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Beta 4

This is just a minor release to clean up some of the bugs reported with the last version.
We all know G+ can get a little cluttered with asking for help, looking for updates and reporting bugs.
As such, we took some time to set up our new bug tracking system which you can log in to at

If you've reported a bug on G+, feel free to submit a new one here (of course, test to make sure we didn't deal with it already).

Have fun flashing! 

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Allen A
You guys rock!! Thank you!!
Up early +Paranoid Android eh :) Dankeschön und guten Morgen! keep up the good work fellas, thanks! flashing now
Just made my night flashing now thank you PA team
Boom! I literally just flashed Beta 3 on my unused Nexus 4. Now I gotta update it.
Lol that's cool just flashed beta 3
When updating what do you have to wipe?
I knew I stayed up late for a reason! Awesome guys.. Thanks...
Does pie and hybrid mode working???
Thats a better way.. Keep it up guys...
Why the heck do I have the original Aosp messaging app now? It was removed a while ago once they implement hangouts. 
Check hello in play store. Its a new sms app. Just give a try.
+Alex Merriam Messaging is removed by flashing GApps. We won't give you a ROM without any form of messaging and Hangouts can't be built with the ROM
+Paranoid Android I've already flashed GApps before and whenever there is an update. But this hasn't ever happen before I have AOSP messaging app, and certain Google Apps are deleted while others are not. 
Halo and lockscreen notification if only 
+Alex Merriam Doesn't happen here.  Did you wipe something? (i dont wipe anything on upgrade), and I never flash any new GAPPS
+Matt Flaming i didn't wipe anything just downloaded it from the ota app and flashed it. And whenever it says my GApps package is out of date I flash it. 
I am hoping to see a sound profile quick menu button one of these days that would be awesome
Does anyone know how to disable the 'Quick Settings Drop Down'?
is it just me or is my screen flickering after the flash?
when is halo and pie controls coming to Paranoid guys?
Nice, might be the first 4.4 ROM I flash, still on 3.99. Is there anything special I should do?
So no Halo next week either...
When will we be done waiting?!
I'm really excited to play with the customizable features of this ROM, if they come! It seems like ever since I joined the world of custom ROMs, there hasn't been much, like I caused bad luck or something xD
+Ryan Fletcher they're either preparing something awesome or kitkat's a pain around. I love AOSPA, but SlimKat is my poison for now. Cyanogenmod 11, OmniROM, Cataclysm. Have your phone date around a little bit. XD Then once the features are out come back. 
Is anyone else's stock keyboard not having the Swype-style gesture typing anymore?
+Adith Radityo I'm having the same problem and another bug I seem to be having is when I add secondary gmail id and when I reboot it will be missing..
why are there two launchers? what is the difference between them?
So since Beta3 everything was ok, just Paranoid OTA wouldn't open anymore, so I flash beta4 , still the same & only problem, hopefully by the next update I'm able to open it up peacefully 
+Carlo Savignano well since I updated to beta3 , paranoid ota doesn't open, when I try to open it, it says, unfortunately paranoid ota has stopped, so im guessing it was a bug, so since then I'll check up on Google+ so see if the next update was release, so when I saw it was release today, I downloaded/manually installed it, so after I installed it, I check if paranoid ota will open but still says , unfortunately paranoid ota has stopped, I just assumed it was a bug, it is right? 
I can't wait for PA to rise back to its former glory!! Halo and pie!!
yep,where are the halo and hybrid?
+Carlo Savignano so I reflash my ROM again still didn't work, I don't got internet on my computer for a logcat so I downloaded a logcat app, if it helps/and if so how can I share it with you? 
Honestly guys great work I'd rather you take your time with PA features and release them together (especially PIE and HALO) whilst for now sorting bugs, keep up the great work :D 
I can confirm installing xposed framework then adding modules like Gravity Box (many additional options including open source PIE), xuimod (similar but odd options not found in many ROMs like animated battery bar above notification bar), xHaloFloatingWindow (doesn't do small floating halo BUT ENABLES FLOATING, MOVABLE, RESIZABLE WINDOWS (once enabled in it's options set to open notifications from standard tray in to open window, also option to do similar from recents menu) ALL WORK (others like smooth progress bars and Phab7 (change app view to phablet or phone (Google removed tablet view from 4.4.2 so the app will tell you can't enable that but enabling tablet view for settings screens works which I prefer)

So if you want PIE and other features not baked in to Paranoid or most any other ROM install xposed framework app (Google it it comes right up) open that tap to install the "driver" (just a couple quick file copies and a restart), then open app and top menu has download to list all the available modules, tap to download what you want, move to modules list tap to enable the ones you want restart. Now finally go back to modules list and tap names (or look in app drawer) to open different modules settings and ENJOY.

*No programming, expert knowledge, or any special requirements, just install the app and follow along with it's on screen help as you go!*
+David Briese you can flash dalvik, I am using it atm, and there is a performance boost, but don't flash bionic as PA already has all these patches, fixes and more incorporated into the ROM. 
For Hybrid Engine keep in mind since Google removed the tablet view from 4.4.2 Paranoid would have to rewrite it to either omit tablet options or stop you from using them in some way in Hybrid preferences for 4.4.2 or you would prolly break things. So that is most likely why that feature is not around yet.

Prolly would be easier on Paranoid to put that in a statement on a features page or similar so people realize there is more work than just copying the feature from the old to the new version, and aren't left scratching their heads, but hope that info helps.
+Raul Pinedo sounds like you have had a file corrupted or similar issue hit your personal device. Paranoid OTA worked exactly as it should in beta 3 to alert me and update me to beta 4 on my nexus7 Flo

If using an UNOFFICIAL build then you need the author of that file to edit their paranoid ota info before next compile, but if using official device...

Have you tried wiping system, data, cache, and dalvick cache?
If not this should fix you right up I bet.

If data super important run nandroid backup do the wipes, flash Rom, then do custom restore of data only, BUT issue may return again after restore if it's a bad file or something that gets restored back so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you don't restore anything.
+Paranoidandroid Just flashed beta 4, installed perfectly however all Google play services such as keep and Google + have stopped working. I'm on a nexus 7 2013 and the error states 'Google play services are not compatible with your device'
You flashed an older gapps and/or forgot to wipe both cache and Dalvick cache most likely, be sure to grab one for android 4.4.2. If you did you may need to wipe cache and dalvick cache. I was able to upgrade from Beta 3 to 4 using ota and not formatting my data, but did wipe both caches.

Worst case format system data and both caches and do a fresh flash that should nail it.
Thanks for that, solved the problem and I got my files back
This beta is dissapointing, the multitasking animations haven't been fixed neither has the notification bar and the return key doesn't work on this version.
I found out that the problem of losing gesture typing was because the gapps package includes Android Keyboard instead of the Google Keyboard. Don't know why this was altered but would be good to see how many people have been affected. Simply installed via Google play store
please when is the GT-I9300 version coming out
Beta 4 running great so far. I've put it through some rigorous testing over the past two hours. Looking good. Love the change to the sleep toggle, allowing the power menu! 
I'd test the hell out of it if it would ever be released for toroplus 
+Rage X huh, my enter key works just fine in both stock and Swype keyboards. If referring to it not being seen that's a code thing apps do set enter key to smileys instead of being actual enter key. Check app settings like in Text Secure you go to settings and tap to enable enter key (won't see smileys key it instead goes back to being enter) then can set whether enter means new line or send message whatever you prefer.

All animations work perfectly for me. I was even able to activate developer settings menu (go to about device tap build date a bunch of times until you see a toast notification saying you are now a developer) go back to settings enter new developer options menu and can set animation timing and associated values (I usually prefer .5x for faster animations on all 3 options).

Dunno what you mean by notification bar issue mine works perfectly, is blended in to background when screen is locked so you see icons but kinda seems like the black bar "melts" away, but it is still there it's just transparent. All icons remain and it's fully functional.

I think as with several others replied here you have run in to an issue specific to your personal device (corrupted file maybe, maybe some tweak app changed something and that caused an issue or even bad shutdown when battery died on you and it didn't have enough power to fully shutdown correctly). Unless you are using an UNOFFICIAL build and/or device you should wipe system, data, and both caches and run a totally clean flash.

I go by the rule that if my weird issues don't seem to be reported by anyone else I or an app did something or an error happened like a bad shutdown and try a fully clean flash and checking things out before worrying and reporting the issue.
I just flashed the 3rd beta quick question, my photos won't show in the gallery, why is this?
+shadrach mensah as far as I know that's an UNOFFICIAL device, please see xda post or web site of the creator of that device's paranoid to request ETA on updates (I use T-Mobile S2 as well as nexus 7 Flo, Flo is official phone is not but xda has a developer who makes their own version of paranoid that runs on my S2). That should be model for skyrocket (the international S2 model) which I believe xda has posts for paranoid for that device.

Paranoid creates paranoid for really only official Google devices and one or 2 others like the oppo open source phone, then other developers add device specific files to their own builds, and release their own builds of paranoid with no association with the official paranoid team, but paranoid official does not actually work on your specific device themselves directly.
+Paranoid Android hot spot don't. Work, please please help me!!!!!!
+paranoid android hot spot don't work please help me!!!!
So tired of this super needy community constantly begging. -.-
+Giovanni Bunoni Paranoid uses official un patched tether as far as I remember which means unless you enable and pay for tethering through your carrier or it will stop you (per whatever your carrier policies are). There are patches you can use to get around this or tether apps that offer ways around this, but using Google you can easily find the info you need.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I have free unlimited tether from T-Mobile so can't test I am allowed to tether and it fully works for me.

If app not opening you have a bad flash and need to wipe data system cache and dalvick cache and clean flash paranoid and gapps after wipes.
IF YOU HAVE ODD ERRORS NOT REPORTED, your first reaction after flashing a new version of any Rom should be to wipe data, system, cache and dalvick cache and flash paranoid (or whatever Rom you are using) and gapps to a clean system.
+Ryan Fletcher if you wants HALO, you can search my XjParaDroid rom with cherry-picked HALO for Nexus 4/5. Of course all credit goes to PA Team.
I do the correct process to install the new Rom but when the hot spot is activated the wifi connection switch off , for this reason I think there is a Rom bug... 
Wi-Fi needs to be turned off first before it can be turned on in AP mode instead of client mode this is totally normal if you have Wi-Fi on even if not connected to a wireless network for you to see Wi-Fi toggle go dark (off) then the different Wi-Fi AP icon to turn on (may take a few seconds before AP toggle kicks on).

Has been this way since Wi-Fi tether was included in Android :-) and happens with any ROM.
Or just install xposed framework (just normal apk) open it enable it, restart, download gravity box module from download area in xposed framework installer app, enable the module, one more restart go in to app drawer open gravity box, tap PIE controls and viola add PIE and MANY other features to almost any Rom (as long as it's AOSP based and 4.0.3+)

I am using gravity box and PIE right now in paranoid 4 beta 4 :-)

Also like the xHaloFloatingWindow it doesn't do the notifications in a small floating bubble, BUT with a double tap of any notifications or long press in my recents window I have that app in a FLOATING, MOVABLE, and RESIZABLE multi task window! It's pretty sweet, now just need to see about adding the halo floating bubble piece to that and that would be even better halo than paranoid 3.99s version (or paranoid could add code for floating window to be resizable and movable that would be even sweeter!). it is even connect sensitive if I drag the floating window to edge of screen and hold for a sec it fills only that side or whole screen if I use top edge which makes for super slick multi tasking!
Sound volume is too low imo and Viper4Andoid doesn't work. Nexus 7 2013
+Rage X nav bar works perfectly in beta 4 as it also did in beta 3 as well for me. I really think you should try wrong system, data, and both cache and dalvick cache and clean flash.

Could also have been a corrupted download as well if you tried may want to re download using anything other than mobile data (don't use it through tether either).

I bet that fixes you up.
+Saagar K I tried Launcher3 but it seems to be the pre-KitKat launcher, so I stuck with the default one (you can change it in Settings).
Have you guys got back the old SMS app too?
+Michael Sexton you need the full gapps pack read this page:

You want the full Google stock package which has those apps paranoid usually only links the modular pack which does not include the nexus extras, but the Google stock pack listed on that page does. They break it all out there for you as to what has what and the size (like 300M for full stock package and about 180M for modular so most devs offer the smaller faster to download (and for those with bandwidth quotas cheaper) package.

Could also follow their link to the modules and grab only modules you want that you don't have then flash modular pack on install first then flash each added module in recovery to add the extra gapps you like without downloading whole stock pack, and still use the downloaded gapps you have (again mostly if you have bandwidth quotas or are a customizer who wants to use the paranoid linked modular pack and just add extras you like that the modular pack doesn't contain)

THIS PAGE HAS AND IS THE SAME GAPPS PARANOID OFFERS, they just don't link every option or the large packs is all.
after flushing my back button don't work anymore, nexus4
I am a new to custom roms and stuff... and i just now flashed the latest paranoid android rom to my nexus 5(4.4.2) I cant see the paranoid android settings anywhere!!! 
Paranoid ota is working great for me now, thanks!
Can someone help explain to me why the Google dialer does not work and if there is a work around to get it to work?
Calculator app still isn't working and when I installed beta 4 this morning, google voice input was default method for text input and the Google keyboard is nowhere to be found. So no swipe input... What's up with that? Nexus 4
Swyping doesn't seem to work any more?
ok, you must go to settings for kyboard and click on something to get android kyboard activ, and then also back button start to work
Beta 4 on Nexus 5, camera crashed. Just flashed back to beta 3 and worked
getting random resets on the new beta 4 with Nexus 7 grouper.  Flashing back to beta 3.   All i did was update from beta 3 to 4 wiping only dalvik/cache as per normal.  After flashing version 4, the tablet started to soft reset every 10 minutes or so regardless of what i was doing.  There's no custom kernel or anything on the tablet.
+Jay Feng +jeremiah king Before you just drop these kind of reports, better to specify how do you achieved that (gapps, kernel etc etc). Details are so important.
+Carlo Savignano No updated Gapps, no custom kernel just wiped dalvik/cache and flashed the rom through twrp via the PAOTA script.  On the latest Gapps prior to the flash and seems to happen to me every 10 or so minutes, just little soft resets, only takes a few secs to boot up as opposed to a full boot.  MD5 on the file was clean when i downloaded it etc.  Nothing out of the ordinary from what i normally do with an upgrade. 
+Andre Saddler went and did a full wipe then installed it and am still getting the soft reboots.  Back on beta 3, I haven't seen a single reboot.  I went back and even re-downloaded the file and checked the MD5 3 times before I re-installed. 
Hi guys! I got a bug with my GSM Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250. The problem is the GPS and location service: after phone boot, it works fine. But if I switch to battery saving profile and then to high accuracy after a while, the phone can't lock the position anymore... Must reboot the device to make it work again. Any ideas?
+Andre Saddler Andre the Google keyboard application wasn't present. Had to install it from play store. The AOSP keyboard was all I saw and after browsing through options I didn't find a swipe option( enable gesture input) . The calculator app hasn't been working since I installed the first 4.4 release from PA. Any suggestions? 
 +Carlo Savignano sorry. Kernel was running on Franco's r32. but the same problem happened with the PA stock kernel as well, Gapps is the stock version.
Hola,soy de Perú, no puedo activar el paquete de datos :s
pues sinceramente en mi gnex lo veo mas lag con esta version, la que mejor me habia ido hasta el momento fue la beta 3, creo que volvere para alla y esperare a la beta 5 o alguna oficial si es que llega a salir
+Marco Patti same bug here too on galaxy nexus i9250... When trying to navigate everything seems good for a few seconds... Then when the navigation starts, my position freezes to the first position found
It sucks that you need to create an account even for LOOKING at the bugs. I can understand that you need one for reporting but why for looking whether the bugs you found are already reported?
+Claas Kühnl pay for the full license and it will magically open up to the public. Until then it is a limitation of the license. 
+Mike Smith +Carlo Savignano so before I did any wiping, I just thought an idea, so I went to settings, apps, then scroll down to paranoid ota , I didn't clear the data, I just clear cache, so I went back to see if it open, and it open , now it's working 
"It was stated before that the other variants for GNex would be released once Maguro was deemed stable."
Soiz Z
I'm running beta4, it's very smooth, like everyone I'm eager to see new features but I understand that greatness takes time. Thank you again for your amazing work, I love it.
+Andre Saddler you seem a little tense maybe you should take a week off, you work too much? ;)
+Sam Jackson Yea, the community here sucks. I see way too often someone asks a question that would be ridiculously simple to answer and everyone just tells them to read. Yea, sure, reading is good, but if one doesn't have time to sit and read everything just to find out one piece of information, what's the problem with helping them out? I hate seeing the types of people that use these custom ROMs, they're all so arrogant and there's no sense of community being built around them, which there should be! 
why missing the new paranoidandroid 4 easter egg and have the old jb beans? 
(Mako) Nexus 4 please check issue with calculator app. Once you launch calculator it just crashes and says "calculator has stopped working"...
Soiz Z
+Fabien Charles I have no problem with calculator app on my nexus 4. You could try to wipe cache and dalvik
I wiped data, cache and dalvik before installing the update, then installed latest pa4 and gapps but after booting it keep saying me "Unfortunately, Phone has stopped". I'm on the latest Clockwork recovery and before the update running Art. I also tried re-download and re-install everything, but keep me saying that.
How can I fix?
Since having per-app DPI is looking like it's gonna take a lot to come back due to 4.4 removing tablet mode, is there going to be a per-color option in the future? Very excited for everything PA brings to the future, thank you very much for the continued work!
Beta 3 was killing my battery for some indiscernible reason. New version fixed it. The PA team are wizards. Thanks guys!
For me beta 3 was also killing battery on my gnex. Let's see how beta 4 is...

Waiting for HALO :D
+Paranoid Android Hi guys. Has anyone experienced music playback lagging when screen is turned off? It appears with light-weight apps like Apollo or Hikiplayer. Poweramp works normally.
Don't know how to submit a bug, so writing here.
Thx and best regards.
+Sviataslau Lohinau are you serious? Do you even read original post? There is a link to their new BUG tracking system right there. 
I'm not exactly sure what I did differently but after flashing this my swype has been disabled from my Google keyboard and can't seem to find the any settings for it anywhere. Aldo tried reinstalling gapps from the OTA app but still does not work. Any help would be much appreciated. 
The same problem with Aalen Oh above, tried to install Google keynoboad from the store but it says the package is not signed correctly...?
Ended up installing Google keyboard from play store. Didn't realize flashing the ROM deleted Google keyboard. Figured the aosp was the same thing. Didn't have any errors like the above poster. I'm on a nexus 5 if that makes a difference. I doubt it though.
+Vittorio Mistretta you propably installed google dialer. you have to set up your phone first and after that you can flash google dialer. if you do it beforehands, it will keep saying phone has crashed.
Google+ photo  sync doesn' t work after flashing the BETA 4?Does anyone else have this problem?
Since I switched from my GNex to the S4 I was using PAC and loving the PA features it had but I finally decided to switch over to 4.4+ and was sad that I couldn't find PAC or PA and have been using CM for the past 2 weeks. I love the new KitKat features but I want my PA controls and customizable settings back... Am I looking in the wrong place or are there really no up to date PA ports for the S4 yet? :'(
Folks again as stated MANY times right now pie and halo and the hybrid engine are not included in paranoid they are overhauling HALO and Google has removed tablet mode from 4.4.2 so they need to figure out how to handle that.

If you read my previous replies posted to this thread and others you can install xposed framework and install Gravity Box module that has PIE (open source) you can use that to add PIE to any AOSP ROM I am using it with beta 4 right now.

Or search for ROMs that have cherry picked PIE from paranoid sources (like BS Harmony which is available at XDA for a number of devices).

Or read guides online on how to compile Paranoid from source and cherry pick the pie in to your own paranoid 4 Beta 4.

I prefer xposed framework as you just install it (then add modules like Gravity Box which can add a TON of features and different ones have settings to adjust and all). This can be done without modifying source code or a degree in Android use.

Google is your friend, so is fully reading release information posted for you before flashing a ROM.
Meh, no amount of gapps package reinstalling or ROM reflashing fixes the calculator nor does cache wiping. ALSO I looked for my google play music this morning. It wasn't there haha, had to reinstall from play store. Will just have to wait for a solid stable release from +Paranoid Android
Soiz Z
+Fabien Charles i think the problem comes from your installation. You were on pa 4 before the install? You can perform a full wipe and reinstall ROM+gapps but I hope you have a good backup.
If it's just the calculator that crashes just uninstall it with the data's, wipe cache and data and reinstall the calculator.apk (you can find it on xda)
So I have no idea where to post for a feature request so I'm going to do it here

I'd like to see a toggle for screen rotation on quick settings. So when its locked the user can change the orientation through the toggle instead
When I try to flash beta 4, it fails. i went back to 3.99 rc2. can someone help me out? I was using TWRP.
Smooth ROM, loving the stability on my GNex.
I noticed something with some 4.4 ROMS (PA and Vanir so far) for the galaxy nexus. There were negative changes to the Bluetooth drivers with the KitKat update. Hands free calling does not work properly (When connected to my car I cannot make calls or access the phone through the vehicle) and using a headset the call drop from the headset to the handset after a few minutes. Playing music alone works. Is there a way to revert to the drivers in PA 3.99? They worked perfectly! I am not sure if this is a bug hence I'm posting it here. Thank you for the assistance.
I second Soiz, I had a failure, re-downloaded, still failed. Updated TWRP, and that did it.
+Soiz Z OK I reinstalled an older gapps package. All apps are back. "Calculator has stopped working." Whenever I launch calc. So for now will use some other calc app, not sure how to uninstall it solely.
also does it have halo? i use halo wayy too much to want to lose it :P
Has anyone else been having issues with mobile data since flashing this update?
+Fabien Charles play music is not part of modular flash pack you always have to install from market. Also don't know what device you use and what calculator is doing to you, but works fine on my nexus 7 2013.
+Benito Thompson use CWM recovery I know done users like TWRP, but it causes odd issues as well for me around flashing of some ROM files just failing or not booting after flash.

Never run in to any issues using CWM personally. Even cyanogen mod asks users to flash their ROM with CWM (at least for my devices instructions state please use newest CWM to flash).
+Benito Thompson as paranoid has said no halo PIE or hybrid settings yet, they will post in neon lights prolly when this changes as hardly anyone seems to read the features section on their own.

Also, I have replied many times you can install xposed framework with their gravity box module for pie in almost any AOSP ROM. There are other modules as well with many many other added features you can add with no coding experience very easily.

Currently using xposed with beta 4, and using PIE with it. Works fine, is just open source version so no quick toggles or notifications inside pie itself, but using semi immersive mode I leave status bar enabled along with PIE so no problem really.
+Soiz Z yeah this can be easiest to use titanium to list moved apps, can also look in /system/priv-app (data has it as well). Google added extra directories for bloat and apps that like extra security. Titanium is all set to pull app info from these places and is easiest IMHO for listing all apps and easily removing them.
+Samuele Ferrari the change using actually in the build, although it is on github. Forgot to update the manifest to look at our changed project and built instead with AOSP download provider.
I'm sorry if this is common knowledge. Did the PA team completely stop working on Toro builds? I see maguro on their site so my guess is yes. Just got my Toro up and working again after replacing the USB port so was curious if maybe they are just on hiatus 
Crap should have finished all the comments. My apologies
Hi there,
with JB PA versions, when opening the notifications, they were centered at the screen, while now they open from the top when pulling down. Now, my hands aren't that large, so I'd like to know if there's a way to bring them back to the center of the screen.
What you guys going on about the beta 4 release ROM does not work properly beta 3 worked better camera is crap and out of focus loads no decent music play why don't you test before you post crap
+Darren Jordan You are free to take a look at gerrit to see what was merged. We do not ever touch camera software. It's always pure AOSP included in the ROM and user option to install photosphere camera via GApps. There were also no changes made to audio manager or anything that affects music. These should both be identical to beta 3. You can also review the change logs for a short summary of what was changed.
You posted beta 4 and it did not install after me doing a wipe I will not be putting on again! You messed it up after beta 3 was fine don't know what problems there was apart from battery draining quickly
+Darren Jordan
You are under no obligation to flash our ROM.
You are under no obligation to install updates if you don't see them as necessary. Change logs are provided for you to decide. 
We gain nothing by you flashing our ROM
We also lose nothing by you not installing our ROM. 
If you care to improve the experience of the ROM you can log issues at the Bug Reporting System (link provided in OP).
Then why post them for download if they don't work if were not under any obligation to flash them why bother making them
In future releases, will there be a way to change the screen density?
+Hannes Löhlein no I did not make any mistakes and I've been flashing Roms for while now so I know quite a bit about it , cheers for you input though!, 
Would it ever be possible in PA to implement the lock screen blur into other aspects of the OS like folders blurring the background when opened? Just curious! Keep up the great work. 
as for me, still waiting tablet ui and using 3.99 rc2 for now. 
+Darren Jordan You're aware that this is beta software, right? You should always expect bugs when using non-final software. Thus, beta releases are made expressly for people to test them and report bugs that had eluded the developers so far. If you don't want "crap" releases as you call them, you can simply wait for the final version to come out.

To PA devs: Please note that I'm not saying that your releases are full of bugs or anything (I'm a happy user of PA4 beta3). I'm merely stating the obvious when it comes to beta releases in general.
So your using the beta 3 version which worked fine the beta 4 was released so downloaded thinking it would be even better and it wasn't so I don't see the point why do people after report bugs if you tested them properly before release then people would not need to keep doing factory resets and so on you guys make life even more difficult for people so better off sticking to ROMs that come with phone because there no better
What is the best recovery to install PA on nexus 4 ?
+Darren Jordan
Are you familiar with software development (not criticizing you here, but merely asking in earnest)?

First, you have to take into account the fact that Android doesn't belong to PA, but to Google. Therefore, there can (and will) be bugs that occur from the original source — that is to say, untouched Android.

Secondly, even if Android belonged to PA, it still remains a complex project, so it's hard to keep track of everything. That can sometimes translate into code regression. That is why, as a rule of thumb, you should only switch to a newer version if said version is a stable release.

On a side note, you should try your best not to insult the dev team — especially since, again, this is unstable software we're talking about. Attitudes like that can ruin the developers' morale, which can mean no beta builds available to everyone and/or slower release cycles. Be careful what you wish for...

If you feel the developers' answers are rude or cold, please keep in mind that they deal with dozens of users on a daily basis. They simply don't have a lot of time to allot to each user.
Yes I am familiar with development of ROMs I've been able to go back to beta 3 and sorted out the problems I had so will stay with that one
I don't know if i am the only one, but the increasing and decreasing the volume don't work well. So when I am playing music oder a video the volume stock in its value. This occures only by playing music or videos or games...
Everything on audio and videos is working ok
+Hannes Löhlein what don't you think I'm intelligent enough to know what I'm doing well I know how to unbrick phones super cid s-off unlock them so I guess that its your opinion
+Darren Jordan If you think a new release of a beta will necessarily be an improvement, you don't understand what a beta is and have no business downloading one. Beta 4 works fine for me.
The only version I could get to work on my nexus 4 was the beta 4, which has nothing...I couldn't get 3.99 to work.
Please report as much as you can when there is an issue. Like system mods, flashing other zips, what did you wipe, kernels, device or whatever can help us help determine what is wrong. The reason why I say this , is that I have dirty flashed since the first beta on my Nexus5 without any wipes at all and things are working as they should. 
+Darren Jordan can you use another ROM please? You're arguments are invalid due to this software is a wip. Or google what beta're terribly annoying 
+Darren Jordan Do you know what i think? No i will not, i wanna just say that probably you had some mods or touched something on beta3 installation. Then you made a nandroid with all these addons, flashed beta4 over it and wtf that is broken that too, omg! Then you restored your nandroid and all is fine. Mmm i can see the derp if so...

Also you're talking about S-OFF, that is about Htc phones. For the rest honestly knowing what those means from wikipedia doesn't mean you know it, is like i know that the car turns on with the key, but i don't know the why probably (even if i do).

Last but not least, if you're familiar with coding look at gerrit/github and try to find something from beta3 to beta4 that can break those things. If you can't look at the code cause you don't code or don't know java/c trust the developers that told you that. Don't want to trust them and stick with your convictions? Leave this place, move to another rom.

+Darren Jordan So you say you're familiar with ROM development but don't understand the point of a BETA version. Did you ever develop anything yourself (not just take from someone else, but really create/code it)? What did you do for the community that you can blame everyone else for your problems? ParanoidAndroid is an OpenSource project. If you think it's bad - go ahead, do it better. I'm sure you would always test every beta version of your ROM that long that there are exactly 0 bugs (why calling it even beta then btw). You would even solve AOSP bugs of course.
If you really would be familiar with ROM development, you would know how complex everything is. That if you have a problem, it does not necessarily mean that anyone else has it.
So, just to make sure I don't mess anything up, do I have to wipe data when I flash to PA 4.0 from 3.99?
Aw man no ROMs for Galaxy S2 =(
+Henri Vitikainen
As +Brian Tsang just said, it's better to wipe before installing a newer version.

That said, I didn't wipe between 3.99 RC2 and 4.0 beta 2, and everything went just fine.
Hey guys! Great job on the new ROM. There's just one problem. For some reason, every couple days my dialer stops working entirely. I don't know if this is an issue with the ROM, but I never had that problem with KitKat. I reflashed and everything was fine for about three days. But now its happened again...
I had a problem with my network on beta 3 so i had to fully unroot and go back to factory image for it to this issue fixed on beta 4? ps can't wait for all the paranoid features
How exactly does halo deal with facebook messenger's  chat heads?  If chatheads is handled via halo or separately?  The reason im asking is because in immersive mode chatheads don't pop up and was wondering if a "Show notification bar during active notifications" option would be coming in future releases.   
Anyone experiencing the absence of swipe on the keyboard? I apologize if someone already reported this 
Well I have everything working on my phone now so those that criticised good look to you!
Can someone pls tell me from where can I get the PA 4.0 for s3 i9300????
How are you capable of navigating to where to post comments but unable to spend 5 minutes scrolling the page/comments for your answers?This is a great community most of the time but how can some people have the gall to demand things of people giving up their time for free to provide such an excellent service.

And finally, please just chill out. if you cant live without pie/halo/constant attention then cool. Natural selection. 

Rant over. Thankyou so much PA team, mainly for dealing with the nonsense that appears in the comments. The rom is seamless on hammerhead. (Franco r32, xposed HKtheme manager and Gravity box - battery and performance both spectacular)
Daz T.
+Morgan Nathan my lady friend actually mentioned that, I don't use it but I guess beta3 had it and now beta4 doesn't?

+Paranoid Android I have a question regarding multiple users. This is the first time I've tried it but for the secondary user they appear to not be rooted, from what I searched it has to do with writing a separate user to the kernel? How can I bypass this so both are rooted, and is it possible to share files (like secondary user can access files from the main user's folder)? Google doesn't seem to like the way I worded my question to it.
Ridiculously awesome battery life on my year old N4. 15 hours on battery with 4.5 hours screen on time including 2 hr on 3G and 13 on wifi. Superb job guys!
Please add Halo))) in next Version :))
Thanks. But lightbulb doesnt work on my XS. Is it error?
Any update on the state of Hybrid properties ? :) Thanks for the updates guys, seriously love your work!
Hey, does this change the N4's screen calibration(will the screen look less washed out)? Halo looks beautiful btw.
does not work "see through" in the lock screen
+Paranoid Android Please do not forget about polish translation. Keep up awesome work 😊
Is there anyone can solve this problem? I got a error message when I install this in TWRP recovery. In CWM recovery, then can I install the rom successful?
jal ico
+JiWon Lee you may have to update your recovery (i had problems installing kit kat with gooim so i downloaded rom installer and it worked fine
+Paranoid Android Hi I really love this rom on my nexus 5 and recently purchased a Note 3 (t-mo).  Is there any plan to bring PA to the note series or would it be ok for me to compile it myself?  If so, are there any guides online or info database that I can use to guide me in the right direction to accomplishing this unofficial port? 
Can't pick other WiFi after initial setup. 
Did you back up your original stuff? @Hong Yee
Does this version of PA support settings for 'national roaming' which is necessary when using MVNO, like we do in Austria?
I flashed the beta 4 rom on my nexus 5, but now I don't seem to be able to get mobile data. The phone recognizes the carrier itself it is just mobile data that I cant seem to make work.
Do I need to wipe my app data if i want to just update gapps?
When are we finally gonna get an actual release
Offical bug report:  After trying to install various ways including wiping all data etc, i still get soft reboots on beta 4 when using CPU intensive programs like Netflix or various games on my nexus 7 (original).  Mostly, the soft reboots happen when i try to do something while the program is running.   They can happen anywhere from 10 minutes into running the program to 2-3 days.  After going back to beta 3, I have not seen any of this behavior.  
Hey is there a build of PA for Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE that I can download? Or if not, are you planning any?
Is the i9300 going to be supported?
The honest truth my heart sinks every time a ROM update comes with 0 major mod feature updates :-(

Just ya though always paranoid :-)
Im having problems with the battery life with the beta 4 on my Galaxy Nexus. The app "Google search", "Búsquedas de google" in spanish are draining the battery ridiculously fast. The battery usage meter show that this app are using more battery that the screen O_o. I have the last gapps and the Paranoid beta 4 version for maguro.
+Paranoid Android  When does Halo,Pie mode & other PA exclusives coming to Kitkat 4.4.2?I definitely want to try out PA on my Nexus 7 & stopping by  till they arrive..Also when will the final stable release for Kitkat be available?How many beta versions will be released before the Final release?
+PRATHEESH PS Now, that's a lot of questions in a single post. I'd wager anything that PA's response will be: "It'll be ready when it's ready." I don't know for sure, but I think this project is a hobby.

We can't be too demanding regarding the release cycle in that situation.
Daz T.
+PRATHEESH PS I THINK halo will be released soon, I looked at their gerrit a few days ago (I would recommend checking that out). +Nicolas H. pretty much answered it. The +Paranoid Android team is asked that hundreds of time throughout every thread.

Does anyone have a camera app that works? So far my Facebook allows me to take pictures. Anything else I've tried reports no camera system found. Or does anyone have a work around I can learn to implement?
I dunno if some1 else have already asked this but I dont see the caller id by google option in Phone-> settings after I flashed this rom...
+Aswin Muralidharan This feature is only available on the Google dialer...not the AOSP dialer provided in the ROM. There is as separate Google dialer add-on package in the GApps thread on xda
Swipe gesture does not work in the AOSP-Keyboard
Google KeyBoard ist not avivable in Germany :(
Can you intigrate the GoogleKeyboard in the gApps package?
What is the best way to upgrade from beta 3 without losing installed apps. Thanks! 
+Lucas Ha it is included in the stock package and as an add-on package in the gapps thread
Can you please add HALO in the next Version?
My nexus 7 2013 (deb) doesnt like any app after i installed beta 4 it force closes any app :| 
I had been messing around on Omnirom and carbon with kitkat ROMS on my N7100 . All buggy and unofficial. Tried out PA. 99.9% stability, amazing battery life. +1 for that. Only minor issue i have encountered is some transparency issues in a few places. Awesome work you guys
google keyboard is only working when Japanese IME is selected  for me- I think this is down to trying the Xloud Beats manager (unless Japanese IME comes with PA?) - but any way I can roll back without factory reset? Deleting the Japanese IME or deselecting it brings up a crash. Works fine with Japanese enabled but then the choose input method icon whenever typing is annoying.
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