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you might wonder why its been so silent.

we're all sunken in code.

expect big news soon.

and this could make a bigger fuzz than pie and hybrid together. im already sorry for all the other teams because they're going to get hammered with requests.

patience though, can't say how long it'll still take i just want you to know that we're still alive and kicking. (-:
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Awesome, can't wait! 
I'm sure it will be worth the wait!
I already give this ROM a 10/10. I wonder what this could be.
I love the confidence of you knowing its the next big thing. Cant wait to see all those requests flowing to the other dev teams. :glee:
PA leads custom android development .... No doubt the best ROM for my nexus4
Patiently waiting for my goo manager to show me an update notification :)
I check every half hour to updates but at the end I know it will worth the waiting.. Keep rocking (mako)
You are just teasing us! can't wait to hear what it is! You are making the best rom better and better.
Just keep doing what your doing PA. Seems that all the other Rom's out there are copying every thing you do. But there is only one Paranoid Android.
+Paranoid Android will it be available in the next month? I kinda am leaving for 2 years with no Cell phone or access of one.. so I'd love to try it before I Leave.
ricky b
Awe man something better than pie and hybrid ....can't freaking wait .I've been a lil bored with my phone lately and this is exactly what I need ..heck yea 
PA rocks by the way. Thanks for all your hard work! 
Oww man patience is killing me! If only the new release allowed me to disable the power button menu it'd be worth it just for that already.
Dude that is awesome news, can't wait.
Hans R
Multi window? Hybrid + multi window feature would be pretty awesome. 
Ben Yu
worth to wait
Allen A
Awesome! This is why I only buy Nexus
How can PA get any better than it already is? ^_^ Seriously though, you have to tell us soon!
I know, now that we have been teased :D
This news is more intriguing... Keep up the work... Can't wait for the release...
Has anyone else noticed the last two PA gapps packages killed messaging as an option through intents?
+Akif Ali I just assumed it was the recent flood of gapps updates, could be something ROM related, but it seems to have started around the 16th for me. 
I lost faith in god 10 years ago... I'll never lose faith in PA!
It might be ROM related 
+Ryne Hager +Akif Ali same here, I think its an issue in the rom itself, I'm going to try flashing older packages and ROMs to check it out.
I'm very happy with the current state of things, but now I Kind want multi Window thanks +Hans R 
Awesome! Imo, PA is the recent most revolutionary thing I've seen! 
Never doubted PA, will wait patiently. 
Too bad the PA's center of development has been shifted from Maguro to Mako..
I'm gonna put my money on multi window. Can't wait for the reveal! My build environment is on standby. 
It sounds like a conspiracy. Could be the postal service holding. Lol
Its the only custom rom ive tried and i need no other!
Awesome! Can't wait to see what it is. Multi-window sure sounds sweet, but I won't place any bets yet. In any case, I'm sure we'll all love the hard work you guys are doing. This might be ready just in time for my N4 to be repaired! Huzzah!! =D
I might have to ditch cyanogen mod and come back to pa
IS IT MAGER UPDATE? the next ver. would be a PA4, right?
the ultimate tease! Can't wait!^^
+Ryne Hager +Akif Ali just flashed around and confirmed the messaging share shortcut was there in the April 10 build but gone after that.
You guys sure are good at building anticipation
Is wifi tethering going to be fixed in the next update?
I had wondered whether pa was a beta of key lime pie's interface and the big news will be the reveal by Google... 
Any chance of PA coming to the HTC One?
I'm still rocking PA 2.57 with Trinity kernel. Yea I'm on 4.1.2 but this is the fastest and lag freest setup for a galaxy nexus.4.2.2 just has to many lag here and there.
Man... I just updated today; first time in two months now I'm going to want to do it all again.... .... Thanks guys :) least flashing is a snap... Totally kicking in some funding next week
Hope next update will fix the freeze problem. I'm using Galaxy Nexus.
now get this cooking for galaxy note 2 dammit! ;)
now this news can get us going for another week or so! ;)
Wow ! If that is not a biiiiig teasing, I don't know what is that ! ... My god I can't wait ! ''Sorry for all other teams'' ...
Waiting.. .!!!
wait its good too...for good stuff :)
Thanks for the update moles. I've been so happy with paranoid's work so far I've hardly thought about an update! Anything more is just icing on the...PIE! sorry couldn't resist! :) 
Just a question, how long does it take to release paranoid Android key lime pie when it is official? 
+Magnus Thornberg it all depends !! Last time they dint take much time to release PA based on 4.2. It was just a matter of day !!
Its the only ROM I use for my 2 nexuses 7 and 4
I cannot wait to see what you guys cook up next.  Ever since I first install Paranoid Android on my GNe I have never flashed another ROM again.
I knew something was up... looking forward to hearing the news!! PA is the best ROM!!
Wow, a bigger buzz than hybrid plus pie. That's impressive, you guys spoil us all :-)
+Magnus Thornberg as fast as possible. we'll start from scratch anyway so we're trying to devlier a working rompretty much on the launch day. it will quickly go into its old shape but we will use this split to evaluate our stuff - over time you bring in so much stuff, its nice to make a springcleaning every now and then.
hybrid will be ported first, then pie, then perapp color, then the new feature, then all the other things like toggle-control, etc.
Cant wait, this sounds amazing
Oh man oh man... Can't wait! Your ROM is one of the many reasons I got a Nexus 4. 
Wowowowowowow.... Can't wait... I think Google will copy pa soon... Maybe pie from pa in next android version key lime 'pie'... Good luck with everything team... You guys are making everyone crazy... Today a friend who is an ifan saw pie on my nexus and then i started showing off with hybrid engine and now he is saying that he will buy an android phone soon... Yeah... Pa saved a life... My friend is now fixed... Yeah... I am so exited...
Great, cause my fingers get itchy to flash, almost tried some other roms but I can't switch away from this wonderful piece of code
Ripln...coming to PA aimiright :)
Awesome! Going to want to try pie2. Also launcher is bugged fpr the homescreen to be smaller. Same with action launcher
+Martin Piroth  i believe the current n7 version is for betatesting hybrid2 only. im running paon the nex4, havent had any problems so far.
+Hubert Song the original google launcher can'tbe scaled much. it is useless for that. its not bugs really, it just doesn't have that much flexibility. apex and nova have made it flexible - but you don't scale it with hybrid still.
Definitely multi windows, molesarecoming posted on the verge today saying Samsung's are shit and new better ones are on the way.
If multi windows is coming by you paranoid, it will be crazy. I hope I will see that on my nexus 4 a day! 
Thank you for ur hard work. I am very happy purchasing Nexus 4 :).
R Memes
Haha, great way to put it. LOL
The key, you guys are the best out there for development Google or android in general will buy you out for your work.....this stuff is kick ass man!! Never cared to post or leave much feed back on xda or anything much at all , but this build is so far from where I left off with the other bs out there got to give credit were credit is due !!! The best 
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