Paranoid Android 6.0.1

Let's keep it short and simple: This one's for the dreamers longing for bug fixes. A lot of bug fixes and support for some awesome devices!

The release device lineup has been updated to include the one and only OnePlus 3, the beast Pixel C and the Sony Shinano family. We have made sure each device gets the best and most robust firmware and the newest, shiniest and most polished features ever.

We are also announcing that with the help of Sony and their Open Devices Project we will be able to support all 22 Xperia devices on the SonyXperiaDev GitHub Instance. This initial Sony release is for the Shinano family, but the Rhine, Yukon and Kitakami platforms are expected to follow shortly. This is really exciting news for us and it allows us to give you the Android experience we all love on a much wider range of devices.

For Nexus, the most important changes are the inclusion of June Security bulletin and Theme Engine updates. The bundled Browser application has been updated as well and all system update notifications will now come from us, and not from Google as it did for some specific users on the last release.

For CAF devices, Theme Engine has been updated along with the bundled Browser, Camera and Gallery applications. Gestures should no longer launch when the phone is in your pocket. General bug fixes include faster charging with the circle battery icon enabled, being able to change the mobile network settings in all languages and - a fix that many of you will enjoy - the Gallery application not force closing anymore when trying to edit a picture.

For Nexus 6, you will be happy to know that the lock screen PIN crash has been fixed.

The Nexus 6P image now includes all the proper vendor files so you only need to flash the Paranoid Android image and do not need to manually download the factory image by Google.
For OnePlus 2 you will get improved power efficiency along with less heating during the application optimization (dexopt) phase. You will also receive bug fixes for inverted gestures, audio, power statistics and improved fingerprint sensor support for some third party applications.

The OnePlus One and OnePlus X have received some love in form of the addition of ambient display, Kexec-hardboot for multi-ROM support and fixes for volume issues and the CPU configuration. The new build also has new firmware for the OnePlus One in order to fix the proximity sensor and additional fixes for AUX on the OnePlus X.

Please note that you won't be receiving an OTA update for this version. We're still testing Paranoid OTA behind the curtains and want to make sure things work well before we release it out to the crowd.

Grab your builds at and #stayparanoid for #aospa2016.
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