't confirm on MaxxAudio but can confirm that Viper works without any problems. 
+Nabeel Khan I have already flashed paranoid android 6.0 on my opo a few days ago. So shouldn't 6.0.1 be available OTA? That's what they said IMO
Please  Paranoid Android for Motorola Moto X Play please...!!  thanks
+Nabeel Khan never mind. I didn't read the post till the end. OTA won't be available for this version. :)
+sandesh says that's exactly what I wanted to say but thought maybe you are having trouble in general 
Is it possible for the Wukong device as well?
Are the sources open-sourced?
I try syncing but it gets sync exited due to fetch error..I am wiling to make AOSPA for Yu Yuphoria aka Lettuce..Please make the sources open..
+Arz Bhatia +Paranoid Android I wiped cache and dalvik cache, then flashed the new build for my nexus 6p. booted up just fine but I had lost root. so I went to the recovery, but it's asking me for a password to decrypt data. I hadn't set any. "default_password" isn't working. Now, I can't access the internal storage from recovery (0 mb), and can't flash supersu.
A little help please?
I loved PA on my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 🙌. I will now flash the Rom on my N5X asap :) on the first release opengapps were not recommended. It this still the case? 
+Tobias Eble just try banks and opengapss. Use either one that doesn't cause problems.
How do you disable the search bar in recents menu?
On my OP2 I have a bug when I call someone I don't get a call screen. Using opengapps stock and dirty flashed the full ROM from 08-06 to 16-06
Is disabling single sim cards while being on dual sim possible? Cm seems to miss this feature (and the toggles in settings) 
3rd Built yeah I will install the 3rd built because they are always awesome!
Anyone who is using this on OP2 does experience high volume during calls even on low volume setting? I mean, my ears hurt from the volume even on low settings. Clean flash with banks gapps. 
+Frank Schneidewind mine is still very buggy getting force closes every time I install an app. Might be because I dirty flashed though
PA for the Pixel C is really great news for me. I tinkered with flashing the beast but there were no decent options available. Now I'm more then happy. PA rocks again
Oneplus One: Anyone tried to flash the update in file format f2fs? And the gapps other than those from BanKs?
Koji K
where i find changelogs?
FM radio support for OPX soon? I'm one of the few who still looks for it in the morning, and the lack of it made me go back to stock..
Pu Yang
How about including vendor for Nexus 9?
"Deactivation failed" issue when I try to switch off one of my dual sim card. Any solutions? 
Is there any estimate for when te OTA of this update will be available? I just flashed the previous version on my daily driver and then saw this... Damn me and my need for speed.
Anyone else having problems signing in to chrome browser?
+Gustavo Santos Z1 family (including Z ultra) are based on rhine platform, you should learn more
Yukon: snapdragon 400 family (M2, T2, T3, C3 etc.)
Rhine: snapdragon 800 family (Z1, Z1c, ZU)
Shinano: snapdragon 801 family (Z2, Z3, Z3c)
Kitakami: snapdragon 810 family (Z4, Z5, Z5c)
Wow, Android pay works. Whoop whoop. 👌😀
flashed it on my oneplus one. wont boot. any idea?

Wait a open devices? That includes my sister's crappy t2 ultra .
+Nihad read the OP, it says that "..the rhine, yukon and kitakami are expected to follow shortly." It means that they could ran PA on yukon based platform, which is sony's snap 400 devices
Op3 already.. Now need the proper TWRP official and all done.. 
This ROM is still alive?!?! Awesome!!! 
Teddy M
open-gapps full or banks? for the Oneplus Two

Sam M
Need that wallpaper!!
After some time phone is not accepting CORRECT password.
Nexus 5x
OnePlus 3 already? You guys rock!! It's probably based off Grarak's CM buil, so some bugs are to be expected, I guess...Unless you guys received some "inside source", if you know what I mean...
+Vladimir Filipović Did you restore a backup you made some time ago? In case you did, it's a known bug. Google fixed that already!!
i dont have weird crashes except when im using the dialer from the open gapps, makes it impossile to hang up because theres no access to a call
need more update hahaha i like this rom but still not very stable on oneplus X the battery is still little draining, by the way i like this simple and have great fiture
Why is build 6.0.1 for Nexus 6P only 70mb??
Is there any chance of getting tap and pay implemented?
Any chance you'll offer support to Moto devices?
Wow, this is better than GSW CAVS Game 7!
Good release for the OnePlus X! Thank you team!!
Only been using for about a two hours fingerprint scanner is really slow compared to stock 
I have some problems in my bullhead with PA 6.0.1. If I install supersu systemless (I tried Stable and Beta), all works ok a lot of time, but some reboots after. Rom is in bootloop until I do factory reset.
Are you going to make integrated root? Or integrated supersu? Thanks!

Where's the (OP3) source code? Is there any? I can't find it. Especially kernel trees of course.
Is the xperia z5 compact gonna be supported? 
If you have a Nexus 6 don't install Google dialer if you are using open happy, better to go with the aroma installer because you can choose what you want, and it removes aosp apps if you rather use the Google stock ones 
I want PA on my s7 edge. I know that won't happen... But a man can dream eh?
N6P wiped .. flashed 6.0.1 then gapps but stuck on bootanimation for over 30mins. any help?
+Paranoid Android i have issues with oneplus 3..keept getting the phone error and even after i formated userdata and no go..can i get some help please..ived tried everything and no is only on your rom too
I back Ram Rastus up for the source request. 
Installed the update for Oneplus X. Still ambient display not working.
Any plans to release Paranoid Android 6.0.1 for Asus Zenfone 2?
This is the freaking tit's man!!!
Is the Paranoid Android 6.0.1 comes with PIE for nexus 6P?
Is there any way to manually update without loosing any data?
Does anyone have a guide or tutorial to get me started on how to compile PA? I'd like to extend it to the now abandoned Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus
+Roberto Fabrizi I suppose you can start with CyanogenMod's or Omnirom's tutorials. All the Android firmwares are built pretty much the same way.
Nexus 5....themes acting up, keep loading then stops at bootscreen went back to first ROM...and for some reason it loads the theme bootscreen not PA boot screen like ROM from 6/ I'm on that now 
Cool! What is the timing?

"We are also announcing that with the help of Sony and their Open Devices Project we will be able to support all 22 Xperia devices on the SonyXperiaDev GitHub Instance."
Please! Support the Moto X Style
Will you add support for the Nvidia Shield K1?
+Paranoid Android​ 2 simple question:
1) where is the smart pull-down notification settings?
2)why don't you have a nexus 6p xda thread? 
Why is it that all aosp roms have english in power menu? I cant even find it in crowdin. I would like to translate it to finnish. It is the most annoying thing that when you find a custom rom that you could replace your cyanogenmod then you see the half assed translations and for a perfectionist like me it is just not doable.
Its broken for the OnePlus 3. Installed w/o Gapps, w/ Gapps and same result. Pop says (orsomething) cant be found, also screen says enter password to continue even though its fresh off install. Any ideas PA?
I can't believe the PA team don't have access to the HTC One M8. 😞 Too sad am not on paranoid. 
One plus 3 rom just installed it but i cant start android it says enter your password, and i dunno the pass please help me.

Hello, I was using PA on my Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Nexus 5. It was the best and I wish to use it on my Galaxy Note 4 N910C. Can you support it, please? 😃
Is there any chance to get it for Xiaomi Mi3/4 (cancro)? Dreaming of it.
Hey guys, i wan to install this rom on my xperia z2 sirius, but i can not find it anywhere, even in the official page, can anybody help me? :)
What gapps should I use. On Nexus 6 how do I Not encrypt?
On Nexus 5 I have a bug with the themes manager. It crash always.
So, where is it possible to get the PA rom for sony 3Zc?
+Ricardo Cortesia There was a build for Z2,but they removed it. I installed it instantly when they uploaded it. The ROM was really buggy. The phobe couldn't see Sim card, wifi didn't work properly. NFC was also buggy and camera didn't work. So I think this is why they removed the ROM.
PA 6.0.1 on N5x - how do I enable the pie controls? I have in in full immersive mode, but can't figure out how to do this. 
Any plans to support the OPPO R7 Plus?
After using a VPN (tor orbot) , I have the WIFI bug (you know when your battery stats give 50% of wifi usage and 8% screen on )
So I need to re flash completely the ROM and to don't use a VPN (or tor orbot, I know what causing the bug exactly, on my Oneplus One)
+Arz Bhatia Have y'all released the new Shamu 6.0.1 .zip that fixes the lockscreen/security bug?
R u going to release thé source 
When do we get hands on source? Want to compile for tomato
Looking forward for Mi4c device......
Please :(
Does this rom included volume wake feature?
I didnt try this last build on my OPO yet, but loved the previous one.. but it missed a few things.
1- I wasnt able to change the action of the menu button to recent apps (menu on long press)
2- Some CM based ROMs have a LTE quick setting, and since LTE spends a lot of batery, being able to turn it on and off in a flash is an awesome feature.

Everything else, loved it. Congratulations
+Arz Bhatia I saw the post mentioning the need to wipe from 6/6 to 6/17 to get screen lock settings back. Sorry for the waste of time.

Love love love the ROM! Keep killin' it guys!
On Nexus 7 flo: Only problem is random freezes otherwise nice performance 
I would like to flash for Nexus 6P. Anybody can help to provide link where to get the necessary Gapps and vendor images?

Any chances paranoid android mm will come for lg g3 d8** ? Loved your builds on oneplus phones.. cheers.. :)
We would greatly appreciate if you could make the source code available and create the xda threads. Thank you for all your good work!
Im trying to port it to a new device but the build wont even start cuz it cannot create roomservice.xml... 
Nexus 7 2013 flo: Another clean PA install and lockups when switching between landscape and portrait 
I can now see why its important to follow the community. I had PA Version 6.0 and i was like hmm... Is there a update? Sure enough there was lol. Ill keep up with this awesome community thanks for the awesome ROM👍. Also is there a way to enable DSB or has that not yet been implemented?
+Jose Hernandez I am waiting for DSB as well and maybe some Project Fi Support, because every now and then I get a notification that Fi is going to connect...
hello i have a problem with the browser, off i flash only the rom its work but if i flash gapps (banks or opengapps) the browser crash. Anybody have a solution thank you.
Mobile: Oneplus 2.
Greetings , very good rom , tell them the clock application to set the alarm to turn on the screen to deternela , the application throws the message unfortunately has stopped.

Nexus 5. Led notification does not work for me any application, I had to install LED blinker
+Jose Pedraja i found how to solve, i change the langage to united states and it Work, after i change to France and now its Work with french langage, very strange 😀
When will the 6.0.1 paranoid build be available for the Nexus 7 (2013) lte. I'm really annoyed by how the normal Nexus 7 (2013) has a 6.0.1 version but not the lte.
Hi guys, Installed paranoid on Nexus 9 and stuck in a bootloop!!!! Any help or suggestions?

Greetings, pass some pictures of my support Nexus 5 and appear in the gallery but when connected to the PC and browse the folders do not appear photos, folders are empty, this did not happen with Android 6.0.1 stock.
shitty camera
shitty charging
everything else is just :D
Is paranoid android be available on zenfone 2 laser ze550kl?
Yet another person who doesn't read and says it's easier to ask than read and wonders why they get the cold shoulder. It's an ugly battle between the ignorant masses and the hard working devs. There needs to be a common ground in which a compromise between both parties can accomplish the desired relationship to be more fulfilling and rewarding. Users need to realize devs don't owe anyone a ROM and should be happy that they still want to do this. Second flashing a custom ROM comes with bugs so don't expect everthing to work right away. Third users need to stop whining about bugs and demanding ETA's. If you want to help the devs submit bug reports through the right channels. Learn how to pull locats and post them where they should be. 4th thing stop asking about support for a device not listed in the official page. If you want the ROM on your device you need to do one of two things. You can pull the source code and build yourself. Or you can donate a device or help pay for a device to give to PA to use to build. PA has said many times they only support devices they have and as you can see they have a lot. Rant over. My guess is the majority won't read this because it's too long. Lol
what vendor does the new rom use?may or june
where can we post bugs? i hate just throwing shit in the comments.
Dev h
anyone having issue with phone not going to sleep. screen stays on dim.
forgot mention Nexus 6p latest PA
My nexus 5 is running paranoid rom 6.0.1 and i cant send a msg always error also where can i find the sim toolkit ?
Is anyone having issues with really bad battery life? (bacon) If there is a good place for me to be asking this, please let me know!
If you bring it DPI change, home button double tap to sleep, double tap on lockscreen to sleep and display night mode color i will be your fanboy,. for now, i just wait for it to happen. 
I know this might be a dumb question but I'd rather ask just to make sure. I installed the 06/06 379 MB to file for Nexus 6p off your website but now I see another one that is just 70 MBs . Is that an update you jusy dirty flash over my current one? 
I know its annoying to ask, but can someone pls tell me can we change pie position in pa 4.46 final for mako? Actually suddenly my navigation bar stop responding as it's a known issue in Nexus 4, and I have to use pie now, but by default pie at button and my Nex 4 bottom is now unusable.
Spcl request to OP
Can't use marshmallow bcoz of old battery and heavy software.

it seems that i can't update the rom through Setting and have to flash the zip, which causes the lost to all my apps, any suggestions? +Paranoid Android
When the pair version (LEO Z3 D6653) please this waiting is killing me more z3 was launched that my
Hi there, can I do a dirty flash for the OP3? I mean, download the Zip file to the phone and install it from the internal memory. 
I know it's probably very unlikely, but any kind of build for the Nokia N1 would be amazing. It's an amazing tablet for the value, but it wasn't always available everywhere.
Used the OP3 build but the camera is faulty so will wait a bit for next update
Plz add peek to the next update for the oneplus one 
+Paranoid Android Please make sure that AOSPA is available for LG G3 D855 version. I am unable to download from your website.

+Paranoid Android can we have an option added to hide specific quick setting tiles on lockscreen, similar to how it's done on gravitybox? 
Stuck at bootloader in Nexus 5 after full wipe of the device. PA Installed via TWRP.
How to recover?
+Caden Sumner yeah, i completely forgot that when udpating, no need to do a factory reset, stupid of me...
Audio still messed on my OnePlus One. Ringtone loud, voices really quiet.
I'd probably be using this rom except for that.
Anybody face bluetooth can't on at all on latest build oneplus 2? 
Anyone having overheat issues with the OPX?
Working well with OpenGapps MINI.  The only issues i have is AOSP swype, just doesnt seem to work.  I went back to swiftkey and I am happy i did, as its pretty good again.   I also have an extreme amount of GPS drift with this rom.   This is on a Nexus 5.  

The only feature's i would like to see, Text navigation buttons in the navbar and maybe a QS button for battery saver.

Glad to see you guys are back! :)
Nice to see you guys back. After a long time of MotoG 1st gen GPE, I have now a z3c, and am looking forward to your release for the z3c (didn't find another ROM I like yet).
When is the new July security updates going to be implemented in your Nexus 6.0.1 rom's? Hopefully soon...
Loving this ROM it's amazing. One small issue- having some legibility issues on Reboot menu and sub-menu that are due mainly to 'outdated theme engine sources' in the ROM according to my favourite CM theme engine dev. Hoping it's on your list of fixes for the next update 😀
Any Paranoid Rom for the Samsung i9300?
the website doesn't work for me

+A. Zakieddine K hey man, I do believe the s3 was dropped by PA in the last iteration. Older pa builds should still be available on XDA 
I am bit curious to see all functions implemented and a new build😇
AOSPA 6.0.1 for OPO: no more "Pie Control"? I hope I'll find Pie Control in the next release!
have any prediction for the Xperia Z2?
I wounded when the next update is gonna be out hopefully the team adds peak to the next update
Any ports for Galaxy A510 ? 
Im using lollipop, but can i use the newest version of PA(6.1)
I wonder if PA 6.1 only can use by Marshmallow OS or Lollipop can use it too?
+Paranoid Android hi, where can I suggest small features? Paranoid would be perfect for me with only 2 minor features (3G/4G quick settings toggle, and meny key rebinding option to recents, long press for menu). Thank you and   #StayParanoid  
Works like a charm on my bullhead; reminds me of the good old days where it ran just as well on my falcon! <3

By the way: Will updates be available via settings, or will we have to install it manually from the recovery?
Give me a download link 6.0.1 mm for Xperia Z2 🙁😒😢😭
When can I expect a release for the Xperia Z3 Compact?
+Paranoid Android hi I've been trying to use this ROM since the day I got the phone. OnePlus 3, but I seem to get the error message after ROM loads. not responding. Also there is a decryption password it's asking for behind the repetitive error message. I've tried everything, including trying different Gapps. Even got some pointers from +YeOldeGoat and nothing seems to work. The error message won't go away. I tried also entering the password for the decryption and it accepted the password but failed to decrypt. Please help, I'm hearing good things about the ROM and would love to try it. Thanks
Arm. 6.0. I usually use Nano.
+Paranoid Android +Arz Bhatia  I'm on the latest PA version 6.0.1 on my OnePlus 3 (clean flash) but my phone frequently 'soft-bricks' itself, screen completely shuts off and buttons are unresponsive, only leaving a white indicator LED light forever on.

The only solution I have found is to hold down power and volume down and boot into TWRP, then restore system, which grants me hours of normal operation until the next 'soft-brick' occurs. Any ideas?
+Oliver Yeung for op3 we have new reworked trees ready for the next update. So please try that once the update is released (in your case a clean flash of the update would be good) and let me know whether it fixes your issue. 
+Alex NDS Thank You for the reply! I'll assume it's a bug for the current build then. Will be keeping an eye out for the next update and report back :)
+Romy Patel had the same issue with decryption on 1+1. Check to make sure you are not using F2FS file system. I had to format data partion back to EXT4 to fix the issue.
Are they still making builds for paranoid haven't heard anything lately been silent lol
Did someone get arrested thrown in jail? Where are the updates? Over a month... bugs be damned i wanna flash.. Yes its stable but there are so many device specific git changes to my device (OP3) that I feel like the hype from OnePlus has been replicated here and no PIE. Where are the classic PA features (I hope you guyz r working in the background) I don't wanna have to flash another CM based rom. (no offense) but there all the same. PA 5.1 was the bees knees don't let us down plz
Thx in advance (i hope) 
+Brian Partridge​ as I mentioned, especially the op3 users will love the next update! Hold on :) 
+Alex NDS​ I hear a lot of talk about these op3 updates what about us nexus users xD nexus 6P here :)
+Matt Channell​ you'll get new security patches, for example. sorry I am not the one working on nexus devices :) 
+Umair Ahmad We want to move to a faster release cycle, so it will all work out.
are you guys thinking of adding Nextbit Robin to the list of supported devices?
+job Good that you ask!
We are working on it :)
+Alex NDS Hi Alex, I flashed the latest build on my nexus 5, and I found my device WiFi not working, is this normal?
+Nathan Cocarde hey man, did you manage to get this resolved? "apps with usage access". can't find my apps in there too!
Battery % became show "next to icon" when N4 is charging. "Inside the icon" without charging. I think you all need to know it !
when will it be released for xperia z3?
Any news on a build with Dash charging for the Oneplus 3? On pac rom at the moment after getting the partial wakelock bug whilst on oxygen. I really want to move to Paranoid when it has dash.
+Arz Bhatia​ Why is there no Marshmallow for deb? Before PA went down it was my favorite ROM, and now that you are back I'm still missing a new build. If you have update for hammerhead and flo, why not for deb? 
Any plans for moto g falcon?
+Alex NDS
 Glad to hear it Paranoid has always been my favorite rom i cant wait to move my OP3 over =D. I'll sit on Pac until its out then hopefully this week?
Thanks for the reply.
New build's out for OnePlus 3.
Hi everybody... I'd like to update my Nexus 5 to 6.0.2 PA build, does this have the annoying volume bug introduced with the Nexus July security update or it's all ok? Thanks
Good job, guys.
I have translated the Rom to spanish ("frameworks_base" and "packages_apps_Settings"), and I have tested these translations compiling the Rom in my server. Could I send you these translations in order you add them for the next release?

Best regards
Powodzenia! (use translate)
Anyone else not able to boot PA on the Oneplus 3? I can boot PacRom and others fine but i get the encrypted storage warning telling me its corrupt with PA.
I flashed the latest PA 6.0.2 build on my Xperia Z2 D6502 and it ain't booting up, it vibrates once when you press the power button thats it +Paranoid Android​
+Alex NDS On OPO in the previous builds denoise was off by default and if you used any camera that didn't specifically have denoise toggle, there were lots of artifacts in the pictures. Also the HDR mode didn't produce any different results than the Auto mode. Have these 2 been taken care of in the latest build? Thanks for all the work PA does for the community.
+Matt Flaming​ every time I go there in the download section to officials to Leo(z3), the page appears empty. Only a search bar comes. If you can tell me how can I get it, it will be a big help. Thanks.
+Matt Flaming​ thank you very much. I've found it! Thank you again for your help and anticipation. :)
+Matt Flaming  isn't leo for z3?
cause when I tried to flash it it said error: 7, this is for leo, this is z3.
what do I do now?
5mb? That is really small.. But haven't tried it yet, gonna test then give my feedback

(I'm no expert, just regular flashing maniac lol) 
+Asif Mahmud no. There was an error with the front end showing the wrong size. I can fix it later
Hello guys! sorry if I am posting a failure in the wrong place. I just want to share an adjustment to make. I fail to mount the sdcard space from my Nexus 4 at the beginning of the ROM installation. I have some applications that are having failures to check storage. I clean installation and every time I tried, always has the same flaw.
vu tran
how to install Paranoid Android for nexus 5? step by step? please help
Anyone had flashing the update 6.0.2 for oneplus x? I'd try to dirty flashing and clean flashing but always have a very anoying bug. After several times, the screen suddenly freeze, blank, and off. I must power off and power on again to make my opx work. I'm using the latesy banks gapps. Does anyone have same problem?
Dave Ng
nexus 4, after flash 6.0.2 gps is not working, even reboot phone.
+Alex NDS Hi, I clean flashed 6.0.2 (wiped data, cache, dalvik cache) and BANKS Gapps (1 July) and the previous problem of my one plus 3 soft bricking with a white LED indicator light constantly on is replaced by the phone freezing up and restarting by itself.

The entire phone will just freeze and become non-responsive, this has happened when I was Swype-ing in whatsapp, fiddling with settings, so it's not app specific. Each time I'll have to hold the power button down to restart the device. The phone also restarts itself even if I"m not actively using it, as for days now I have left my phone unattended for a while and when I went back to it it says 'PIN required when device restarted' and fingerprint unlock is not allowed for the first device unlock after a fresh restart, so it is obvious the phone restarted itself.

Camera settings also crashes, but you probably know that already lol :)
oneplus 2
in PA(6.0.1) while taking calls the other person gets echo of my voice.
is the problem still present in latest update PA(6.0.2)
Welcome back! Paranoid Android! I am planing to buy the Oneplus 3 and I would like to know if PA 6.0.1 supports Dash Charging as Oneplus has now release their kernel. Anyone here knows about this? Thanks!
+WolfKubz sorry bro :( Maybe one day your device will be supported 
+ Alex NDS Yesterday night I did a factory reset, then wiped Dalvik, Cache, Data and System multiple times before installing the 1 August ROM and BANKs Gapps again (also wiped Dalvik and Cache again after flashing). My phone has rebooted by itself four times so far, half of those times I actually caught a glance of the phone being stuck for 5 seconds on the oneplus3 'your phone is unsafe coz bootloader is unlocked' screen during its self-reboot. It is confirmed to be a reboot as fingerprint unlock won't work and I will be prompted by 'Pattern required when you restart device.'
+Oliver Yeung pls find out whether it's a soft or hard reboot and get me a log. Me and other users are not getting issues on op3. 
How can I get Audio fx or Maxx audio on this rom
Я бы очень хотел помочь вам дельным советом, дорогие разработчики:
1. Мне не нравится стилизация календаря в стиле Android 4;
2. Я не могу войти в браузер с помощью аккаунта google;
3. Прошивка не полностью переведена на русский язык;
4. Мне не нравится название и иконка родного лаунчера "Launcher3".

For now, i think that this rom is too buggy (Oneplus 2). I'm gonna wait and flash it later.
+Xavier R. It's really not nice to post such things. Tell us what bugs you experienced so we can improve it for the next release. Currently very few bugs are known for OP2 
Is there any way to get Sim Toolkit working on Paranoid Android? Using latest version 6.0.3 on Nexus 4. This ROM would be perfect if only that worked.
+Alex NDS Personally for me I get restarts randomly. Seems to happen when I'm at home the most. Also I have random "System has stopped working" notifications. I'm missing the "Double Tap to Sleep" option for the notification bar, and by default the build.prop doesn't have WiFi Hotspot added.
+Alex NDS Hi, how do I find out whether it's a soft or hard reboot and get you a log? The reboots happen frequently when the screen is off, but sometimes when using the phone the screen will also freeze and I'll have to hard reboot my phone. 
Trying to download the oneplus one build from the site. Yet I can't seem to download anything at all. The whole webpage is white :/ Anyone got an mirror for me?
Can confirm, the whole website seems to be down. All download pages are white and the main website simply throws a 502 Bad gateway error
When is aospa comming to Xiaomi MI4W?
Has anyone gotten multirom to work with latest version on one plus one? When ever I try I just get a black screen instead of the multirom boot menu, I've tried with multirom v33b and latest multirom recovery
Maybe a stupid question. Is there a tutorial how to flash this? Or is it like flashing a rom with flashtool? I have an xperia z3
I'm having an issue too with the last build for z3. I'm using TWRP 3.0.2-0 and I have the following message when trying to flash : "This package is for "leo" devices; this is a "z3".

What do I have to do ?
When the oneplus 2 paranoid android users can get volte support
Hello there everyone! is the finger print and home button woking on OP3 ? if yes which is the ROM I need for My OP3? I have downloaded one of the roms from the PA site but no fingerprint or home button. thanks

Well it's still not working for z ultra (togari)
Cmon it's been almost 4 months now
Will you ever fix it's "7 error" while flashing
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